NEW MOON in LIBRA, OCTOBER 4/5, 2013-Truth appears if you stay in balance

Oh fair moon where art thou? These past few months have been crazier than ever. And now the most seriously out of control move is underway…government shutdown in the US of A. Well, it is only partial and the affordable healthcare act is in motion, is it really? Do you think you will ever see the truth as to what is happening? PAY ATTENTION let your heart rule. Much is deeply buried that many out there are buying the baloney that is being thrown at you through the news? There appears to be about 11% of the people who are seeing the truth through Alternative Media and also knowing the truth within. Of course there are those who rule the world who would like us to stay in the dark recesses of their choosing. Dear ones, if you have no compassion or love in your hearts the better it is for the powers that be to create the dissonance that continues to appear. Once the next 1% wake up bringing it up to 12%, things may begin to really shift and many hidden aspects of our world will surface. Since the New Moon has no light shining how will you see anything that is relishing in the dark shadows? When relating to others stay in your center and then an amazing thing will occur…the truth will show up. Without the balance within you, at this NEW MOON the extremes will continue. This NEW MOON in LIBRA is quite intense since Pluto square Uranus aspects the NEW MOON and the eclipse cycle begins again at the Lunar Eclipse mid-month on October 18.

The NEW MOON in LIBRA takes place Friday, October 4, 2013 at 8:35pm EDT at 11deg 57’. Some of you will celebrate the New Moon on the 5th of October. Libra loves harmony and peace. This New Moon is about relationships which like fairness and balance. Libra is about agreements and beauty, elegance and good manners. Libra knows no harshness. It is about justice and partnership. Relationships need attention now and do open to enjoying the beauty of such in your life. You are an individual who also can be in a relationship. Yes, even in a relationship you still have your own pathway to walk, yet have an opportunity to join with another, whether in love, business, groups or otherwise. Allow your love to shine brightly at this time so that respect comes into play in all relating instances. The LIBRA NEW MOON needs a relationship, friendship or marriage to feel safe and nurtured. Venus rules Libra as it does Taurus. Libra though likes to be fair and peaceful. Taurus loves the intensity of passion and the seriousness of relating.

The NEW MOON in LIBRA may bring out romantic or social overtones in a relationship. This is a great time if you are looking for inspiration. It may come from some positive changes that are affecting your relationships and conflict disappears. Take a look at what is working in your life and what is dragging you down. A compromise may be the ticket to a new start. Please no compromises if you are just doing it to appease someone. It will haunt you later in a big way and fall apart. Now is a time for acceptance, honesty and respect. Many may choose to speak about something in your relationship and for some reason (mainly fear) you choose to ignore it. Speak your mind with respect dear ones. Do it once and for all and begin again in a better way.

Are there any harsh people hanging in your space? If so, then walk away from those who no longer resonate with you. Is there a lesson for you or them to learn from your presence? Think about it. Remove the fears that may have plagued you in the past and release them now through the balance of the NEW MOON in LIBRA. This is a time to move out that which no longer works. Exorcise those demons already. If you don’t do it, then I can guarantee that the Uranus in Aries opposite New Moon square Pluto in Capricorn will take charge. It is tense and unyielding at times. It is digging deep and trying to remove the old junk that you continue to weave and reweave in your life. It wants change and, you better give it what it desires. If you resist, it can throw you into a chaotic state. It is a wake-up call for many, and believe me it will beat you up if you keep ignoring it. This is not the time for controlling or dominating anyone in your life, whether in personal or business relationships. Keep the balance here. Stay in the moment dear ones.

At the time of this NEW MOON in LIBRA Saturn is conjunct (right on) the North Node in Scorpio. This occurs on the upcoming eclipse point of November. If you are enabling something that no longer works, c’mon give it up already. If it is dead, bury it. Forget about holding it hostage. And if you aren’t paying attention that bolt of lightning from Uranus opposite the New Moon will shake you up emotionally in a hurry. Also Mercury is on the North Node. What destined agreement is coming to the fore and being transformed (Mercury sextile Pluto)?

This new relationship intensity is affecting personal planets at 5-17degrees of Libra. Also those which are affected more than others are signs of Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. You need to be patient now because it is building up to the time when the door will open wide. In my chart it falls in my 5th house of romance and creativity. Have you seen my knight?

The NEW MOON in LIBRA is saying that you need to balance yourself and love yourself before you can reach out to others in harmony. The truth appears only when you are walking the path without extreme actions. You need to accept yourself and stop the rejection of self. Venus in Scorpio is asking you to look at the darkness within and let the light shine upon it.
Again, watch for those unexpected bolts of lightning. Use them for creating a new direction or new start in your relationships. Changes may come to meet your needs or else to make you pay attention to something you are ignoring.

Be in a peaceful place as the Lunar Eclipse arrives mid-month. Set your intentions now. Keep your love intact. Many blessings to all of you and thank you for all you are. Until again, Love, Jan
I will be on BlogTalk Radio/Unseen World starting October 11, 2013 at 11pm. Hope to hear from you.

About Dr. Jan King

Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor; Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist. Jan has been a Hypnotherapist since 1989 and a Holistic Health Practitioner since 1992. She focuses on relationship and stress-related issues. Jan has studied astrology for over 35 years and combines her counseling skills and holistic health background to ensure clients get a comprehensive session. Jan uses her clairsentience to focus on many of the issues and then makes suggestions. Jan also has been studying astrological technique and interpretation for 35 years.

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  1. Thank you and we so look forward to your premiere! I will be there with planetary bells on. 🙂


  2. Dear Janice, I love this months Blog info. so many people need to hear this. Thank you, and I see love raising up for me in so many blessed ways. I am allowing and free falling into that blissful joyful love.


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