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FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries, October 18,2013- Let your true self come forth in order to relate

Another day has come to pass as you play the game of life. When was the last time you thought for yourself? When was the path so clear that you walked without strife? This is a wake-up call from your highest self. Was that really an earthquake that took place off the coast of South Carolina? There is so much turmoil going on in the background that you only see what you choose to see. Are you that conditioned? I hope not. Do you really think the new health insurance is for your benefit? Have you ever thought about really getting healthy with good food, exercise and prayer or meditating? How about a walk in the park? I am asking you to stop being so distracted that your highest self is put to the side and you forget that you can access anything if you choose. Of course the polluted air does interfere with thought processes at times and your ability to actually focus on the truth. Have you allowed the dark to enter your life? Pull yourself out of the swamp and do what you came on earth to do. For those of you who are on the path of Light please know that you are being bamboozled by many around you. You need to discern the truth from your highest self or you will continue to live the lie. Find those who resonate with you and have fun together even in these times of chaotic energy. Smile. You can you know. Enough said. The Lunar Eclipse Full MOON is upon us.

The FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse takes place on Friday, October 18, 2013 at 7:39 pm EDT at 25 degrees Aries. The Full Moon in Aries is intense due to the eclipse effect. Aries is about self and being the explorer, the self-reliant type, the warrior. I am going to do it my way and that’s the way it is. Period. That is the tone of Aries moon. An Aries moon is an energetic type who is like the fire it is burning on the trail behind and moving with forcefulness like no other. Aries knows it and does it and walks past you if you don’t agree. Libra is about relating and negotiating and compromise. Oh yes. How many of you are where you choose to be in a relationship? Is there an obligation which is fuzzy in your life and you feel held in place by it physically or financially? This is a really good time to look at your relationships. A time when the facade comes away and you see the truth or do you choose to live in the land of fantasy and pretense? Clarity may be hiding behind the Lunar Eclipse. Look a little closer and you may just see what is real and what is out of balance. It is quite easy to be pulled off the track and get bogged down with this FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse and then the frustration rears its head and you get ticked off or more angry than need be. Is your relationship supporting your needs? What if you aren’t in a relationship? You may be thinking about how to create that possibility in your life. Pay attention so there are no 2x4s coming at you. Rude awakenings are diminished if you choose to stay balanced.

This ARIES FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse brings a time of major changes/shifting. If you aren’t prepared to see the truth it will blindside you. Stop resisting the changes. I suggest you go with the flow. It is time to balance your own creative/relationship urges with others. As I said, relating is the key. Anger can erupt at any time if the balance is absent. What does life choose to show you and you continue to bury your head in the sand? The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is here to help you see what you need to strengthen and balance and let the rest fall away. Libra/Aries is about love and war. Which will you choose within yourself and also bring to others around you? Society has become impersonal and that is creating much dissonance within us. Ok, maybe down the road you can telepathically send a message and even now some of you do this. That’s a good thing. Until you all arrive at that point- how would it be if there is actual communication such as talking with others face to face? Scary? Put away the texting and emails, Facebook and Twitter for a couple of days and reach out in the old fashioned way. Living in a world of technology is good as with what is going on with Pluto square Uranus, but there has to be that balance again. No whining please. What would you do if it all went down and you couldn’t use technology? Be prepared. The Lunar Eclipse is affecting those of you who are born in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn the most. Any of you with planets in those signs at 25 degrees plus or minus 6 also will be affected.

Let me remind you also that Pluto continues to square Uranus. It is exact again on November 1. This square will continue to tear down old ways and frustrate many of you until mid-2014. It is giving its all to transform what is no longer needed to free you up in ways that will resonate with who you really are. It does make a difference where it actually falls in your chart. This is also about many technological advances that bring about a new paradigm. It is awakening our deep soul consciousness to help unify us. Do watch out for any lightning bolts that may be thrown at you from Uranus. Then again this may trigger your genius.

Mars opposing Neptune is taking place right now and may indicate spiritual warfare or the lies and deception. Oh joy! It can also speak of poisonous effects such as thoughts, words or real poison in the air or somewhere in your life. How about chemtrails? It can indicate what is good for you personally or what is good for the group. There are some of you who may escape to your sexual fantasies.
As I wrap up this post please note that Mercury goes retrograde on October 21. Do not sign agreements for they may have to be redone when it goes direst on November 20. Watch yourself in traffic and with how you communicate. Muddled words may bring unreliable feedback.

If you get an opportunity to listen to my show on BlogTalkRadio/UnseenWorld I would greatly appreciate it. I do a show every other Friday night at 11pm ET. Next show is October 25. I would love to hear from you as a caller.

