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FULL MOON in CANCER, December 28, 2012-Love Surrounds You if You are Real

The Long Night Moon is upon us on Friday, December 28, 2012 at 5:21 EST. The FULL MOON occurs in Cancer at 7 deg 06’. The moon is in a water sign which is good for love. The Sun is in Capricorn and is about structure. FULL MOON in Cancer brings to a conclusion a year of emotional highs and lows and those who were affected most know what I am speaking about. It all began with the Full Moon last January in Cancer also. What kind of year did you think you would have and what actually happened? The culmination was the end of the Mayan calendar. And, guess what, you are still here. But many will be seeing a change in energy, in thinking, in feelings and slowly leaping to Higher Consciousness. Do you see it yet? Probably not. But it is going to arrive soon enough. One last bang may show up before the next Full Moon. If there was no resolution to any issues that may have arrived during the summer then now is the time to look and see what you can do to resolve them once and for all.
The FULL MOON in Cancer brings you to a fork in the road going into the New Year. The Yod with Jupiter at the apex and the Saturn and Pluto sextile is quincunx Jupiter. I briefly mentioned the Yod previously. It is about raising your consciousness (Jupiter in Gemini) instead of doing the same thing (habitual patterns) over and over again. It is trying to guide you away from the long-standing grudges, prejudices and judgements that you all have chosen to hold onto for many moons. Can you bring your perspective back into balance? Can you keep your feelings unconditional? Saturn in Scorpio says there are secrets and mysteries that you know exist and need to investigate further. It also speaks of accountability of one’s actions and words. Pluto talks to you about spirit and soul. Of course, Pluto also clears the deck of all unnecessary things and people in your life who no longer resonate with your inner being. Saturn sextile Pluto will help to restructure your life.
This Cancer Full Moon is about being courageous emotionally and getting back to who you truly are. If you have been inauthentic in your feelings or you are repressing or holding back how you really feel (whether positive or negative), this is a time when a crack in the armor may occur and things get a bit rough for you. It needs to be said and now is the time to say it without fear. It is time to integrate your feelings. This is a positive growth FULL MOON. It will help you to jump over the hurdles in trusting in emotional relationships. Love finds a way. You can feel vulnerable and still move forward. Take advantage of the positive energy that it sends to you no matter how much you feel like you are hanging on the cliff. Open to the truth, dear ones. What a relief to release all the anxiety and dread that has you bogged down. Now you can finally let it all go and be in the present moment. Are you willing to take the leap into being in the moment? So many of you live in the past and the future and forget that the present exists
Stop talking and thinking about every negative thing that happens in your life. Does it make you feel any better? It is much better to stop every time a negative thought comes in and let it fly right out of your mind. ( It has been very helpful for my own thought process to do this.) Can you keep your mind free of those chaotic thoughts? If you can do this, the Full Moon will help you to choose the right path in the coming year. Family ties are also quite important at this time. You will notice that many things have changed between individuals to whom you are relating especially family members. Are you holding onto stuck beliefs from your family ancestry? Or are you actually enjoying sharing memories of your family coming from your own truthfulness.
This is a grand time to nurture and be nurtured. Who doesn’t love that? Reach out to others and see how good it makes you feel. Anyone who you may have difficulty relating to you may be actually reflecting your own insecurities. Keep to the high road in any interactions. Respond instead of reacting! With the Full Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto (old rage) and squaring Uranus (hothead) staying peaceful no matter what is truly suggested because this T-Square can set you off in a big way. Those of you with planets and asteroids around 7-9 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are most affected by this Full Moon. Please keep your cool no matter what shows up or who says what. How many of you are ignoring your sexual nature because you have some kind of belief that is keeping you from sharing deep intimacy? Is that fear controlling you? This Full Moon is about really being the true individual. Stop pretending. Be real or jump ship.
Here are some additional words to describe the different planet degrees which are in place at the Full Moon. Walk the high road. Listen to the birds. Music. Are you whining? Where is your fear coming from? Be inspired and creative. Are you talking too much? Codependent. Repressing the emotions and then a blow-up. Lightbulb moments. Sudden realizations. Jumping ship. Are you withdrawing again? Get to the point already. Only comfortable in the past. Publishing something, are you? Greed. Respecting boundaries. Is there romance in your life? Soul mates. Insincerity. Fear of commitment. Allowing love to flow in your life. Fiscal Cliff can be resolved.
Thank you all for reading my blog and thank you for who you are. Let’s shine in 2013. Create, be inspired and walk your talk. Take a deep breath in the shaky moment and know that love wins. I wish you peaceful tidings for a grand and glorious new year. And remember to take the fork in the road as Yogi Berra would say. Until again. Love, Jan


