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Dear Ones, we are now at a turning point in our consciousness. There is a Grand Cross in Cardinal signs on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. It takes place exactly with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra at 13 degrees. Where will you be on this day within and without? Are you ready to open to your own truth, your own power? This is a time during the next few months when a change can happen. Allow it to come into your energy field and bond with it so that the power that you have kept suppressed is now bursting forth. Oh no, can you really deal with this power? This is about you…not that other person. It says to you that it is time to realize why you are here on Earth and what you are going to do about it. Do you choose to live other’s lives, do everything for approval, or be part of the crowd? Or do you choose to be your authentic self and walk with integrity and inner power that gives you the opportunity to transform your life into what it is meant to be. What do you choose?

When this Grand Cross takes place jump on board and pray, meditate, journal, sing or dance your intentions to go into the energetic that is taking place and find that lost power. This is about the now. It is about acknowledging that power and letting it help you leap when the time is right. If you have already reclaimed that power within then I say go for it. Any past barriers that you have created will stand in your way until you allow that power to break them down. You can choose to connect to the Grand Cross or you can stay still and it may just thump you out of the doldrums. How about taking charge before you are forced to make a change abruptly? Lots of unusual intense energy occurs with this Grand Cross. There is also a Grand Trine between Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces which does help things to flow a bit. With Mars in Libra retrograde and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn you may find you are not moving as fast as you like and get stuck in the mire. Just know that the retrograde doesn’t last forever and it gives you an opportunity to take another look at what you choose in your life and let go of anything that no longer resonates.

So, here we go dear ones. It could be the leap you have been waiting upon. I feel it is a time that divides the before and after. What you did as this approaches will certainly shift gears into a different paradigm once it takes place. Have you come into your heart space and given it the acknowledgement it desires? Heart comes through with the authentic self and has integrity and truth walking side by side. Heart is truth. Any more lies, deceit, negativity will continue to be unraveled. Those who seek chaos will have it in their lives. Go with the heart always. Where will your life shift? Coming up is the Solar Eclipse on the 29th to solidify the intentions.

Until again. Many blessings and love, Jan

The FULL MOON in LIBRA is upon us. As it comes into our realm in the middle of the night on the East Coast of the US, I find myself bogged down with last minute tax clients. Oi vey! They come out of the woodwork. So instead of playing and meditating tonight before the Full Moon descends I will be taxing and thinking too hard. Yes, you might say I have become a renaissance woman carried over from the 20th century. I can hang a shingle out and say choose something, I can do it. No joke.

Too much chaos is taking place right now on an unseen level. The PTB are running scared. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. The Government is taking what it can get from you and me as they continue to do so for the last umpteen years. Congress gets whatever they want from all the special interest groups. Nothing new! The Malaysian 370 flight disappearance is a spinning top. Do you really think it is at the bottom of the ocean? The stability of the financial markets is like walking across the Grand Canyon on a thin wire. Stable? It goes up and down like a see-saw. CHANGES are coming and they are BIG. Now, you can be in your sleep state and ignore the factors or you can ride In balance. Many will continue in the deep sleep because the change is too much to handle. Those who slumber may just be sleeping too deeply that they see nothing but what they choose to see. Many of you have truly awakened to the truth. It may be a bit shaky at first when it pops out at you, but it is real and you need to recognize that life is changing especially with relationships.

The FULL MOON in LIBRA Lunar Eclipse arrives on April 15 2014 at 3:42am EDT, 12:42PDT and 8:42 am GMT at 25 deg.16’. The Full Moon is about opposing Sun and Moon and this time since it is in Libra it adds a balance to the energy. Sharing things and reaching out in a caring way with love in your heart may keep you in a stable mode. This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is leading up to the Grand Cross in the second half of April 2014. It is in the cardinal planets with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Times are definitely changing. Mars has no love for this square at all. Mars is energetic and wishes to get along. This time round he may be pulled into the chaos and will be unhappy. Lunar Eclipse FULL MOON in Libra likes peace and flowing relationships. Don’t count on it unless you allow the universal love planets of Venus in Pisces trine (good) Jupiter in Cancer to carry you as the world shakes around you. Since the Ring of Fire is active (of course they say none of the quakes are related) Mother Earth may be rumbling a bit in the next few weeks.
The Full Moon in Libra is asking you if you are truly being the real you or are you being how others wish you to be. Are you one of those who gives and gives a bit more and you have no boundaries? Can you say NO when need be? Since Libra is about relationships it gives you the opportunity to recognize how you act with others and whether you are walking in balance with your family, friends and romantic relationships.

This Full Moon is a mirror to the one that occurred on October 18, 2013. Have you gotten a new perspective as the months went by? What happened in the last 6 months that is guiding you to look at what you are doing now that may be in need of rearrangement or starting fresh again? How about new intentions regarding situations that may have arisen in your life regarding relationships? When this energy occurs you may choose to reassess what it is that is holding you back when it comes down to true relating. No one can force you to do anything but I imagine many of you have been holding onto a past thread of someone or something and you have an opportunity to let it go or rearrange it. Whatever happens is truly for the better. Change does bring truth to the surface. It is time to do this. Don’t you think so? Watch for some triangles in relationships which may stir up the works.

This influence has been building for the past months and will shift something within you wherever it falls in your chart. This is a time when astrological influences are to the forefront although there are many of you who still think it is hogwash. Ok with me for you to think this way. The rearranging will take place in a sweet kind of way for those of you who are open to it. Venus, ruler of Libra, is in a heavenly place in Pisces and conjunct Neptune. This will help soften any interactions and help with the change which takes place whether you weathered the storm and are now starting anew or you are breaking up. It still is for the best whatever happens. Since Venus is almost near Chiron (the wounded healer) you may find some core wounds surfacing and now you really take charge and clear and heal yourself. The energy is right for this to occur. Of course, that is up to you to acknowledge. There is a destined feeling about this Full Moon in Libra due to the fact that it is near the North Node (new direction) in Libra.

