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PISCES NEW MOON February 21 2012 – Expanding Your Energy Through Imagination

Here we go again. I think that fog I speak about in this post has already hit me. (I kept thinking the New Moon here was on the 22nd.) The New Moon shows up at 5:35pm EST on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 in Pisces at 2deg.42 min. Are you ready to create and/or heal? The New Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune which has just gone into Pisces in the last couple of weeks. It also is near Chiron, our wound. Since this energy is really strong you may want to take a look as to which house in your chart the New Moon falls. This would be a good time to take that Pisces energy which is transcendent and go out of the wound into a new place of creativity. Neptune is about spirit and so is the New Moon. Have you kept your faith strong? I am referring to that which is within you. There could be a bit of mind fog present. Possibly some real fog will appear on the land too! Make sure you have your foghorn handy. <grin> The following are highlighted by the New Moon: compassion, secrets, intuition, enlightenment and imagination; also institutions. Make that creation now. You can really use this New Moon energy to bring something quite moving to others. Use your imagination to expand the energy.

Have you noticed how the energy is changing hour by hour? I felt so out of sorts for awhile today because I have become extra sensitive to the energy out there. And it was quite weird today. You would think that since many of you have off on President’s Day that things would have felt calmer?  Obviously, because more of you stayed home, the underlying energy of the region was more noticeable with less traffic. Has anyone else felt that energy in the past few days? It will continue to amplify each day forward.

Let’s take a look at what else is occurring with the New Moon. Do you feel like a part of your life is being transformed, cleared out. Are you still living in the past holding onto the last residue of another time and place? Pluto is in the first 10 degrees of Capricorn so it is still within a good aspect to the New Moon. Pluto in Capricorn is going after the old structures, the underlying foundations of big business and outmoded religions among other things. Pluto likes to clear out everything that it touches and I mean everything. If you are on your path moving along, having good intentions, you may have to recognize the things that no longer serve your truth and let them go. And many of you will resist, I know that and you may find yourself struggling and hanging on for dear life. I suggest let go now before it gets rougher than you choose. Why rough? Because Pluto wants you to walk your truth and stop pretending that what you are doing is right for you. And if it isn’t right for you then how can the world benefit. If you are on track there may be bumps but no real resistance. On top of this is Saturn retrograding ever so slowly. Saturn in Libra retrograde is making you take a good look at what you have in your life depending where it falls in your chart and then taking another look and redoing parts of relationships or family matters or work stuff. Saturn stays in retrograde motion until later June. It is tedious but it makes you pay attention to what you choose to have. It is trine (in good aspect) to the New Moon in Pisces. Other aspects going on that are affecting you at this juncture besides Pluto and Saturn are Venus in Aries which has been squaring Pluto (can you say obsession and or power struggles) and moving on; Jupiter in Taurus trine Pluto (lucky times and some expansion); and Mercury which is sextile to Pluto (more honesty and clearer communication).

So, dear ones, what is going to happen to you? Since this is a time to state your intentions for the coming month, will you create a new beginning? Or will you get stuck in the past again, holding on for reasons that have nothing to do with your truth. The truth is coming to the forefront. There is much behind the scenes activity going on in the world. In the next months the energy is speeding up and March may bring a tipping point on our Earth. Are you prepared to take a cosmic leap of faith in the next month? You are being asked to keep positive no matter what is going on. The PTW (Powers that Were) are running scared and Pluto in Capricorn is like the bulldozer which is out of control at times. Watch things shift once again. It may not be very pretty; no fear intended.  If you have been creating, then intend that the perfect person will find your amazing creation, love it and take it to the world. Is that too crazy a thought for you? It is the now moment. Create, have faith, intend, improvise and love. How can you forget love? Yes, there may be a wound present. Give it up already. Let it heal and send love to those who truly are in need of it. Send love and compassion to those who matter to you. Without expressing the love to whom you are deeply connected, there is nothing. This is a time of soul mates/twin flames. Are you with that person? If not, you may find her/him soon in your life. Reach out to your partner/friend today and speak of the depth of your love. The opportunity is now to tie up loose ends, revamp ideas and take a deep breath until it is time to take a giant leap SOON. Once Saturn goes direct in June, life will begin to move forward dramatically. Pluto may hold us up a bit in the timeframe yet, things will show themselves. New beginnings can be firmly implanted. Let the greatest love happen to you.

Before I close, in my chart the New Moon is in my 10th house which happens to be my public image or my career? Says I may be in the spotlight. And I was all set to hide in my basement. Seriously, I know this will be a time of great activity. And all I wanted to do is rest. One more day and then it begins. Eeek!

So much is going on these days of the February New Moon. Watch the illusions that may appear. Are they just a reflection of you?  May you find your truth this month. Thank you for your support. Blessings and love to you all. Until again. Jan     

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