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FULL MOON in AQUARIUS, August 20, 2913-What Will the Turning Point Transform?

Here we are just past the midway between the Eclipses. The next one comes to us in early November 2013. Where are you heading on your path? Or have you fallen away from that part which is really you? The energy has lulled a bit and it will pick up in a more forceful way shortly. You are still feeling the creative energy and childlike enthusiasm. Some of you are continuing to be mired in the deep mud. Sounds like you aren’t opening to the flow of the Divine within you. Others are trying to separate instead of joining efforts. This past week I had the opportunity to be on BlogSpot radio online. Jean Salch was kind to invite me to share the show with her. She shared a great meditation for opening the Pineal Gland. I updated the astrological trends and then we spoke of how to clear the Pineal and activate it. Thank you again Jean for your support.

Life goes on and the Full Moon is upon us. It is in fact a Blue Moon which means it is the second Full Moon in the astrological sign of Leo. The last Full Moon was on July 22, 2013 in Leo. The FULL MOON takes place on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 9:45 EDT in 29 degrees of Aquarius. The Sun is also in Leo at 29 degrees. 29 degrees is a fated one. Karmic things are ending so that you can bring energy to a new place on the Full Moon.. it is a time to let go and move into a new direction. These are things that have been building for months. It is the closing of the old door and bringing about a new perspective or letting go of the old and starting over. You cannot go back to what it was. It is now refreshing the page that has been stuck for a long time. I know some of you are feeling uncomfortable with the energy that has been creeping in and just won’t go away. New realizations and new directions take time to come to fruition so if it is making you a bit crazed just move through it. I know it can be painful all these changes…there is that resistance again. C’mon you can do it.

Leo is about self and Aquarius is about others. What do you have to give and share with others? This is a prime time to take your creativity to the limits. The Leonine part of you is craving for this. What within you do you choose to share and bring to other’s (Aquarius) attention? How about some compassion and love to go along with it?

Is something holding you back? Uranus in Aries is saying you can break those chains. With Jupiter squaring (90degrees) Uranus for the first time you feel a need to break loose and take that leap. Oh, it is coming! To whatever you are choosing to bind yourself is what Uranus is trying to free you from. Uranus dislikes limitations and you have put many self-limiting ideas into play. This is time for letting go of the resistance and removing from your life what is no longer working, including those worn out ideas. Since the Moon is in Aquarius it can be rebellious. Is that what you are feeling at the moment? Or are you bolting in fear from the lightning strikes that are coming at a faster pace lately?

Leo’s fire is helping to transform your consciousness now. As your consciousness is changing there is a balance needed in your life. Do you feel it? If not, I suggest you bring it back into play because without it nothing happens. Notice when you are in balance how everything flows. Now is the time to take back your own power. You heard me. Take it back because I know many of you have given it away to others. That is not what I am saying to share with others. Allowing those around you to do that is over. You are now sitting in your power and using it to transform your life the way it was meant to be-the Leo way. Take your power back! Everything at this moment with the Moon in Aquarius is about helping humanity by using your own inspiration and creative work.

There is an aspect occurring which may open up something with a partner. Some of you feel one moment you are loving and the next you are hating that partner. This goes back to prior lifetimes which may be karmic in nature. Do you choose to walk through this no matter what or do you wish to jump ship and float away to a new horizon? If you cannot perceive a happy future then is it time to remove yourself? Some of you may just decide you have no interest anymore and give up fully. You have been reliving karmic patterns which are finally going to go away. The grand trine that still hangs on during this Full Moon is helping this. Won’t it be wonderful to relate without that constant struggle you both choose to recreate? Give it up and watch miracles appear. Seriously!

Sudden changes do appear in some of your lives depending where the Full Moon is in your chart. Endings bring transcendence to your lives for those affected. The karmic cycle is over for whatever has been occurring. There is a turning point which comes from the Nessus asteroid (abuse of power) sitting right on the Full Moon. Endings come with some kind of transformative effect.

Just a reminder- the Sun goes into Virgo shortly after the Full Moon. Virgo is about service to others. So it will a time of going out there and giving that service to others in whatever way is best for the whole.
Let the Light shine brilliantly through you. Love is important within and without. Express it in unique ways. Allow that Light to transcend your life so that love is fully present. Love is not about material possessions or money in the bank. Love is. If there is fear there is no love because it is covered over completely with the darkness. This FULL MOON is about sharing ideas but without love being the backer of those ideas…do you really think they will work the magic that will be needed? Keep that in mind dear ones when you choose to close the door or walk a new path. The love in your heart matters. Be One with it. It is the heart that matters and the heartfelt ways you choose to share. Let the free nature of Aquarius Full Moon bring out the deepest creative efforts to help humanity. Got it?

Be brave dear ones. Up the confidence within and you will find the next leap invigorating and so inspiring. May you be blessed as you walk your path the next weeks. Until again, Love, Jan.

