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NEW MOON /Eclipse in Sagittarius November 25, 2011- RISE BEYOND THE EGO MIND

Trumpets are sounding. The New Moon in Sagittarius partial solar eclipse at 2deg 37min. is on November 25, 2011 at 1:10am EST. Have we got a beauty for you? It is fiery and has upbeat energy which brings us to another round of new beginnings and some endings. Those who have Sagittarius as a birth sign are filled with optimism, free-spirited, love adventure/travel and are straightforward to the max. They love to be the philosopher and explore the inner workings of themselves and others.

 Ok now, let’s take a look at eclipses briefly. Past behavior patterns need to be shut down because that is what the eclipse is asking you to do. Old beliefs and patterns which block your growth need to be let go here. Other energies come into play at this time. For instance there is someone I know who has the eclipse conjunct Eros in the chart. This would be about heart matters that need to be addressed and become the new persona instead of staying in the old worn out place of self. It is about renewing the passion. We have come to time which is set for adventure with the grand trine and eclipse. Are you ready to go into uncharted waters? Ol’ man Jupiter is in charge here. And he is positive and upbeat so if you are not, he will not like it. This is no time for any BS. It is time you give up the crap. Period. It will take you down if you take it with you on the journey that is beginning right now. The past is over and done with. Save yourself a lot of trouble and dump it. Oh ye of little faith who fail to see the truth. It is imperative that you just do it and walk past all the garbage that you have been collecting through eons. Dragging all that junk with you will block your way and is that what you truly desire to have happen? This is the kind of energy that if you are so inclined, watch what you wish for because it will come to you in a big way. All kidding aside, this is serious stuff and I suggest you think about that intention because it will come to you. Now remember, there may be some sluggish delays due to Mercury retrograde. Get to near the end of the post.

 Let’s take a look at the New Moon in Sagittarius a bit closer. If you have any planets or asteroids in the early degrees of the signs of Sagittarius or Gemini, Virgo or Pisces, this New Moon energy will intensify energy of the planets located in those early degrees. Of course, there also may be some effect for any Scorpio late degrees. There is someone I know who has the New Moon on Valentine in their solar return chart. What a wonderful time for reaching out in love. What are you waiting for? This is a time to say the heck with those others who really have no interest in you anyway. Go for the gusto and reach deep into your heart and let whoever know it in a big way. For all the rest of you out there, this is a time when something you do may not meet with the sanction of others around you. Darn. Guess what it’s time to do it anyway. YES it is. And those changes that you are resisting are coming on quickly. For goodness sakes, leap into them. There is much planning in this New Moon period and once you find your plan designed, you may find it takes a while to get it off the ground. It is just a bit lazy on some level.

Do you want to create your destiny? The New Moon in Sagittarius is about rising above the ego mind. Now is the time to choose whether you are on the path of ego or the path of the Spirit. Once you make that decision things begin to fall into place in your lives and you will begin to achieve balance. I know everyone gets into ego at times, yet if you decide to listen to your intuition, watch how your life changes and your true path may actually appear to you. Are you ready? Uranus has some input also on this New Moon. It may bring unexpected changes and if you are prepared for them, then so much the better. I feel they may be just what is needed. Remember better to know that there may be some changes rather than to be caught off guard.

 Mercury retrograde is back. Oh joy! It went into retrograde tonight (November 23) and will stay retro until December 13. Not a good thing for your holiday shopping. Electronics is the worst thing to buy before the 13th. And avoid signing those important documents/agreements. Watch any major travel during this retrograde period.

 Let’s take a quick look at other things happening in this time frame. Panacea and Pluto aspect tells you to get to the root of the problem and this will help to heal you and then your life can take major leaps to improving. In my personal chart I have the New Moon on my South Node which says to me that releasing the past issues is so important. It is also trine my Saturn which keeps me be professional at work and on track. Also I have a Juno transit ready to hit my vertex in the next couple of days. I think it is about a more permanent connecting link.

 I have decided to pick a Pages of Shustah card to pull together this post. It is the Gnomes card. Very interesting. Quoting from the Shustah book site it says:

“The yellow gnomes card has the value of the dynamic  power of inner developing of emotional concentration. It is literally the transmutation – the deep inner change that comes with work on one’s self. The gnomes in the card have expressions of great effort and grimace, but they bring forth nuggets of gold. … take heart with this message, and forge on; even in the face of criticism and not exactly warm approval for my efforts- I will gain more than what I perceive I have lost! I will come out a winner in spite of it all…”

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (those in the US) and enjoy your coming weekend. I am thankful for those who read my blog. Stay in the moment because the efforts you are putting out there are beginning to come back to you. And remember that old junk, negative thoughtforms and being resistant are undermining your truth. This New Moon in Sagittarius is about positive thinking and behavior. Again thank you. Blessings to you. Until again. Love, Jan


Oh my, last week has passed by and here I am ready to fly off the handle. Well, I could. But I won’t. What am I saying? Before I get to the main event, NEW MOON in SCORPIO, I need to go stick my head in cold water and wonder what is going on. First thing I heard the other day, was that a University is doing a pilot study regarding how texting can help with weight loss. The inmates are running the asylum. What a perfect mode for behavioral medication in the negative way. Oh, I am sure there may be proof of something that is good about it, but you have got to be kidding me? Heard something this morning which made me wonder what actually is going on in schools these days. Companies are looking for skilled workers and there are none. One company needs machinists said since applicants cannot do basic things like read or write (??????) they may hire them and then train them onsite. My mind is blown. And now onto more pleasant things.

