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NEW MOON in CANCER, July 19, 2012-Emotional Intensity Brings Catharsis

Where shall I begin? I can start in the deep dark jungles of Africa, or the Plains of our USA or in the Outback of Australia, or maybe even Siberia. Life has been shifting immensely and before I say anything about the NEW MOON let’s take a look at how you are doing. Lots of thinking, thinking, thinking has been taking place within you. Your mind has been racing and you just want to shut out the world. What a truth that is. Nothing is as it seems yet everything is what you think it is, or is it? Your brain has been on a merry-go-round. Quick, jump off now! It does feel better. Thought it would never stop, didn’t you? The NEW MOON in CANCER 26 deg. 56 min. on July 19, 2012 at 12:24am EDT. Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A violent storm in the canyon filled with expensive homes.” It is suggesting you are feeling comfy in your life filled with good books and amenities and an unexpected crisis occurs and you have an inner metamorphosis due to the chaos that continually pulls on you. The word is catharsis. So, anyone with planets near this degree of Cancer will be affected intensely. If you have Mercury, it will affect your communication in a stifled kind of way; more serious than jovial. The planet Mars around this degree brings an energetic burst to the new beginning but it can be volatile. Any planet that is in Aries, Libra or Capricorn will also be affected strongly.

NEW MOON in Cancer is about relaxing, resting and rejuvenating. If you choose to leap, it won’t be a big one since Mercury is Retrograde and Uranus, Pluto and Mars are in a T-Square. Ouch, it says. This will be going on for some time down the road. I will go further into detail shortly about this. Back to the New Moon now. New Moon in Cancer is about the inner, sacred Mother who is nurturing. Cancer is also about being aware of your emotions. After all the rehashing you have been doing the last month or so, this is a respite. Cancer the Crab likes to dive down into the deep and then when something looks inviting, it comes out with its claw to grab it. Cancer the Crab knows how to use the flow to its advantage. Do you? Cancer New Moon says to be open to new opportunities but not to act upon them yet. If you really prefer to retreat right now then do it with utmost fervor and deeply retreat. Enjoy just sitting back and allowing the flow until you feel ready to take the next leap. If the heat isn’t oppressive you can sit on the swing or in the hammock just lazing at those times you can do so. And if you are in the cooler winter in the Southern Hemisphere, wrap up in a cozy blanket and veg out. No pressure. Allow the flow. And even those of you who cannot stay off your laptops or stop watching TV, it’s ok. Perhaps those sentimental movies would be to your liking at this time.

The sign Cancer is about feelings too. It is about bonding with another individual on a deep emotional level. There is something changing within you. Can you feel it? How many of you have avoided your deepest feelings for fear if you express them you will get hurt?  I hope you have decided to share them with others because New Moon in Cancer is all about feelings and the Crab needs that bonding on a deep personal level. And if any of you feel otherwise, it is called repression of those feelings due to beliefs, hurts, affronts and fear. Let it go already and go with the flow. What are you longing for? It will begin to seep through at the New Moon. A time for nurturing and intimacy has arrived. Seeking refuge within is good for a time and then it is about allowing the depth of feelings to come through. If you have no feelings how do you create what you desire in your life? A repressed feeling in you brings about chaotic conditions. So be prepared if you suppress those emotions. Why not be your creative self or your feeling self and write poetry/ create new songs. This is the kind of feeling you have with the New Moon in Cancer. Create and feel. Get it?

Mercury is retrograde until August 7/8. This is not your usual Mercury retrograde because it tends to be softer.  Minor interruptions, distractions and losing items may be at the core. Only suggestion, buy no electronic items during this time and please sign no papers that are important agreements. The possibility of having to redo them is paramount.

Mars is in Libra at 8deg opposing Uranus at 8deg. Oh my. The electric current is magnified. Those feelings may be present but this opposition can turn your world into a nightmare of anger, hostility and unexpected affronts. Those who feel anger right now watch out. Just stop the power struggles and turn it into an empowerment time. Take that energy and use it wisely. And then this opposition squares Pluto, the great transformer. Guess what? Have you noticed anything lately coming from those in mainstream misinforming media? They are playing into this energy and so are those who read and listen to the junk they put out. Is that you? I hope not. Joe Paterno died in January 2012. He is being trashed and burnt at the stake because the media has taken it upon themselves to draw you into what they want. It is heartless the way those that judge this man. You can laugh at me, tell me I have no clue, it matters not. This is a story; a big story and it is not what it appears to be. Sandusky is a perp. Paterno was not. Tell me, each and every one of you that you would have gone to the police, the authorities, the higher-ups. Go ahead and tell me. Oh, so you choose to tear him down too? Go for it because it will come back to haunt you if you are dragged into this hive mind, the mob rule. You have no idea what happened. NONE. And don’t tell me that you are told everything. You are told what they want you to know. PERIOD! So, go ahead get on the bandwagon. I don’t hear the graduate assistant’s name anymore. I don’t hear the name of President of PSU anymore. The perp is still alive and will act again. And it matters not whether you tear down the statue or you take Joe off the list at Brown University. I think your attention is being manipulated and you have no idea that this is something other than what it seems. Things are going to get even uglier if people jump on the hive mind train. There is more to this than meets the eye.

