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FULL MOON AQUARIUS, AUGUST 1, 2012 – Let the Light Shine Brightly

What a bright and shiny day it was yesterday. Perfect summer atmosphere with no chemtrail clouds to poison us. But there is a poison from the mob, the hive and murky mind which continues along with the oppressive heat that will appear again tomorrow. There has been so much vitriolic energy in the air this past week that it has been easy for many of you to get pulled into this. This mentality is being brought about through the Pluto/Uranus square which is ever-present and not so much from the Mercury retrograde still hanging around.  I have chosen to stay adrift on my island of the moment. My intention was to post some of this last week except all hell broke loose. Everything crazy that could happen did. THE FULL MOON in AQUARIUS is ready to show up tonight August 1, 2012 at 11:29pm EDT at 10deg15min. Let us welcome it with a sigh of relief. There are challenges to come yet this FULL MOON is a bit calmer and supported by Saturn trine Venus and Sun trine Uranus.

Before I go on with the FULL MOON in Aquarius notes I would like to mention a few things that are so blatant in the mainstream media. For the record, I have no formal connections to Penn State University. The whole scenario interests me because I know deep in my soul that it is not what it seems. It is not about protecting victims; it is about protecting certain political connections and beyond. It is amazing what one finds when one opens to it. When I started to post I wanted to talk about soulfulness and the Full Moon and here I am writing about soullessness. What is so disturbing is that either I have dreamed it or there is something very strange happening because the link I was going to post is no longer found. (Found out he was banned from posting on a website I was looking at and they deleted all his posts. Lame reason given.)  Oh well, the bottom-line is that the Freeh report, (the deciding factor in all the sanctions against Penn State) is only one-sided reporting. There was another report which was to be given to a Mr. Lauro and it never was presented. Sandusky was cleared originally in 1998 for whatever took place. Did you actually talk to the DA back in the day? Did you know he chose not to do anything because there was nothing to do? Did you know the DA Gricar disappeared in 2005 and was not to be seen again?  Has the NCAA stepped over the line? The Governor of PA had no love for President Spanier…a known fact. And you can imagine the rest of the story. There’s no doubt that Paterno may not have followed through but the bottom-line is this: Joe is dead and buried. He is not the perp. Wait until the truth comes out. So, you can continue to rev up the lynch mob mentality or wait until the truth becomes known.  Remember the next time there is a child abuse problem or law enforcement need please pick up the phone and call the NCAA. You can find their number on their website. Out of control it is. And you may as well call the IRS if you need to track murderers. Enough ranting.

The FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS says unique. Aquarius is about individualistic perspective. There is independence within. It speaks of having vision. Aquarius is about genius, rebirth, and humanitarian actions. Aquarius asks you to step out of the box whether in your thinking, feeling or being. This is about authentic. If you are playing a role, then this will trip you up in some way. Aquarians like real. Stop repressing your emotions because Aquarius FULL MOON will allow that Uranus /Pluto aspect to bring an explosion. You have little need for that. And please watch any confrontations in the next week or two. Lively banter and discussion need to stay in that mode or there will be regrets.

One thing this Full Moon can do for you is bring your liberation. You can actually free yourself from any stuck modes or ties which matter no longer. This FULL MOON gets supported by the whole sky. There still are some challenges that may pop up periodically yet you will notice it can also be peaceful much of the time. Of course, peace comes when you are on track and you honor and love yourself.  The energy of this FULL MOON is quite positive and it is time for every one of you to emerge from the cocoon that has surrounded you the last few weeks. There is a cradle formation in the chart and it is like saying you have to be shaken out of that comfy place. Hanging onto the past is not the answer. There is a big push that shows up from Uranus and Jupiter. Where is your independent thinking? Where is that unique perspective that you say is yours? Do you have a plan to extract yourself from any chains that hold you back?  Or do you need a BIG SHOVE?  Pay attention to your flashes of intuition. This is a special moon with much inspiration. Do you have a vision?Then take a cosmic leap and show it to the world. If there was any bruising from the last few weeks, this Moon will help soothe and heal. And those who choose to ignore your insights you may wish to open your hearts and mind to those Divine Angels who are trying to get your intention.  They bring you much guidance at this time. The Sabian Symbol for this FULL MOON degree is “…a man receives new insights which may change his life.” Light finally shines after the dark days. (Watch for earth tremors though.)

There is one more thing I wish to share. Kassandra, the asteroid is aspecting the Sun in Leo. How is that affecting you?  It was an A HA moment. Kassandra is about prophecy and depends where it falls in your chart as to how it will affect your life. Well, dear ones, in my chart it sits on my Sun. Guess what? The secret to Kassandra is the fact that she was given prophecy but the catch was, no one would believe her. Thanks to Apollo. She would not go along with his wishes and rejected him outright and dang; no one would believe her prophecy. It tells me that no one will hear me if I use my intuition and send it out there. I have to find a way for people to understand what I am saying because they may choose to not believe me. There have been so many times I have been the brunt of jokes and sheer disdain for my non-rational, non-scientific beliefs. Go Kassandra. See where it affects your life. It explains everything now. Those who are in the mainstream have no interest in what I say. Do I really need their support? Nope.

Happy rest of the week and clear out what you need to clear on this FULL MOON. Let the past rest and think about moving forward at the new moon.  Leaping comes sooner than you think. Thank you for your support. Until again, Blessings and love, Jan.



