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FULL MOON in SCORPIO, APRIL 25, 2013-Sudden Changes Emerging

How is your fear doing this week? Has it subsided? Are you hiding behind your door or locked away trembling? Last week the Boston Marathon was overtaken by calmness in the chaos that ensued. I saw no anger, no rage, and no real emotion from the people. I saw jackbooted thugs forcing themselves into homes looking for 1 individual. Lockdown for 1. Americans, wake up!! What am I missing here? Look at the pictures dear ones. Nothing is as it seems. The story changed every 2 minutes. Gee whiz!! And what about that runner who fell down and no one else did? You tell me what happened. I will say little about this but those who know what I am referring to are light years ahead. That is all I am going to say. One day soon the truth will emerge and many will be horrified (that is a very strong word) about the truth. Oh, by the way, I know most could care less but Fukushima is leaking in a big way. Does it matter? What path are you heading down, dear ones? Tell me another story.

This week brings in the beginning of an eclipse cycle which is quite intense and continues to build starting with the Mercury square Pluto aspect on this past Sunday the 21st. How did your discussion go? If you didn’t get to the root of the issue, then continue to dig. The energy is still present and you can have a breakthrough at the Full Moon if you really choose to do so. Of course, I suggest you bring a bit of humor into the discussion because it may get too darn serious at times. If things got a bit cool in your relationship over the last day or so, give credit to Venus opposing Saturn. Do you feel unloved? Let it be for it too will pass because Venus and Pluto have a great time on the April 24. Passion and more passion and what more can you ask for? Your relationship can be intense and deep. Drumroll please-the FULL MOON in SCORPIO is about to arrive and it does so with lots of drama since it is also a Lunar Eclipse. Yes, the Saros cycle is upon us. It begins with the Full Moon/ lunar eclipse and on May 9/10 there is Solar Eclipse and then on May 25th there is another lunar eclipse.

The FULL MOON in SCORPIO /Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees 45’ appears in the sky on April 25, 2013 at 3:58 EDT. Is some kind of shake-up arriving, deep sexual passion, an annoying drama, or big surprises? Who is being betrayed? Sun in Taurus likes the simple pleasures in life and possessions; the Moon in Scorpio likes complexities and mysteries. Whatever it is that has been building up inside of you needs to be spoken, let out in some way. There needs to be a balance since that is what a full moon is about. How many of you have been stuck in a rut and do the same things day after day…too much work…too much play or maybe just all work and little play? BALANCE is needed most definitely. And since this is a Lunar Eclipse also, the focus is more apparent. If you have intimate inclinations and emotional expression which is lurking in the shadows, it HAS to come out. Expressing this is important in the next 2 weeks Are you going to say what you truly feel? Do you feel something lacking in your life? Are you positive that you have everything the way you intend? If not, then how will you address the lack? What are you choosing to ignore and pretend it doesn’t exist? Time for the hidden to emerge so there are no more secrets.

Where does this Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse fall in your chart? If it is in the 5th house like it is in mine, then it may have to do with love or creativity. That is the area of your life where surprises occur or emotional needs are lacking and the awareness comes to you or you now have to address the issues. Old wounds can be reopened ready to be healed since it sits within a degree of my Chiron in Scorpio. Or if it is in the 11th house, it may have to do with groups to which you belong; The Sun”s house is where you will find a place to release any bondage that has bogged you down. And it may come through a group creative venture for those with it in the 11th. The Moon itself brings up the old habits and fears for healing. A deeper understanding may show up unexpectedly through the shock wave that occurs. The planets which this Full Moon in Scorpio aspects will possibly bring about a healing breakthrough. Most intensity will be with planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius between 2 and 10 degrees.

Sidenote-Is your relationship an ego thing or is it authentic? You tell me. Who is controlling you? Saturn is in the mix and that indicates some serious thinking and feeling like you just hit the wall. I hope not but it may feel like that anyway. It also says radical changes may be in the offing so pay attention. This is a necessary change whether you support it or not. Just go with it because it is trying to purge out the demons, the energy vampires, the controllers in your life. It could be in love, finances, everyday living, career, and/or partnerships. There are many other things that can be affected. Do it now. DETOX your life so at the New Moon in May you will have a readiness to leap wherever it takes you. A new path is emerging for many. Reminder -With Mars opposing Saturn the energy could be stuck for a bit. Just allow things to flow when they are ready.