Those who struggle with change will find this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra a trigger to open up the inner world and get yourself on track. Others who have had the awakening through many struggles in the past few months will find a kinder way to travel on your path. The most intense energy will be felt by those who have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) and ascendant/descendant and MH/nadir in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn from 20-28 degrees. In my own chart I have the Sun conjunct my Mars and Moon opposite within a few degrees. I have to watch I am not over the top with my energy and get into a fighting spirit. That hasn’t happened for a long time. For the Grand Cross I have favorable influences from Pluto and Jupiter and Mars and Uranus. Yippee.

Remember that the days between April 20 and 23 are most intense and critical. Pay attention and get your head out of the programming. April 22 is power in the making with the Grand Cross taking place. This is major astrological event. There is a grand trine on April 21 with Jupiter/Saturn and Venus. It will be interesting If you want to keep track and let me know how you weathered the influences. By the way, Pluto is stationary retrograde today and it will help you clean out the corners of your mind and release the outworn patterns and communication patterns for the next months until it goes direct again on September 23 2014.

Thank you all for you and your support. Stay in the moment always. Until again. Love, Jan

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Spring has arrived and the weather continues to be in flux. We had snow last week and now as I write this, it is raining. Some places will have possible flooding. The world is in transition as the unexpected pervades. March Madness is hanging in there as most teams that I truly like are gone from the dance. Oh well, there are still one or two teams which I can be for and when they leave, if they do, I am done with it. It is always about the big boys and political agendas. Yuk! It would be great to see a new face win the whole thing. Enough rambling for now!

Let us look at the NEW MOON in ARIES which is occurring Sunday, March 30,2014 at 2:45pm EDT, 11:45am PDT and 6:45pm GMT in 9 degrees 59’. What does this NEW OON in ARIES bring to your lives? The energy is more intense and could be somewhat erratic (Uranus in Aries conjunct it) and even transforming (Pluto in Capricorn square it). Oh and don’t forget it squares Jupiter in Cancer too! Eek! So Jupiter expands the entire effect. It is the time of the new astrological year to begin with the Sun in Aries. I feel that many thousands of years ago that is when our year truly began. The long winter comes to an end and the passion and fiery nature of the Sun in Aries takes over and the doldrums end. This New Moon in Aries is about going beyond the status quo and energizing a transformative action. This happens with the other planets involved.

This New Moon is very interesting energetically since it is telling you to set your intentions and move into a new start yet clear out that old stuff. It is a typical new moon where you set your intentions and keep them in your sight as you move through the next few weeks. But it is prodding you to give up the old junk that clutters your life. How many of you have let it all go yet? C’mon, the truth please. Have you looked within yourself and truly let the past go? Are you ignoring the signs and continue to tweet or play on your phone or Facebook? I know it may be very threatening to you to give that stuff up for a moment so that you can actually see what is happening within. But at this time my suggestion is try it for a day or two and look at yourself and see what actually needs clearing. Lots of things are holding you back like your ego, your fear of success or how about fear of failure. Old baggage is coming up now for addressing. Will you take a good look or will you just keep playing? Deal with it now before the prodding gets tough and the April Grand Cross sets in. That’s when you will know what track you are on and whether you are going to run and hide to avoid the shifting elements. The shakeup will show up in some way. For those who are failing to release, the ride may be a bit bumpy. So, I say do it now and watch how the ride develops. How will Uranus in April stir up your emotions or revolutionize your life? Keep an eye on the energy.

Wherever the NEW MOON in ARIES falls in your natal chart will give you a good indication as to what part of your life will be affected. In my chart it is in my 11th house of friends/groups/wishes. It can bring a new paradigm or vision which emerges and take me out in the world even more so. It sits on my Eris and that is an interesting sidelight since Eris is the asteroid of chaos. What will I do that shakes up the system or stirs the energy to bring about change for a new direction? Oh boy, watch out world. Other examples for those with New Moon in the 1st house may have you creating a new look or a new approach in your life. Those with 10th house New Moon may find yourselves shaking things up in your career or in public taking things on a new road. How about if you have the New Moon in your 5th house? That tells you that your love life or your creativity may take a new turn for the better.

This NEW MOON in ARIES is a warrior-like and emotional. If there is anger it is over in a flash. No Aries ever holds onto anything because you know it will stand in your way of movement. You like it your way and are ambitious. There can be ego expression which if in balance is a fantastic vibration but if out of kilter will bring you out as arrogant. Stay in balance ego. The warrior energy is in all charts. It is a protector of everyone and is ruled by Mars. Warriors may lead us to battle the dark forces but have kind hearts always. Be like the peaceful warrior as you go through the next weeks and continue it on into the remaining year. You will find it helps you stay in balance totally. In order to continue moving forward reaching within to connect to your higher self is necessary. Since the upcoming month of April is leading to a deep intense experience it may be a good thing to reach within and be authentic to all. The Grand Cross will affect everyone. It is all shifting and comes to a major turning point. It may not be complete then but it will be a noticeable start to something different. Come from you place of heart and be the real you. If you aren’t doing this already, my suggestion is get to it now before you find yourself at odds with the world.
If you are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn you will be affected most intensely if you have personal planets around 5-15 degrees of the sign. Set your intention and hold it in focus as you clear out the rest of the clutter that keeps you from being you.

Thank you for reading. Do share with others if you wish. Many blessings to you and yours. Until Again. Love, Jan

Where are you at the FULL MOON on March 16, 2014? It takes place at 1:08pm EDT and 10:08am PDT in 26 deg02’ Virgo.

