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Groundhog Day, FORGIVENESS and YOU!

So the lights went out in the Super Bowl. It probably caused much havoc financially for those in control. How much fear did it create for those in attendance? How much for those of you watching? It is about fear and you are most tired of hearing me talk of this. You need to be aware of what is going on in your life and on our great Planet Earth. Many of you are feeling stressed about a variety of things. How many of you feel your life is like the day that passed—Groundhog Day? Everything is the same over and over again.  Have you changed anything yet? Or are you that conditioned? Do you notice how there are many people who come into your life who create disturbances and more so lately? Tension is building and you need to continue paying attention. But then again you can stay with the lights out and keep living your Groundhog Day.  As Bob Dylan said,” Times they are a-changin’ “. And the energy is certainly coming to us in a new way. Haven’t noticed yet? Pay attention dear ones.

Since I keep talking about clearing out the fear and all the other junk that pervades your mind what can you do about it?  Do you know how to get peace and harmony in your life? Is it by being stubborn and logical? Logic works if you are working with logarithms or other mathematical computations.  Does running away from those fears hamper or help your well-being, your interactions or your basic thinking? What do you think? How about giving love and see what happens. I am sure there are those of you who will cry out and say, that is a bunch of hooey. Really? How many of you feel love in your heart, in your life, anywhere you are? Do you give it freely or do you keep it all to yourself because you are so fearful of no one returning that love to you? What does it matter if they return it? Love is something you need to send out no matter what happens. Some of you may feel you don’t deserve it. Well, you do but you have convinced yourself because past patterns and deeply ingrained negatives have influenced you. You want it to be the way you have been trained and it has to be perfect in your eyes. Ironically you are perfect in God’s eyes and who cares what others think?

First of all you need to forgive as a starting point in order for you to feel love. If you hold onto the junk, resentment, anger and guilt take over creating a maelstrom within.  Is that what you choose? Many of those individuals in the highest places would like to see you stay in your fear place. Fear allows others to control you unless you recognize it and start loving yourself. Take a look at your own life and see who controls you? Seriously, look deeply within and admit it. You are controlled by someone or their actions. What can you do? Recognize it and stand up to it. Send love to all with whom you have any difficulties. It shifts the energy.  I know it works since I have tried it in my life. Before a meeting send love to all the individuals present. If you know someone is trying to undermine you, send love. What about those family members who get under your skin? LOVE them. This is real. LOVE is all that is real. For those on your paths already, you know this is true and it makes things flow considerably well.  Boss is in an uproar and he wants to see you now. Send love before you meet. What a difference. Your spouse is on the warpath due to whatever you did or said, send them love. See them smiling again. How about a help me God walk through this. Thank you. Amen. Why would anyone fear love? What does love really mean to you? Forgiveness is the first step to bringing the peace to your heart.  Then send the love and watch the changes take place. And if you resist this, then Groundhog Day is ongoing. Start to forgive and shift to love. Another good thing to look at is EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping. Will write about it soon.

Be blessed. Watch for Full Moon in Aquarius post for February 10, 2013. Until again. Lots of love, Jan

Manifest Your Dreams with Love Energy in 2012

Well, it’s 2012 and here we go again. Warmongers are set to blow the world up, the doomsday people are ready for the gloom that they want to manifest, and the Earth is crying her eyes out. We need to help the Earth heal and stop this craziness before it takes us away into oblivion that many are trying to bring about. There was a video I saw recently about that which said in order for the Earth to shift into a higher place of consciousness and heal it needs you and me to help it. What can we do? If you are reading this blog you probably feel the same way I do. Let’s awaken those who continue to sleep in their cozy existences. There are many who will choose to abandon the highest ways as they continue on their paths to doom. Yet, you and I are looking to rise up to higher consciousness and awaken others. How can we do this?  Affirm that “I am willing to shift with my beloved Mother Earth.” It is recommended to say 3-4 times per day.

 So much is going on around me and my favorite topic, the energy of LOVE and how it can help you get through the year. It is interesting how different I feel in this year of 2012. It is like something shifted immensely and here I am still going ahead, feeling better than I did just a few weeks ago. Did any of you feel some shifting within, or around you? This past weekend there was a Venus/Neptune aspect which was truly romantic. How many of you experienced a breakthrough lovewise?  It was almost ethereal. And Venus now has come upon Chiron in Pisces in the last day or so which could bring about major relationship healing. On the other hand Chiron can manifest from a negative place and be truly insensitive because of its woundedness. Chiron is the wounded healer. So, did you come from the higher place or did you unconsciously hurt someone? It is a beautiful aspect if you stay on the higher ground and the deepest healing in a relationship can take place. Have any of you experienced this in the last day or so? Still is possible in the coming week. Look for it. Come from the deepest love and heal your relationship if needed.

 Have you ever noticed how love motivates you? When you have a loving interaction and are involved with that special someone, don’t you feel uplifted? Inspired? I know that being in a loving relationship has always inspired me to go beyond the ordinary, silently telling me that I could conquer the world. Do women do this? Well, you know what I mean. The feelings that surface are joyful and can be magnificent if you are coming from that positive side of yourself. Have you noticed that love makes your mind clearer? When you truly love someone you stop feeling sorry for yourself. You love yourself even more unless, of course, you never did and that is what brings about any difficulties that may arise, lack of self-love. Love attracts love. So, if you have buried love so deeply because you fear loving, then do you really think you will find it manifesting in your life? Love is God.

 If you find yourself acting out, do you think that it is a reflection of the partner’s feelings which may be coming from the unconscious? Does he/she recognize that? Or is it taken as a negative against them? Since we do tend to be mirrors for other,, that is possible. Sometimes there may be a past life issue, many in fact, which will trigger something within you or your partner and will start to be a burden on the relationship due to unsolved issues which haven’t been recognized. Or there may be a previous relationship which is now being played out with you because your partner didn’t resolve it with the other partner. Or you may be doing that also. Complex…not! Just layers of an onion which have to be peeled back to see what is truly happening and let go once it surfaces.

 My suggestion to start the New Year in love is to forgive, have compassion and understanding, Love in your life manifests many things positive. It is a deep spring which flows from the Divine within and without. You are created to be love. Do you run from it because it scares you? Take love out of your life. What do you think will happen? That’s like taking the Divine from your life. With the Venus/Chiron aspect it is telling you to open to that healing within. If you do that then you can manifest it in your relationship. Let love energize you. Stop pushing it away and staying stuck in the muck of your own junk. There are really sweet things going on so please take advantage of any opportunities that may show up the end of the week Venus/Pluto can bring pleasure and boundless healing for those who are open to it. Keep that smile intact and as John Michael Montgomery says in a song,

“…If you’ve got love you can move a mountain
A little bit further down the line
You can do it all at once or one rock at a time
You can turn an ordinary picture into a priceless work of art
It’s what you can do if you’ve got love in your heart…”

 What a fantastic time to be alive. Love will help you take a leap further than before. Love is all there is, dear ones. Let it be manifest in your life this year in a magnificent way. May you be blessed until again. The Full Moon shows up on the weekend. Pay attention and thanks for reading.  Love, Jan




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