Get out of the old paradigm already. Stop tuning into the trauma and drama of death. Scorpio does have the transformative power but it is not about disease. If I hear one more drug commercial I will throw up right now. Turn it off. Are you on track or are you hitched to big pharma? Leap off it already Write your own song instead of someone else’s. BE REAL!!!!! Be Authentic!!! The world as you knew it is fading and the Divine Feminine is coming in to balance the old patriarchal ways. Ancient structures are collapsing. Balance is needed between the masculine and feminine. It is a slow process yet comes in a fleeting moment. Stop RESISTING and LET GO already. Illusions are evaporating. Celebrate the new!!!!

Thank you for reading and thank you for you. Have a magnificent FULL MOON and upcoming weeks. Comments are always welcome. Many blessings. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, FEBRUARY 10, 2013 -Envisioning the Future and Letting Go!

This has been one heck of a week. My stress level was over the top. Was it me or was it others? Or was it those around me mirroring me? Don’t know; just let it go before the new moon set in. I do hope most of you have experienced some good happenings in the last 2 weeks since the Full Moon. Life is getting very interesting and with the New Moon in Aquarius a few hours away, it is time to step up to plate. Take that idea and run with it or at least come to some decisions this weekend that will carry you forward into a truly new beginning in some area of your life. Make a commitment to walk your path following your true purpose. The New Moon in Aquarius takes places on Sunday, February 10, 2013 in 21 degrees 43’ at 2:21 am EST. The Sun and Moon in Aquarius awakens our tendencies to reach out to others. And if you already have been doing this in your life in some way, then now is the time to take it even further.

Aquarius is about the rational mind and reaching deeply into the Universal mind. This is a visionary sign that loves to interact with those in the world, the collective.  How many Aquarian types do you know who dislike being social? Very few.  This is a freedom-loving sign that sometimes brings out the unusual. The Aquarians among us truly like to interact and share their stories with anyone who will listen. This New Moon in Aquarius brings mainly social relationships and friendships into the forefront. They can show up unexpectedly in your life and turn it upside down for the better. Good things may be ready to show up in your life if you keep your thoughts positive. Want to change something that is bothering you this weekend or in the next few days? Reach out to your friends or social group and expect the unexpected. You may meet someone who has a profound effect on your life. In my own chart there is New Moon trine my Uranus which indicates that I may advocate unexpected changes that will shift the energy in my life in a profound way.

The Aquarian New Moon will prod you to question what is amiss in your life due to its negative aspects to the Dragon’s head and tail. What is failing to work no matter what you do? This is the kind of energy that will energize the changes that you need to make. Since the New Moon is square the lunar nodes which are now in Scorpio and Taurus (the Dragon’s Head and Tail) this is telling you to evolve. If you choose to hold on,  it will make your life a big mess until you do. And you resist and hold on to the past so tightly that you stress yourself to the max. Is this what you choose? It is time to let go of things that no longer work in your life…relationships, jobs, old patterns and habits, anything that has no further purpose. This is about you and how you respond to the energy and whether you are going to leap into new areas or will you allow it to turn your world upside down? It will until you let go. The eclipse in May touches this New Moon point and I am so lucky it is part of my solar return. Letting go is the high road or you can continue to be lazy or sneaky. Oh yes. Sound familiar?

Sometimes the Aquarian effect will get so bogged down in their beliefs that they refuse to budge and that is when the trouble begins. Turmoil, stress and chaos appear. This New Moon In Aquarius says to you that you can create a truly new start in whatever area of your life that is being affected. You have to keep in mind that you cannot hold onto those old beliefs, patterns and become obstinate about them. Will the fear that you feel unexpectedly keep you tied to the past or will you let go? Also, will you just decide not to do anything because you just don’t choose to do so? Lazy? Could be a downfall and keep you tethered to old stuff and truly out of alignment with the energy.