FULL MOON IN PISCES, AUGUST 31, 2012- Grounding our Fantasies

“Blue Moon, Blue Moon, Blue Moon da da da da….” The Full Moon in Pisces occurs Friday, August 31, 2012 at 9:58am EDT at 8degrees. The Sun is in Virgo at this time opposition Chiron and the Full Moon as a Blue Moon is conjunct Chiron. A Blue Moon is when two Full Moons occur in the same month. The thirteenth misfit moon is now upon us. Expect the unexpected maybe! Moon in Pisces usually is dreamy, creative, wishing to drift through life at times, needing to escape yet desiring empathetic relationships and creating fantasies. So, this Full Moon tells you some things may be stirred up that you may not choose to happen. You wish to look past the current and just drift past it when it doesn’t fit into your plans. Really? Since Neptune rules Pisces astrologically, some parts of that Pisces Moon may appear deceptively. Now why allow that when you can take the creative bent and thrive. Your choice. “You must be careful what you pretend to be for in the end, you are what you pretend to be.” Think about it. Create in a big way or lie like a champ. What will it be? Pisces is the part of us that tends to be invisible. It is the sublime. It opens you up to different worlds of fantasy and angels. It is the last sign of the zodiac and completes it. This FULL MOON may make it hard for you to discern between fantasy and reality and not know whether it is real or a projection.

It all depends where this falls in your natal chart as to whether that applies to you. The Virgo Sun does help to keep you grounded during this illuminating Full Moon. If it is afflicted in your chart you may find yourself feeling a bit disillusioned. And as you know full moons can be a bit unsettling so you may wish to ground yourself in mundane chores, physical exercise and some healing body awareness techniques.

Now is the time to take a leap for some of you. Or are you too lazy and lack motivation to grab the reins and go full speed ahead? This Full Moon can open your life to bliss that may shift your life totally. That instant moment is enough to make you choose to leap. Ready? Also, there is a competitive edge to this Full Moon in Pisces. You need to pay attention because competitive games can appear and you can provoke a major argument or tense situation with someone or you can just do nothing which can be just as detrimental. Some of you continue to be in denial. And please watch that you aren’t taking everything said personal. Your path is waiting and timing is paramount to moving forward. This is a powerful moon for healing yourself or going to a healer. There are solutions if you look very carefully and do some research. Pisces Moon can inspire you to use dreams or music therapy to help you get back on track.

This Full Moon is also sextile Pluto which gives it a profound basis. Use this energy to open up this creative moment and you will feel the intensity immediately. If you are still holding onto the past and those childhood complexes, now is the time for you to release them. AND YOU CAN DO THIS. If you are feeling pain or some kind of discomfort in your body, it may indicate that you are holding onto old emotions which deeply affect your wellbeing. You must get out whatever is fermenting within. If you don’t, it will turn into toxic waste for your body mind and spirit. Religious poisoning, fears and guilt often produce emotional toxins and must be eliminated. Along with this Pluto sextile Moon there is a Pluto square Uranus which will be around for some time to come. Some of you will have had enough with certain relationship structures. This is a challenge and some will say that this is it, since it beat you down all these months. The Sun opposition Chiron asks you, where are you giving up your power by listening to those who call themselves gurus? Mentors are terrific if you take what they give you and make it into something that is inspiring to you. Gurus are not always who they seem to be. Many of you out there are too lazy to research and dig deeply without some kind of support system. Listen to yourself because it is the first and most important step for change and in getting well, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Learn not to doubt you, learn to listen and trust yourself.

Saint Germain said in Studies in Alchemy that “the concept of an expanding consciousness, simultaneously with an expanding universe must be reckoned with if man will correctly master his affairs.” This is a time to allow the universal energies to be incorporated within your internal experience. This is not just at this FULL MOON but throughout the coming months you should try to open more to what is coming to you. Your intuition always is on track unless you allow your mind to overshadow it. If you stay in harmony with the universe than the outer planets forces will be less controlling. This will help you find new solutions to old problems and conflicts.  Then you will be able to release the negatives. There are many who still are skeptical. Perhaps the young souls among you hesitate to listen to their intuitive nature since they have yet to experience the flow of the universe within. It is a time to look through the veil and see the inner visions you have.

When you have a conflict in your life there is a need to see to what you still refuse to pay attention. In your chart there are some challenging aspects and those are there to wake you up and push you forward. If disharmony appears then it is within you that something is going on or you may be reflecting another.

This Pisces Full Moon at 8 degrees will affect most strongly those of you who have planets about 3 degrees before and after 8 degrees in Gemini and Sagittarius and of course, the Virgo and Pisces planets.

Another month of a Full Moon is now upon us. Use the days following for releasing the burdens and the old hurts that continue to bog you down. And use some creative visualization to help bring good things into your life. May your blessings be many and thank you for reading this post. Have a beautiful dreamy time with your feet fully on the ground. Until again. Love, Jan

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