So much is going on dear ones. Who slept fitfully last night? I know that Moon was opposing Mars in Virgo and boy what a restless high energy night. Now I feel so tired. EEK! The eclipses did their jobs of starting the ball rolling and now it is up to you to continue the energetic to finding the truth in all. What a wild ride that affects us all. There is so much change in the air that even though you may feel it, there are others of you are oblivious to it.  Layers upon layers of the old paradigm fall away. Those who have the riches of the world will soon be in turmoil since they have stolen what belongs to all of you, not just the select few. It has been setup like that for eons of time and the last hurrah for those who have power is coming to seek them out. You also have power and have you ever thought about actually being in the power? That inner power will help you weather whatever shows up in your life. Some of you will be thinking, what is going to happen? Fear thinking may show up. Did you ever find that fear wins the moment? Does fear offer you truth or love? Heck no. It appears because you forgot you are LOVE. Look at it as a perfect way to gauge whether that love is buried deep within. When the door opens and fear appears, ask it to leave. It has no power over you anymore.

You may wonder why I continue speaking of this fear that seems to show up sporadically. Well, it is obvious to me that many of you still hang onto this for some unknown reason. Is it fear about money or not having something that you think you need? Is it fear about not being loved? Is it fear of something happening at your workplace? Fear is everywhere as long as you allow it to take over your life. Let’s go beyond fear and face the demons and bring out the truth and what a difference life can be. This feeling that comes over you, the anxiety, fear and otherwise, is unreal. It appears to teach you. Love is.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a place of love within, the place where the Divine resides, that your life flows smoothly with very few bumps. And now that Jupiter goes into Gemini at 1:22pm EDT on June 11, 2012 and it is going to be there for a year until June 26, 2013. Things will start to feel somewhat lighter. People will want to talk and communicate but our nation’s fiscal woes may get worse since everyone seems to be scattered doing too many things to concentrate.  It joins the Sun and Venus in Gemini. If you have any planets near the first 5 degrees of Gemini, they will be overly energized by the positive Jupiter vibrations in the next few weeks. Some of you may find new opportunities especially if you have a North Node close by. This will happen through others and if you don’t pay attention, they disappear. So please open to anything that may help you on your true path. Jupiter going into Gemini can also mean a time of hyperactivity. Your brain doesn’t stop thinking, worrying and finding more ways to make you crazy and anxiety-prone. You want to talk about chatty things, gossip and be superficial. Oh joy. Know this and keep yourself from getting pulled into this kind of scenario. Then there are those who may question your thinking or actually prod you into a controversial debate. Do you need that? This is a time to get to the larger truth along the path and get rid of all those empty concepts. On June 13/14 Jupiter will touch on the Solar Eclipse point from May 20.

The energy that is slowly rising in this timeframe can truly make you feel like you are drawn and quartered if you are off track. Seriously! Whatever is coming up for you it is time to stop pretending and walk through all the junk that is being thrown at you. Yes, I mean you and you and you. You are being poked and prodded to listen to your heart. Forget what MS Media says. Are you still holding on to beliefs from your parents? Look at the bottomline. Are you worthy? Are you living your life for you or other people? Why does it the old junk have such a hold on you? Where is this self-talk taking you? Does it enhance your life or have you convinced yourself that life is a struggle and as long as you can ignore it, it will go away? Not happening this time. It is off base in this new paradigm. If you are living your truth, life flows. If not, Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall. The only way to put him back together again is to have a reevaluate and move through it.  When you are off base, then things go haywire and it is distracting and distressing. So, what will you do about this? Changes are arriving in everyone’s life. The changes come to say, pay attention. If you choose to ignore the shifting energy, then you may feel very beat up and a bit worse for wear. No joke. So, let’s move forward on your path and take a small leap. The tipping point is coming to your neighborhood. Will you be able to face the music? It is time to look at your life and see what is working and what is not. And then decide if you wish to keep on living in a way that is untrue. Your choice.

Enough said. May the blessings of the Divine flow through your life and bring joy and love to you and much prosperity. Thank you for all your support. Until again. With love, Jan

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