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It’s Friday and I wonder where you are today. Are you enjoying the moment or allowingthe self-critic to guide you astray?  It’s been a crazy ride this past June/first day July with the 3 eclipses coming at us to wake us, to shift us, to enlighten us. Or you may have not been affected yet because you are hanging on for dear life, not even knowing that you are. The effects last at least for the next six months and the big trigger point (as mentioned in previous writing) is in mid-August when Mars hits that eclipse point of the solar eclipse on July 1 but there are 2 other times Mars hits a trigger point of the other 2 eclipses. This week has been a dandy for many having meltdowns. Right around this past Wednesday, July 6 there was a hit from Mars and there is another coming up on over the weekend of the 23-25th of July.  Is the world going to be shaken up or are you?  It depends where it is affecting you will tell you just what your life will be like or how you feel.

 Life is speeding by. Are you ready to hop on the high speed train or do you need to be prodded until you get tired of the prodding? I know that not all of you are ready to take the big cosmic leap. It can be a bit of a risk and the fear wells up like nothing you ever imagined. That fear is such a bummer. Go away already. Talk to your fear and ask it to leave. I suppose that is too simple. How can we get through the fear that is holding us back, blocking our way?

Some of you have already released those fears and blocks and the timing may be  off and you need to do something else before you are ready to walk through the door in a new direction on your path. Or maybe you just need to come from your heart and take a deep breath. Do you speak from your heart? Or do you dance around and manipulate and say nothing for fear of some kind of reaction from the individual with whom you are relating?Are you coming from an authentic place? So many of our fears center on relationships no matter how long or how short the individuals have been in your life. Take a look at your relationships. Do they trigger some kind of deep seated fear that shows up as anger or sadness or just plain annoyance? How many of you are in a relationship and still have no clue about your partner, friend or any other individual with whom you interact? You think you know them. Do you?  Are you seeing them as they really are or are you seeing them as you wish them to be? How many of you are fearful of the reactions or responses of your boss, your friends, your lovers, your partners?  So, they did or said something that made you feel insecure, unhappy, angry. Oh sure they did. No one has control over anyone else unless that person allows it. Why allow their behavior which is in many cases very conditioned by external circumstances  to affect your outlook? Have you ever noticed that when you are in a really great mood someone comes along to try to create negativity? And their negativity plays on you and then you may even pick up that mood. And it doesn’t matter if they are right in front of you or halfway across the world, believe me if you are really connected to that individual, you can pick up energy from them from a distance. What’s going on anyway? They are only responding in old ways, old habit forms. And how can they know you if you don’t even know yourself. Let’s get rid of those ol’ demons and take a leap already. Those old fears and anger are just dragging you down and no matter how you think you are free of them, unless you really look deeply at yourself, how can you possibly even understand or know anyone else.

I read a book by Jack Kornfield years ago which spoke about naming the demons within tobegin to bring the spiritual nature to the forefront. Before you can move in a beautiful way on your path, these demons have to go. Now, many of you have been working on yourselves, and I am sure if you haven’t been, the prodding will begin shortly. He speaks of taking a look at the inner workings of these demons. I mentioned the fear one which I will speak more about the next time. This time let’s look at the “anger” demon. Oh dear me. Every one of you and me has been conditioned to be angry about something. Are you creating suffering over something that happened a long time ago and you are still angry about it. This anger colors our whole life. That anger shows us exactly where you are stuck. If you hold it back it will eventually turn to rage. At least it is coming out and it is opening up in order for you to release all the blocked energy and begin to transmute it. Remember I am suggesting to look at it not act on it. When you notice yourself getting angry, name it right then. You can say to yourself I am angry. What made me feel this way? What triggered it? That is most important for you to pay attention to what actually triggered it. Many times, as you know, it has nothing to do with that moment. And believe me you are not bad or going crazy because you have the anger. IF you suppress it, do you really think it will go away? You know better than that. Once you figure out the trigger, then you can take a layer away and move forward in a fully conscious way. Although it may take awhile to work through it, isn’t it worth the effort? Your energy becomes much lighter each time you focus and walk through the anger.

 Here’s an exercise you may wish to try this week. Name your anger when it comes up. Notice what triggered it. How long does it last? This process of opening up this sore spot may take days or months to work through but will bring you to a new level of energy and that ‘angry” demon can finally be put to rest. Now, some things may annoy you still, but that deep anger/rage will be gone. Try focusing on any anger that comes up this week and see how you can walk through it.

 May the Light shine brightly on you this week as it leads us to the Full Moon on July 15. Listen to your heart now and see what it is telling you. Watch for the Full Moon post next week. Peace and love. Until Again. Jan


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