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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo, January 21, 2019 – Stay in your power if the unexpected shows up

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Welcome Dear Ones to Cosmic Leaping. The ride is now getting more intense as the supercharged Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is about to ascend upon you. Since there was just a Solar Eclipse on January 5, 2019 this is a time of finding out where you are in your life. This New Moon Solar Eclipse which just passed gave you an opportunity to begin to take charge of your life and the Lunar Eclipse will support this. Think back to what was going on last July/August 2018 when the previous two eclipses took place. This year of 2019 will be a time when you can take big leaps if you are ready. Many stumbled through last year and did little since there were so many retrograde planets. Now it is time to truly move forward. If you are unwilling to go with it then this lunar eclipse will throw you into a quandary.

On another note- So much has happened through the last two years and there is constant talk of Russian collusion. Well, guess what, it is far from truth. Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin have a composite chart (combining both natal charts) that was affected by last August’s Solar Eclipse since their composite Sun is in Leo 18 degrees. And then this upcoming Lunar Eclipse conjoins Jupiter. This indicates that prosperity and security are the main issues. Also with other influences occurring in his chart and country’s chart Mr. Trump has no intention of backing down. Not happening. A stronger economy comes about and this will increase his popularity. There are many out there who have not done the research to find the truth. Have you? I find it interesting that the dance of those so opposed to truth has reached a new height. And I am not talking about the WALL. Heaven help me if I bring that up to those who supported it back in the day of Clinton, Shumer in 2006, and Obama. It obviously does not fit the picture right now. And it is now immoral. The Kool-Aid must be spiked. Quote from a senior official in the Administration: “A referendum to end government plunder must happen. Wasteful government agencies are fighting for relevance but they will lose. Now is the time to deliver historic change by cutting them down forever.” And this massive winter storm that is set to blanket the country is nothing more than Chemtrails -manufactured weather. Clouds are not real ones. And it is not climate change. Would you like some more Kool-Aid?

The Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo (Wolf Moon) at 0 degrees 51’ arrives on January 21, 2019 at 12:15am EST; 5:15am GMT; and (January 20, 2019) 9:15pm PST. The Sun is at the exact degree in Aquarius. Emotions reach a peak during a Full Moon and more enhanced with the Lunar Eclipse. You are mainly in tune with your own intentions so anything that comes from others will be picked up immediately if it throws you out of balance. So what do you choose to throw away that has been in the mix for the last six months? Are you ready to clear out emotional baggage already? This effect combined with the previous Solar Eclipse on January 5 will take you to the July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse in Leo. This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo says much about intimate relationships, love and romance, family and home and creativity. Leo rules the Fifth House in astrology. It is about heart. What is in your heart? Do you follow your heart?  If you are looking for patience it may be difficult to find with Uranus in 28 degrees Aries is squaring (conflict) the Full Moon. This can also bring about the unexpected in so many ways. And you said you wish to relax, is that right? Well, sorry but that will take some doing on your part since something new is starting to emerge from the depths and that may make you start to anticipate what is coming. This aspect may create a bit of boredom and restlessness. Stay in your power and do not be pulled out of where you need to be. Whatever has been below the surface will come to light. Address it.

Watch your words and keep things a bit lighter than usual in your conversation. If something pops up that is not to your liking then let it slide. Many of you will not. If you are in the middle of a creative venture or on the other hand have no idea what you would like to create, well, something may just show up to turn this around. Endings can come or needs may be met more than ever. All depends on you. Mercury in Capricorn is square (conflict) Uranus in Aries and this can cause you to feel nervous. Watch for any misunderstandings in your communication in any form. It just is not a good time for getting things done the way you wish. The energy is intense and it makes you even more so. Mercury also is opposite the Full Moon so that too has much to do with communicating. Watch your friends and coworkers don’t start making trouble if they are envious. Double-check travel plans and meet-ups with others so you stay on track.

