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NEW MOON in VIRGO,September 15, 2012- Healing through Chaos

Tonight the NEW MOON in VIRGO at 23 degrees is upon us. It is a countdown to a new start at 10:11pm EDT. As I have said before New Moons are a time of setting intentions. The New Moon in Virgo is conjunct Mercury. You may want to write down about 10 intentions and see how they manifest during the next few weeks. Do remember that just wishing doesn’t make it so. You have to put some action behind it. For example, you write down that you intend to win the lottery. You have to buy the ticket, right? How about you write that you intend to meet your soulmate and then stay at home instead of going out and being in public etc. They are just some examples. Another example is listening to your heartfelt feelings…that intuitive voice that pops up. Or will you just ignore it and do what you choose instead of what that strong feeling is telling you? Maybe it is trying to get you to seek a new direction. Remember to recreate communication in your life. Mercury with the SUN/Moon in Virgo will help open it to flowing between you and others.

The New Moon in Virgo is about healing, organizing the details of your life or any projects you may be working on. Virgo is about health, healing, your employment/coworkers, and cleaning out what needs to be released from your home, work or self. It is a 6th house related New Moon. This is a great time to look at your diet and the food you consume so that it brings you a healthier body. I have found that it is also about being healthy overall. And if you are still using fluoride toothpaste, I suggest you find natural tooth polishes or powders that do not coat your teeth. Fluoride affects the brain and is a poison. Take that initiative and read about the negative effects of fluoride. Many of you will say you won’t use something else because your dentist told you it protects your teeth. You have choices. I stopped using any toothpaste with fluoride in it years ago. And there is no convincing anyone that they are poisoning themselves. That is just one of the many health dangers that exists today. Another big one is aspartame which is probably in most everything we eat although it is listed under other names on packaged foods.  Do pay attention to your intestines and digestive tract this New Moon.

Anyone with planets at 23 degrees in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo or MC/Ascendant will feel this New Moon more intensely.

As this New Moon energy plays out there is something you need to think about as the next few days are upon us. What is going to rattle you this week? Is there anything you need to look at that may create chaos, upheaval? Prepare and organize but also be aware of the other energies taking place as in the upcoming 2nd Pluto-Uranus square on September 19. Is there going to be any rumbling in your life or in the world? It is intense again as it was back on June 24 and if you can remember what went on in your life back in June then that may help to ward off any major conflicts. This again says change is upon us. What will you choose to change? Or will you just sit back and be prodded in a more demanding way to make that change? This Pluto-Uranus square is a revolutionary/evolutionary theme which has no real outcome that is visible at this time. And I hear you say, but I need to know now. Not happening, sorry. This is a time to create, visualize, and feel as you walk along your path. Whatever is deeply embedded within that is holding you back is beginning to surface for you to release it. If there has been loss, betrayal, disappointment, deep angst through your life and just refuse to let it go this is an ongoing process until the end of 2015 that will help you do so. I can see many of you with hands over your ears or closed eyes in order to keep from addressing these issues. Let these things go yourself and maybe it may jolt you a bit or do nothing and the spiritual 2X4 shows up and truly brings the release. You choose. I know what I have done. And you? That closed door only adds more intensity to the process. Why do you choose to continue to hold on? This kind of holding on affects your health if you continue to do so. And since this NEW MOON in VIRGO is about health and wellbeing, let it go already.

To manifest anything in your life that is positive and beneficial you need to clear out all the outworn thinking and the hold the ego has on you. Your ego wants the old stuff hanging around so it feels comfy. Oh joy. Let me tell you that you can create so much more when you are clear of the past programming that has hold of you. This is a time of both personal and collective awakening. That closed door has to open so you can get to the real you and create what you came to do in this lifetime. I realize that life on this earth is not what it seems. Does that mean that you just sit around and do nothing and just be the serf? No, it is about serving others which is another aspect of this NEW MOON in Virgo. How can you help that other individual who is stuck in the darker energy? How can you enlighten their lives? It could come from just a small gesture of friendship or helping someone to clear out the attic in their home. Any kind of help this New Moon time is welcome. Pluto is saying to release all those patterns that are surfacing and start to feel how Light you are becoming. By doing so your vibration is getting higher and you are more joyful each day. Do it now and create the change before it does it for you.

Evolving says to go into chaos. The Asteroid Quaoar is square the New Moon also. Quaoar speaks of creative chaos. It is about creating a new reality. Be open to the new possibilities, new beginnings, new homes, new starts in relationships and new work. This is good as long as you flow with it. Any resistance just makes mud. Embracing change right now is more important in the next months than trying to ignore it or suppress it. Are you ready to take part in the change?

Thank you for reading and know that the New Moon energy is here to help you heal and be attuned to who you really are. I have noticed that readers from many countries are supporting this blog. I welcome you and all the new readers that continue to show up. I appreciate your support. Many blessings and much love. Until again. Jan

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