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Welcome aboard the big ol’ plane. You are getting ready to fly in the chemtrail-laden sky with no one who even cares. You are thinking what is going on here. Hey, did I enter the correct address? Yep, you did. You are taking a flight today to experience life in the “what could have been.” Hey, did you pass through the scanner before you climbed aboard the plane.  Was TSA all over you? You didn’t mind? Good for you. Just another day in the flight zone! Hope you have that laptop or your cell phone? Gee whiz. What will happen if the internet goes down or something happens that texting, emails and whatever new gadget of the day has no service? Am I being cynical? C’mon. This is life in the world today and I better hop on board, right? If I don’t get with the picture, I am going to be left behind. Really? Do you not see the control that is seeping into your lives? Have you noticed that you are being tracked online, tracked on your phone and probably 5 other places that you haven’t noticed yet? Do you even think about it? Elderly are being killed off (yes, they are), babies are being killed off and maybe soon….YOU. Now I sound like a fear-monger. Pay attention to what is happening in this could be great country. The mainstream media is taunting you and controlling you upfront and who knows who controls from behind the scenes. There is an indication that there are some in the media who are waking up. How can that be possible? Censorship is rampant and you don’t care. Why am I saying this today? Dear ones, this was a reminder of all the negative junk that permeates our beings. And if you don’t put yourself in a protective mode, you are dumbed down, energetically depleted and many other things.

 There is no magic solution to our life on earth in these days of shifting sands. The shift is taking place and the events are speeding up and many are still oblivious to the energy that is permeating our lives. The control from the top is just trying to keep you mesmerized and fearful. Get it? I keep saying pay attention because life is going to change sooner than later. I am speaking about good things not end of the world muck that those who are in charge of you and me like to imply.  There are many of you who believe in God. Many have great faith, some do not. What does this have to do with anything? Clean up your act, for goodness sakes and realize that you have to begin to open to the love within you in order for all of us to take a big leap to Higher Consciousness. This is about humanity not just you individually. A good place to start is stop taking everything personally. Gee whiz, who said life is just about you and what you desire?  Now, before you ask, why do you have to give up something, stop. I hear all the time how someone was very negative to you. Can it be your own inner workings that are bringing this about? (This is not about abusive relationships.) Or can it be that you really are too much in your ego and how dare someone say that to you. Dear ones, until you stop taking things personally, nothing will change. And if that is your choice, then so be it. I took many things personally years ago. It is too difficult to go there now. I may disagree with you. Does it matter? NO! Believe me, once you begin to notice that it has no affect upon you as to what others think or say, it evaporates. Do you need that approval? Give it up already. Send out love to all who just “bother” you or just walk away from it. Ask, in fact, tell the DIVINE to heal you, show you, guide you to see what needs the clearing, the letting go and do it. See what happens. And if you find someone in your life who truly has no resonance with you, are you going to hang on for dear life just because someone thinks you should? Hey, I did not say dislike them. I just said that if your connection is for your highest good, stay with it. If not, then let go. And for those who just irritate you because you just are oversensitive that day, take a deep breath.  Life is too short to carry grudges.

 The energy is going to get more intense as you go through the year. In fact, it is March 1st and the drum rolls begin. The trigger point is ready to commence. Are you prepared? How about all of you stop what you are doing and send out the highest love from your heart to the world so that others who are still asleep in their lives, begin to feel the desire to step up to the plate and wake the heck up. If enough in the world do this, watch what happens.

 Pluto in Capricorn is truly digging deep and restructuring all that it touches especially in big business, government, and building..It can be about perseverance. If it touches any planet in your chart as it goes retrograde in April in Capricorn at 9 degrees, the intensity will deepen. It has been at 9 degrees since February 24 2012. Right now it is a time of tearing down and rebuilding. Pluto says clean it up yourself or he will do it without your input.  In my chart I don’t have any major planets being aspected, although Neptune was just squared during the last few months. It brought digging deeper into what worked for me spiritually and what did not and facing that shadow side. Death also showed up. Felt very isolated .Walked through fear and then it came up again. At 9 degrees Capricorn trine my asteroid Nemesis (good thing maybe) can bring a restructuring of fortune in some way (big change in fortune). Not good, not bad. And since it falls in my 7th and 4th houses…relationships/home life may be involved. Is Pluto aspecting any planet in your chart? If so, how will you be affected? What is being transformed?