On the other hand there is really good news along with all this letting go talk. The New Moon in Aquarius is trine Ceres which has a fortunate tone to it and could be lucky.  It also tells you that your relationships need to be flexible and have the ability to maneuver without being so tied to each other. There is also much emotion churning under the waters of the New Moon. How will you handle this energy? Will you be able to show you are vulnerable or will you repress the feelings?

So, here you are again being told to let go. This is a very powerful time to do so. This is a time to overcome any darkness that may appear in your life. Sometimes you may find yourself at odds with those around you for some unknown reason. Now is the time that you can proceed through the difficulties and get back on track. But it takes some effort on your part. This New Moon affects those more intensely who have planets in fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you have Sun, Moon or other personal planets in those signs at 18-24 degrees, you will notice some kind of shifting taking place.

As you know New Moons are advantageous for your new intentions and I suggest that you intend what you wish on paper and do a write and burn. Write down your wishes for this social New Moon in Aquarius and then burn it in a safe way.

Stay in the moment, dear ones and love yourself and the world this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Will you send out love? I hope everyone feels the love on that special day. May you be blessed with independent thought and lots of positive outcomes. Until again, Love, Jan

FULL MOON in TAURUS, October 29, 2012-Forgiving the Past

It is almost time for the Full Moon in Taurus. There has been much disruptive energy going on in the atmosphere. Have you noticed? Time is speeding up even faster than a week ago and it is amazing that people are still doing the same things as before. They are fearful of change. The comfort zone is too inviting and most get pulled back into the past which hovers over them like a dark cloud. Speaking of clouds there is a storm named Sandy brewing in the Atlantic Ocean that may bring major winds and buckets of rain to the stretch of land from Washington, D.C. to Down East Maine. So, what do you think it is manufactured one or a real one? When they started speaking of it I wondered why NOW? Will this affect the minds of those who vote? I suggest being prepared just in case-extra water, food, and candles. I am quite serious about this for those in the path of the storm. I just heard it may be a Category 4 as it hits the coast. Sending protection to all of you.

Then I thought oh, yes, election is almost upon us. Could that be the reason? Will there actually be an election? I am not going to go into extensive political analysis right now but there are some things going on. President Obama has his South Node in Aquarius which explains his need to support the underdogs and underserved and attract weird people and not so great friends. It is not as freedom-loving as it sounds and since his North Node or Dragon’s head is in Leo, he can be a true leader if he chooses but there are things going on that keep him from doing so because his concentration on the underdogs just won’t let him move into his truth. His life is in a very precarious position in the next year if he gets elected. On the other hand Mr. Romney has a Gemini Dragon’s head (North node) and Sagittarius Dragon’s tail (South node). His Mormon religion has pulled him back and it keeps him in the past to some extent. He feels he is above all others. On the other hand can he lead? Well, he has the support of many because he has much wealth. He has nothing major in his Aquarian 10th house. Well, he can be something of a leader maybe (a figurehead). It worked when he was governor of Massachusetts because his MC (top of the chart-public recognition) did it for him since it is in Aquarius and so is Massachusetts. He has gotten where he is though having no idea why. There are many around him who have supported his efforts and money does talk sometimes. What now America, land of the free?

The FULL MOON arrives on Monday, October 29, 2012 at 3:49pm EDT in Taurus 6degrees 47 minutes.  Where it falls in your natal blueprint/chart will tell you what part of your life will feel the energy. It is about the  transforming the  senses, your loyalty,  tolerance and forgiveness. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius feel it more intensely. Those having moon, sun or ascendant in Taurus are most affected.  This is October Hunter’s Moon as known to the Native Americans who used this energy to cull down the herd. This Full Moon will have some influence over the elective process but the “stars impel, they do not compel” as the saying goes. Anything can happen as in your regular everyday living. The Sun is in Scorpio at 6 degrees 47 minutes and brings an underlying intensity, secretiveness.  Scorpio is about power and flying high above the stars. The combination is also about sex, love and MONEY. How does that feel when you know it is about all the things you smell, taste, touch, hear and see? Think of the senses and this is the energy that will seep into your world. But do not go looking for forbidden fruits because it will come back to haunt you in many ways. Ouch. Seriously…this is verboten.

