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FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS, June 2, 2015- The art of doing nothing to help you see

full moon sagittarius

It feels so good to be sitting on the edge of the universe watching the mayhem that is inundating this country and many around the world. And you ask, why would I say it is a good thing? Sometimes it is a favorable thing to just sit and observe and actually pay attention to what actually is occurring. The Full Moon which is upcoming Tuesday is that kind of time. Before I get to that keep an eye on this Texas flood fiasco. HAARP is hanging tough over the state. (Look up HAARP if you are unfamiliar). Also, do you know about Jade Helm? What is the basis for it? You tell me because it is not a drill, dear ones. I feel bad for Beau Biden because I wonder if the brain cancer was from overzealous cell phone use. It is something to ponder when you are taking a breath. Oh, my, you don’t take time to just breathe, do you? It may be the best thing to do this Full Moon. One more thing to think about if you will- When was the last time you sat out in the sun basking in the rays? It may be more important to you to do so if you want to help your energy shift and to “see” better than you do.

The FULL MOON in Sagittarius is arriving on Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 12:19pm EDT; 9:19am PDT; and 4:19pm GMT. For the rest of the world calculate from GMT. It is at 11 degrees 49’. The Sun is in Gemini at the same degree right with the fixed star Aldebaran. This fixed star on the Sun in Gemini brings out the charmer, the winners, the indulgent, the smooth talkers and the very sexual.  The Moon in Sagittarius loves to be the wanderer, teacher and philosopher. Antares, a fixed star, is conjunct the Full Moon and opposes the Sun/Aldebaran. It brings success to those who dare to excel at their intentions. Sometimes it is almost like a clearing out experience which generates the success. It can be ruthless though.  

Gemini likes to gather information in any way, shape or form. With Neptune in Pisces in square aspect (conflict) to the Full Moon there is a challenge to look deeper within. In other words Neptune is wondering as to why you are choosing to keep out your intuitive awareness. On another note: some of you may just be doing nothing but dreaming.

This is a time of change and they come from who you have been and what you choose on your path. Life is shifting and some have already gone through turning points in the last few months. What have you encountered as you walk through that door that has opened for you? As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, life has become a technological frenzy. Have you noticed how much information you process every day, every week and it keeps coming at you? Hey, I know technology is terrific but Sun in Gemini is going nuts, if I may say so. How wonderful it is to keep in contact minute by minute and reach out to the world. Outstanding! Whew, I do it on a limited basis at this time because it makes me weary. For example, I remember seeing on Facebook that a friend stated that she was overwhelmed by all the technology involved in her daily life. She was absolutely correct in her experience of this. Welcome to technology overload. What does this have to do with the Full Moon in Gemini? If you don’t feel this way, and you are in a chronic stage of technology use, then you have been pulled into the pattern that is unhealthy. Seriously, I have nothing against cell phones of all varieties, the Internet, TV programs, and on and on it goes.

What now? This Full Moon is saying to you to STOP. Take a breather and go walk in nature where you can clear out the past patterns that still abound within you. Sit in the sun and meditate or sing or just be. I know a good amount of you wouldn’t know just how to BE, now would you? It means do nothing. NOTHING! Sounds scary, right? Well, even so, I suggest doing it because otherwise you may be tripped up and have to take the time to do so. Please note that the Full Moon in Sagittarius with Antares right on it needs a breather. It is time to reconnect with your Higher Self and truly listen to your heart. That is what Neptune squaring the Sun/Moon is saying to you. You have gotten off-track with the emphasis on information. If you begin to tune in to what your Higher Self is trying to tell you, what a difference your life will be and your destiny will open to you.

This is also a time for clearing out and releasing any old outworn patterns that plague your life and keep you from moving forward in a steady, flowing manner. You will be amazed what occurs if you can just tune into you instead of the information around you. Take a risk and allow it to happen. FYI – Watch your alcohol consumption and any other addictions at this Full Moon.

Mercury is still retrograde in Gemini. Please refrain from signing any important documents until after June 11. Revise and reclaim who you are and Saturn in Sagittarius will help you to focus on anything that may need to be addressed or any goals that you are working on. Put them into action once Mercury goes direct. Since the Sun in Gemini is between Mars and Mercury retrograde there you may have your curiosity heightened and some solutions my come to the fore. Jupiter in Leo helps to support this action.

A friend of mine stopped by yesterday and shared with me a new product line which she asked me to try out. It is called “3rd Eye Free”. I began using the Myst and the Roll-On. It helps you to step into your spiritual birthright and expand your inner vision. The third eye chakra is also the pineal gland. In case you are interested it can be found at The timing is perfect for this Full Moon in Sagittarius. I will let you know how it is working for me. Oh, by the way, fluoride calcifies the pineal gland and this product will help decalcify it.

Those of you with birthdays mid-sign (7-15 degrees) will be more intensely affected. Those specifically are: May 28-June 6; August 29-September 6; November 28-December 6; and February 26-March 6. One more thing – watch for family drama.

Thank you for reading and please share if you are so inclined. Have a beautiful FULL MOON in Sagittarius and let me know in the comments if you are finding a shift in your life. Be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

FULL MOON/Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, May 24/25, 2013-Creative Expansion or Foggy Thinking?