Right now many of you in the Ukraine and Crimea are experiencing a battle of sorts. Look beyond the actual occurrences and see the truth that is right in front of you. Those on the path know to what I am referring. I have no desire to spell it out. Dark and the Light are fighting again. Let’s see who comes out ahead of the game or maybe just doesn’t play anymore. You won’t see anything happen right now since the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Virgo. There may be some talk but nothing more. I would be very surprised if something ugly occurs. Too much pushing right now and you know what, this is going to affect our dollar if anything drastic takes place. Keep that in mind those in the US. The end of March when the New Moon is in Aries may shake up the works. It is all about control as you know. Life is drowning in the control factor. Start holding the Light for a peaceful path for all of us. Dark hates peace. Things are shifting and those up the line know that what is happening now is to the detriment of all including themselves. They don’t care. It is a total distraction. Believe it or not! And one of those other news tidbits-where did the Malaysian plane go? Phones continue to ring. Is it on land somewhere or not? Too foggy with Neptune involved. Stop listening to the quaking heads. Distractions abound these days. Chart for the flight looks a bit challenging.

The FULL MOON in VIRGO brings you past the wild ride this past year and it is leading up to big shifts for many of you. Now, some of you may have already been doing the work and clearing out the past. The past no longer matters anymore. OF course there are those of you who thrive on past issues, patterns and the like. Well, if it is coming up for review and you are now choosing to move forward, take the leap and trusting what is coming, go for it. If it is there for you to hold on to and resist the changes, I say to you, good luck. Tough times are ahead. That is just to remind you that this is the 21st century and no matter what, do you really choose to go backwards?

This Full Moon in Virgo definitely warrants a cleansing of past emotions. Let’s dig deep and clear the debris of past wounds whether through word or actions. Let them go and let the muck leave without resisting the process. If you haven’t been through an emotional war within then I sometimes feel you have no idea how to walk beyond it if it shows up. Of course, you may be stuck like I was a few years ago. Now I realize that I chose to be stuck. Oh well. I am finally getting over it. Leap ahead just like the clocks did in many places in the US last Sunday.

The Sun in Pisces sometimes brings us illusions since it is ruled by Neptune. The Full Moon in Virgo is asking you to stop and look at yourself. Find some time to be of service in a simple, flowing manner. IF you are having issues, problems with a relationship this is the time to stop being pulled into the chaos and for a moment take a look and see what is actually going on. Is your partnership a big messy jumble? Are there secrets involved? That’s part of the energy that Mars is throwing at us from being retrograde in Libra. The Full Moon in Virgo helps to discriminate what to do and find new answers to old problems. Keep your senses and look at the details. Discuss what you feel and come to a new agreement if you so choose. See what happens if you allow yourself to be pulled into the illusions of Pisces. Stay clear and real! And those of you who are unsure as to what direction your partnership is taking, discussion is essential. Keep the nasty words out of any talks and please no yelling.
Mars is still retrograde in fair Libra until May 20. Libra is about partnerships and Mars is a bit tamed in its retrograde mode. It’s about revisiting old issues in your partnerships and being patient as each of you talk about what is making you crazy. Some joy may show up somewhere since the asteroid Ceres (grain goddess) is right on the North Node in Libra. This is truly a time of healing old wounds that were recognized again at the New Moon on March 1. Be tactful when addressing issues but you can stand your ground, dear ones. Heal the heart this time for the next 2 weeks. It is time. Your soft side can come out and may help release the pressure that has been building.

Mars is eventually going to join up with Pluto in Capricorn (square), Uranus in Aries (opposition) and Jupiter in Cancer (square). This is a grand cross aspect which is kind of a release point for all the pressure that is building up in the past few months. It could become a bit foggy when Mars comes into play in April with this grand cross. Some of this energy did occur back in January 2014 and things got bumpy financially for some of you. This is a big financial aspect. Keep that in mind. It can also bring out a warlike energy. On the personal front you may be able to take big leaps.. Be ready to roll with the tide.

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From Animal Power cards, guess who appeared, DOVE? When Dove appears it is asking you to reach within and release any old emotional discord. Call to Dove and ask for love to come to you and let compassion sing in your heart. Ask to help express your caring for others and teach you kindness and peace so that your gifts come through.

Thank you all for reading. May you be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

Welcome to the NEW MOON in PISCES on March 1 2014 at 3:00 AM EST 10 degrees 39’. Other time zone are: 12:00 PST and 8:00am GMT. This is a very spiritual and imaginative New Moon. This NEW MOON in Pisces speaks of a pure and loving heart. Do you realize that a spiritual union may be already in your life? Many will be looking for emotional security at this NEW MOON.

Sun in Pisces/Moon in Pisces is conjunct Chiron and Neptune. Its conjunction with Chiron may open up some wounds that can be now healed. It is trine Jupiter which lets the energy flow. Are you going to resist again? Those affected most intensely are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. If you have planets from 7-15 degrees they will also be affected. Neptune’s energy will help you with your creating. And if you are so inclined artistically, musically or in any other venue, please know that your expressive side is most favored. Give your left brain (mind) a rest and tune into the harmony of the Pisces moon. Do you know anyone who has a Pisces moon? Sometimes those who do have a way of being with you, sitting right by your side, yet they are in another place in their minds.

Pisces brings us to the end of the current astrological year. It will take us from its watery depth to the fire of Aries at the beginning of the new year in later March when the Spring Equinox is upon the world. Pisces is about Spirit within you. Ego leaves when Pisces envelops you.

Are you ready to heal any relationship issues that may appear again? Now is the time you will find it a bit easier to approach them and take part in the healing process. NEW MOON in Pisces is trine Jupiter which helps out considerably. So even though it may look a bit negative, it will turn itself around at this time. And if you are facing any other difficulties from your past this is a good time to heal those also. It may tend to be slightly uncomfortable for some of you, yet the outcome brings more joy and happiness to you. So take the time to allow it to occur. Is there a dilemma that surfaces in regards to a relationship or other part of your life? What unexpected occurrence shows up…a lover surprising you with a visit from afar?