This FULL MOON in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn asks you to release old stuck patterns and create new paths in your life with lots of vigor. Pluto wants to support the transformation after the letting go. Do you have the courage to be your own authentic self?  It is saying it is the only way you will move forward in the coming days. Now is a beneficial time to do so once the release takes place. Full Moon in Taurus is about your values and Scorpio Sun is about other’s values and financial affairs. Are you solid in your finances? If not, take the time to look at your financial biz and take the time to do affirmations and meditations to create wealth. Security is important to you now. Keep fear out of the picture and money will flow to you. Fear stifles everything to do with the senses.  Since this Full Moon in Taurus is about forgiveness. any grudges, old wounds and all the other past craziness in your lives with others has to be released and let go. The energy has been shifting and now it is the perfect time to do it. LET IT GO and move into the new energy which will inspire you and invigorate you. No matter what you do, your relationship matters are to the fore at this time. If you are in one, honor the other person even though things have been out of kilter in the past. 

This is an important and powerful FULL MOON which will help redo your  foundation. Please stop talking about old stuff and all other gunk that has shown up because someone didn’t like this or that. Gee whiz. Get over it.  If you resist transmuting the old patterns of your relationship they will continue to pop up down the road. If you aren’t in a relationship, then focus on what you can bring to one…your values (have you thought about them lately?), your financial security, and your own self-worth. Get it aligned and be ready for the transformation. Watch out those of you who have a planet at 6+degrees Scorpio. Someone would love to just get you in a much compromised position and then off they go. (is that plain enough for you?)  Now is the time to surrender your heartache over to a Higher Power. Be careful of stubborn resistance to change because it will truly undermine your efforts. It is a time to persist and recognize what is real and what is not with help from Saturn opposite the Full Moon in Taurus.

Taurus FULL MOON speaks of tolerance, forgiveness and being grounded. Stop letting others rule your life. This is a time of simple pleasures for the body; deep intimacy; relaxation to rejuvenate; loyalty; being in Mother Nature; creativity using the earth or clay / anything grounding; values; animal sensuality; erotic scents; creating wealth and long dinners with good food. These are just some things that this FULL MOON in Taurus may enhance.

Be present to the moment now and letting go of past wounds and patterns will be easier and so will leaping forward. May you all be blessed this Hunter’s Moon. Have a beautiful week. Thank you for you and all you do in this very exciting, transformative time. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in VIRGO,September 15, 2012- Healing through Chaos

Tonight the NEW MOON in VIRGO at 23 degrees is upon us. It is a countdown to a new start at 10:11pm EDT. As I have said before New Moons are a time of setting intentions. The New Moon in Virgo is conjunct Mercury. You may want to write down about 10 intentions and see how they manifest during the next few weeks. Do remember that just wishing doesn’t make it so. You have to put some action behind it. For example, you write down that you intend to win the lottery. You have to buy the ticket, right? How about you write that you intend to meet your soulmate and then stay at home instead of going out and being in public etc. They are just some examples. Another example is listening to your heartfelt feelings…that intuitive voice that pops up. Or will you just ignore it and do what you choose instead of what that strong feeling is telling you? Maybe it is trying to get you to seek a new direction. Remember to recreate communication in your life. Mercury with the SUN/Moon in Virgo will help open it to flowing between you and others.

The New Moon in Virgo is about healing, organizing the details of your life or any projects you may be working on. Virgo is about health, healing, your employment/coworkers, and cleaning out what needs to be released from your home, work or self. It is a 6th house related New Moon. This is a great time to look at your diet and the food you consume so that it brings you a healthier body. I have found that it is also about being healthy overall. And if you are still using fluoride toothpaste, I suggest you find natural tooth polishes or powders that do not coat your teeth. Fluoride affects the brain and is a poison. Take that initiative and read about the negative effects of fluoride. Many of you will say you won’t use something else because your dentist told you it protects your teeth. You have choices. I stopped using any toothpaste with fluoride in it years ago. And there is no convincing anyone that they are poisoning themselves. That is just one of the many health dangers that exists today. Another big one is aspartame which is probably in most everything we eat although it is listed under other names on packaged foods.  Do pay attention to your intestines and digestive tract this New Moon.