 Look for post on the March 8th Full Moon in Pisces (early morning hours on the East Coast of the USA.). Hang onto those hats, the March winds are blowing and who knows how the energy will affect you. Sending you blessings and much love for an upbeat week. Thank you for your support. Until again, Jan

Manifest Your Dreams with Love Energy in 2012

Well, it’s 2012 and here we go again. Warmongers are set to blow the world up, the doomsday people are ready for the gloom that they want to manifest, and the Earth is crying her eyes out. We need to help the Earth heal and stop this craziness before it takes us away into oblivion that many are trying to bring about. There was a video I saw recently about that which said in order for the Earth to shift into a higher place of consciousness and heal it needs you and me to help it. What can we do? If you are reading this blog you probably feel the same way I do. Let’s awaken those who continue to sleep in their cozy existences. There are many who will choose to abandon the highest ways as they continue on their paths to doom. Yet, you and I are looking to rise up to higher consciousness and awaken others. How can we do this?  Affirm that “I am willing to shift with my beloved Mother Earth.” It is recommended to say 3-4 times per day.

 So much is going on around me and my favorite topic, the energy of LOVE and how it can help you get through the year. It is interesting how different I feel in this year of 2012. It is like something shifted immensely and here I am still going ahead, feeling better than I did just a few weeks ago. Did any of you feel some shifting within, or around you? This past weekend there was a Venus/Neptune aspect which was truly romantic. How many of you experienced a breakthrough lovewise?  It was almost ethereal. And Venus now has come upon Chiron in Pisces in the last day or so which could bring about major relationship healing. On the other hand Chiron can manifest from a negative place and be truly insensitive because of its woundedness. Chiron is the wounded healer. So, did you come from the higher place or did you unconsciously hurt someone? It is a beautiful aspect if you stay on the higher ground and the deepest healing in a relationship can take place. Have any of you experienced this in the last day or so? Still is possible in the coming week. Look for it. Come from the deepest love and heal your relationship if needed.

 Have you ever noticed how love motivates you? When you have a loving interaction and are involved with that special someone, don’t you feel uplifted? Inspired? I know that being in a loving relationship has always inspired me to go beyond the ordinary, silently telling me that I could conquer the world. Do women do this? Well, you know what I mean. The feelings that surface are joyful and can be magnificent if you are coming from that positive side of yourself. Have you noticed that love makes your mind clearer? When you truly love someone you stop feeling sorry for yourself. You love yourself even more unless, of course, you never did and that is what brings about any difficulties that may arise, lack of self-love. Love attracts love. So, if you have buried love so deeply because you fear loving, then do you really think you will find it manifesting in your life? Love is God.

 If you find yourself acting out, do you think that it is a reflection of the partner’s feelings which may be coming from the unconscious? Does he/she recognize that? Or is it taken as a negative against them? Since we do tend to be mirrors for other,, that is possible. Sometimes there may be a past life issue, many in fact, which will trigger something within you or your partner and will start to be a burden on the relationship due to unsolved issues which haven’t been recognized. Or there may be a previous relationship which is now being played out with you because your partner didn’t resolve it with the other partner. Or you may be doing that also. Complex…not! Just layers of an onion which have to be peeled back to see what is truly happening and let go once it surfaces.

 My suggestion to start the New Year in love is to forgive, have compassion and understanding, Love in your life manifests many things positive. It is a deep spring which flows from the Divine within and without. You are created to be love. Do you run from it because it scares you? Take love out of your life. What do you think will happen? That’s like taking the Divine from your life. With the Venus/Chiron aspect it is telling you to open to that healing within. If you do that then you can manifest it in your relationship. Let love energize you. Stop pushing it away and staying stuck in the muck of your own junk. There are really sweet things going on so please take advantage of any opportunities that may show up the end of the week Venus/Pluto can bring pleasure and boundless healing for those who are open to it. Keep that smile intact and as John Michael Montgomery says in a song,

“…If you’ve got love you can move a mountain
A little bit further down the line
You can do it all at once or one rock at a time
You can turn an ordinary picture into a priceless work of art
It’s what you can do if you’ve got love in your heart…”

 What a fantastic time to be alive. Love will help you take a leap further than before. Love is all there is, dear ones. Let it be manifest in your life this year in a magnificent way. May you be blessed until again. The Full Moon shows up on the weekend. Pay attention and thanks for reading.  Love, Jan