Pay attention dear ones and keep your hearts open to love. I am sending tons of blessings to help you through the next month of big shifts. Thank you. Until again, Love, Jan

PS- Just keep an eye on the Cyber drills on banking in the next couple of weeks. Make sure you have some cash on hand, just in case. There was one this week without any incidents with 1000 banks taking part.

**Please know that if you choose to repost this blog on another site, please post a link to the original Cosmic Leaping post due to copyright matters. I thank you for your consideration in this.

FULL MOON in LEO February 7 2012 – Is anyone listening?

Have you noticed the speed of life lately? In a flash it is now February 2012. The FULL MOON in LEO is now upon us a little over 24 hours from now. It appears on February 7, 2012 at 4:54pm EST at 18 deg. 32 min. Sun is in Aquarius with its detachment and cool appearance. The Sun has a logical approach to thinking and is truly about the mind. Of course, the Full Moon being in Leo brings us the dramatic, the warm, the expressive part of the cycle. Leo wants that attention that no one seems to want to give this time around. Leo expresses in a grand manner and loves to feel. Wherever you have the Full Moon in your chart will show you where you need to compromise this time. Do you want it your way fully? Not happening. You need to find the inner balance now. If you choose to be uncooperative, drama strikes. Aquarius Sun is pulling you back to cool approach to life; oh dear me. Leo is definitely saying that there is more to life than just logic. Where is your heart, Aquarius? Leo needs that heart. Leo wants to say something and no one is listening or paying attention. If a blow up occurs, that is the reason. Balance!!!!!!

Lately, the way of the world has been to frown upon emotional communication. Let’s take the love out of life. Who needs it? Let’s all be drones and work nicely in your little cubicles, labs, storefronts. Say nothing except what is necessary. Go to work, think about only what you are told to think and get rid of extraneous communication. NOT going to happen. You and I and many others are starting to see the reality of life on this Planet Earth. Cool, coolness, cold, frozen. Have you become one of those who are caught in the abyss which exudes the dark and dank? Oh, no, I went off track. Not really. This fiery Full Moon in Leo is going to bring about a wakeup call to all those not paying attention. March is soon upon us. What does it matter? The March winds will blow in a major turn of events for some of you. Do you choose that? If it is a positive time, sure do. I frown upon doomsayers, yet I need to say that March may be turning tides.

Relationships at this time of the Full Moon in Leo are in need of compromise especially if there is a decision on the table. There is balance to be had in love, creativity and with children. It is far from one-sided at this time. It is not only about you and what you want or demand. Sorry. It is about others who are also involved. COOPERATIVE EFFORTS! And expression between parties is paramount to resolving anything. What do you choose to do next in your relationships? Where do you intend it to go? You need to find your inner harmony.This Full Moon in Leo marches on to a higher place in your life if you let it take you there. Relationships are beginning to be affected for better or worse.

With Venus going into Aries this week creative exploring comes to the forefront.Also it meets up with Uranus on February 9. Watch out for crazy behavior which may be the breakthrough needed to get through the wall.  Soon things will be very different. This will depend on you and what you choose. Do you find stress within and without? Get rid of it. When was the last time you truly laughed from your authentic self? This full moon will only exacerbate it if you fail to communicate your desires. What are you waiting for? This is a time to have courage. Or do you wish to move on?

Mercury is directly opposite the Full Moon. Ouch.  Here we go. I just noted that you need to have clear communication at this time. Well, dear ones, unless you go beyond the childhood quirks and issues, it will be pretty tough to actualize this due to some confusion that hangs on from those olden times. Also there is the possibility of mixed up thoughts of fantasy and reality. If you have any hidden aspects in your life, trying to cover them up so others never get wind of them, then I suggest you hide yourself in a less accessible place. The ducks are coming off the pond or those skeletons in the closet are coming out of hiding very soon. STOP —STOP playing the victim. If you continue to stoke the fire at this time, the burns will be severe. Play it safe.

Saturn in Libra is now turning stationary retrograde at 29 degrees Libra on the Full Moon day. What exactly does that indicate?  It is a slowing down. This is a time to reassess commitments in business and relationships. The slow down takes place into June 2012. There is a see saw pattern in the Full Moon chart and cooperation and compromise is important as I said in the beginning of the post. Without it, major distancing in relationships and with children can occur. Think before acting. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are affected between 15-21degrees. Stress maximized. Take a deep breath.

Oh, yes, my Sun is squared by the Full Moon. Some challenges come to me regarding those things which have gotten less attention lately. Possibly my authority is challenged and or extra sensitivity on my part. On the other hand, any tensions in relationships can be resolved before they smolder too much. Restlessness appears, some crises, (didn’t this just happen?) and need to communicate or frustration results.

Watch your words around the time of the Full Moon. Cooperate, compromise, reassess. Reach within for the strength needed to harness the great forces that are surrounding you. I pulled the Horse as my meditative tool this time. Horse is about strength. Horse shows you that you have the ability to stand up to those who try to keep you from being your authentic self. Horse will help you prepare to ride into the future to do what you came to do. Call on Horse.

