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NEW MOON in LEO, August 6, 2013-Find the Light in your Heart and Let it Shine

Here we go again. Are you so programmed and conditioned that you would rather hear about the threats regarding al Qaeda which are supposedly going to take place in August? Now please understand that this credible threat may be a fear factor to ensure that your joyful month is ruined if you get pulled into it. It makes no sense since according to the “top WH sources” al Qaeda no longer has the capability to do what is being said about it. And then there is the A-Rod circus and impending suspension. Are you being entertained enough? The darkness abounds among us and keeps trying its darndest to regulate, control, restrict and hogtie your ability to see who you really are and how to manifest the best life you can imagine. Did you know that it was Friendship Day on this past Sunday? You can choose the darkness or the joys of life.

How many people around you are confused and out-of-control in their thinking or behavior? Gee whiz, some friendship day it was. And what does this have to do with the NEW MOON in LEO? Well, it certainly shows me some of the more negative traits pertaining to that sign. EGO…EGO…EGO and more EGO. Take a look at your friends and ask yourself how many are true friends. Are they there for you totally, fully, completely? Friends are hard to come by these days. Many in this world have become self-absorbed and see little beyond their own circle of family and associates. So, does your friendship matter? That’s only the tip of the iceberg. A true friend loves you for you not for what you own, think, feel or otherwise. They are there for you no matter what goes on. Be blessed if you have one, maybe two in your lifetime. How would it be without that individual or two in your life? I celebrate you and your true friends.

The NEW MOON in LEO occurs Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 5:51pm EDT in 14 degrees 25’. This NEW MOON truly gives you the ability to take a risk and open to an opportunity that may present itself right in the hour that the New Moon takes place. From 5:21pm EDT to 6:21pm EDT is a prime time. So keep your eyes open and if there is something you truly wish upon a star to happen, then go for it, intend it and watch what happens. The timeframe is very short so do pay attention. The NEW MOON in LEO is about childlike play, creative activities and lots of applause. Find your enthusiasm and make it infectious for others to join in whatever you are doing. This dynamic energy will light up your chart in whichever house it occurs. Begin your dream right now at this time. Reach out and connect to whom you need to speak. Allow the love to flow from your heart to that special someone. Do it now at this time. See the difference you make in someone’s life. If you need to change something, now is the time to do so. How will you incorporate the energy from this NEW MOON in LEO? Will you choose to be having fun, being generous, magnanimous, confident, warm and caring or will you let your ego run the show? This is a perfect time to intend and do it right then and see how you can change your life for the better. August 8 into August 9 is a very beneficial time for creating something new.

When the Full Moon takes place in 2 weeks it may be shortly after that you see the results of your intentions. Open your eyes to see what it is showing you. A bit of a bummer though- Chiron inconjuncts (150 deg.) the SUN/MOON in Leo. The Sun may not seem to shine as brightly at this time since Chiron is asking you to adjust something. The rays may be a bit dimmer but things are still moving on. Perhaps you will see the need to adjust something in order to create more flow. No hesitation please. Just make that adjustment and walk through it.

NEW MOON in LEO is perfect for enhancing romantic relationships. Stop hiding behind the door and reach out to your lover, partner. It is such a special time so remember to use this energy wisely. If you are expanding a creative enterprise please know that it can bring you many accolades if you rev it up now. Or if you are just beginning a new creative project, let the magic flow and you will notice that many are interested in your workings. You can shine in whatever you do with this New Moon. Go for it. Be a Leo for the next 24 hours and be the star you were meant to be. Remember that NEW MOON in LEO loves to dance. Tango anyone?

If you are a Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus with planets from 12 degrees to 19 degrees of those signs, you will feel this NEW MOON in LEO more intensely and significantly. Those of you who have planets in those signs will also feel some effect. With Mercury coming into Leo on Thursday, August 8, you will find yourself able to persuade and convince others more at this time. There is a truly great trine from retrograde Uranus to the New Moon. Expecting a declaration of love, dear one, you may get it. What about a big surprise…good possibility. Enjoy your life and go out and party. This New Moon conjuncts my progressed ascendant. Is this a new look or new way to communicate or maybe just getting my message out there? I need to watch for being too sensitive. Really?

This is a time to shine your light like any Leo does. Let the love come forth fully from within your heart so others feel it. This is a time of authenticity. You are the star of your galaxy and show people your heartfelt truth. Uranus trine the New Moon as I said earlier will help to wake up some of you from your slumber. Just a reminder that Uranus still squares Pluto and that will try to drag you into a hassle if you allow it to do so. There is still much calm and flowing going on, so stop the disruption before it gets a grip on your life.