The north node is in 29 degrees of Libra. It is an anaretic degree which means you have an opportunity to decide to leave behind what no longer is part of your leap forward. But first before you do move in a new direction you need to release it. You know the conditioning that holds you back. How many times have you behaved the same way or agreed to the same thing over and over? How many times have you allowed others to tell you what to do? And what is so ironic you don’t even think about it at all. Dear ones, it is time to look within, clear it out and release the habits and the societal programming already. This conditioning is definitely on its way out. But it will continue to rear its ugly head through the next couple of years. It is about greed and separation (how does love exist when society chooses to separate?) and all the wars/ violence. Do you choose to live in the illusion?

Pluto in Capricorn (transforming structure) sextiles (good aspect) Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces. It means you don’t have to carry that anger or illness or depression any longer. Pluto is the change and the transformer. Go with the energy to move through and heal once and for all. Whichever house Pluto is in for you at this time, it is helping you see the old stuff and how you relate to the issues of that house. For instance it was in my partnership house (biz and personal) for a long time. It showed me by clearing out the hidden stuff, the old beliefs and conditioning that it was time to refresh, renew and see the truth of it all whether in a relationship or business partner. Now it just went into my 8th house for part of the time and goes back to my 7th mid-year for a final run. As it stirs up my 8th there will be shadow stuff coming up for healing by Chiron right now. Or it can manifest by having me see the shadow in others and just how much I missed seeing in the 7th. Oh joy. And another example is this: if it occurs in your second house it shows you that you are clinging to old habits about your own self-worth and how you earn your money and it is time to climb over those beliefs and transform them so you can heal. It is also what you value in life that is also changing. Your past traumas no longer serve you so that is why Pluto and Chiron in good aspect give you the opportunity to release and heal them wherever it falls in your natal blueprint. Find out where it is in your own chart.

On a different note- Pluto is starting to oppose the US chart’s Sun and this will bring dramatic changes. Major shifting within the collective consciousness of the country will occur. There is a change of direction indicated and all I will say, it is about time. Some heads will roll if you know what I mean. This is an ongoing aspect so it isn’t going to happen overnight. The people of this country have to stand strong and wake up already to the horrors that have been going on, many behind the scenes without your knowledge. Times are changing. Hang on dear ones; it may get rough before it shifts.

This is a breakthrough for those ready to accept it. Look at things in a new way and you may even act without any illusions to block your view. Both Pluto sextile NEW MOON and Chiron conjunct NEW MOON are beneficial for transforming and healing in the next few weeks. Take advantage of this good energy.
As Mercury is finally going forward (still in the shadow until mid- March) in Aquarius on Friday, February 28, Mars will be going into the retrograde motion in Libra on March 2; Jupiter goes direct in Cancer on the March 6; and Saturn goes retrograde in Scorpio on March 3. Heavy stuff coming up from the inner sanctum of you as the energy purges much old junk that is coming to the surface and bringing you to decisions to ponder and make. Please know it is better to make those decisions then to be forced into making them in April 2014. The Lunar Eclipse on April 15 begins the change and clearing out and Grand Square takes place on April 21. Major change is in store for many of you and probably it will affect everyone to some degree. It is a big turning point to push the world into a new paradigm. Will you stick to holding on so tightly that the resistance will keep you from your intentions, dreams and grand manifestation? That is something you will need to think about in the next 6 weeks.

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Thank you for all your support. May the days ahead bring you openings that are magnificent and changes that are heartfelt. Until again. Love, Jan

Snow and more snow has come my way to make it more special for Valentine’s Day. I must tell you that this snow is over the top. At least the sun is shining in my windows and I am home today. Emotions are running on high. I began writing this post when the first snow was forecasted and I decided to wipe it out and begin fresh. Over 600,000 had lost power in the 4 counties and Philly metro area in last week’s snowstorm. I was lucky and did not. And now I just heard that this morning there was a major pileup on the eastbound PA turnpike and of course, it was not too long after they took off the speed limit restrictions. Did that have something to do with it? Icy patches were still hanging about. Do people ever think anymore? I am glad to hear that those taken to hospitals are going to be ok. Has anyone realized that snow is not the culprit? Enough said.

As the Full Moon in LEO at 26 degrees 13’ comes up this evening February 14, 2014 at 6:53 PM EST, 11:53 PM GMT, 3:53 PM PST the energy is passionate, creative and very much out there. With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo, there is a free-spirited type of energy combined with the need for expression physically/sexually. If you are in a relationship you should be having this wonderful interaction as Valentine’s Day surrounds you. If you are currently single my suggestion is take up some kick-boxing to help alleviate all the passionate energy that is being felt or else some anger may arise. Start kicking!!! To digress for a moment I was mesmerized again by the Beatles tribute on last weekend. Do you remember where you were (those who were old enough to know any part of that time) as they appeared on the scene? Just wondering?

This FULL MOON in LEO is about love and passion and creating something artistically. Will you love yourself more or have you forgotten you need to do that in order to bring your love to others authentically? C’mon, let’s step up your focus on loving you first? Now, remember because I said you first that has nothing to do with self-centeredness. LEO moon can become the other side of the coin if you are not paying attention and that is far from what you intend to do. So, take a look at how you do treat yourself and ensure that love is coming to others from your heart. Why would I say that? Well, some of you feel that love comes from other ways. LOVE IS LOVE. Period! From the heart it comes or it is other than love. Got it? Good. By the way, you need to keep your ego in balance in order to love truly. This Leo Moon is about loving unconditionally. Try going deep within and making that loving commitment to be free with your loving action. Be the love you choose to feel from others. No one can create this for you. You have to do this. Do you feel loved and appreciated? Leo Moon likes this.

