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The Sun has officially gone into Aries and Spring has begun yesterday March 20.  Apparently, there has been a 7.4+ earthquake in Acapulco, Mexico area. Wow! This is a peak time for seismic activity. The prediction is an open window for the next week. For those in earthquake prone zones pay attention. And do think positive each one of you. Send out good vibes to the earth (or send them to the controllers in charge so they do nothing to disrupt our earth for their own sinister reasons). Thursday, March 22, 2012, the NEW MOON in ARIES occurs at 2 degrees at 10:37am EDT. What a burst of energy that will be. It may have already started since it is near enough to Uranus.  The Uranus conjunction will take place on Saturday, the 24th. Watch for unexpected happenings. Remain in the moment and be cool. This Aries New Moon has much uplifting energy and bolts of quickness. Aries is about taking care of you (positive mode) without being in the selfish place (negative mode).Aries is about new beginnings and new sense of who you are. The past has no interest to Aries. Aries likes to take a leap forward and explore and create new adventures. Find out where Aries is in your chart and that is where you may begin to create new roads to travel.  And if Mars weren’t still retrograde (until April 13) you can start the new project immediately. BUT since it is, whoa, slow mode is still in the mix and so is Mercury in retrograde motion (until April 7). In my chart the New Moon is in the 11th house  and speaks of friends, humanitarian concerns and hopes and desires. Bold new action may take place in this area.

This New Moon in Aries gives us some impatience if you choose that way or maybe even a bit of rash behavior. Don’t rebel for the sake of rebelling against anyone who offhandedly says something that is unacceptable. This is not the time for that kind of reaction to take over. Leave it be. Calmness will prevail if you bite your tongue and be peaceful if you can even allow that to happen. Good luck. <grin>  If you feel hemmed in what will you do? I say tear off the ropes that bind you and move on (soon). That says if your relationship isn’t working then why are you still in it? Release the relationship, forgive and take a leap away if it is failing to support your purpose together and individually.  Shifting is rapidly occurring and for those of you who haven’t a clue about raising your vibrations in life I suggest getting on the train now before the time goes by and there are no second chances. Dear ones, you are here for a reason. What you do in your lives is up to you. Open your mind and heart because this Spring equinox speaks of balance. The day and night today is equal.  LISTEN to the Divine within. Do you hear or are you in a hurry to pass it by? Stop right now, take a deep breath and let the thoughts go out of your head. If you truly wish to connect to who you really are, then you need to begin to pay attention and shut off the news already. FEAR is all they broadcast.  Stop thinking all the time about matters that are past. Just breathe and live.

This New Moon is about small starts not necessarily big events. Please note that any planet that you have around 2 degrees of Aries (3 degrees either side of it too) will be intensified and also those who have planets at 2 degrees in Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Have you begun to feel the vibrancy of the energy? As I mentioned earlier the Sun has already entered Aries today and this New Moon in Aries could lead to a tipping point (or a false flag event).Ironically as I finish writing this post, I see that officials in Mexico had planned a drill for this day to simulate a 7 and above earthquake. Need I say more? Was this real or was this earthquake a simulation drill? And believe it or not the Mainstream controlled news said that damage was minimal. I guess the 500 homes that were leveled in a village were expendable. What in the world is wrong with this picture? Keep eyes open and look deeper into what is going on in your world. You may be surprised. And know that there are many ships on way to near Iran. Send out energy that nothing happens or there will be economic chaos if the controllers have their way. Keep the Light shining.

Well, dear ones, with this New Moon and Solar year energy amping up, why not use your creativity to help out another to destress and help out humanity. Truly reach out and jump on the train to garner the wisdom and truth and give it to others who desire healing. It matters not what profession you are in, you can still take a step to help someone heal through kind words and supportive actions. Juno asteroid is still on the North node/South node which is asking you to look at your commitment in your relationship and see if it is balanced and equal. That is what Juno would like. I will help you and you will help me ride forward on our journey together. Are you there?

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 2 degrees is “The Comedian Reveals Human Nature” or “the capacity to look objectively at oneself and at others.” Humor takes you out of the selfish into the selflessness. Keep that Divine Light shining within and may you have abundant blessings in your life. READY, SET, wait for just a moment longer. Until Again. Love, Jan


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