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New Moon in Scorpio, October 27/28, 2019-Is there a transformative surprise?

new moon in scorpio 2019

Hello Dear Ones. Welcome to Cosmic Leaping. At present the one thing that is constantly knocking at my door is the inability of those who speak to have a real conversation. I know that the New Moon in Scorpio is not really about talking and all that, yet as I travel through life the more I go out and about the less I notice anyone conversing. And that is because everyone is on that wonderful phone that has taken over the world. Why do I bring this up now? Because I see what damage it has done to society in general, especially in America. I am aware that this thinking is against the norm of many individuals with whom I come in contact. And then at times I get a surprise and someone tells me they are not on the phone every five seconds. Then when I do speak I need to be cautious because who knows what will happen if I say something that is unacceptable to them. If you heard some of the things that I heard through the years your head would spin and fly away. And guess what, no one took it personally. If you think that life is going to get better with the outrageous lambasting of anything and everyone who does not agree with anyone out there then you are in a downward spiral. What you hear is not the truth most of the time. Do you welcome the truth-your own or of those around you? I see that many fight the truth. Yet, if you look within you will know of this. If you could go back in time and see what was coming to you and your life, you would probably jump for joy if you allowed your heart to rule. And today, instead of researching and seeking truth many would rather just jump on the bandwagon. Today the propaganda is so real that you actually believe it. Wake up. And with this in mind the shocks will show up with the New Moon in Scorpio since it is opposing Uranus in Taurus. Look out for it. Just saw this quote from an article. Confucius said “when words lose their meaning, people will lose their liberty.”

Before I talk about the upcoming New Moon here are some bits and pieces. I just read that there are some Geomagnetic Storms possibly hitting Earth around October 24/25. This according to what I read may make you cold and then hotter than anything. It was mentioned it was the crystalline frequencies. I just saw that Google has taken over the Drudge Report. How fantastic is that so now you can get more propaganda. Move on. If you are news savvy you will note that there is social unrest in France, England, Ecuador, Chile, Lebanon, Hong Kong, and other places. The riots continue on. First Amendment is under fire. Apparently a good portion of society wants it changed due to hate speech. And dang it I cannot say something that someone may not like. Get over it already. Oh, I know, shame on me for saying that. And one more thing-if you are looking for impeachment, look again, not happening. Protection abounds. Due process is now on the way in the impeachment inquiry.

The New Moon in Scorpio arrives on Sunday, October 27, 2019, at 11:38pm EDT; 8:38pm PDT and October 28, 2019 at 3:38am GMT in 4°25’ and is opposite Uranus in Taurus. This makes the energy unpredictable and shocking. It will make people impulsive and even crazy. The Sun is in the exact degree in Scorpio. Scorpio is always about power, sex and money. Hot items, yes!  Scorpio is suspicious at times and can be quite secretive about true motives. Usually this is due to the fact Scorpio feels vulnerable. Scorpio has emotional intensity and when it is channeled properly it can give great endurance. Scorpio Moon/Sun has great ambition yet has no interest in being in the spotlight. The New Moon is about new beginnings in intimate relationships, increasing passion in your sex life, self-mastery, empowerment, and crisis-management skills. Scorpio Sun can bring up thoughts about past betrayals (ugh!) yet lead you to find your trusting energy again. New Moon with Sun in Scorpio is about drama and darkness. It sits there just dwelling in the cellar. It rules your eighth house in your chart and ruled by Pluto. And it just may bring about a transformation.

This New Moon in Scorpio gives to you an insight regarding love. Through this feeling you find the power of heart and soul. What is your heart’s deepest desire? This is a time that you can shift the patterns to which in many cases you pay very little attention. Since it is opposing Uranus what does that tell you? Good surprises or shocks in some way. At times Scorpio is so deep that others around may not quite fathom what is actually going on within the individual.

Mars went into Libra and stays there until November 18/19. This speaks to you about fairness and balance in relationships. It is time to weigh the factors and find the right decision in relationships. It is a matter of defending and not attacking. Venus has been in Scorpio since October 8. If you have any business dealings to address now is the time to do so. Relating is the key wherever Venus and Mars show up in your natal blueprint. Mercury retrograde begins on October 31, 2019 and lasts until November 21. Oh, yes, do not sign contracts or buy a car etc. This time Mercury is conjunct (exact place) with Venus and a star which is about wounds. So perfect time it is to heal old love wounds if they are still hanging around. It is time for those who passionately look for truth to do so. Your psychic abilities with Mercury retrograde may increase. It is time to reevaluate whatever is pending. Old friendships may be renewed.

Most intensely affected by this New Moon in Scorpio are Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius between degrees of 1 and 8.  Those of you who have planets around those degrees may be affected somewhat also. Write down 10 wishes in the first 24 hours after.

Some tidbits for Sun signs/ Rising signs   Aries- Gains can show up. Shared resources are in the mix. Please watch who you share confidential information with. Control issues about money/sex.

Taurus- New phase in relationships arrives. No time for being a hermit. Someone new around you has amazing potential. All systems go. Listen to feedback from partner.

Gemini-It is time to transform your well-being with a long-term plan. Is there a way that you can help others also with their problems? Be gentle with actions. Organize work.

Cancer- Good fortune in love and it expands even more. Express yourself creatively. Travel may be in the picture. Self-confidence helps you get your executive ability going.

Leo- What big changes are coming in your life this month? Make no changes that unsettle your security. Positive new developments show up. New job maybe?

Virgo – Are you feeling lucky? There may be a reason. Get your ideas out there if you are feeling creative. How about humor in your conversations? Social activities are favored.

Libra – Are there some fears hanging about? What are they saying to you? It is time to transform your fiscal affairs. Look for ways to let it grow for the future.

Scorpio–   Magical thinking appears. Be optimistic. Do you really think you can solve everyone’s problems and transform them? There is a new sense of leadership and drive.

Sagittarius– What do you need to change and so that transformation can occur? If you feel vulnerable let others be aware. Opportunities come to you. Was that one?

Capricorn– Give thoughts to future plans. Connect with those important people. A happy friendship can expand. Are your ideas  set in stone? Victory in some area comes soon.

Aquarius– So you are controlling your emotions, are you? And the magnetism that comes through may come in handy. Transformative new start in business is available.

Pisces – Whatever you are visualizing can be real. Future plans are on the docket. Stay on your path and no matter what; create how you intend it to be in the coming months.

It sits right on my Chiron. Boo hoo. Will I be more intuitive and have an ability to read you even better? Or will it take me to my leftover wounds and bring them up for healing? Time will tell. Thank you for reading and sharing, I am most grateful for your support. Be blessed and stay in the moment. I would love to hear from you in the comments. Until again, love, Jan


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