Anyone with planets at 23 degrees in Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo or MC/Ascendant will feel this New Moon more intensely.

As this New Moon energy plays out there is something you need to think about as the next few days are upon us. What is going to rattle you this week? Is there anything you need to look at that may create chaos, upheaval? Prepare and organize but also be aware of the other energies taking place as in the upcoming 2nd Pluto-Uranus square on September 19. Is there going to be any rumbling in your life or in the world? It is intense again as it was back on June 24 and if you can remember what went on in your life back in June then that may help to ward off any major conflicts. This again says change is upon us. What will you choose to change? Or will you just sit back and be prodded in a more demanding way to make that change? This Pluto-Uranus square is a revolutionary/evolutionary theme which has no real outcome that is visible at this time. And I hear you say, but I need to know now. Not happening, sorry. This is a time to create, visualize, and feel as you walk along your path. Whatever is deeply embedded within that is holding you back is beginning to surface for you to release it. If there has been loss, betrayal, disappointment, deep angst through your life and just refuse to let it go this is an ongoing process until the end of 2015 that will help you do so. I can see many of you with hands over your ears or closed eyes in order to keep from addressing these issues. Let these things go yourself and maybe it may jolt you a bit or do nothing and the spiritual 2X4 shows up and truly brings the release. You choose. I know what I have done. And you? That closed door only adds more intensity to the process. Why do you choose to continue to hold on? This kind of holding on affects your health if you continue to do so. And since this NEW MOON in VIRGO is about health and wellbeing, let it go already.

To manifest anything in your life that is positive and beneficial you need to clear out all the outworn thinking and the hold the ego has on you. Your ego wants the old stuff hanging around so it feels comfy. Oh joy. Let me tell you that you can create so much more when you are clear of the past programming that has hold of you. This is a time of both personal and collective awakening. That closed door has to open so you can get to the real you and create what you came to do in this lifetime. I realize that life on this earth is not what it seems. Does that mean that you just sit around and do nothing and just be the serf? No, it is about serving others which is another aspect of this NEW MOON in Virgo. How can you help that other individual who is stuck in the darker energy? How can you enlighten their lives? It could come from just a small gesture of friendship or helping someone to clear out the attic in their home. Any kind of help this New Moon time is welcome. Pluto is saying to release all those patterns that are surfacing and start to feel how Light you are becoming. By doing so your vibration is getting higher and you are more joyful each day. Do it now and create the change before it does it for you.

Evolving says to go into chaos. The Asteroid Quaoar is square the New Moon also. Quaoar speaks of creative chaos. It is about creating a new reality. Be open to the new possibilities, new beginnings, new homes, new starts in relationships and new work. This is good as long as you flow with it. Any resistance just makes mud. Embracing change right now is more important in the next months than trying to ignore it or suppress it. Are you ready to take part in the change?

Thank you for reading and know that the New Moon energy is here to help you heal and be attuned to who you really are. I have noticed that readers from many countries are supporting this blog. I welcome you and all the new readers that continue to show up. I appreciate your support. Many blessings and much love. Until again. Jan

Mars in Scorpio-Managing Power in August 2012 and Saturn in Scorpio October 2012-In the Deep Well

Oh ho, here we go, traveling along to and fro and whoa, here comes a new adventure to stir up your deeply intense emotions and just maybe put you back on track again. Where have you found yourself lately? Hopefully you have been recreating your most precious relationships while Saturn is still in the diplomatic and peaceful sign of Libra. My dear ones, come October 5, 2012 Saturn is going to go into Scorpio (will it sting or will you fly?) and that is deeper than you can imagine. Think back to 1983-1985 when Saturn was in Scorpio also. What was going on in your life? How did you feel? Pretty intense feelings were up for grabs and you may have been on a sexual high.

