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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo, January 21, 2019 – Stay in your power if the unexpected shows up

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Welcome Dear Ones to Cosmic Leaping. The ride is now getting more intense as the supercharged Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is about to ascend upon you. Since there was just a Solar Eclipse on January 5, 2019 this is a time of finding out where you are in your life. This New Moon Solar Eclipse which just passed gave you an opportunity to begin to take charge of your life and the Lunar Eclipse will support this. Think back to what was going on last July/August 2018 when the previous two eclipses took place. This year of 2019 will be a time when you can take big leaps if you are ready. Many stumbled through last year and did little since there were so many retrograde planets. Now it is time to truly move forward. If you are unwilling to go with it then this lunar eclipse will throw you into a quandary.

On another note- So much has happened through the last two years and there is constant talk of Russian collusion. Well, guess what, it is far from truth. Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin have a composite chart (combining both natal charts) that was affected by last August’s Solar Eclipse since their composite Sun is in Leo 18 degrees. And then this upcoming Lunar Eclipse conjoins Jupiter. This indicates that prosperity and security are the main issues. Also with other influences occurring in his chart and country’s chart Mr. Trump has no intention of backing down. Not happening. A stronger economy comes about and this will increase his popularity. There are many out there who have not done the research to find the truth. Have you? I find it interesting that the dance of those so opposed to truth has reached a new height. And I am not talking about the WALL. Heaven help me if I bring that up to those who supported it back in the day of Clinton, Shumer in 2006, and Obama. It obviously does not fit the picture right now. And it is now immoral. The Kool-Aid must be spiked. Quote from a senior official in the Administration: “A referendum to end government plunder must happen. Wasteful government agencies are fighting for relevance but they will lose. Now is the time to deliver historic change by cutting them down forever.” And this massive winter storm that is set to blanket the country is nothing more than Chemtrails -manufactured weather. Clouds are not real ones. And it is not climate change. Would you like some more Kool-Aid?

The Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo (Wolf Moon) at 0 degrees 51’ arrives on January 21, 2019 at 12:15am EST; 5:15am GMT; and (January 20, 2019) 9:15pm PST. The Sun is at the exact degree in Aquarius. Emotions reach a peak during a Full Moon and more enhanced with the Lunar Eclipse. You are mainly in tune with your own intentions so anything that comes from others will be picked up immediately if it throws you out of balance. So what do you choose to throw away that has been in the mix for the last six months? Are you ready to clear out emotional baggage already? This effect combined with the previous Solar Eclipse on January 5 will take you to the July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse in Leo. This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo says much about intimate relationships, love and romance, family and home and creativity. Leo rules the Fifth House in astrology. It is about heart. What is in your heart? Do you follow your heart?  If you are looking for patience it may be difficult to find with Uranus in 28 degrees Aries is squaring (conflict) the Full Moon. This can also bring about the unexpected in so many ways. And you said you wish to relax, is that right? Well, sorry but that will take some doing on your part since something new is starting to emerge from the depths and that may make you start to anticipate what is coming. This aspect may create a bit of boredom and restlessness. Stay in your power and do not be pulled out of where you need to be. Whatever has been below the surface will come to light. Address it.

Watch your words and keep things a bit lighter than usual in your conversation. If something pops up that is not to your liking then let it slide. Many of you will not. If you are in the middle of a creative venture or on the other hand have no idea what you would like to create, well, something may just show up to turn this around. Endings can come or needs may be met more than ever. All depends on you. Mercury in Capricorn is square (conflict) Uranus in Aries and this can cause you to feel nervous. Watch for any misunderstandings in your communication in any form. It just is not a good time for getting things done the way you wish. The energy is intense and it makes you even more so. Mercury also is opposite the Full Moon so that too has much to do with communicating. Watch your friends and coworkers don’t start making trouble if they are envious. Double-check travel plans and meet-ups with others so you stay on track.

