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LUNAR ECLIPSE/FULL MOON IN GEMINI December 10, 2011-Beyond Outworn Beliefs

Here we go again! Hang onto your hats because not too long before the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Gemini 18 degrees at 9:36am on December 10, 2011 is going to occur, Uranus (shocking, electric and unusual) stations direct. And maybe it will bring you an interesting surprise or turn of events as that happens. Or it can get really loud in some way because Uranus likes to shake up the system. Pay attention.  My computer has a mind of its own and could be the Uranus thing-it said I had no internet last night. Could not connect. Well, where did it go? I pulled out every plug and redid and still none. I am sure it was playing with me because it could. HA! Think back to July, 2011 when it went retrograde. What was happening in your life at that time? Now it can take off again since things really had to regroup in the place in your chart where it actually hit. Also one more aspect, Venus is still within 10 degrees of Pluto which makes for some intensity in relationships. This has been going on the past week.

Anyway, on with the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE.  This is the last TOTAL lunar eclipse until 2014. It certainly will have long term effects wherever it is in your chart. If you live anywhere in North America except in the East, go out and have a look. It probably will show up a bold reddish tint. Will that be anger you are going to run into or some better communication once Mercury goes direct? Let’s hope the communication takes off to new places outside the narrow vision and into a wider perspective, bigger picture type energy. If you are holding on with fear within, then you may not begin to feel a profound change and a big shift tale place. This is a time of no holding back unless you have some restrictions that may keep you barely moving forward. That’s ok since once that restrictive phase moves out you will leap higher than you ever in this lifetime. That big shift is taking place in the background and unless you are extremely energy conscious or a barometer, you may have just walked by it. Oh, it’s there. Believe me. No fretting the change is on its way and you will know it when it happens. (I have Saturn opposing my Mars right now; what a PITA-you know what that means. And it goes on for awhile yet and boy I would like to blow it up right now. Not going to because I know better and it will bring nothing to me except chaos. So, I am patient and I await that part to shift. In the meantime, other things are shifting.)

The Full Moon is about Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini. What you see here is a polarity of beliefs and communication. Sagittarius is more spiritual than the Gemini thinking. Maybe you can stop holding onto those outworn beliefs that are interfering in your growth this lifetime. It is time to heal those stuck patterns and letting go of that which no longer brings you heartfelt joy whether that is about others or ideas or beliefs. Move into that new way of thinking. What a pleasant experience once you do. Your perspective changes and wow, what a great feeling. There is a big world out there.

Are you still cutting yourself off from the Divine within? Recognize that this spiritual side is necessary (and this is not about church) to bring balance to that going to work, making money, shopping for whatever and just being in the earthly world. Too much spirituality without a bit of the material is as out of balance as the material being in charge and little spiritual. So mix them up and achieve some balance with this Full Moon. Whatever you put out there now will begin to show up sooner than later unless you hang onto those outworn beliefs. And just because those reality shows are your focus does that mean you need to ignore what the inner wisdom is telling you? Balance, dear ones is necessary for good health, joy and loving relationships. This is a grand time to know you as the authentic being that you are! Then others will see that side of you and things will shift even more. Of course, there are those of you who will fight every inch of the way to live in the old world which no longer has any meaning to you. This Full Moon is just the beginning of the big shift that is coming to you around the corner. Oh, I know, it’s been happening now for many months yet after the first of the year, things will truly begin to accelerate and the writing is on the wall. So ditch that old thinking, those outworn patterns and let the Gemini Full Moon transform your thinking. This brings a culmination to many things in your life. This time is comparable to trimming the weeds and seeing new blooms in a few weeks. Take a good look and resolve any relationship issues for the new blooms to show up.

There is something else that needs saying here. Watch your words this Full Moon. It would be better to call someone or see them face to face then write something that may create chaos and hard feelings. Since everyone I know texts, please be extra careful as to what you say in the texts and how you say it. And the same goes for emails. Now since Mercury is still retrograde, what I am saying is this: Speak kindly and openly when you write or speak to others around this time. That will keep misunderstandings to a minimum.

Have you had a dose of your truth today? My truth is that I just realized that this eclipse is on my ascendant/descendant axis and conjunct Uranus. Should I go into hiding? Will I be shocked by something written or will I be surprised by a blissful feeling?  It is about any partnerships or maybe biz stuff in my life. Anyone whose ascendant/descendant, midheaven/nadir, or any major planets aspected by this eclipse may have some rough rides with others. Aspecting the ascendant/descendant may also be an extreme opposite and can bring a fountain of joy and bliss. Since it is at 18 degrees Gemini, those who have planets in Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo and within 3-5 degrees of that will be affected most. The effects of this LUNAR ECLIPSE can last up to 6 months. And remember Mercury goes out of retrograde motion on December 14. Hurrah.

Blessings to you as we walk the path to greater understanding and wisdom with our change of thinking patterns. Let’s do it. Stay focused and let the Divine shine brightly upon you. Until again. Thank you for all your support. and let others know about this blog. Tell me if the eclipse affects you. Love, Jan

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