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NEW MOON in PISCES, March 11, 2013 – Is it REAL or is it the fog?

Hello again. Life is surely speeding by. It is almost the Spring Equinox (March 20) and as our week begins the New Moon in Pisces is upon us. It is at 21 degrees 24’ on Monday, March 11, 2013 at 3:51pm ET. It speaks of fogginess. The boundaries are expanded and where will it take you? This is a very spiritual New Moon. It is has been a chore to get this written with Mercury Retrograde amongst the other planets in Pisces including the Sun, Moon, Venus, Chiron and Mars. Mars is trying to run for the action in Aries and will leave shortly after the New Moon. This New Moon is far from doing things for you but it is more for doing it for the Universal good. What can you do for others now?

This New Moon gives you the opportunity to take a look at what you are truly dreaming of and allowing it to become a reality. Oh, I know that same old song. Well, it is true now. It is time to really put your nose to the grindstone and think of what it is that matters to you. Be inspired and if you need call someone who does inspire you to help you over that last fence. You do want to jump that block and get yourself on the path to that dream, don’t you? Take the dream a step up out of the depths of the core of the Pisces New Moon and let it take that leap into a new direction. Yes, you heard me right.
Will you let that inspiration guide you to the highest pinnacle and will your dream manifest better than you can imagine. It just might. It is time to manifest your deepest creation from your soul. Are you ready? The action begins next month but you can be ready to give it a jump-start shortly once Mercury goes stationary direct on Sunday, March 17. Now, that doesn’t mean put it into action on that day because it still is moving really slowly. Those leprechauns who are around now may bring some magic into your life without you even asking. Just allow it to happen and do pay attention. Oh, dear, you get so tired of me saying that. Just remember to recognize if the dream is real or is it just the fog that is permeating everything at this time.

Pisces is always about fusing the lowest self with the Highest self and it is one of the most magnetic signs. It acts like a sponge. All you Pisces out there know exactly to what I am referring. If you have a Moon in Pisces your emotional makeup is like a sponge also. This Pisces New Moon is about leaving yourself and going out to serve some part of humanity.
Neptune rules Pisces and sometime Jupiter has been known to rule it. Neptune is the big influence at this time of the New Moon. It rules creativity, spirituality, film, your psychicness, religion, compassion and imagination. So, which of those areas will be prominent in your life at this time? The religious part is about the Pope, I guess, since he has left and now the new one will be elected in the next 11 days. I am sure they know about Mercury retrograde, seriously they do, and watch what happens if they choose someone before it goes direct. A change perhaps? The negative side is about deception and lies, delusions and illusions, and confusion among other things. And then there is that addiction that comes about in Pisces, or maybe even that being in love with love. Are you? AHA! Some may say it is also about forgiveness. Pay attention to everything that comes to you now and ask is it real or an illusion.

This is a higher dimensional New Moon in Pisces which can take you beyond the 3D world you choose to live in and give you an opportunity to connect with the Highest Consciousness. This is a perfect time to enter the land of Spirit and also in the land of Truth. If you are an artist, a musician, a poet, or a someone who channels, it is a beneficial moment to bring your creativity to the masses.

Pisces is also about faith wherever the New Moon falls in your chart. It also is about being blind to truth and you need to allow your intuition to guide you. In my chart it is in the 10th house of profession and recognition. It may bring someone of importance into my life to help me do something that has importance to me and for which I may be recognized. Obviously I need to pay attention.

Just a couple of other aspects that may make a difference- Mars is still at 29 degrees Pisces and it has been quite comfy here although it yearns for the action of Aries. Maybe that little bit of tender loving care is going to fade really fast. One of the asteroids, Lilith is squaring the New Moon. Who are you going to have to choose between? That is a possibility whether in family or spouse or children. This may not be to your liking. Sun square Lilith brings into the focus someone who wants to speak for another about dark issues.
Integrity, purity and balance are important qualities at this New Moon. Do enjoy the moments with that special someone. It may be a healing for those who are looking for love. Take the time to just be for it is gone quickly, the moment , that is.
Remember to put out your intentions but watch the fog of it all. According to Alan Oken, the goal for each of us is the Path, and the Path brings about the unfolding Love/Wisdom consciousness of the Soul. Pisces is about wisdom and is in the 2nd ray which is Love.

Find that love within and without and your New Moon will manifest a dream out of the depths. Be kind to yourself as you take the leap. May the energy revitalize you and may you be blessed walking forward. For those who wish to be comfy in the past, it is done. Your visions for the future will manifest from the present. Know that the Spring equinox is the time to intend those ideas that will manifest by the beginning of next Spring. Be well and until again. Thank you as always. Love, Jan

PS- Just realized that Cosmic Leaping is 2 years old today. Happy Birthday!!!!!