Full Moon is also conjunct (within 4 degrees) the North Node in Cancer saying to you that new beginnings are truly possible if you open to them. They may come in from a new direction then what you expected. Or it can just indicate you have new emotions and feelings that pop up and you have a new attitude. Children may get a bit rebellious. Nurturing works in every way for everyone. So try a different approach and see what happens. Venus in Sagittarius is conjunct (together) Jupiter in Sagittarius which indicates positive energy surrounds you. This is a grand time for good luck and love since it is exact the day after the Full Moon.

Are you ready and willing to step out of the old cycles that continue to pull you back? Will you stay in your power and be focused and ready to take a leap, I know I keep saying to purge and leap. Well, this is the perfect time to begin to go in that direction of your dream. It is time to lay the groundwork of what it is you choose to bring about. Keep your mind on the road ahead and keep the distractions to a minimum. May not be easy to do yet it is imperative that you stay in that place. Stay out of the chaos that may come about from others. Remove yourself from it if necessary. And watch for anger over things that come to you suddenly without warning.

Those Sun signs/rising signs most intensely affected are Aries 27 degrees-Taurus 3 degrees; Cancer 27 degrees-Leo 3 degrees; Libra 27 degrees-Scorpio 3 degrees; and Capricorn 27 degrees-Aquarius 3 degrees. If you have personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in those degrees then you may also be affected. Approximate birthdays are April 17-April 23; July 19-July 25; October 21-27; and January 18-24.

Aries- Romantic prospects are good. There is joy revolving around achievement of loved one.

Taurus- There is a free feeling regarding changes in home, property, or career matters.

Gemini-New perspectives show up. Communicate and network; travel.  Be a good listener.

Cancer-What choices are shaping your finances/ cash flow? Watch impulsive actions.

Leo-Love and cheers come after some shifting takes on your big frustrations.

Virgo-Meditation helps clear your mind and brings insights. Climax involving work/health.

Libra- Go out and create some great friendships which are joyful. Let go of frustrating moments.

Scorpio- What’s going on professionally? Go get that extra income. Conflict comes to a head.

Sagittarius-Are you arguing over money? Let it go and find some interesting foreign flavor.

Capricorn-Who is demanding what? Financial affairs need to be set right. Have a plan.

Aquarius-Partnership issues arise. Turning point comes and then joy shows up.

Pisces-Diet/healthy living are the focus. Stop rebelling and count your blessings.

Remember that you can leap or you can sit and watch as the opportunity comes and goes. It may take a few weeks for the energy to reach out to you. In the meantime any unexpected influence may shake things up and will go by the wayside if you stay in your power and refuse to get pulled into it. Create your dream because it will take you where you choose to go. Thank you for reading and sharing. And stop being pulled in by the mainstream junk. Many blessings to you! Enjoy the ride. Until again, love, Jan



12/13/14 – A rare day to ponder the leap!

How will you take the next step? 2015 is almost upon us Today’s date is a rare occurrence which does not happen again in this lifetime. Here we are in a season of joy for many of us and a season of horror for others. Nothing is at it seems. There are many underlying disruptive forces which continue to interfere with the goodness of all of us. What can you do about it? How about starting with you and express kindness to others? How about taking a day away from social media and texting? Since today is so special what can you do for others to make it special for them? Think about this and reach out to friends or family who are like the “rarey bird”. That’s my favorite children’s book from the time I was a librarian.

Life is precious yet very few see beyond the nose on their faces. The earth is polluted with Chemtrails and our food with GMOS. Hundreds of other poisons come to you as you inhale, ingest or apply them to your skin on a daily basis. Most of you are lucky to still be living and enjoying life. How many of you take anti-depressants? Too many if you ask me. What does it matter anyway? Is that why there are so many zombie movies? Is that what you choose to be?

Life is changing dramatically and as the New Year 2015 approaches, life will get more difficult for many. It is a major wakeup call for everyone including the PTB. I think many out there in the Matrix are beginning to notice that being under a microscope is not what was intended for this lifetime. So, what now?