            “Horse spirit please come to me. I thank you for leaving the freedom of the plains behind. To lighten my load with your strong body and helpful way. And take me to far off places faster than I could ever go. You help me learn the ways of others and teach them mine.      You help me jump over all obstacles on my journey. Your selfless service is an inspiration to all beings.” (from Animal Powers Meditation Guidebook)

And please continue to pay attention to avoid misunderstandings. Mercury retrograde comes upon us next month. Thank you for your support. Blessings and love to you all. Until again, Jan


Well, here we are again at another full moon. The FULL MOON in ARIES at 18 degrees 11 minutes takes place Tuesday, October 11, 2011 at 10:06 pm EDT. Aren’t you excited? This full moon is a fiery one and it brings to culmination anything you may have begun at the last new moon in September. So where are you now? It is a month until 11 11 11. Look for a brief blurb next week on this turning point that is coming to everyone. Well, that is those who truly choose to take a leap.

The FULL MOON in ARIES may create some anger surfacing if you choose to stuff any emotions at this time. If you find that anger or frustration rising up, I suggest you let it go. Oh, go ahead get ticked off if you choose to, just keep the vent to a vent and pass over the digs or finger pointing and all that negativity. Anger is ok…because if you let it build and build and have no release for it, then, guess what, blood pressure goes out of control, accidents happen and anyone in your company will reflect it right back at you when you do not express it. And your balance and peace is out the window.  This FULL MOON in ARIES can really throw you off if you let it or it can bring some terrific experiences. Your choice. And do watch your words at this time since it can really stoke the fire and here come the destructive tendencies. Patience is needed. How many of you are at your wit’s end? Oh yes, I am quite aware that you are. Forethought is needed in communication even when you feel like throwing something or expressing yourself vehemently. Blowups may happen. You need to approach whatever that throws you into a tizzy with a thought of win/win and not me me me!!!Deep breath please!!!

 I noticed that in my chart this full moon is right on my Venus. Ooh! It is opposing Saturn which is also on the Sun. Ouch. That’s for everyone this Saturn/Moon opposition. So maybe it would have been a really exciting time for me, but dear old controlling Saturn (trying to keep it aboveboard) has to appear. Oi vey! There are some good things for me and others too. Since it falls in my 11th/5th house polarity, I may be thinking about what I want to do with friends or groups or is it about some lover?  Then it can also be about a creative idea that comes to mind and turns my life around. Creativity is also a factor for all of you. So if you have something on the drawing board and as long as you stay in balance, you may take a leap with it.

 The changes that are coming are in process but Saturn slows it down somewhat since it is present in the equation. And the time of balance as I said previously is still happening to many of you. In relationships the energies are about love and honor. Whatever occurs in your life either positive or negative you need to accept it as a gift. Be grateful and more good things begin to appear. Give in to the experience instead of looking to run from it. Resistance will only make things difficult and throw big roadblocks in the way and not just in relationships. Are you wants and needs being met on this full moon? Aries is about individuality yet ask yourself what are you willing to put aside to be with that other individual? Is there a surprise in the works?

 This is a time of new beginnings and also when promises need to be kept. How do you intend to honor that other person? How do you intend to take your individuality and send it out to the community? Are you coming from a place of integrity in relation to the other person or community?

 Ok, how about love. Where is it in the picture? Well, Venus has entered Scorpio and that means it is downright sexy. BUT, some of you will try to manipulate, maneuver and deceive. Stop it already. This is passion plus time if you want it and someone is there with you. Go for it. You can really attract that special person right now. SO, what are you waiting for?  And there is one more thing about Venus. She is in good aspect to Chiron which is your deepest wound. So, now is the time that you may choose to heal that deep wound once and for all. Wouldn’t that be outstanding? It most likely has to do with a relationship. I look forward to being able to do this now. How about you? What do you have buried deep within you that can be brought up for healing? Are there inhibitions that need to be let go? Take a big look, no fear and clear it out. Are you ready to compromise with your significant other or your friends? That’s what this full moon is asking you to do. It’s not just about you and more you. Remember that your partner also has feelings and the emotions are running hot so it could be hot or it can be “hot”. Get it????

 This FULL MOON in ARIES is about finding your path and walking forward on it. If you feel frustrated and being pulled in all different directions, could you be off your path?  Take the ball and run with it and stop procrastinating. Whatever is embedded within your psyche needs release. What are you waiting for? That new path is waiting. Are you actually going to take the risk and leap or will you stay in the oppression that overwhelms your creativity and balance? It is all up to you.  May the God Light shine brightly upon you. And may your deepest dreams arise to be born on your path. Go ahead you can talk to me. Until again. With love, Jan


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