FULL MOON in LEO, JANUARY 26, 2013 –Shall We Dance?

Who is your guru? Is it the political party you follow? Is it the media streaming in your living room with the talking heads blabbing all day long? Is it the so-called mentor who says what he says is the truth and that is all there is since it comes from him? Or is it your own self who has walked through the dirt, the streams of unconsciousness, climbed icy mountains which lead you to a place of awareness without the distractions and gobbledygook of those that say they are Godly yet do things that would bring a sigh to the face of God? Have you moved forward since the New moon? Have you changed your thinking on any level? Is your way the only way which says to me that you are still stuck in the old rigid patterns which keep you from seeing your truth? How self-absorbed are you that you see nothing except the old paradigm? Have you taken a small leap yet? Why not? Some may be patiently waiting for the timing to change. Others of you may find yourself frozen in time because of those old beliefs. Dear ones, wake up. Change your thinking once and for all and celebrate you this Full Moon.

The Full Moon is in Leo at 7 degrees 42’ and it takes place on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 11:38pm EST. Full Moons are a good time for releasing anything that is no longer flows for you. Full Moon in Leo comes from the heart. It is a loving and efficient Full Moon which has you at its center. It is the actor in you choosing to come alive to the applause as you seek the real you and present to all who choose to be there for you down the road. It speaks of being a bit self-centered in a positive way by bringing forth your most creative, visionary inventions all from the heart. The Sun is in Aquarius and aspecting 3 other planets (Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter) in air signs. Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius like to ponder, to think and analyze to help create new visions for those who choose to pay attention.

For the next couple of weeks you have an opportunity to eliminate anything that is keeping you stuck. I know I say this all the time but it is so important to let go of things that no longer work. It is paramount that you release what you need to so that love, money and anything else in your life flows and when it does you know your magnetism has been released from the burdens that you have been carrying. Any of you who feel no love for yourself will have no love in your life except in superficial ways. Those of you who struggle with money have hung on to past beliefs that keep you going around in circles. Face your negativity and anyone else’s and allow it to go. Let it scatter to the wind. In order to attract anything in your life your magnetism has to be turned on. If you continue to bring in negative thinking there is no way that it works unless it is something that may teach you. And from another way of thinking, how many of you deny that there is anything negative happening in your life or in the world you live in? That’s another block that keeps things stuck. Of course, constant moaning about everything and anything will also limit your life to a very superficial existence.

The Full Moon in Leo (the Lion) energy is about heart and love and courage. A very special man wrote me a song that had the word Coeur in it. The song was titled “Jan de mon Coeur” which in French means Jan of my heart. BUT, just recently when I was thinking about what to write about this Full Moon the word Coeur came to mind love is walking through the feeling of fear. By going forward the fear feeling melts away and love blooms. The root of Coeur is courage. He taught me to face my fears many times and I am deeply grateful. Leo Full Moon is about courage also.  Walk forward, dear ones and the fears that you hold deeply within will transmute. This whole concept brings a new you to the fore by helping the truth to reign. New beginnings can take hold and new creative designs in your life uplift you in dramatic ways. Envision joyfulness.

Since love is also important at this Full Moon your mind needs to be in sync with your heart. Negative words have to be eliminated not just now but completely for good to come to you. Peace comes only through being in a loving state of being. Whatever you experience in your life is being created by you. Yes, you. Your peace is at odds with the conflict you carry within. Your love is in jeopardy due to your fears. What are you going to do? Share love and stop the fault-finding! That is a good start. Also, this is a time of decisions. Take the time to ponder what you choose to do and then make a decision. Base your decision on current truths rather than old belief patterns that your ego may use to distract your jump ahead. Many of you will make new connections that will be heartwarming which will be supporting to your faith in yourself. Maybe you can even dance your way to a new start.

Full Moon in Leo trine Uranus may help you to speak up and stand for what your authentic self. The only drawback at this time it may open the door to some of that critical behavior of others who are truly walking the mainstream path. So if your ideas are creative and imaginative, only some may go along with them at this time and critical comments may be thrown at you. If you recognize a fear coming up it may be from an outworn behavior and now is the time to let it go. The Full moon sextile Jupiter is quite erotic and sensual. Lots of sexy feelings come out.