In the past year I have seen so much rudeness and inconsideration that it makes me nauseous. I see young children who have more foresight and goodness radiating from them then many adults. I don’t care what every one of you does, but I do care if you act ignorant and self-centered. What do I suggest? Do you realize that life is not about you? It is how you can help humanity, your fellow man. If you don’t know this then I suggest you find out how you missed it in your life education. Dear ones, the Divine has given you an opportunity to grow and learn. Have you forgotten that? Stop running from life. Why do you let fear surround you? Love is all there is. Give up the resistance and be who you truly are.

First of all, look at yourself and acknowledge your truth within. Some of you have already recognized it and are moving forward nicely. Others of you ignore it and resist it because others may disapprove or disagree with what you are choosing to do. Come on, you know that is true. And then there are you who have a fear –a big fear that keeps you from moving through that door that has opened and yet you hide behind it due to old beliefs and patterns. The old paradigm is over. Oh yes it is. How much better everyone will be once that becomes clear. There is much debris still standing in the way of your path yet nothing will stop your leap if you are ready. Some are ready once the year turns new; others may take another 6 months to have any forward motion. And some of you will have adjustments to make. That’s ok. Just know it is coming. Let go of all unnecessary items and anyone who keeps you stuck in their reality. Live your truth always and your dream manifests. Will you take the action to make that leap? Cheers to you if you choose to know that Spirit resides within.

Choose laughter and joy, peace and goodwill. Many blessings to you and yours! Thank you for everything you do. Love, Jan

NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE, NOVEMBER 3, 2013-Dancing in the dark as the Light emerges?

Hello dear ones. Are you still accepting the old paradigm? There are forces out there which will try to keep you in the dark about the reality of your existence. They are continually creating manmade laws to keep you attached to their perspectives, priorities and illusions. What about the Universal laws? Did they get thrown away totally? The control factor is getting more extreme and it will continue to do so until you face the truth of all the lies and misperceptions that have been drummed into you for the past century. The control is permeating all sections of your life and it is creating a deep struggle for those who continue to be In the Matrix thinking. This control is like a being under a microscope in the lab. Every part of your life is being monitored like a rat in a cage. Ouch! Is this the way life should be? Is this the way life is going to be? Is anyone going to make their voice heard? Have you had enough yet? The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE is upon us and will begin the digging into the secrets, the scripts of old patterns in order for your real self to shine through.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio occurs on Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 7:48am EST at 11 degrees 18 minutes. Scorpio SUN/Moon has great creative urges. It has executive abilities yet also can be a great missionary at sharing the good in the world. Oh, yes, they are powerful when in those upper positions and very secretive no matter what path they walk. Those who are Scorpio-ruled have strong sexual natures and may even like some flattery. It depends on how they use their extreme magnetism as to where the Scorpio type ends up in life.

What an intense, long-lasting energy which appears with this NEW MOON. It is quite transformational for everyone in different ways depending where it is in your chart. The energy effects are powerful and deep. Some may have disruptive energies and challenges with which to contend since the Pluto /Uranus square is right there with the NEW MOON. Most of you have more clearing of the deep patterns and old behaviors which are stuck within. There are very few of you who have achieved the clarity of purpose that this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio may eventually bring to you. Don’t kid yourself; things in the next couple of years may be totally different in your life than what you are experiencing at this juncture. Get your act together and start thinking about what it is you need to do to become your true self and walking the path of wholeness.

Many things which no longer serve your needs may disappear completely from your life. And if it does so, it is part of the process to bring you back to your truth. Whether it be people, places, jobs, homes you will have to accept the energy of the action. Without this clearing out you will continue to walk in the old ways and the darkness will continue to influence your thoughts, emotions and physical being. Some of you will question this and say that your life is acceptable, who cares whether it is this way or that. Well, dear ones, you have a choice and if you choose to continue in the past ways of thinking, the illusions will continue to undermine your prosperity, your truth, your health and all good things which can be yours.