Oh how the web is being woven! The illusions come with the silence and yet the silence is overwhelmed by the false promises and underlying deception. Nothing is what it seems anymore. Gee that was what it was so very long ago yet the rumblings and intensity were absent the last time this occurred in 1993-1994. Where does it take us, this FULL MOON in Sagittarius? What gifts does it bring? What corners does it light up that were so deeply hidden? The FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS and the Lunar Eclipse takes place on May 25, 2013 at 4 degrees 8 minutes at 12:25 am EDT. “Round Midnight” as Monk used to play. Those in other zones of the USA and farther on west will experience it on May 24. The fog may be thick in our minds. Yet, the Full Moon in Sagittarius brings out optimism. This can be overdone with the Neptune aspect. This is not a silent Full Moon since the Sun is in Gemini with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. There is smooth talk and lots of thinking. Watch those promises. If you cannot keep them, stop talking about them.

Much has been taking place since the first eclipse in this cycle occurred in April. What have you encountered since then? Has anything happened to bring on a new perspective or do you continue to whine and whimper about how your life isn’t the way you would like it or how those around you are stuck in the muck of another time. It gets worse, dear ones because you may be the only one who is awake in your circle. The awakening is coming and it will take many by surprise. There still may be some shaky times for those of you paying attention and flowing. Neptune squares this Full Moon in Sagittarius and boy it sure does like to keep those hidden things buried or it will come blasting out at you and throw you off. I think it will be the first scenario because the Powers that Be will not want anything hidden in front of you to actually be noticed by you. Did you notice the same person appeared in the TV blurb about Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon? Have you seen the evidence that Fukushima contaminants are on the east side of Hawaii and moving towards the mainland? The new DSM5 is coming out. If you forget something and tell someone you may have some kind of disorder or if a child or adult throws a temper tantrum…watch out- medication is on the way. How desperate the PTB are! Apparently many of you may be having mental health screenings under Obamacare. Wow, it gets weirder by the day. Oh, I forgot about the leaders who are meeting in South America regarding controlling the internet in some way. Gotta love that!!! Not!

This FULL MOON/Eclipse can bring lightness to your world if you have gotten through the fixed feeling of the New Moon/Solar eclipse a couple of weeks ago. Most of the planets in Taurus except for Mars have moved into Gemini so that does make it feel a bit less stuck, maybe. Oh, dear ones, how many of you have taken the leap and truly opened the door to a bigger world out there. Who among you has taken the risk and followed your heart? Old stuff is continuing to fall away and I know many of you have gotten caught in the clearing out and are confused as to what is going on. Right? And how many of you stay tethered to a past life, event, or even a time in this life where the living was easy. You cannot go back. The door is shutting.It only keeps you mired in your own fantasy and that is what this Neptune square will continue to bring to your life if you allow it, more confusion or unfulfilled dreams. BUT, you can change it with a walk in the park or a meditative state to clear your confusion. Neptune is also spiritual and rules Pisces. It can bring out the best creativity you have had in years. Do it. Jump into the creative moment and instead of that fantasy ruling you and keeping you stuck, let it bring out the best in you and it may help you leap.

With the Full Moon/Eclipse in Sagittarius many of you may be travelling in the next few months. That is part of the Sagittarius influence. And then others may be philosophizing. It can be a mystical revelation with the grand magician’s influence or it can bring disillusionment. Have you thought about delving into your soul and allowing the music of that sphere to evolve? I keep repeating that the deception can be grand and you may be swayed very easily into a cloud that is not for your highest good. Keep that in mind when someone is trying to convince you and your heart says I don’t think so. There are endings that may show up, new beginnings which take place, or a major breakthrough may occur. I know it covers all bases yet it really doesn’t. Some of you will experience only the subtlety of the Full Moon/Eclipse while others of you may be blasted right out of your inertia. Continue paying attention or the change may be so drastic like Medusa’s head flying off. She happens to be in the picture also.
Stop chattering and listen. And please no serious talks with your partner until well after the eclipse’s influence has moved on. The intensity continues and how does that affect you? The Full Moon has Cupid asteroid near it which says to me you have to take a look at where you are giving into your Cupid desires over everything else. Also, there may be a need to take out those demons that you keep hiding from others. Depending where the Full Moon falls in your chart will tell you where the disposal has to take place. Those of you who are mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) will be most affected. Others may be if you have planets near 4 deg 8 minutes of Sagittarius. I have a south node close by. It is time to correct any old habits regarding people in my daily living and workplace. What was lacking in the past still may feel the same right now. It also showed up with the Solar Eclipse and was in my 12th house. Old unconscious thought forms from this and past lifetimes will surface to be cleared. I am jumping for joy!

One more thing-watch what you write and say near an eclipse. If something happens during the eclipse effect it probably will be irreversible and you need to just move on. Any eclipse including this Full Moon in Sagittarius eclipse is about moving forward and taking that leap, whether you like it or not. Celebrate yourself no matter what is going on. Life is what it is and you need to remember that. May you be blessed! Thank you all for reading and any comments. Until again. Love, Jan

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