So life has been speeding up and there are many more things going on within us. Some of you will look at ancestral patterns or just enjoy who you really are. The Full Moon feels good like a beautiful dinner of sweet nectar.(As a Taurean I like to speak of food and how good it tastes.) Have a beautiful time enjoying who or what enters your life at the Full Moon. May your blessings be many and may you find your truth. Thank you for your support. Until again. Love, Jan





Mars in Scorpio-Managing Power in August 2012 and Saturn in Scorpio October 2012-In the Deep Well

Oh ho, here we go, traveling along to and fro and whoa, here comes a new adventure to stir up your deeply intense emotions and just maybe put you back on track again. Where have you found yourself lately? Hopefully you have been recreating your most precious relationships while Saturn is still in the diplomatic and peaceful sign of Libra. My dear ones, come October 5, 2012 Saturn is going to go into Scorpio (will it sting or will you fly?) and that is deeper than you can imagine. Think back to 1983-1985 when Saturn was in Scorpio also. What was going on in your life? How did you feel? Pretty intense feelings were up for grabs and you may have been on a sexual high.

Saturn going into Scorpio makes us look at things that need to be addressed. Some may think Saturn as a taskmaster which I think is an accurate description. This timeframe until late 2014 will activate some of your old beliefs so that you can release the parts that no longer fit. Scorpio is about passion, intense transformation and power among other things. With Saturn involved opens it up to more structure, How about asking what are your belief systems doing for you? Do they undermine your life when you could be thriving? Do they give you faith so that you can move forward on your path? Sometimes you use the beliefs systems as a crutch and an excuse to avoid certain new ideas, new thoughts and new paths which will create Oneness. And some will say how can you say that when you are saying  “I go to church and I have faith”  and yes, that’s true. How do you act when you are not in your church or are stuck in your old belief patterns? Are you as holy as you seem to the masses or is it a pretense and sleight of hand? Take a good look, because Saturn is going to force you to ponder these things. Saturn loves the rules and the standards set. Can you face this within?

This is a time of passionate intensity in expression whether it be sexual or otherwise, it will flow. And for some it may be a bit too much and it then becomes possessive and obsessive. Let’s hope not. Managing your power is one way to express Saturn in Scorpio. How many like to delve into the depths of your psyche? Who of you have the courage to face those old beliefs and throw them out and find your own true beliefs? Now is the time to master that fear or just let it go. Well, do it.

Neptune in Pisces fine tunes everything with its creativity aspecting the Saturn in Scorpio. It goes directly to your creative core and now you can find structure for that creative urge and depth of emotion.

Mars entered Scorpio August 23, 2012. This is another sensual aspect. Wow, things are certainly getting hotter by the moment. Some of you will feel like it is confronting you. And Mars may bring upheaval in the next 6 weeks. It leaves Scorpio the day after Saturn enters. Whew. This is going to get interesting. The darkest part of your psyche emerges and now what do you do? Will you run for the hills or hide in the basement? Watch out for that rage that is boiling way down deep within. It has got to come out. You want to stay in a healthy state and suppressed rage makes for trouble. When was the last time you expressed anger? And I don’t mean some sarcastic comments or snide remarks. (That is your anger talking). So when was it? Was it at your partner, your parents, your boss, the world in general? Maybe you are one for road rage. Tell me. In my thinking, better out with the anger than suppressing it until it takes you down. Saturn in Scorpio will make it into a more constructive anger. Find the root of the anger and you can then have it be released instead of stuffing it. You know that suppressing it will just pump up your blood vessels and lead to too much chaos within. Dump the fear and resolve it. Take the anger and let it out. Too much fear keeps you from looking at the real reason you get angry. Do you find yourself having no sexual interaction which helps release some of the angry energy in a positive way. Lots of sexual energy is going to pop up in the next couple of years.

Relationships deepen with Saturn starting in October. If you hold back from doing so, they die. Poof. Gone they are. This is a time of true love, real love or you can just forget about it because it won’t be there. Scorpio is interested in the best in their partner and that is their intention. Looking for second best…it must be another time. This is the time when you can make your decisions and walk your talk. Or there is no more. Will you allow the loss to take place? Do it right or you lose! Sorry, if that is harsh…that is a Saturn in Scorpio bottomline. You can reach out and be there for many who need you. Just remember that true love comes along very infrequently and this is a time when you take a leap or be left in the dust.

Looks like it is going to get pretty intense and Mars started the parade yesterday. There is much more going on in the news and within your hearts. Look for the Full Moon post coming up for the 31st. It is a dandy. Be well and stay in the moment. Love and blessings. Until again. Jan


NEW MOON in LIBRA -September 27 2011-Creativity and Balance

Here we are just past the Autumnal Equinox on September 23, 2011. This energy will last for the next 3 months until the Winter Solstice. This energy is about the art of compromise and having mutual respect between you and others. Uranus in Aries in opposition at the Equinox brings you to looking within for a new identity. Who do you choose to be in the days ahead? What do you intend to create? How are you going to take that creativity out there in the world? Also, new structures are being formed with Saturn’s influence. Venus is saying that this is a time to open up in your relationships without fear. Take that leap.