Saturn going into Scorpio makes us look at things that need to be addressed. Some may think Saturn as a taskmaster which I think is an accurate description. This timeframe until late 2014 will activate some of your old beliefs so that you can release the parts that no longer fit. Scorpio is about passion, intense transformation and power among other things. With Saturn involved opens it up to more structure, How about asking what are your belief systems doing for you? Do they undermine your life when you could be thriving? Do they give you faith so that you can move forward on your path? Sometimes you use the beliefs systems as a crutch and an excuse to avoid certain new ideas, new thoughts and new paths which will create Oneness. And some will say how can you say that when you are saying  “I go to church and I have faith”  and yes, that’s true. How do you act when you are not in your church or are stuck in your old belief patterns? Are you as holy as you seem to the masses or is it a pretense and sleight of hand? Take a good look, because Saturn is going to force you to ponder these things. Saturn loves the rules and the standards set. Can you face this within?

This is a time of passionate intensity in expression whether it be sexual or otherwise, it will flow. And for some it may be a bit too much and it then becomes possessive and obsessive. Let’s hope not. Managing your power is one way to express Saturn in Scorpio. How many like to delve into the depths of your psyche? Who of you have the courage to face those old beliefs and throw them out and find your own true beliefs? Now is the time to master that fear or just let it go. Well, do it.

Neptune in Pisces fine tunes everything with its creativity aspecting the Saturn in Scorpio. It goes directly to your creative core and now you can find structure for that creative urge and depth of emotion.

Mars entered Scorpio August 23, 2012. This is another sensual aspect. Wow, things are certainly getting hotter by the moment. Some of you will feel like it is confronting you. And Mars may bring upheaval in the next 6 weeks. It leaves Scorpio the day after Saturn enters. Whew. This is going to get interesting. The darkest part of your psyche emerges and now what do you do? Will you run for the hills or hide in the basement? Watch out for that rage that is boiling way down deep within. It has got to come out. You want to stay in a healthy state and suppressed rage makes for trouble. When was the last time you expressed anger? And I don’t mean some sarcastic comments or snide remarks. (That is your anger talking). So when was it? Was it at your partner, your parents, your boss, the world in general? Maybe you are one for road rage. Tell me. In my thinking, better out with the anger than suppressing it until it takes you down. Saturn in Scorpio will make it into a more constructive anger. Find the root of the anger and you can then have it be released instead of stuffing it. You know that suppressing it will just pump up your blood vessels and lead to too much chaos within. Dump the fear and resolve it. Take the anger and let it out. Too much fear keeps you from looking at the real reason you get angry. Do you find yourself having no sexual interaction which helps release some of the angry energy in a positive way. Lots of sexual energy is going to pop up in the next couple of years.

Relationships deepen with Saturn starting in October. If you hold back from doing so, they die. Poof. Gone they are. This is a time of true love, real love or you can just forget about it because it won’t be there. Scorpio is interested in the best in their partner and that is their intention. Looking for second best…it must be another time. This is the time when you can make your decisions and walk your talk. Or there is no more. Will you allow the loss to take place? Do it right or you lose! Sorry, if that is harsh…that is a Saturn in Scorpio bottomline. You can reach out and be there for many who need you. Just remember that true love comes along very infrequently and this is a time when you take a leap or be left in the dust.

Looks like it is going to get pretty intense and Mars started the parade yesterday. There is much more going on in the news and within your hearts. Look for the Full Moon post coming up for the 31st. It is a dandy. Be well and stay in the moment. Love and blessings. Until again. Jan


FULL MOON IN SCORPIO – MAY 5, 2012/Passionate Release

It is just another day in the neighborhood as Mr. Rogers used to say. And each day in my neighborhood wherever that may be, gets stranger and stranger. What can this FULL MOON in Scorpio bring? Is there any authenticity out there? Are you authentic in what you say and do?  Lots of goings on and things are surfacing that I no longer can keep down. Perhaps the scandals and the other hidden things will explode with veracity.  Do you know what bothers me most, the hucksters hawking their wares? Everyone has something to sell. Whether it is on TV or the Web, I have such a deal for you. Buy. Buy. And Mr. Romney told a group that if you want to go to college, kids, borrow from your parents. Oh really.  That’s terrific. We all don’t have trust funds to support our children’s education. Please. It is so annoying. There are more ads for drugs then there are for anything else. And do you listen, do you buy, do you sell? Do you? If I was in your face and pushing my wares on you, would you like that? Yet, the hawking the way to spiritual bliss continues. Maybe everyone needs to bring peace to their hearts before anything can happen. This is my quarterly rant leading up to the Full Moon.

