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FULL MOON in LIBRA, April 6, 2012 – Balancing Differences with Harmony

Hello dear ones. Whew, Mercury just went direct. What a difference a day makes. It has been a truly remarkable week since I have been hosting the 5 Archangels in my home. Utmost peace is the description. They have been a beautiful energy and my whole outlook has been upbeat and quite calm. Gee whiz, my drive to work was awesome. When someone cut me off, I felt like ho hum. Nothing I can do. (IS THIS ME?) Anyway, that’s my story. In the meantime, the FULL MOON in LIBRA is just about upon us. It appears in the skies on Friday, April 6, 2012 at 3:19pm EDT. The Aries Sun and Libra Moon is about balance in relationships. Are you consciously aware of how you act towards others in your immediate circle? Maybe you need to stretch a bit and truly reach out in cooperation. Or do you prefer being selfish and pretending to sacrifice when it really is just plain ego?

Aries is about being free to be yourself, going on your way, doing your own thing. Aries dislikes limitations. Oh boy, I am sure he is not happy about Saturn playing with his freedom right now. Libra is about relating in partnerships, committed relationships.  Are you committed? Not to the asylum, but to your partner? The Aries Sun wants the freedom to blaze trails, to take risks and believe me, likes to leap. Wherever that Aries Sun and Libra Moon falls in your chart is where you need to balance that relationship. Since this is truly a balancing act FULL MOON, this is a time to find harmony with others. Aries is about finding your own identity and Libra is about giving up your own desires for the good of the partner. And some of you go to extremes and are totally out of balance because you do it all and the partner does nothing. Old stuff. Balance is a must with this FULL MOON. The self-sacrifice is unnecessary. This is old junk that needs to be cleared and believe me this moon wants it cleared so you can cooperate in a relationship. Both of your needs are important. You take care of yourself so then you can help the other one. What’s this about anyway? Are you fearful the partner will walk out the door?  I have the Full Moon in my 5th house. And dang, that’s about love and love and fun and creativity. Maybe another love poem will show up in my journal or someone will criticize my work or maybe I will find deeper love if I can accept differences (well, that’s a great one since I have accepted all differences with anyone and everyone.) I must have gone beyond my chart. No ego intended.

Oh no, I forgot to tell you something. This Full Moon is quincunx (150deg.) to Jupiter. And this means it could be all about sex. Yep, Jupiter cannot get enough, but it really is not happening. Nada. Try, try all you want…nothing. Why not? It is because we have another aspect going on with Venus, Mars and Neptune. Venus is square Neptune at this time and that’s fantasy love. I love you because I love loving. Really? And Mars gets into the act and squares them too and guess what it is like nobody does anything. Venus and Mars are going to be giving it a shot BUT Neptune enters into it and goes back to fantasyland. Or are you just plain getting addicted to love? I think that may be the case. And then there is Asteroid Isis entering into it and what a shame because she really has a thing going on and what frustration there is. Be there for the one you love without complete sacrifice. What is still holding you back from any forward motion and keeps you from having a truly loving relationship.  Do it now dear ones. What a difference it will make!

As I mentioned in the early part of this post, commitment issues may surface at this FULL MOON. Respect your loved one’s choices. What keeps you from being fully committed? Do you ever really give it a thought? Maybe it is time to ponder this.  All of you who have 14-19 degrees for Libra Sun, Moon or mid Libra rising will be most affected. The FULL MOON touching  planets/asteroids at those degrees in Aries, Cancer and Capricorn may also create intensity

Mercury went direct yesterday April 4. Of course I do think I said it would go direct on the 7th somewhere in past post. Mercury was playing with my mind. How were your dreams in the past couple of days? On the day Mercury goes direct a dream may bring you an answer to a nagging issue.

Mars goes direct on April 13th. If you have felt stuck in any aspect of your life, this will help you take a deep breath and leap a bit forward. Now is the time to balance out the emotional intelligence and logical mind. When you have this balance you feel terrific. Without it you may feel dragged down and without much energy. Do you believe that your intuition is as beneficial as your factual thought process? A balance is needed for your well being.  

And Pluto, yes Pluto, does have a deep effect on all of us. It is going to go retrograde on April 10 and stay that way until September 17. This is an intense time for some of you due to major clearing out especially those who have planets in Capricorn at 7-9 degrees and beginning degrees of Capricorn. Other Capricorns will have overwhelming feelings at times but the bottomline is as long as you go with it and allow Pluto to transform the area it affects, all is good. When Pluto is retrograde it takes no prisoners. Profound changes take place for everyone who is touched by its energy.It brings your shadow side into the limelight.

 Keep your heart energy open and flowing. May your day be filled with the Divine Presence. If you celebrate Easter or Passover, let the joy fill you with harmony. Until again. Love, Jan

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