The NEW MOON is in LIBRA at 4 degrees, September 27, 2011 at 7:09am EDT. Wherever 4 degrees Libra is located in your chart is where you will be affected. If it is in your 5th house, it is about creativity and love. If it is in your 7th house it is about partnerships, business or personal. In the 2nd house you will be looking at your values and resources and how you can use them to manifest what you need. If you find the NEW MOON in your 9th house you may find yourself looking for new horizons in travel or reaching into that higher self that you haven’t looked at recently. That is only some of the places it can be affecting. Remember New Moons are about new beginnings in whatever part of your chart that it is influencing. This NEW MOON in LIBRA gives you the opportunity overall to bring balance to yourself and have reconciliation in relationships. It is a powerful New Moon.

As I said this is a time of balance within and in relationship with others. You are looking to join others of higher spirituality, seekers on your path, who you can illuminate or vice versa. What you have seen before will come to you more clearly now. You are getting more attuned to your true path and no matter what the obstacles or undermining individuals, you still need to move forward in some way. Things are intense at this time since Mercury is in the T-Square and there is much tension in the air. Mercury opposition Uranus says expect the unexpected in a part of your life. It may be quite the delight or maybe a big shock. Perceptions and illusions are shattered and you get a wakeup call or just a pleasant surprise. And do watch what you say and how you say it at this time of the NEW MOON in LIBRA. For once you may be able to see your situation with objectivity. And do discern the voice in your head. Is it real or is it your ego? What does your heart say? Your heart is always true to your path. And if your mind and heart are in balance, you will find that new direction in relationships and within.

This NEW MOON in LIBRA is also a time to look at your old habits and patterns. Are you still feeling stuck? You are being given the chance to release those issues that continue to drag you down and bring out the fear when someone disagrees with your beliefs. This is a time when you can really go deep within and chuck all those nasties that no longer work. Well, they can be nasty if you let them take over your life and you find yourself stuck in a groove so deep that you see nothing except your banal existence. So, my suggestion is to stop wasting the opportunity and meditate, pray, sing, dance. Do something to release the old junk once and for all. If you have a fear about something that may or may not happen…please acknowledge it, release it and let it go once and for all. This is a time when illumination will take place and your patterns will hit you hard if you don’t look at them now. Since you all are choosing new beginnings then how can you really intend it if you still are stuck in the muck? And keep your eyes open because any new opportunities that may appear may come about unexpectedly and it would be a darn shame if you missed them. Let go of that which no longer works for you. This past summer’s eclipses brought something to a close in your life. Did you recognize it?

Kindness is the keyword at this time. Have you demonstrated kindness to those who have been there for you? How about beauty? When was the last time you looked at the beauty around you? I am referring to the beauty of nature, the beauty of someone near you or the beauty of the you within? Well, have you been paying attention to this beauty because Libra is about beauty also. Many may find that to find that peace and balance that is so desired comes as you take a walk in nature and truly appreciate the beauty of it or when you actually realize that you glow with the beauty of your inner self.

What about service? Have you reached out to others in service? This is a time of new initiatives and some expansion. I know you choose to go in your direction yet there are others who need your help and service and this helps you too. Your Soul Family is coming together as I write this. And for those who choose to ignore this factor, then life gets a bit more stuck until you wake up. THIS IS A BIG OPPORTUNITY to wake up to the truth. Justice, fairness and balance is present to you. Will you allow it in your life? Know that no matter what happened in the past is now gone. In order to wake up you need to release what doesn’t work and is off your path if you intend to be your true self. For those who feel a wakeup call is not needed know that eventually it will affect your whole being if you continue to beat the same drum that has no meaning in your life. The outcomes look good if you stay in the positive without illusions. Many of you, including me, are going through a very deep cleansing process to remove the wounding that occurred in our lives and other times. It is a good thing and quite necessary, although you would like to scream and rant and rave until it finally clears out. So do it. As long as you stay in balance no matter what is going on around you, the energy will be in your favor. Be kind to yourselves and remember that your guides and the Creator are always available to help. ASK!!!

Thank you always for your support and I send Abundant Blessings to all of you. May the peace of this NEW MOON in LIBRA reach out to you so you feel the harmony within. Until Again. Love, Jan

PS Keep your eyes open over the next couple of days. Too many things are hidden in plain sight. Maybe nothing will occur; maybe a total change in some way.

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