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DECEMBER 21, 2012 – What Next?

Dear ones, there are many sad things going on in the world.  The stories change quickly and are creating fear amongst those who are mesmerized by the Media. How can something be true if the story is changed and the evidence is illusive in the happenings in Sandy Hook? FEAR is the name of the game. Or is it a distraction that keeps you staring too hard. Unfortunately, those beautiful children were part of the enticement to that fear and control. Where is the outrage? Where are the questions? Well? Look closely and realize that nothing, not one thing that has occurred is as it seems. Wake up all of you who believe this is a random act.  Do you recognize any of the manipulation or are you so hypnotized that you turn a blind eye?  Pluto squaring Uranus continues to bring out the risk. North node in Scorpio is also involved. Was it random? What do you think? Look again, you missed something. And you keep giving away your power by just pretending that it will go away. Pray for the people of this Nation to wake up. Those children are already in God’s love.

We are truly blessed when we come from our hearts and walk the path of truth. There are many in this season of hope who are hanging onto the notion of separateness. In order to rebirth and heal we need to stop being separated by what the Media reports. Recently I read something which talked about how all of us become annoyed, frustrated and even angry with others because of a difference of opinion.  What gets to me the most is that we are far from separate yet we all create this separateness due to a plethora of items such as jealousy, lack of acceptance, fear and just plain my opinion is better than your opinion. If there is any place in your life that separateness is taking place than NOW is the time to walk through it and bring back the harmony whether with co-workers, friends, lovers, spouses or strangers. Can we all do this? I know that if I come from my heart, my life flows with love and joy and generous actions. If I choose to separate, then I find that I get stuck in the muck of what is going on around me. I am saying this to you at this time since it is the Christmas season. It is a time of celebration no matter how you choose to sing with joy. Truth is what we all need.

As we approach the 21st of December think about how it may affect your life. There are many out there who think it is the end of days. Well, in reality it is the end of time of the Mayan calendar, the end of the design as stated in that calendar. You can compare it in your own life to releasing the old set patterns that you finally become aware of and then decide to let them go. Is it a tipping point or is it just another day?  The Winter Solstice arrives and is a turning point when the light begins to come back each day a little more. Will it be a time of reflection and you get some moments that day to see how your life has been and where you are moving on your path? Or it may be a day of fear and foreboding for you and it becomes your crisis point.  I really think it is up to each and every one of us as to how it plays out in our lives. It is about energy and if the energy that you send out is negative then that negativity will show up in your life. Years ago I spoke with others for hours about the Photon Belt and how the darkness would descend upon us with a dim light shining for 3 days. No power, no nothing except our own wise counsel coming from God. Earth has been closing in on the Photon Belt and this comes to the peak on that famous day. So, what will you do about it? The Photon energy is what is coming in through your pituitary and pineal glands as you read this. It has been going on for this year of 2012 and bit by bit through previous years. Lots of symptoms may be taking place like dizziness, fatigue, ear noises, headaches and many more. Your DNA is recoding.  Changing the old beliefs and patterns is what this is all about and some will be more affected than others. Why? Some of you will come to the forefront to help others decide if they wish to walk in Higher Consciousness. If you keep the old patterns going, then you will continue to face the demons of the past. If the light dims in your life do you have the faith to move through the days? Can it be that the reference to the 3 days can be a true lightbulb moment in your life? Everything becomes clear as to why you are here/your purpose and you get to acknowledge and move into your true calling if you pay attention? Awareness counts.

Wherever December 21st takes us will bring us to the fork in the road and many of us may be travelling down a new path eventually. The Jupiter Yod (spoke about this in a previous post) continues to affect us which has Venus opposite Jupiter and is most powerful on the 21st. There are still polarizing effects which are taking place. Also, there are some things that may be changing in the government/corporate axis for the better or there may be uprisings by the people against the status quo and higher taxes. Time will tell. And then there are those who may choose to take more control and create havoc to prove the point as to who rules. Stop getting hooked into the maelstrom of evil. Believe me it is out there!