Since it is in Scorpio and the Sun is in Taurus and the Sun this time loves beautiful things and to get those things you need money. And with Jupiter aligning with the Sun it can point to extravagance. So how do I get that money to buy the luxurious things that Taurus and Scorpio desire?  Yes, dear ones, all is available if you know how to manifest. You all can move mountains if the faith is strong enough and you can do many things that may be impossible in the right moment  The bottomline is as long as you follow the crowd, your lives are like everyone else’s and you stay in the entropic energy.  How do you think Wayne Dyer got so rich? How about anyone of those other gurus? Who isn’t selling wares and ideas to help you get through the fear and 20 other things in your life? Who else is going to make you rich? Scorpio moon knows much about other people’s money. Scorpio Moon is good with it. And how many of those things can you keep selling and change the tone or the words to make it into a new product? What about that inner voice? Does that give you any answers?  Do you even intuit like the Scorpio Moon? You keep buying the belief that someone else can change your life. Are you on the bandwagon for someone else’s life dreams or are you finding your own truth? You tell me.

This FULL MOON –Taurus Sun opposing Scorpio Moon is a magical and smoldering supermoon. It occurs on May 5, 2012 at 11:35pm EDT in 16 degrees of Scorpio. Ok, I know you are tired of the mantra “let go”. Well, dear ones, this Full Moon in Scorpio is all about letting go. Here we have a practical Taurus Sun and an emotional Scorpio Moon. The Sun is hanging out with Lilith and opposing the Moon. Dear me, that is extremely passionate and sexual. Hot like a volcano stirring in the Earth. (You may see some of those erupting shortly). Too hot for your liking? This Full Moon is about emotional intimacy. Do you find yourself backing away from that sort of thing because it brings up old fears of being close to someone you love? This is something you can work on right now with this Full Moon. The volatile Full Moon can get you in a big mess if you are failing to pay attention and jump into something too intense.  Good thing that Saturn (old stalwart of order) is trining Venus to keep those hormones from raging a bit too much.  There is much going on beneath the surface. What are you feeling that you cannot see? “The cave you fear to enter has the treasure you seek.”(J.Campbell)

The Taurus Sun generally loves luxurious linens, artwork and digging in gardens. Taurus likes to laze in a hammock or run barefoot and frolic in the grass. Being grounded is important to Taureans. They are loyal and dependable unless crossed, and then the bull in them can turn into rage. Stay out of the way or you will be trampled.  The Moon in Scorpio on the other hand is very secretive and intuitive. Sometimes they are quite domineering. They love emotional drama; it inspires them. Scorpio Moon is protective and loves to dig for information. Sometimes they can be a bit stubborn. So, both the Sun and the Moon this time around can be stubborn. Oh my. Well, I do think that the passion will overcome the stubbornness. It usually does.

This is a transformative Full Moon with the letting go. The only way anything comes to you is if you allow it too and stop resisting the process. This Full Moon can bring you some challenges and yet intensely pleasurable times. Do you have too much baggage present? It is only there because you choose to hang onto it. Say goodbye to it through the Scorpio moon energy. Use this timeframe to step into the intensity of the Full Moon and let go. LET GO, You resist the good, the bad and the ugly. Resistance! Too bad there isn’t that much resistance that you take out there in the world, changing the way life is in America. Why do you resist the truth and the path in which you are to follow and the direction it takes you? Tell me. It really interests me as to why you all are hanging onto old outworn beliefs which no longer serve you.

To sum up the FULL MOON in Scorpio – It is about finding the real truth of the matter including emotional truth. Secrets create chaos and heartbreak in whatever area of your life they appear.  How is money working in your life and how are you going to continue to manifest it and finance the things that are important to your truth?  Give it up already. Let go of the past and the beliefs that are so old that they take over your reality and keep you stuck in a maelstrom where little leaping can occur. And watch out that Neptune doesn’t confuse you. Look for the beauty in your life and create more of it.