Dear ones, I appreciate your support and your kind words. Let the storms pass you by when you find a way to relax and rejuvenate. Let no one drag you into their muck. Stop it before it gets a hold on you. Feel deeply and allow love it to flow to those you love. Next stop Full Moon in Leo. It’s party time and you can shine. Have a beautiful week. Until again, Love, Jan

AQUARIAN NEW MOON, January 23, 2012 -New Perspectives

Sorry this is posted later than I intended. Got caught up in the story of Penn State Coach Joe Paterno’s death.  (This is totally off topic for a moment) He was always a favorite of mine for a very long time and by waiting to write this I let the tone of my writing calm down and just choose to pray for his peace and the family’s healing through all that happened in the last few months.  He was a man of character and integrity and I do hope that the truth comes out regarding his monsterdom according to the media due to his lack of effort to report something that was passed down the lane to him (child abuse issue that was done by a former coach).Perhaps the Board of Trustees should all be fired also since they basically took part in his demise. (My perspective only) If you know the truth, then I welcome your input; if not, then nothing more to say.  I am just tired of the media putting the blame on him. No one talks about the truth anymore. He deserves peace. Let him be and those who are badmouthing him should walk their talk which has much to do with what is going on this New Moon.  Now onto the New Moon in Aquarius which takes place at 2:39am EST on January 23, 2012 (not too long from now) at 2deg 42min.

This New Moon in Aquarius is about uniqueness, originality. Can you go beyond your comfort zone and take a risk or choose to see something with a new perspective? Is there an idea that sits within you that would make a difference for humanity? Are you willing to manifest that for everyone instead of just you? This is an idealistic yet practical time due to the Jupiter square to the New Moon. And for it to work out you need to stay harmonious. Can you do that?  With the Jupiter square the New Moon can bring you to overreact to whatever is presented. It is a time when you find yourself between two situations and you may choose to take a risk. This Aquarian New Moon is about walking your talk or you may get caught in some muck.

As the New Moon shows up in the early morning hours on the East Coast, the Chinese New Year begins not too long after. It is the year of the Water Dragon. Good year for love and marriage if you are so inclined. Also for some of you it may be a time of leaving the past behind and moving into the place that you have always known to be true.

This New Moon is also about freedom. What does that word mean to you? Do you actually feel free in your life situation or are you pretending that freedom exists? Think about the truth of that question. Everyone intends freedom within yet many choose to be caught in a web of uncertainty due to a need for security. Does security ever really exist in anything? It can be all wiped away in an instant. Why not choose the free thinking that this New Moon energizes within. Look at the real you and find that freedom to initiate a new look on your life and that will help others to see your integrity (walking your talk) and they will walk their talk too! This time of the New Moon is also about goals and what your true intentions are going to be. Do you have goals for the new year because this is a perfect time to take a look at them and reset them if need be.

Hours after the Aquarian New Moon appears Marx goes retrograde. Oh great! Just as you are ready to take a leap, it slows you down. If you have had plans in motion for a long time, then I say do it. Take the risk and leap. If it a new idea, a new venture or any other thing, then stop and think about it because a rebalancing may be needed. It is a time for healing, working around the house and plain old fashioned clearing out. Isn’t that what it seems you are doing much of lately? Well, here we go again. Letting go  and clearing out all the junk that still hangs around would certainly bring you a feeling of more freedom. This Mars is in Virgo when it goes retrograde may be truly a time of rebalancing karmic energies. Are you ready to take advantage of the time to regroup? Then that leap down the road will become so much easier. Around April 13 it goes direct and things begin to really take off. It is sooner than you realize.

In my own chart the New Moon is trine (good energy) to my North Node in Gemini. It is a terrific time for some forward motion in self-awareness and finding some more insights on my true direction in life. It also squares my Chiron and my Saturn, ouch. Some karmic wounds resurface to be healed. Hey, that’s ok with me. I am ready since Jupiter is in on the Grand Square. It will give me an opportunity to heal and then make a big jump in certain areas of my life.