I send you blessings for a most peaceful Christmas for those who are celebrating. May the Christ Consciousness reach out to you and keep you protected as the world churns from the release of the old paradigm. The Full Moon is on December 28th. Stay safe and healthy. Thank you for all you are and all you do. Until again. Love, Jan





Here we are in the week after the last day of the Mayan Calendar and what has changed or shifted in your life since last week? Anything at all? Do you know what I found that my perspective has shifted and where I kept my involvement to a minimum, I now feel differently? What am I saying? Well, I feel the veil has parted slightly, if only for a moment. The lie is huge and although it was there for seeing before and bothered me to some extent, now it is annoying and exasperates me. And you say what is she talking about? People, events, the world, the talking heads, the crazy drivers, the impatience of others, the constant barrage of war talk, the rudeness, the entitlement and how many more things are the things that really make me crazy? Me first as the motto of many continues. Lots of selfishness is reappearing. I thought that went out with the last millennium. And many may say, so what! It’s been there all the time, what does it matter now? It is the lies that really get to me. And it is interesting that my thoughts and feelings that came to me as I was driving to work today, have now disappeared due to overload from meetings all day. What a way to make one see the truth. And funny thing I broke out into a rash after the one meeting. Was my irritability from the meeting showing up? Most likely! Some people will laugh when they read that. The energy was erratic.

 How many of you are living in the lie? Living the lie and truth have no connection. Living the lie is when you are in denial as to what you are here to do or you have thrown it away because it is too much trouble. How many have really wanted to do something else? You may not even know what it is but it nags you at times. That’s your truth and if you pay attention to what is nagging you (I don’t mean other people here)  it appears clearly in front of you.  If you have a partner, does he/she support your efforts and your intentions? I know many of you who have partners who have no clue that life is more than work or watching TV or just doing nothing that has anything to do with their path. Or maybe there are those who choose to be left alone and have little to do with anything. How many of you are still in an old belief system? In fact are the beliefs really yours or from another individual. If the Mayan Calendar ended and we are now on the way to a new beginning in consciousness then what do we have to do to awaken others to the truth. When one sits in an old select group and the fear builds because stepping outside that group is a threat to their comfort zone, then what does one do to feel good about taking that leap? I want to know the reason that you need that comfort zone. Ironically, my life has never had one. Something or someone continuously keeps me on my toes and I need to pay attention.  Yet, I had to keep taking small leaps whether I liked it or not. How about you? Do you feel that your life is ready to tip over with stress due to other’s behavior or beliefs being thrown at you? Then stop it and get off the wheel already. Didn’t the Master Christ say that we should be in the world but not of the world? How many can actually say that? Because if you are not of the world you will know immediately what I am talking about. Those who are treading water and hiding away or evading issues are filled with a fear coming from some other time. As a good friend commented on a previous blog post, things are going to be raw soon. Yes, they sure are especially if you are in denial. They don’t have to be. You can stop running and take a look at your life and see if you are joyful and authentic. That is a big plus. No one said you had to do what you are doing if it is a lie.

When was the last time you went within and saw your truth? When was the last time you thought about finding out your good points and not so good points and seeing how you could integrate your mindset and heart? Have you? Many say that they do certain things for people, they serve the group, they help out when asked and that is great. Is it your truth? Or are you living a lie? Does guilt enter into the equation? If so, then the lie is present, because you are being other than your authentic self. Guilt is taught; it is far from the norm. So you have beliefs that aren’t yours, and guilt about things that happened, and grudges you hold against others. Wow. No wonder you may experience problems. 

 This is a time to step up and take a leap to a new place in your life. Hanging on for dear life to something that is no longer a part of your truth is a lie. If you haven’t recognized it yet then get to looking deeply within or you may find something may shake up your life and who needs that. Been there, done that. Not a good feeling and boy, does it interrupt your day.

 Enough of the lie! Take a risk already. Put those intentions out there and watch them appear. And if you are clear and authentic and filled with integrity, you know they come sooner than later, sometimes instantly. I thought I was going to have a rant today and the energy changed and so be it. A quick public info note: There is FEMA emergency broadcast shutdown of communications on November 9 at 2pm EST and whatever that is about, who knows! I did hear that there is an asteroid going by the moon or thereabouts in that timeframe also. Perhaps they don’t want us to hear about what actually occurs. Just sending out an SOS. Have a blessed week. Until again. Love, Jan

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