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Winter Solstice/FULL MOON in CANCER, December 25, 2015- Letting the past go and taking a leap

full-moon-over waterWinter Solstice/Full Moon in Cancer – Is the time for you to let your light shine through the darkness no matter what goes on. This is a time for alignment with Christ Consciousness.

The Winter Solstice has just come in with our good friend the Sun entering Capricorn on December 22, 2015. It definitely is a harbinger of exciting energy as time marches to Christmas and the FULL MOON in Cancer. Lots of news out there in mainstream land with the political debates and the PTB saying they will start another party if Trump gets the nomination. What has this country become? I am amazed at how many out there are so fearful of the truth. Unbelievable! Does anyone pay attention anymore? Soon the change will come in a blink of the eye and I am going to observe from a cabin in the woods. Wish everyone could see how manipulated they are through that box in your living room or even a part of the Net!!! How many are paying attention?

Right now the moon is making its way to becoming the FULL MOON in CANCER. Sun is in Capricorn and what exactly does it mean? It will affect you whether you believe it or not. The Full Moon arrives at 6:11am EST, 3:11am PST and 11:11am GMT on Christmas day December 25, 2015 in 3 degrees 19’.

This Full Moon is extra intense. Oh, I know I have been saying that each time the moon is either new or full and intense has been the word. This is extra-special with electric energy since Uranus (the radical and electric-charged planet) is going direct in motion on December 25 at 10”52pm EST. That says to me that there may be shocking news that shows up which may change the energy to a more positive note. Also, if you are looking to understand yourself in a deeper way (this is what I talk about on my radio show) then now is the time that it will affect your core being. Since all the other planets are also direct for another 10 days it is a good time to leap forward. You may have a new way of looking at life and some barriers may disappear. Let the ego go and your understanding shows up. Knowing yourself will give you a better idea as to where you choose to go.

FULL MOON in CANCER says purging the negative is a necessity. Once you get rid of the fear the world changes within and your perspective on life comes alive. It is time to take a step forward once you do this and lighten up. The darkest, coldest Full Moon of Christmas day says let go the past and you will see a turning point in your life. This is a time when the veil is thinnest between worlds and that says to you to stay in a joyful place or you will be pulled into the darkness again. What will you choose? This Full Moon since it is Cancer says it focuses on the family-oriented gatherings and traditions along with nourishing bonds in home and family which is supportive of your growth. It is a time of forgiveness and letting go of resentments and defensiveness. Faith also comes into play at this time.

The only planet that is affecting the Full Moon this time is Neptune. Many good feelings and expressions can occur as Neptune in Pisces is trine the Moon in Cancer and sextile the Sun in Capricorn. (both are harmonious) Neptune brings out idealistic tendencies and for once they are positive. To me it says just enjoy the moment as you walk through the next couple of weeks. And also it says to stay in balance which is always good at a Full Moon time. Since Venus and Jupiter are in good aspect during this Full Moon relationships and partnerships are emphasized. Also creative activity is to the forefront. Good social times find their way into your life.

Looking at some other points keep this in mind. Capricorn is about your work in life and Cancer is your own self. Does what you do fulfill you? If it does things will begin to or continue to flow for you. Have you looked at your gifts and talents lately? Do you share them with the world? How many are doing so? Are you nurturing what is important to you? Hey, I didn’t say what makes others happy. I am saying are you doing something to fulfill that creative bent in you; that touches the deepest core point?

You may wish to take the time in the next couple of weeks to organize, clean and get rid of all those things which are no longer useful or pertinent to whom you have become. I will have one problem because I won’t clear out my books. Well, I have gathered some to give away. Keep this in mind as the day after the Full Moon is one that says, do I really have to do this clean up today? No, you do not. Just enjoy the day after also for being with those who bring joy to you. Watch out Pluto doesn’t stir up some negatives late in the evening Saturday.

Almost forgot that our dear friend the trickster Mercury goes retrograde on January 5, 2016. Aren’t we all lucky with this? No big deal. It lets us look at those things which need to be addressed or reviewed one more time. More on this in the new moon post.

I decided to pull an ‘Animal Powers” card for this Full Moon in Cancer. What a wonderful message the DOVE brings. Dove is about releasing all emotional discord and being forgiving.
Dove is saying that once you allow healing on all levels of mind, body and spirit then this blessing of peace arrives. “Dove spirit, please come to me. Please bring love into my life. Sing compassion into my heart. You teach me kindness and peace. You show me the way to express my gifts through my innocence and through my caring for others.”

Have a joyful holy day season and for those who celebrate have a beautiful Christmas. May the Light of the Divine shine upon you! May the New Year give you the impetus to uncover your deepest truth so that you can leap forward with a new beginning! Thank you for reading and sharing. Until again, Love, Jan

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