 It is time for the NEW MOON in SCORPIO at 3deg 39 minutes on October 26, 2011 at 3:56pm EDT. SCORPIO is my opposite sign. This sign sings of obsession, possession, and brooding. Intensity and passion reigns supreme. And they just love being secretive. Some flocked to my life through the years and among those that did, a few of them showed me my other side. I learned much from the Scorpions and Eagles who appeared. Scorpios see things much clearer than most of us and much of that depends on whether they are coming from a Scorpion (lower) or Eagle (higher) perspective. Anyone who is a Scorpio will walk through just about anything and they can regenerate themselves fully. In fact the Sun just entered Scorpio on Sunday, October 23.  This NEW MOON speaks intensely yet there is a still a relatively smooth flow about it. Remember that this a time when the element of truth may become very clear. If you aren’t ready for it, run for the hills. It will still find you. Those who are in committed relationships and whether you are choosing the true love or the lie. If the relationship is unconditional then it will begin to gel even after years of dancing. The distractions no longer disturb it. Any one-sided relationships are now going to come to the table and you can forget about it. Too cold for you? Sorry, that’s the way it reads. This is what the truth of this Scorpio NEW MOON will bring out and clarify. If it is not in your best interest, the Universe will step in and guide you to that which is real. No solutions, then no evolving takes place!

The Scorpio NEW MOON will have things coming up from their hiding places. Is there something you are choosing to keep below the surface of prying eyes? You are? It will show up. Since every New Moon is a time of new cycle beginnings, please remember to set your intentions regarding anything that may be important in your life…career, health, relationships and or financial stuff among many things. That intention may just pop into your life if you are clear in setting it. Of course, there are relationships that may bring some drama to your life. Pay attention to your energy and what you are putting out there. Since this is a regenerative New Moon, what will you intend to regenerate? Are you looking to heal yourself, your life, or your connections? Watch you don’t step on toes this time around since the energy brings people and their opinions to the forefront. This comes from the Mars in Leo square to Mercury/Venus Scorpio on the Full Moon day. Their minds are already made up and there is no changing anything. If you are trying to influence them, convince them or otherwise, you will be wasting your energy now.

It is a New Moon of patience, manners and following the rules. Do you have something you disowned about yourself? Are you feeling unworthy, unloving, self-critical? Now is the time to discover it and let it go. This Scorpio NEW MOON is about a big release of negativity. Are you ready to release all the gunk that blocks your way, all the hidden stuff that bogs you down? It’s too close to 11/11/11 to continue the same patterns, same habits that no longer serve you. There is a conflict resolution thread through this New Moon and fairness and equality have a place. No jealousy allowed, no matter what goes on. Watch the cruelty from others or even yourself. Pay attention to your heart instead of flying off the handle. Deep breathing works.

 Just a brief personal example of the affect of Scorpio NEW MOON conjunct my Chiron. It is within 1 degree and it may finalize the healing that I have been working on for months. Let’s intend it and it can also mean my dear old master on the path may appear for one more time to help find the wound and finally heal it. I think it has already taken place. This is just the last act of it which is ok. There has been much separation through the years, much poking at the wound and now regeneration can take place. Hurrah! Others whom I know in my life also are having this take place whether they are aware of it or not. Much love to them.

One more thing- October 28, 2011 is the end of the Mayan calendar according to Carl Calleman. It is in the ninth wave. Jupiter is trine Pluto on this day he says can bring a shift in global consciousness.

 Rabbit appeared as the card for this New Moon. Rabbit is about opportunity. Do the following meditation (from “Animal Powers Meditation Guidebook”) for a few days if you would like to attract both seen and unseen opportunities. These opportunities may be fleeting so you need to wake up to see them. 

 “Rabbit spirit, please come to me. You help me discover opportunity. You are sensitive to your  surroundings. Teach me to be more intuitive and awake, To  think   quickly, in the blink of an eye, To survive  because I am observant. I will know what is real and what is false.”

Thank you all for your support. I am most grateful. Share this blog with your friends if you feel it will offer them something that they need. Happy Scorpio NEW MOON. Have a blessed week. Until again. Love, Jan

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