The controllers have been poisoning us through a GMOs and Chemtrails, prescription medication and other items of control and deception. There are those who create controversy, spew out hateful words and guess what, those who are so trying to establish a dark world soon will see their ducks come off the pond. The truth will out the lies. The Pluto and Uranus square which again was exact yesterday, November 1, 2013 continues to bring the upheaval around us and to many of you directly. This aspect will continue to be around for another year until late 2014 (I mistakenly indicated that it left us in mid-2014 in the last post). Walls continue to tumble down and the shift is bringing to you a new view, a feeling of freedom. Yet there are those of you who may be caught in its turmoil. Resistance is something you wish to avoid. Be true to your heartsong not to someone else’s needs and desires. Fearmongering is so blatant in this world today. Stay removed from it. Fear brings to you a state of submission. Do you wish to be a robot or a free spirit like you were intended to be? It is your choice, dear ones. Many in America are on the bandwagon out of fear. Many in the world live in fear and under control. Think Germany in the 1930s. You are going to have to decide soon where you wish to be.

This NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE is saying to you dig deep and clean up your act or it will be transformed for you with no input from you. The energy from this NEW MOON is also indicating spiritual warfare. Mars and Neptune were in close aspect with the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th of October so the lies and deception still carry on. Is there a revolt in the works by you the people in the next year? Since this eclipse takes place over a 3 hour plus period, then its energy can last a long time as I said earlier in the post. Will you come together with others so that your voices can be heard?

There is a powerful Yod aspect between Mars in Virgo sextile the New Moon in Scorpio and both inconjunct (150degrees) Uranus in Aries. Much energy has come out of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on October 18. This Yod takes some of the scorpion sting away; well, just a little and can elevate the energy if you go with it. Mercury is still retrograde until November 10 but the shadow continues on another week or so after that. And when Mercury conjuncts the North Node will show you exactly where you are resistant to change. Ready?

Those of you most affected by this NEW MOON Solar Eclipse are Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. If you have any planets or points within 5 degrees either side of the eclipse degree then you will feel it more intensely. This falls in my 6th house which is about work and service in my daily life and it is right on my vertex. I realized that something important will take place in the next months that will change how I approach my work. I also see it on my Saturn in my Solar Return which indicates that I will have to take an an overabundance of work items.

Now you can take that deep breath and let the old stuff out and remember that your truth and heartsong are what really matters. It is being transformed so that you can be the true blue you. Transformation is coming up from the depths. Allow it. Claim it. Some things will end and others will be recreated. Also, a new beginning can take place.

Thank you all for reading and supporting this blog. I am so grateful. Walk in peace as the energy intensifies. Set your intentions. I send blessings to everyone. Until again, Love, Jan
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SOUL SEARCHING -12/12/12 and 12/21/12

The merry-go-round is going faster and faster. Are you on it or have you seen the truth and jumped off? As I look at articles on the Net and I skim the papers it amazes me the hype about the end of time. Well, is the Mayan prophecy real? Sure is. Does it apply literally to our lives? Meaning do you know exactly what was meant by it when it was written? If you do then you have transcended time and space and are capable of knowing the Universe fully. Do I dispute it? NO. Do I understand it? NO. I am sure there is an element of truth to it as it applies to our lifetime. If December 21,2012 comes and goes, what then? Misunderstood message? Can it be that it is the end of time as we know it or is it the Zero Point, a time of spiritual rebirth collectively? Does earth go through the Photon Belt and time slows down and everything is in this phase for 3 days? Or is it a consciousness-raising turning point? Will you still be influenced by the matrix or will you choose to step out of it?

What about December 12, 2012? Isn’t that a one-time happening? 12/12/12. This is the same kind of thoughts from the Hopis. It is a time of transformation and the old is passing to make way for the new. That is my take on this whole timeframe. And if you are fearful of change, then how will you brave a storm?  My suggestion is to pay attention. Not everything is as it seems these days. What is good is bad and what is bad is so good according to those who run the news. There may be earth changes—earthquakes, fires or storms. Are they real caused by Mother Nature or are they manmade? You tell me. I say be careful in certain places with lots of water. Astrologically there is an indication that there may lead to an event. False flag or real…?