LEO FULL MOON is sextile Mars in Libra it says you may be working on something artistic and really would like to get it out there to the world. It is a good time to do it. Mars is currently in my 5th house which indicates I am looking to be more creative (artistically or romantic) but do not have much self-discipline. That is so true. I am flitting about and have to command myself to settle in with whatever project I am working on. I would rather be playing. HA! Mars sextile (positive) Full Moon in Leo and trine the Sun makes for really flowing energy. So go get the mojo working and create something spectacular in whatever area of your life it touches. This Moon sextile Mars aspect adds to the passionate exchanges that may pop up in your life and it is quite physical.

On the other hand there is old man Saturn in Scorpio squaring (limiting) the Full Moon in Leo. A couple of days ago it opposed the Sun in Aquarius. What seems to be restricting you? Is it back to your own lack of self-love and you need to continue to work on this or is it a test you need to just plow right through? Just keep this in mind. What you are going for is within your reach. You need to have clarity now and focus. DO this and things will come to realization a bit quicker than you thought. The shadow of Venus retrograde continues to slow down the love interactions for some. Early March there is a shift. YAY!

As love is on your minds and passion surrounds many of you then what’s the drawback. Well, the trickster is at play here since Mercury is retrograde. Of course it may come as a truly surreal adventure in some part of your life. Can this be your Magical Mystery Tour? On top of everything else there is a Jupiter in Cancer square to Uranus in Aries. How exciting it can be or you will definitely lose your patience! How many of you may have good fortune show up unexpectedly. And then again you may throw caution to the winds and go do whatever it is without thinking and worry about it another time. It is your call. Mercury is still retrograde until the month’s end and then is in the shadow for a few weeks after that.

How many of you are still resisting what is truly your path, your purpose? The Full Moon in Leo does make a trine (positive) to the beginning of the new phase of Lunar Eclipses from last October. You still cannot see the road ahead totally. Your insights may be blocked at this time but you can continue to look for clues beneath the surface for some kind of understanding. Some of you may continue to have obsessions which trigger old addictions. Why not give up the resistance and surrender to the Universal energy and allow things to be revealed at the right time?

Those of you most affected most intensely by the Full Moon in Leo are Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Libra 22-28 degrees. If you have any planets around those degrees you will be affected also. This is a perfect time to create balance in your relationships and bring harmony back to your interaction. It is all about acknowledgement, respect and honor within the love that is. Any needs that are awakening are sure to come into the picture. Let the creativity flow.

Join me tonight on BlogTalkRadio/Unseen World at 11pm EST for my show titled Passion Glows where Love Flows. Love is in the air, today, on Valentine’s Day. Stay in the moment dear ones, and have a blessed day. Thank you for reading and all you do. Love, Jan

And the cold weather continues and the sun is finally peeking through. The Olympics at Sochi get ready to begin. I won’t even mention the economy as it stands right now. That will push you right into fear. Oh, by the way, did you ever really look at what they are teaching in our schools—do your children know how to spell, write creatively? I saw someone speak about how third graders have to not argue. What? Do they even know what the Constitution is? Need I say more? The morals and ethical values are being destroyed. One more thing-Pete Seeger died. I bet most of you have no idea who he is. He brought much inspired change to the music venue. And you know what the one thing that irks me these days? Drivers stop when the traffic signal turns green. Have I missed something here?

Can you believe it? You have heard of 2 Full Moons in one month, I am sure. That is called a Blue Moon. This New Moon in Aquarius is the second new moon of the month of January 2014. Do you know that this upcoming February has no new moon? That is quite unusual. If you didn’t take advantage of the New Moon on January 1 then this is a good opportunity for you to step up and do the dance of intention again. The first new moon this month was a bit difficult at times and wasn’t a great time to set intentions as such. It came to me as an additional clearing time which led to the full moon on January 15 which called for more clearing out and releasing. Here’s your second chance to set the leap in motion and magically manifest your desire.

The NEW MOON in AQUARIUS arrives at 4:38pm EST, 1:38pm PST on January 30, 2014 at 10deg55’. It is the rebel with a cause. It is quirky, unconventional and could be on the wild side. Sounds good to me! This Aquarian New Moon can be a bit detached and sometimes a bit difficult to know. The Aquarian Sun can be a technical wizard and quite hard working. It is a visionary to some extent much of the time looking to make it a better place or raising the standard. Are you feeling idealistic? The NEW MOON in Aquarius is sextile (good) to Uranus in Aries which brings unusual or unexpected events to the forefront. If you are looking for originality in any area, this New Moon will support it. Write that unique story/byline or create a different painting then you have done in the past. Compose music with a unique twist. This New Moon sextile Uranus gives you the opening to deeply transform yourself emotionally. Watch for the bright light shining upon your subconscious that brings you more ways to express compassion.

Aquarian moon likes its freedom and may even choose to shock you in order to wake you up. Hey, that can be a good thing! If you personally have an Aquarian moon, oh boy, you sometimes know not how you feel. You look for answers all the time to the point of distraction, and then find yourself doing everything else except paying attention to the main issues. The individuals most affected by this New Moon in Aquarius are Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio 8-14 degrees. If you have personal planets in those signs you will feel it more intensely. There are many of you who ignore the New Moon energy. It opposes my Pluto, uh oh, which tells me to stop obsessing if I begin doing so. New Moon also squares my Mercury in Taurus which says to me that I want to have contact with a partner even if it is a slight argument or I could be quite restless.

Alongside of this New Moon there is a gamut of planetary aspects which may confuse you and cause some chaos. This applies mainly to the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn 8-13 degrees. Venus which has been retrograde in Capricorn goes direct January 31 and is conjunct Pluto during this New Moon time. Venus and Pluto together is very intense. Obsession, power struggles and possessiveness are the keys here. If you have a planet around this conjunction (9-13 degrees Capricorn or any other Cardinal sign) try being detached a bit like the Aquarian New Moon. And if you have an Aquarian moon the better for you to do this.