NEW MOON in CANCER, July 19, 2012-Emotional Intensity Brings Catharsis

Where shall I begin? I can start in the deep dark jungles of Africa, or the Plains of our USA or in the Outback of Australia, or maybe even Siberia. Life has been shifting immensely and before I say anything about the NEW MOON let’s take a look at how you are doing. Lots of thinking, thinking, thinking has been taking place within you. Your mind has been racing and you just want to shut out the world. What a truth that is. Nothing is as it seems yet everything is what you think it is, or is it? Your brain has been on a merry-go-round. Quick, jump off now! It does feel better. Thought it would never stop, didn’t you? The NEW MOON in CANCER 26 deg. 56 min. on July 19, 2012 at 12:24am EDT. Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A violent storm in the canyon filled with expensive homes.” It is suggesting you are feeling comfy in your life filled with good books and amenities and an unexpected crisis occurs and you have an inner metamorphosis due to the chaos that continually pulls on you. The word is catharsis. So, anyone with planets near this degree of Cancer will be affected intensely. If you have Mercury, it will affect your communication in a stifled kind of way; more serious than jovial. The planet Mars around this degree brings an energetic burst to the new beginning but it can be volatile. Any planet that is in Aries, Libra or Capricorn will also be affected strongly.

NEW MOON in Cancer is about relaxing, resting and rejuvenating. If you choose to leap, it won’t be a big one since Mercury is Retrograde and Uranus, Pluto and Mars are in a T-Square. Ouch, it says. This will be going on for some time down the road. I will go further into detail shortly about this. Back to the New Moon now. New Moon in Cancer is about the inner, sacred Mother who is nurturing. Cancer is also about being aware of your emotions. After all the rehashing you have been doing the last month or so, this is a respite. Cancer the Crab likes to dive down into the deep and then when something looks inviting, it comes out with its claw to grab it. Cancer the Crab knows how to use the flow to its advantage. Do you? Cancer New Moon says to be open to new opportunities but not to act upon them yet. If you really prefer to retreat right now then do it with utmost fervor and deeply retreat. Enjoy just sitting back and allowing the flow until you feel ready to take the next leap. If the heat isn’t oppressive you can sit on the swing or in the hammock just lazing at those times you can do so. And if you are in the cooler winter in the Southern Hemisphere, wrap up in a cozy blanket and veg out. No pressure. Allow the flow. And even those of you who cannot stay off your laptops or stop watching TV, it’s ok. Perhaps those sentimental movies would be to your liking at this time.

The sign Cancer is about feelings too. It is about bonding with another individual on a deep emotional level. There is something changing within you. Can you feel it? How many of you have avoided your deepest feelings for fear if you express them you will get hurt?  I hope you have decided to share them with others because New Moon in Cancer is all about feelings and the Crab needs that bonding on a deep personal level. And if any of you feel otherwise, it is called repression of those feelings due to beliefs, hurts, affronts and fear. Let it go already and go with the flow. What are you longing for? It will begin to seep through at the New Moon. A time for nurturing and intimacy has arrived. Seeking refuge within is good for a time and then it is about allowing the depth of feelings to come through. If you have no feelings how do you create what you desire in your life? A repressed feeling in you brings about chaotic conditions. So be prepared if you suppress those emotions. Why not be your creative self or your feeling self and write poetry/ create new songs. This is the kind of feeling you have with the New Moon in Cancer. Create and feel. Get it?

Mercury is retrograde until August 7/8. This is not your usual Mercury retrograde because it tends to be softer.  Minor interruptions, distractions and losing items may be at the core. Only suggestion, buy no electronic items during this time and please sign no papers that are important agreements. The possibility of having to redo them is paramount.

Mars is in Libra at 8deg opposing Uranus at 8deg. Oh my. The electric current is magnified. Those feelings may be present but this opposition can turn your world into a nightmare of anger, hostility and unexpected affronts. Those who feel anger right now watch out. Just stop the power struggles and turn it into an empowerment time. Take that energy and use it wisely. And then this opposition squares Pluto, the great transformer. Guess what? Have you noticed anything lately coming from those in mainstream misinforming media? They are playing into this energy and so are those who read and listen to the junk they put out. Is that you? I hope not. Joe Paterno died in January 2012. He is being trashed and burnt at the stake because the media has taken it upon themselves to draw you into what they want. It is heartless the way those that judge this man. You can laugh at me, tell me I have no clue, it matters not. This is a story; a big story and it is not what it appears to be. Sandusky is a perp. Paterno was not. Tell me, each and every one of you that you would have gone to the police, the authorities, the higher-ups. Go ahead and tell me. Oh, so you choose to tear him down too? Go for it because it will come back to haunt you if you are dragged into this hive mind, the mob rule. You have no idea what happened. NONE. And don’t tell me that you are told everything. You are told what they want you to know. PERIOD! So, go ahead get on the bandwagon. I don’t hear the graduate assistant’s name anymore. I don’t hear the name of President of PSU anymore. The perp is still alive and will act again. And it matters not whether you tear down the statue or you take Joe off the list at Brown University. I think your attention is being manipulated and you have no idea that this is something other than what it seems. Things are going to get even uglier if people jump on the hive mind train. There is more to this than meets the eye.

Dear ones, I appreciate your support and your kind words. Let the storms pass you by when you find a way to relax and rejuvenate. Let no one drag you into their muck. Stop it before it gets a hold on you. Feel deeply and allow love it to flow to those you love. Next stop Full Moon in Leo. It’s party time and you can shine. Have a beautiful week. Until again, Love, Jan

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