There are many of you out there in the world who are very fearful of these changes and it is being exacerbated by the Media among other factors. Of course, Hollywood scares you too! The fear factor is what they bring to you to keep you tethered to the post. How many of you have been paying attention to the reality of this planet Earth? Right now I am more concerned about the harmful conditions that affect us in the GMO foods we eat, such as corn, soy(certain  alternative dairy milk), wheat and canola oil; the fluoridated water we drink; the environmental damage from chemtrails (oh, I know many think they are nonexistent); and prescription drug overload. What about the massive effects of Fukushima? Nutritional supplement companies are being raided and have to pay money to the FDA to stay in business  How many think you are being monitored on the NET? This is serious business The list goes on and on. The Media loves to up the fear level periodically to make us uncomfortable when there are changes to be experienced. The fear that comes up in most of you when there is to be a change is over the top. CHANGE is like a very bad word yet changes occur every moment of every day. Do you ever see the changes that take place? Are you the same every day? Do you conduct your business the same way every day? Then again, maybe you are more robotic like the Media and PTB like you to be. No questions, no interest, just the same things going around in circles as the merry-go-round.

How about changing things in your own life? Are you ready for a leap? What a concept that would be. Stop eating foods or drinks with high fructose corn syrup or you will be part of the obesity epidemic. Stop the water from being fluoridated. Stop all those excessive vaccines that do no good to the children who get them. Were you forced to get a flu shot? Are you aware what actually is in a flu shot? (Thimerosal, formaldehyde, aluminum, ethylene glycol(antifreeze, phenol, among other things.) Have you been so conditioned to accept everything the Media and PTB say to you? Many of our foods today are from GMO seeds which are brought to you by Monsanto.  They can trigger an emergence of new diseases and also can affect the immune system thereby creating allergic reactions. Why do you think many of the plants and animals are dying off? Wake up, dear ones!!!!

Lots of good things can affect us in the coming days. Let’s think more positive and keep the good energy flowing. I believe you and I will be seeing the 22nd of December. Whether there is an event one never knows and since the Dragon’s Head (Moon’s North Node) is in Scorpio, life can be dicey for awhile. I think that there will be many economic difficulties due to past indulgences and outrageous spending habits. Stay in the moment and pay attention please. Remember astrology shows you the plan but it is up to you to take action. Even in the worst times you can come away with good fortune if you learn the lesson it is trying to teach you.

Sending many blessings and good luck to all. The New Moon arrives on December 13, 2012 the day after 12/12/12. You will need much steadfastness. Thank you for all your support. Until again. Love, Jan



FULL MOON AQUARIUS, AUGUST 1, 2012 – Let the Light Shine Brightly

What a bright and shiny day it was yesterday. Perfect summer atmosphere with no chemtrail clouds to poison us. But there is a poison from the mob, the hive and murky mind which continues along with the oppressive heat that will appear again tomorrow. There has been so much vitriolic energy in the air this past week that it has been easy for many of you to get pulled into this. This mentality is being brought about through the Pluto/Uranus square which is ever-present and not so much from the Mercury retrograde still hanging around.  I have chosen to stay adrift on my island of the moment. My intention was to post some of this last week except all hell broke loose. Everything crazy that could happen did. THE FULL MOON in AQUARIUS is ready to show up tonight August 1, 2012 at 11:29pm EDT at 10deg15min. Let us welcome it with a sigh of relief. There are challenges to come yet this FULL MOON is a bit calmer and supported by Saturn trine Venus and Sun trine Uranus.