If you were less than happy with lovers or partners then either it ended or you are ready to move along together with a new plan. Are you ready for reevaluation? Then move along slowly until the end of the Venus retrograde shadow in March. Of course, remember that the following applies until after that: pull back for the next month if thinking about new financial arrangements and please no major love decisions until after March 4. Have you been annoyed by those stepping over the line? I can see why since Venus is about decorum. What happened to good manners? I hear many who have to swear all the time? Is this the new norm? A negative thought form it is and keeps the manifesting at a minimum. Venus in Capricorn is upset. Going back to the finances—anything you do during Venus retrograde may become a money pit. It can pull you right down where you drown in debt. So keep an eye on that budget really close even when Venus is in the shadow until March. This is real now. If you have had reminders of past love affairs and you are finding yourself in a similar situation, then Venus Retrograde is at play. A warning: watch your tongue in the next few days regarding a relationship you are in. You may do more damage than good if you fail to stop carping. You may think what you are doing is appropriate but according to Venus it is not. So pay attention to your words or you will pay the price down the road. Speaking of shadows are you one of those that are afraid of your own shadow? You may choose to ponder this.

Uranus/Pluto square continues and Venus is with it at the moment. Nothing new here but chaos and some resistance to control factors. Main effect is on the same signs I mentioned earlier. Also remember that Mercury turns retrograde on February 6, 2014. It is a time to regroup and look at things that you may have missed before due to stress or haste. Clear out some old clutter and wait to sign those papers. People always ask me why wait to sign. Do you want to have to do it over again because something was forgotten? And those clothes you buy during Mercury retrograde always seem to hang in the closet.

What new seed will you plant this New Moon in Aquarius? What unexpected insight comes to you as you open to creating? Give in to it and rejuvenate while you prepare to leap. My suggestion is a BUDDHA Board- Have you ever used one? It has truly taught me how to live in the moment and it is so much fun. Draw and play like a child and all the stress goes away. What a treat!!! My son gave me one. Is this that little obsession I was talking about? Just kidding!

Have a joyful Chinese New Year which happens near the time of the New Moon in Aquarius. Let the sparkle of your heart reach out to others. Be in your truth and stay in the moment. Thank you all for reading. Until again. Blessings and love, Jan

The phrase of the last few weeks has been polar vortex. When I heard that term I realized I must have missed something since global warming is what everyone says is really happening. So maybe the PTB should make up their minds and speak the truth since they know exactly what it is but continue the game. Oh well, life changes instantly, I hope the PTB realize that they are not immune to fate. Life is grand, isn’t it? Unemployment must be at 30-40% by now and benefits are not forthcoming. I notice how miserable those with power are these days, it just amazes me. Money and power obviously are still not good enough. What more could they choose to have? Well, the IMF is thinking about financial repression. More taxes may come on savings and capital accounts. A high exec from Netherlands said why not have the government just spend 1% less each year. Sure thing. And the Full Moon cometh!

Oh, Full Moon I wait for your energy to come upon us giving us the ability to transcend those things of old by going deep within and clearing them out so new beginnings can unfold. The FULL MOON in Cancer with the Sun in Capricorn takes place at 25 degrees 58’ on January 15, 2014 at 11:52pm EST, 8:52pm PST. Cancer Moon is about family, emotions and sensitivity. It is about nurturing and caretaking. Are your needs being met? Are you well taken care of at this time? When was the last time you stated your needs? You haven’t? Why not? Do you know what they actually are? They are those things that truly matter to you and support your inner core. Your inner core is your true self. When I think about my own inner core, I have a paradox to deal with when I go within. Perhaps you do too. FULL MOON in Cancer is also about creativity. This is a time you may wish to decide on your goals (Capricorn) and bring them to fruition in a creative way. Then again, who of you are less than happy or satisfied about how things are progressing in your life? Is there a fear present and you continue to self-sabotage your passion? Or are your expectations over the top? Suggestion is to take a really good look at your present course of action. Does it meet your needs? Does it make your heart sing? If it doesn’t, you need to do some more revising to create something better. And for those who wish instant action to take place, if you have some resistance within, entropy will continue and moving forward will be overshadowed.

Most likely Saturn (Capricorn) energies keep pushing you to do something. It may be a good time to pull back and take a breather. Some of you refuse to do that. Take a deep breath and relax already. There are many of you who just keep on going without that pause in the action. Your mind is constantly on, your feelings are raw and experiencing emotional meltdowns and your spirit is sagging and totally disconnected due to overwork. I don’t care how much Saturn cajoles you. Stop. Do you know why I say stop? Many of you have become robots. I see that in life around me and it is chronic. How much social media can you do in an hour? What will you do when it is no longer available? You think I am kidding. You are addicted and that is what the FULL MOON in Cancer can bring to you—addiction. Get off the bandwagon of the Matrix already. Chiron is also in aspect to both the Sun and Moon on the 15th. If you are feeling lack of energy then stop pushing. Do you feel like you are wasting time if you do absolutely nothing? That definitely can be from your past familial belief patterning. So again, it is saying address the past issues so you can take a leap.

Another part of this Full Moon is about family. Cancer Moon loves to mother others or they look to others to do the same for them. Family matters are always in the forefront with the Cancer Moon. Solitude is important to the Moon in Cancer. They love to dream and just be alone with their feelings at times to reach into their memories for answers to current issues. If there is too much negative energy in the air, Cancer Moon loves to go into a shell to just ponder and regroup. They need to do this every so often. At the time of this FULL MOON in Cancer, there may be emotional tension and stressful interactions. People can be moody and abrupt so in relationships be kind, and if hurtful words have been expressed show some compassion. Stop the victimhood. This is a particularly good time to let go of any old hurts that continue to plague you and distort your thinking and keep you emotionally trapped. Give it up dear ones. Forgive and go forward. Life is too short to hold grudges (something Cancer Moon may do). Live in the moment now as you let the past hurts flow away. Old familial beliefs are ready to be cleared. Give it a chance to surface and get rid of it. It is only holding you back from that creative passion. Venus Retrograde in Capricorn helps you go past those disagreements which simmer beneath the surface. It is time to reconnect. Remember those past friends and family members who you lost along the way. You feel like you want to reach out to them with interest again. Do it now before they move out of your realm.