Full Moon is also conjunct (within 4 degrees) the North Node in Cancer saying to you that new beginnings are truly possible if you open to them. They may come in from a new direction then what you expected. Or it can just indicate you have new emotions and feelings that pop up and you have a new attitude. Children may get a bit rebellious. Nurturing works in every way for everyone. So try a different approach and see what happens. Venus in Sagittarius is conjunct (together) Jupiter in Sagittarius which indicates positive energy surrounds you. This is a grand time for good luck and love since it is exact the day after the Full Moon.

Are you ready and willing to step out of the old cycles that continue to pull you back? Will you stay in your power and be focused and ready to take a leap, I know I keep saying to purge and leap. Well, this is the perfect time to begin to go in that direction of your dream. It is time to lay the groundwork of what it is you choose to bring about. Keep your mind on the road ahead and keep the distractions to a minimum. May not be easy to do yet it is imperative that you stay in that place. Stay out of the chaos that may come about from others. Remove yourself from it if necessary. And watch for anger over things that come to you suddenly without warning.

Those Sun signs/rising signs most intensely affected are Aries 27 degrees-Taurus 3 degrees; Cancer 27 degrees-Leo 3 degrees; Libra 27 degrees-Scorpio 3 degrees; and Capricorn 27 degrees-Aquarius 3 degrees. If you have personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in those degrees then you may also be affected. Approximate birthdays are April 17-April 23; July 19-July 25; October 21-27; and January 18-24.

Aries- Romantic prospects are good. There is joy revolving around achievement of loved one.

Taurus- There is a free feeling regarding changes in home, property, or career matters.

Gemini-New perspectives show up. Communicate and network; travel.  Be a good listener.

Cancer-What choices are shaping your finances/ cash flow? Watch impulsive actions.

Leo-Love and cheers come after some shifting takes on your big frustrations.

Virgo-Meditation helps clear your mind and brings insights. Climax involving work/health.

Libra- Go out and create some great friendships which are joyful. Let go of frustrating moments.

Scorpio- What’s going on professionally? Go get that extra income. Conflict comes to a head.

Sagittarius-Are you arguing over money? Let it go and find some interesting foreign flavor.

Capricorn-Who is demanding what? Financial affairs need to be set right. Have a plan.

Aquarius-Partnership issues arise. Turning point comes and then joy shows up.

Pisces-Diet/healthy living are the focus. Stop rebelling and count your blessings.

Remember that you can leap or you can sit and watch as the opportunity comes and goes. It may take a few weeks for the energy to reach out to you. In the meantime any unexpected influence may shake things up and will go by the wayside if you stay in your power and refuse to get pulled into it. Create your dream because it will take you where you choose to go. Thank you for reading and sharing. And stop being pulled in by the mainstream junk. Many blessings to you! Enjoy the ride. Until again, love, Jan



FULL MOON in LEO February 7 2012 – Is anyone listening?

Have you noticed the speed of life lately? In a flash it is now February 2012. The FULL MOON in LEO is now upon us a little over 24 hours from now. It appears on February 7, 2012 at 4:54pm EST at 18 deg. 32 min. Sun is in Aquarius with its detachment and cool appearance. The Sun has a logical approach to thinking and is truly about the mind. Of course, the Full Moon being in Leo brings us the dramatic, the warm, the expressive part of the cycle. Leo wants that attention that no one seems to want to give this time around. Leo expresses in a grand manner and loves to feel. Wherever you have the Full Moon in your chart will show you where you need to compromise this time. Do you want it your way fully? Not happening. You need to find the inner balance now. If you choose to be uncooperative, drama strikes. Aquarius Sun is pulling you back to cool approach to life; oh dear me. Leo is definitely saying that there is more to life than just logic. Where is your heart, Aquarius? Leo needs that heart. Leo wants to say something and no one is listening or paying attention. If a blow up occurs, that is the reason. Balance!!!!!!