Before I go on with the FULL MOON in Aquarius notes I would like to mention a few things that are so blatant in the mainstream media. For the record, I have no formal connections to Penn State University. The whole scenario interests me because I know deep in my soul that it is not what it seems. It is not about protecting victims; it is about protecting certain political connections and beyond. It is amazing what one finds when one opens to it. When I started to post I wanted to talk about soulfulness and the Full Moon and here I am writing about soullessness. What is so disturbing is that either I have dreamed it or there is something very strange happening because the link I was going to post is no longer found. (Found out he was banned from posting on a website I was looking at and they deleted all his posts. Lame reason given.)  Oh well, the bottom-line is that the Freeh report, (the deciding factor in all the sanctions against Penn State) is only one-sided reporting. There was another report which was to be given to a Mr. Lauro and it never was presented. Sandusky was cleared originally in 1998 for whatever took place. Did you actually talk to the DA back in the day? Did you know he chose not to do anything because there was nothing to do? Did you know the DA Gricar disappeared in 2005 and was not to be seen again?  Has the NCAA stepped over the line? The Governor of PA had no love for President Spanier…a known fact. And you can imagine the rest of the story. There’s no doubt that Paterno may not have followed through but the bottom-line is this: Joe is dead and buried. He is not the perp. Wait until the truth comes out. So, you can continue to rev up the lynch mob mentality or wait until the truth becomes known.  Remember the next time there is a child abuse problem or law enforcement need please pick up the phone and call the NCAA. You can find their number on their website. Out of control it is. And you may as well call the IRS if you need to track murderers. Enough ranting.

The FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS says unique. Aquarius is about individualistic perspective. There is independence within. It speaks of having vision. Aquarius is about genius, rebirth, and humanitarian actions. Aquarius asks you to step out of the box whether in your thinking, feeling or being. This is about authentic. If you are playing a role, then this will trip you up in some way. Aquarians like real. Stop repressing your emotions because Aquarius FULL MOON will allow that Uranus /Pluto aspect to bring an explosion. You have little need for that. And please watch any confrontations in the next week or two. Lively banter and discussion need to stay in that mode or there will be regrets.

One thing this Full Moon can do for you is bring your liberation. You can actually free yourself from any stuck modes or ties which matter no longer. This FULL MOON gets supported by the whole sky. There still are some challenges that may pop up periodically yet you will notice it can also be peaceful much of the time. Of course, peace comes when you are on track and you honor and love yourself.  The energy of this FULL MOON is quite positive and it is time for every one of you to emerge from the cocoon that has surrounded you the last few weeks. There is a cradle formation in the chart and it is like saying you have to be shaken out of that comfy place. Hanging onto the past is not the answer. There is a big push that shows up from Uranus and Jupiter. Where is your independent thinking? Where is that unique perspective that you say is yours? Do you have a plan to extract yourself from any chains that hold you back?  Or do you need a BIG SHOVE?  Pay attention to your flashes of intuition. This is a special moon with much inspiration. Do you have a vision?Then take a cosmic leap and show it to the world. If there was any bruising from the last few weeks, this Moon will help soothe and heal. And those who choose to ignore your insights you may wish to open your hearts and mind to those Divine Angels who are trying to get your intention.  They bring you much guidance at this time. The Sabian Symbol for this FULL MOON degree is “…a man receives new insights which may change his life.” Light finally shines after the dark days. (Watch for earth tremors though.)

There is one more thing I wish to share. Kassandra, the asteroid is aspecting the Sun in Leo. How is that affecting you?  It was an A HA moment. Kassandra is about prophecy and depends where it falls in your chart as to how it will affect your life. Well, dear ones, in my chart it sits on my Sun. Guess what? The secret to Kassandra is the fact that she was given prophecy but the catch was, no one would believe her. Thanks to Apollo. She would not go along with his wishes and rejected him outright and dang; no one would believe her prophecy. It tells me that no one will hear me if I use my intuition and send it out there. I have to find a way for people to understand what I am saying because they may choose to not believe me. There have been so many times I have been the brunt of jokes and sheer disdain for my non-rational, non-scientific beliefs. Go Kassandra. See where it affects your life. It explains everything now. Those who are in the mainstream have no interest in what I say. Do I really need their support? Nope.

Happy rest of the week and clear out what you need to clear on this FULL MOON. Let the past rest and think about moving forward at the new moon.  Leaping comes sooner than you think. Thank you for your support. Until again, Blessings and love, Jan.



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