If you are pushing to do something without all the ducks in the row, please be careful. The energies are getting wild and even though Venus is retrograde your plans can take off and if you aren’t ready to deal with the results, keep planning. Once you put them in motion and let them take a leap, whatever you put out there will move at extreme speeds to conclusion. Pay attention and don’t do anything unless you really choose it and are ready for it.
Those who have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) at degrees between 22 and 30 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be most affected by the Full Moon energies. This Full Moon is the halfway point between the T-Square of Pluto/Uranus in October 2013 and the upcoming exact square in April 2014. Life is getting more interesting by the moment.

I pulled an Animal Power card , the Bison. It is about prosperity. How does it connect to the Full Moon? Well, surprisingly it does. Bison prosperity energy is about believing all you need is within you to get what you desire. It is about. Bison asks you to keep moving forward even in disappointment and frustration. If you feel unworthy and empty then Bison energy will help you walk through it. You need to love yourself and love others, no matter how they act. Bison is about the Golden Rule. Act towards others with love and you will find that in return. Miracles do happen.

Bison Spirit, I am grateful for all your gifts of abundance and endurance. Come to me now and give e grounding. I need you to help me to slow down, be patient; having faith I will be provided.” (from Animal Powers cards)

Thank you for reading and thank you for all the good things you do. Life is changing quickly. Until again. Love, Jan

The mountain goat is now upon us. And the New Year is just about here. By the time I post this, the bright New Year will descend upon you. Are you ready for a new beginning, a renewal of energy, a leap up the mountain? Maybe you will find a new perspective. Are you truly ready to reach the summit of your inner workings? Life has become a metamorphosis for some of you and others of you have slowed down. Some are in a rut yet very happy to be there. Who is feeling joy? Maybe I have felt it lately from the Joy Tonic which I found in my stocking at Christmas. Everyone can be feeling so if you allow it. Allowing is everything in all parts of your life. If you are out of balance things will go away out of your reach until the balance is present.

This New Moon in Capricorn is at 10degrees 57’ on January 1, 2014 at 6:14 AM EST, 3:14 AM PST and 11:14AM GMT. All new moons are about new starts and new intentions. What do you choose to intend so that manifestation can take place? This NEW MOON in Capricorn is pretty strong-willed yet would like you to be responsible and accountable for what you say and do. With Pluto sitting on it a few minutes away it is telling you to grow up and stop acting like teenagers. Yes…exactly. It is time to be the mountain goat and climb that mountain and look within for your purpose if you haven’t recognized it yet. So many of you just sit back and let others do it all. Pluto doesn’t like this. And with the New Moon, oh boy, watch it. This is a good thing for everyone. It is a wake-up call. If you have secrets, forget about it because the New Moon energy will find you out. It abhors secrets. This New Moon in Capricorn is about openness with others in your life. Stay in the truth dear ones and life will flow. Uranus in Aries squares the New Moon. It tells me that you will tend towards impulsiveness even if you know better than to do it.

Those with Capricorn Sun or Moon are quite ambitious, efficient and patient. On the other hand they can also be suspicious, stubborn and intolerant. Some of this energy from these traits can show up in the next few weeks as a result of the New Moon. If you are a Capricorn type or experiencing a Capricorn energy you may meet obstacles, delays and setbacks because Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and it likes to make sure you are on track before you set out on the next part of the journey. If you face them objectively then you will find they fade out quickly. This comes only when you are seeking spiritual growth and not personal growth. Just a reminder…spiritual growth comes from within not from religion.

With Pluto being right with the New Moon it is about power. Of course, you may want to take the power away from someone, or show how powerful you are. Is it really about this? No, it is about bringing the power into your realm from the spirit. Channel that energy and listen to your heart when it speaks to you. All is in tune with this New Moon and Venus is still retrograde but out of aspect. This is truly a time to speak the truth in a kind way in relationships to resolve anything that may be hindering flow and love. And speaking of truth, authenticity is needed now in a major way. Have you been living with integrity? Have you treated those in your life the way you would like to be treated? Think about it. It is a new year, a new moon and an opportunity to do just that. If you allow others to treat you with unkindness and disrespect, is that something that is making you feel good. Or are you acting with arrogance and control and all the BS that goes with it just to show how big a person you are. C’mon, change your attitude and intend good interactions with joy and truth and honesty and of course, integrity.

Pluto, Sun and Moon in Capricorn is flowing gracefully with power. Use it to your advantage. With Uranus square the New Moon in Capricorn it is time to walk away from relationships that no longer serve any purpose, jobs that are feeling negative and your own inner turmoil. If you are unable to resolve it, then let it go now. it is building up for April which will implode if you are unwilling to do this now and take small mountain goat leaps up the mountain. April is when the next exact square (conflict) of Pluto and And stop being so selfish! There are many out there who are. It becomes more obvious every day. And it will rear its ugly head shortly. Mercury conjunct the New Moon is harmonious and gives us that new perspective which I mentioned earlier.

This New Moon occurs on the first day of the year of 2014. How lucky you are to be able to address the demons within in the next couple of weeks and rid your body and mind and emotions of all the toxic elements which you have collected along the way. Continue doing this if you have already begun it way back when; and those of you who have given little thought to this, I highly suggest you get on the bandwagon. It is so important to do this now. This New Moon is about being polite and having good manners. Oh, you forgot this? How about consideration and compassion along with love to others who are important to you? If you cannot show love then walk away from those who mean little to you. Tolerance is better than criticism.

Those affected most intensely are you who are born between December 25 and January 4 and also anyone who has planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn between 6 and 15 degrees.

