The heat is still burning in my part of the Northern Hemisphere and the New Moon will be in 7 degrees of Leo on Saturday, July 30, 2011 at 2:40pm EDT and 11:40am PDT. The Russians are planning a nuclear drill which can become interesting. The debt crisis is brewing deeper and should you be quivering from the fear? I say, let’s reach out to the stars and see how we can bring that truth to Light and raise our energy now. Are you ready?

As you await the New Moon arrival, the Sun just touched Uranus and this may bring exciting new opportunities. Now remember in the last post I mentioned the rabbit and how it tells us to look for those opportunities. Of course they may be fleeting so you have to pay attention. What else is new? HA! And today, how many are feeling some romantic glow? Venus has gone into Leo and boy, what a lovely time for parties and frivolity with the Sun helping to charm everyone around you.  You want to go out there and play and have fun and let those around you say how wonderful you are. You are, aren’t you? And let’s not forget Jupiter is aspecting the Sun also and that means easy overindulgence in the area it hits in your life and taking a moment to think before you make those decisions.

Leo is all about creativity. That’s what this Leo New Moon will accent in your life. What will be your creative expression? How will you use the artistic talents you have? Are you playing your music or dancing, singing a song, writing that book or poem, or just reaching out to people telling them you love them? Finding a new creative path in life is another option. What does that child within wish you to do? This is the New Moon for intending what you wish to create in your life. This is a magnificent time to find the wonder in your life and take it to the next level. Ponder what it is that you truly wish to create for this is a time of beginning to make your dreams becoming reality. It may take a few months to get it going. Take one leap at a time like the rabbit. Or amp it up and take many. This is a time of fun, joy and love. Be out there and shine. Radiate that charm. Be the renaissance you. Where this Leo New Moon falls in your chart is where you feel the greatest love for life, your joie de vivre, and what enhances your happiness the most.

Uh oh, as you are all looking to take that cosmic leap in your creative mode, and along comes Mercury retrograde on August 2. Now what will you do? This is a big tease about what is to come and most likely you won’t see it right away. All of a sudden you may have a grand idea and retro Mercury will make you recreate that idea or ponder it awhile. It is helping you to review, revisit and have a newly polished form for it by the end of the period on August 26. This is certainly a good thing in many ways. Just stay away from signing any major agreements or other documents during this retro timeframe or put off buying anything major – appliances, cars or any other electronic equipment. Expecting messages and they don’t show up until after you needed to have them, dear Mercury, the sometimes trickster is working overtime. Keep that in mind and you will be able to take that creation to new heights. Some of you may do major things that you ask whether or not to do them since Mercury is retrograde. Well, signing agreements during this time is not recommended as I said because hidden things may come to light after the forward motion begins again. And since it goes back into Leo for awhile again, whatever you wish to create will be pondered and pondered and recreated. Another thing with agreements, something may be forgotten by one of the parties involved and that would bring some confusion to the table. Enough of the retrograde, right? Almost. It is a good time to discard and let go of all the stuff that has accumulated in your life that is no longer touching your heart. This is clean-up time for some of you. And speaking of letting go, are there old disappointments, burdens, resentments? Do you think they are doing you any good? Clear them out now. It’s time.

So as you are truly enjoying life and maybe doing some recreating of a dream idea or creative gift, there is this Mercury/Neptune, Venus/Neptune aspect going on. Woe is me because who is lying or confused in your realm? Deception, anyone? You are all amped up emotionally and someone is skirting the issue or maybe there is a toxic individual who just won’t let it go. Or do you plan to do some detoxing for a healthier you? For any toxicity remember the homeopathic remedies or the herbs for health. You can even use herbs for a protective mode. And on the other hand it is a great time to channel answers from the Divine Spirit helpers. You will be surprised how quickly the answers show up now. Many spiritual insights are ready to come to you. A little sage burning while you are praying or meditating helps the Spirit rise within you. And bingo, the answer appears.

Ok, now one last thing just following the Leo New Moon. Mars/Uranus/Pluto are aspecting and sweetheart, this is something to which to pay attention. Power struggles, major nasties, and unexpected shocks abound in this week. Just be forewarned so you keep out of any toxic environment that tries to pull you in. This can also include toxic family matters. Keep those joys flowing no matter what is going on around you.  “Sing, sing a song, make it simple to last your whole life long…” Many blessings and childlike joy to all of you. Until again. Getting ready to leap? Love, Jan   

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About Dr. Jan King

Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor; Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist. Jan has been a Hypnotherapist since 1989 and a Holistic Health Practitioner since 1992. She focuses on relationship and stress-related issues. Jan has studied astrology for over 35 years and combines her counseling skills and holistic health background to ensure clients get a comprehensive session. Jan uses her clairsentience to focus on many of the issues and then makes suggestions. Jan also has been studying astrological technique and interpretation for 35 years.

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  1. Thank you, Jan! Love your posts.


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