So, dear ones, use the Aquarian New Moon energy to help see things in a new way. Not too big a leap yet although some of you may just do it anyway. Look at how freedom exists in your life. Also, take that idea to the next level to help humanity or your neighbor or some other group member. Sharing works. May you have many blessings and thank you for your support. I am most grateful. Until again. Love, Jan

FULL MOON in TAURUS November 10, 2011-Rejuvenate the Senses

Hello dear ones. Have you noticed the energy unfolding leading past the Full Moon to November 11, 2011? This week brings us the FULL MOON in TAURUS at 18 degrees Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 3:16pm EST. The Full Moon is normally an intense energy yet this one has some simplicity to it. It has no major aspects affecting it except in the background there are some things going on such as deception, confusion, deflection. Mars is opposing Neptune and boy it stinks. Somewhere I remember it said to watch any poisoning. Well, how about that? You know what comes into play? This Penn State University scandal is so representative of Mars opposing Neptune and also the Full Moon energies on the negative side. First there is the confusion regarding whether Joe Paterno did something wrong, like cover-up. From what I have heard, he told his Athletic Director what was told to him by a graduate assistant regarding sexual abuse in the locker room. So, Mr. Paterno is a subject of a witch hunt because he even opened his mouth and said something. The two individuals who covered it up have been arraigned. This is classic Full Moon madness with a major Mars/Neptune aspect added to give it lots of flavor. I guess Joe Pa will end up the martyr or sacrificial lamb.(this is moon on Algol) There is so much confusion, deception and downright lying that the truth may never really be known. Of course, one can always create a deflection to make it the truth. This is totally outrageous!  

Now let’s get back to the FULL MOON in TAURUS. Have you noticed how the energy is speeding up and there is no turning back now. Whatever you have felt in the last couple of weeks has brought up many old fears, anger, deep wounds and anything else that may have kept you stuck in the past. Well, sweet ones, you are going to be prodded bigtime to let it go, clear it out and if you haven’t done so already, then dear ones, the Bull is ready to come at you. And you know what that means, don’t you? Those who haven’t done the work on themselves are going to end up feeling quite “raw” as I mentioned in the last post.  No more lollygagging. Oh, now no fear because you can laze a bit with a Taurus Full Moon, just not too long. Rest, relax, yes, reach out in love, enjoy your sensuality/sexuality, play a bit, walk in nature or enjoy your gardens (those who are going into summer) or indoor ones, and take a big look at your values. What do you cherish the most? How is your financial outlook for the next months? All the emotionality of this Full Moon is just strengthening you for a better life. Whatever changes occur, stop fighting them. You need to accept and go with the flow so that your creativity will surface even more loving will take place. No judgement please. FLOW. It is time for this, you know.

Taurus loves possessions and material security. Both Taurus and Scorpio are about material security, passions coming from sensual or sexual pleasures and money. Self-esteem is important to Taurus as regeneration is imperative to Sun in Scorpio. And don’t forget that beauty that Taurus needs. So this Full Moon takes into consideration all these things especially the material, and the five senses. Taurus loves anything that soothes the soul. Now I am speaking of the highest parts of this Full Moon. This is far from greed that abounds. I do see the greed in the bankers who currently are involved in European actions monetarily. And believe it or not, the asteroid Europa is involved in the mix. So, what is going to happen in Europe? The same stuff has been going on for eons of time. Or will this Full Moon and 11/11/11 change the entire European Union into something else. Truth will be revealed soon enough.

Full Moons are times of culmination, or lesser influences of endings. Pay attention and see if there is a culmination of something that has been going on for awhile. This may happen within 4 days either way of the Full Moon. Personally, I am a Taurus and this Full Moon will take place in my 12th house sitting on my Sun in Taurus. Oi vey! What is going to be illuminated with this Full Moon? What old pattern or ancient idea that no longer fulfills its purpose will be cleared or at least recognized? I think I already saw it. On the other hand I may be able to move mountains out of the way and reach my desires. This can be a major moment for me and many others. That mountain may move for the first time. Also, in my case a secret may come to light since my Sun is in the 12th with the Full Moon. Anyone with planets or asteroids or Parts at 18 degrees in Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will be affected more intensely with the Full Moon at 18 degrees Taurus and will show you something if you look closely.

These days are shifting the energy in such a grand way and there are many out there who are oblivious to this sort of change. My mind is boggled. If you are still following the monkey mind concept, please drop it now. Think for yourself and get off the bandwagon of the glitter, glitz and reality TV. If that is all you care about in life, then you are going to be in for a quite big kick in the butt awakening. Is that too harsh? Sorry, it is as close to the truth as I can muster.

Are you having any difficulties in relationships? Find time to eradicate the power struggle at this Full Moon in Taurus. Are you using power to keep others in place? If this occurs and you let go of the power struggle, you will notice a complete shift in the relationship for the better. This is also a good time to stay with your partner, your beloved, and regenerate your feelings. Clear your mind and look at things with a fresh perspective and different approach. Since the Sun is in Scorpio, this regeneration is necessary as part of the rising up in your energies. And do allow some sensuality to be part of your relationship at this time. Joy is there for the asking.

If you need to change an agreement, including a financial type, please do so before November 23. I say do it before the 17th because Mercury goes retrograde on the 23rd of November. Jupiter and Pluto are still in trine aspect and this will help considerably.

The turning point is arriving on 11/11/11. It is time to walk away from the illusions and deceptive approach to living. Remember to look beyond the illusion. As I have said many times before, this is about rising up to the truth and love. My individual thought is that love can be transformed through truth.

Blessings to all. May your cosmic leap take you beyond your wildest dreams this time around.  Until again. Thank you for supporting my blog. Love, Jan

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