The Lakota Sweat Lodge card that I pulled for the New Moon is about abundance. It comes when you accept it within. Give thanks for all that is provided to you and be able to release all that has been received. If you are fearful of not having enough, that is what you will continue to create. It is about all gifts of abundance including love, companionship, teachings, nourishment and guidance not just the material. “I acknowledge with gratitude the flow of God’s abundance through my life.”

Sending you many wishes for a very HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with joy, abundance, prosperity, LOVE and compassion, tolerance, patience and good friendships along with loving interactions. Thank you for all you do and your support. Until again. Love, Jan

Let it snow as the song goes. One thing is wrong with this picture. It is autumn and I think I have seen more snow than there would be in the winter around here. Remember that the Solstice is soon upon us on December 21, 2013. And the following days are off the chart oppressive and looking a bit depressed. And you really want to hear more. I am looking for the good energy. Guess you have to continue to keep yourself blanketed with the Light and stay away from the continued pulling on you from others. No one has a pass on this energy. So, remove your dander out of the uproar. By the 21st I am looking for more of you who are stuck in the Matrix to awaken with the help of the Uranus/Neptune aspects from the Solar Eclipse in November. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Keep your words to a minimum and your actions even less for December 17, 2013 Oh boy, this is a time that rumbles can happen. This FULL MOON is more than intense. Looking at a Gemini Full Moon I would find myself looking to get together with friends and chat and have fun and all the rest of that kind of thing. This GEMINI FULL MOON is beyond intense. It can be downright cantankerous and a bit unruly. Here it is the holiday season in many places and you may think twice about doing any gathering at all. If you do, watch it – one wrong word can set off someone’s hidden anger. Gemini Moon under better circumstances loves to flirt and chat and share information and have lots of social interaction. This is far from the norm coming up.

I will say that a doozy of a time will be showing itself in the next few weeks. This FULL MOON in Gemini is at 25deg.36’ occurs on December 17, 2013 at 4:28 am EST and 1:28 am PST. Those most affected are those who have Sun/Moon and planets at 22-29 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Under normal circumstances you would continue to talk and talk and talk. These are unreal circumstances and I would say just keep quiet unless you say something nice and kind. Why do this all of a sudden and not say the truth or be your witty self? Venus in Capricorn is out of sorts with the FULL MOON in Gemini. It semisextiles (not too bad) the Sun in Sagittarius and inconjuncts (adjusting needed) the Moon in Gemini. Yep! And I haven’t even gotten started yet. Perhaps along the way I can find a good feeling to share. By the way, Venus in Capricorn is about good manners so don’t even think about coming to others without appropriate manners and good will. Mercury is in Sagittarius which would be a good thing. There is too much of an outgoing attitude for Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio. Stop treading on those water sign feelings. Cranky is the word. Maybe you can hide from the stares and glares.

The Sun in Sagittarius is about finding your life vision. For what reason have you come to this life? This linked to the Moon in Gemini is about rising up to your higher mind. Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius and opposes the Moon in Gemini. Mercury does not like the Jupiter and Saturn watery feelings. It makes the Mercurial energy grumpy. I guess I will be walking the halls of work to keep the energy flowing because it is opposing my Uranus. Great!!! Many thoughts and ideas for a partnership come to the forefront. Really? Anyway, along with this there is Uranus turning direct in Aries and then right on its tall is Mars who has just entered Libra a couple of days ago almost opposing Uranus. Will you have lively conversations or rebellious actions on December 25? Jupiter trine (good) Saturn will keep you in the flow. So it does help.

Any of you who are testing fate may have things chopped right out of your life if it doesn’t belong there anymore. This is definitely a wake-up time. If you are particularly sensitive these days perhaps a step into the background will help keep you balanced and out of the turmoil. Please bite your tongue to keep from saying something that will set off an uproar. If you like heated discussions it now is your time.

Uranus in Aries goes direct on December 17 adding to the rumbling unexpectedly. There is lots of shaking going on to help you awake and see the truth about what is going on in the government and the world. Will you open your eyes already? This affects mostly those who have Sun and Moon and planets at 8-12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. You might call it a lightning punch or electric shock. Speaking of Uranus the Full Moon in Gemini is right on my natal Uranus which brings with it a possible new direction if only at this moment. It tells me to entertain all possible directions. YAY! So if any of you have Moon in Gemini conjunct Uranus…pay attention for new openings. Oh, and I do see something positive for all…hey it’s time of joy. Lots of support from family and friends can take place. So forget the misery and eat some sweets. There can be good times if you just flow. Stop looking for a fight. Experience life in a new way.

Remember that Venus goes retrograde on the Solstice, December 21/22 in Capricorn 28+degrees. When Venus is retrograde you may find yourself leaving a relationship or being indecisive or making an impulsive decision. Which do you choose? And to top it off, when it goes direct you may find yourself wishing you had just done nothing because it may have to be redone. And it may affect the money in your life. Oi vey! Those affected most are January 17 birthdates and when Venus goes direct and will be at 13 degrees so around the January 2 natal day is affected more than others.
The Full Moon in Gemini highlights the Crown chakra; whereas the Sun in Sagittarius speaks of the Root Chakra of the galaxy. The Galactic Center is conjunct the Sun. Any planet that is conjunct the GC will be more sensitive to energy.

I pulled the Rabbit card for a meditation. It is about opportunities which come about for brief moments. Work with this for a few days and see what happens. Rabbit Invocation for Opportunity- “Rabbit spirit please come to me. You help me discover opportunity. You are sensitive to your surroundings. Teach me to be more intuitive and awake. To think quickly, in the blink of an eye; To survive because I am observant. I will know what is real and what is fake.”(Animal Powers ) Major changes are coming for all of you. Allow the opportunities to present themselves without talking yourself out of them.

For those who celebrate have a joyous Christmas. For everyone else have a peaceful season filled with harmony. Keep your eyes and ears open. Many blessings to you. Thank you for all you do. Love, Jan


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