Before I sign off I would like to share a short meditation from the Lakota Sweat Lodge cards. “I release myself into the moment, into the flow of time, events, cycles and emotions and I find grace and fertile ground along the way. Leave the past behind and take only that which will nurture your future creatively.”
May your blessings be many! Have a glorious NEW MOON time. Until again. Love, Jan

Transforming the Past through the North and South Nodes

It is such a clear day today in my part of the world and not a chemtrail in sight. You all know what they are, don’t you? Those lines that spread out in the sky and take away the clarity that you need to awaken. They are there to keep you from feeling as good as you can feel. They exist to assist in the depopulation of this planet. Ok, stay in the box. It is ok. Are they trying to emulate the same kind of weather day it was 11 years ago? Life has come a long way since September 11, 2001. Much grief has been spent on the lives lost. Is it time to move on? It is amazing how bombarded you are with mainstream media and their ability to manipulate, maneuver and tell stories. Prove to me there is an al-Qaeda group since they supposedly flew the planes and the buildings collapsed because that is what would happen when planes fly into buildings. Are you living in the real world? That was the turning point for the terrorist syndrome. Who can the world blame this month? That brings me to my question of the day?

What keeps you living in a box? Because if you believe everything the media tells you, your company tells you, your parents tell you (or told you) and even your neighbors, you live in a box. Tell me is it about fear of leaping? Is it because you have no inspiration? What is that you find so intriguing about living in virtual reality? Where is your motivation? You are going to find yourself with walls closing in tighter as the year ends and into next year. Saturn goes into Scorpio in October and that changes the dynamics. Look, I have to be real and you do too because things are going to amp up before there is any kind of balance. How will you deal with that? What if there is another false flag? How many more wars can those in charge create? It is all about money and power. And it has nothing to do with having a good life except for those in power. There is no end of the world coming so I guess you will have to face the facts that are presented to you. Are you in denial of the truth? The energy that you have encountered in the past eighteen months has been about truth. Did you find yours? Did you hear someone else’s? It was about higher levels of consciousness. Did you raise your vibration so you can leap right out of that box? I know many that have; some of you are gripping onto the past. Now you will see how much in the box you really are when the material world is affected. It will be so noticeable how greedy people are and how in the box they live with the entertainment, the must have toys, the video games, or just plain you have to have it possessions. Problem is, the chickens come home to roost and it may be unavailable or else it pulls you into a really deep hole under your boxed in world. Taurus South node is all about those material possessions, money and got to have stuff. But the money wants your attention. The more the better; the more luxurious is desired.

And then you see the Scorpio North Node which has just begun on August 29 as I mentioned in my previous post. Scorpio is all about healing, metaphysical, spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. Wow, really? Yes, it is truly about transforming yourself. You have to dig deep with Scorpio and if you don’t, it will create problems in any of those parts which are up to heal and you then have to face the reality of the situation. This is a time to release the past, to stop playing the games, to get rid of old beliefs and patterns. This is a serious time, dear ones. I doubt you will be stuck in a box unless you live in a place that is unaffected, like the graveyard. Ouch.  That box is expanding and maybe just maybe you can find yourself looking at things in a new way and actually living in the real world. Many have created these boxes for protection from knowing what is real. Life is scary to many of you because you listen to the junk that is broadcast daily conditioning you to fear and doomsday attitudes. Get real already. You are so fearful from the brainwashing of media babble that you believe your life is so on track. If it is, why are you so unhappy? It is time to walk your talk and stop pandering to others who have no interest in you or what you do.

It is time to take that Taurus South node and raise it up to the Scorpio North node. Use the Taurus practicality, the strong self-worth, grounding and money sense and channel to the North node path of Scorpio in order to reexamine what needs to be broken up and transformed in your life in order to release any rigidity surrounding your beliefs and old thought patterns which can bring you stress in an emotional or psychological way. Your fear of change which is that Taurus south node is going to become overwhelming if you continue on that track. You have to examine what the power is about so you do not get pulled into any of the power games. As the North Node entered Scorpio it was 29 degrees and on the 12th and 13th of September 2012 asteroids Eros and Juno are conjunct the North node. This is all related to love, eroticism, connecting on the soul level, committed relationships, sexuality, repulsion and attraction. There are energy exchanges which will take place over the next 30 months with some being successful, some not. And please watch who you have any money dealings with because if it is off track you can be hit very hard. Pay attention. Wherever the Taurus South node falls in your chart in the next 18 months will be the area that needs BIG CHANGE. And believe me it will change. Woo hoo!!! I cannot wait.

Everyone has nodes of the moon in their charts. There are always 2 opposite each other, 12 total pairs in all. They are Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces. And then the reverse is – Libra-Aries etc. I have Gemini north node and Sagittarius south node which tells me to use the positive aspects of the truth base and sensitivity of Sagittarius south node to help me get to the broader perspectives of the Gemini north node. Bottomline is I had to learn how to listen to others and boy has that been the story of my life. Obviously, my rants got me nowhere and now I feel that my heart is always open to those who need to talk. Whew. New ideas come to me through conversations with others, many foreigners (Sagittarius ruled) and I don’t have to force any hollow beliefs down anyone’s throat. My true purpose is about communicating and boy it ruffles my feathers when there is none.

It is going to be a wild ride filled with all sorts of openings and closings. Be ready for breakthroughs and also for hard whacks if necessary. Oh, go ahead laugh a little already. Be well and stay in the moment. Thank you for reading. Look for the NEW MOON post by 9/15. Many blessings, dear ones, Until again. Love, Jan

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