Lately, the way of the world has been to frown upon emotional communication. Let’s take the love out of life. Who needs it? Let’s all be drones and work nicely in your little cubicles, labs, storefronts. Say nothing except what is necessary. Go to work, think about only what you are told to think and get rid of extraneous communication. NOT going to happen. You and I and many others are starting to see the reality of life on this Planet Earth. Cool, coolness, cold, frozen. Have you become one of those who are caught in the abyss which exudes the dark and dank? Oh, no, I went off track. Not really. This fiery Full Moon in Leo is going to bring about a wakeup call to all those not paying attention. March is soon upon us. What does it matter? The March winds will blow in a major turn of events for some of you. Do you choose that? If it is a positive time, sure do. I frown upon doomsayers, yet I need to say that March may be turning tides.

Relationships at this time of the Full Moon in Leo are in need of compromise especially if there is a decision on the table. There is balance to be had in love, creativity and with children. It is far from one-sided at this time. It is not only about you and what you want or demand. Sorry. It is about others who are also involved. COOPERATIVE EFFORTS! And expression between parties is paramount to resolving anything. What do you choose to do next in your relationships? Where do you intend it to go? You need to find your inner harmony.This Full Moon in Leo marches on to a higher place in your life if you let it take you there. Relationships are beginning to be affected for better or worse.

With Venus going into Aries this week creative exploring comes to the forefront.Also it meets up with Uranus on February 9. Watch out for crazy behavior which may be the breakthrough needed to get through the wall.  Soon things will be very different. This will depend on you and what you choose. Do you find stress within and without? Get rid of it. When was the last time you truly laughed from your authentic self? This full moon will only exacerbate it if you fail to communicate your desires. What are you waiting for? This is a time to have courage. Or do you wish to move on?

Mercury is directly opposite the Full Moon. Ouch.  Here we go. I just noted that you need to have clear communication at this time. Well, dear ones, unless you go beyond the childhood quirks and issues, it will be pretty tough to actualize this due to some confusion that hangs on from those olden times. Also there is the possibility of mixed up thoughts of fantasy and reality. If you have any hidden aspects in your life, trying to cover them up so others never get wind of them, then I suggest you hide yourself in a less accessible place. The ducks are coming off the pond or those skeletons in the closet are coming out of hiding very soon. STOP —STOP playing the victim. If you continue to stoke the fire at this time, the burns will be severe. Play it safe.

Saturn in Libra is now turning stationary retrograde at 29 degrees Libra on the Full Moon day. What exactly does that indicate?  It is a slowing down. This is a time to reassess commitments in business and relationships. The slow down takes place into June 2012. There is a see saw pattern in the Full Moon chart and cooperation and compromise is important as I said in the beginning of the post. Without it, major distancing in relationships and with children can occur. Think before acting. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are affected between 15-21degrees. Stress maximized. Take a deep breath.

Oh, yes, my Sun is squared by the Full Moon. Some challenges come to me regarding those things which have gotten less attention lately. Possibly my authority is challenged and or extra sensitivity on my part. On the other hand, any tensions in relationships can be resolved before they smolder too much. Restlessness appears, some crises, (didn’t this just happen?) and need to communicate or frustration results.

Watch your words around the time of the Full Moon. Cooperate, compromise, reassess. Reach within for the strength needed to harness the great forces that are surrounding you. I pulled the Horse as my meditative tool this time. Horse is about strength. Horse shows you that you have the ability to stand up to those who try to keep you from being your authentic self. Horse will help you prepare to ride into the future to do what you came to do. Call on Horse.

            “Horse spirit please come to me. I thank you for leaving the freedom of the plains behind. To lighten my load with your strong body and helpful way. And take me to far off places faster than I could ever go. You help me learn the ways of others and teach them mine.      You help me jump over all obstacles on my journey. Your selfless service is an inspiration to all beings.” (from Animal Powers Meditation Guidebook)

And please continue to pay attention to avoid misunderstandings. Mercury retrograde comes upon us next month. Thank you for your support. Blessings and love to you all. Until again, Jan

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