Round and Round You Go Where You Stop is Up to You- Welcome to 2012

What a year! Wow! Happy New Year to you! So, here we are 3 days into 2012 and something feels different. Have you noticed anything in the past few days? Have any of you felt stopped on the tracks the last few months, maybe the whole year? According to Kryon, we are still moving ahead in the NOW and may not feel the energy in the perspective of the old paradigm. I have felt stopped for a few months now and then when I thought about how the energy is changing, I realized that there has been movement forward yet my perspective is still catching up.  2011 was a year of ups and downs for many of you, including me. Not sure where everyone is heading but I do know that life is quickly shifting to a higher wave of energy. And once your energy begins to speed up even more, start noticing how others around you who may be lagging behind or no longer are part of your life, just fade away. This is the focus of 2012. Please hop off the doomsday bandwagon, because if you intend good times and bringing in a Higher Consciousness, then what do you think will happen? Do you really feel that the earth is going to be blown to pieces? That is what the mainstream media is portraying and so many are on that gloom and doom merry-go-round. Why not stop that circus now? They are conditioning you to think that way if you have even given it one second of thought. Why would our Divine Creator choose to destroy the planet? It is most likely the end of the linear timeframe as we have been taught.

What can you do to celebrate this awesome energy that is becoming so regenerating? Have you felt it fully? Are you hiding in a closet? Not paying attention? Well, why haven’t you allowed it to come into your life? It is here, you know. How can you think about moving forward in big leaps, in fact, in a cosmic leap if you refuse to pay attention? Some of you will be able to leap forward, hop that train and start moving forward sooner than later. Others may still have to clear out some residue from the past and it may be a bit slower. And there are those of you who have done nothing with intention and keep grazing in the grass. Are you waiting for the bull to come along and gives you a shove?  Uh oh! There are many who have had false starts in the past couple of years. It is time to regroup and clear and go on. Some will reconnect, others will meet anew. There are those of you who are moving to new destinations and then others who will stay in the same place major surprises may come out of the blue.

You need to let the past go? Goodness, it sounds like nagging, doesn’t it? That would be the ultimate thing to do. Release and clear out all those fears…yes, you have fears. Dear ones, look around, do you really have anything to fear? I can tell in your voices, that some fears are still present. You need the past, you say. Of course you do. Memories are wonderful. You have learned so many wonderful things in the past. Take what you need and move forward to what is truly on your path. As the energy speeds up those who are attuned to this energy will find that things you did 20 years ago have little interest unless it is part of your path. And people who have been in your life, for all that time, have been there for a reason. If they no longer enhance your joy, then why hold on? Are you hanging onto a memory or the actual person or thing? Why? Does the person or thing still serve a purpose, enhance your creativity, and make you laugh? Have you closed the door on your present so you can hide in the past? That is fear dear ones. Plain, ordinary fear! What a wonderful feeling it is to release that part of your life that no longer excites you, supports you or nourishes your being. The quicker you release and clear out, the more space you have for your next adventure, the new you.

 Keep the negativity at bay. I am finding that the clearer I become, the more exciting my life is. It sparkles with joy.  Are you willing to allow you to become who you are meant to be? Are you willing to be your authentic self? Think about how your life can be IF you allow the goodness to be present within. Dear ones, keep those worries out of your life. Let no one pull you into that place anymore.

 I am going to share some info with you. No fear please, but it does make me furious and if it doesn’t make you furious, maybe you are dead? Just an FYI. While all of you were either partying or just relaxing with family and friends, there was a loss. Read what Mike Adams has to say about what happened on the 31st of December 2011. “…Derived from sacred principles of natural law, the Bill of Rights has come to a sudden and catastrophic end with the President’s signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a law that grants the U.S. military the “legal” right to conduct secret kidnappings of U.S. citizens, followed by indefinite detention, interrogation, torture and even murder…” read more at

 The Bison card is what I drew from Animal Powers Meditations as the New Year begins. The Bison represents prosperity. Perfect. “Bison, spirit, I am calling you. I am grateful for your gifts,   Of abundance and endurance, Come to me now and give me grounding. I need your knowledge to help me survive, to slow down, be patient and move  forward. Having faith that all I need will be provided.”Think about what Bison says and I know that the good things of life will come to you if you open your hearts to them. Patience is the keyword at this time. Set your goals and intentions for the year and open to allowing them to come to you. May you all be blessed with the new energy of Higher Consciousness and may you find your truth this year. The path is getting more narrow.

Will you endure? Ready for leaping? Thank you for all you do and all you are. Have a wonderful week and until again. Love, Jan

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