Stay in that moment of passionate energy and enjoy the small challenges before the Solar eclipse upcoming on the 20th. Keep your heart open and the joy flowing from within. In my chart the Full Moon is in the 6th house telling me to take some down time and relax and refresh. It fits right in with my plans. Have a wonderful week and be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

Valentine’s Day, Love, and Whitney Houston -Feburary 14 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day – the day the world stops to celebrate love. There is a frenzy to buy cards, gifts and any bauble or bangle there is for your favorite sweetie. I am a big fan of the day. I thought I would get lots of cards.  Of course, Valentine’s Day is only one day. Celebrating love for one day and forgetting it the rest of the year is crazy? Do you forget about expressing love beyond this day? If anyone has an answer for me I would love to hear it. How many of you actually tell your dream girl/guy that you love them on other days? Do you say it more than once, every so often? Many have told me you don’t need to say it all the time because it is understood by your actions. Well, honey, I love to hear the words and you know what, why not give me what makes me feel good? Oh, I know, no one can make another happy, but it sure does boost one’s mood at times to hear those three words. If it makes your dream girl/guy’s day by hearing those three little words, what is the hesitation? By failing to express one’s feelings, doesn’t that build up some kind of volcano ready to explode? And then one day you no longer can keep it in and along comes a big bang. Tell that dream girl/guy that you love them if you do. Possessing someone is far from love. I see that too often around me. Are you one of those who gives love little credence and prefers to sacrifice that part of your life for approval, control and money with so little interest in intimate partnerships? How many do that? I think it is a rampant disease. Love is worth it. Have you ignored expressing love due to old patterns, habits, desires? I hear some of you saying you don’t really care about love. Well, no one said you had to care about it. Just express it, show it, and send it out to everyone. Too many are jaded and want the easy road. So, you were hurt a few times along the way. BIG DEAL! What’s the fear about? May get hurt again…obviously you didn’t understand why that person came in your life. Maybe it was bad timing. Maybe you needed to have a trigger to clear out the sludge of the past and see the truth about yourself. Love is. How sad to go through life without feeling LOVE. God is Love and Love is God.

There is no hesitation for me to express how I feel. That is being authentic. When I feel good I allow myself to share my joy. If I am having a down day for whatever reason, then do I share my feelings? Should I hide in a corner and wait for the mood to pass so others see only the positive in me?  Hey, wonderful you, my need to express is just as important as your need to express. Of course, sometimes you and I both get carried away and say things that may be insensitive or hurtful. (I am not talking about abusive relationships here.) Should we break off the connection because that happened whether in friendship or love? Heck no. That’s taking it personally and nothing is worth taking personal. Get over it already. Yes, there are some who would say I haven’t gotten over some stuff. Oh, I have. Takes longer sometimes to clear out the debris and let go the old habits, patterns involved. And in right timing it is released. Nothing happens instantly unless you have mastered it. And if it does, believe me it comes back sooner than later to check you out and see if you really let go. Have you?  Love has no controls. You cannot demand a partner or a friend to be the way you fantasize them to be. Wouldn’t that be a fun time? Hey, love, be in my life filled with sharing and laughter but if I choose to control you, I will. Love and control have no connection. Love is always about the other. The more you give love, the more you get back a hundredfold. And it will come back in ways that you least expect, sometimes so far different than what you intended that you may fail to recognize it at first. Remember it is for your highest good.

When I mentioned about repressing feelings and eventual explosiveness, I found something in Whitney Houston’s chart that indicated this. She was an angel sent from above to share her gift with the world. I had the pleasure of seeing her perform many years ago in the 90s. It was extraordinary. What a personable lady (very Leo) with lots of verve. Yet there was a dark side that reared its ugly head when she met and married Bobby Brown (my opinion). She began to feel insecure and not being able to live up to the adulation. Although she was magnetic and filled with charisma before her marriage, the darkness crept in through projection. The last few months she had Pluto transit squaring her Mars in Libra which gave her more ambition possible. Pluto pumps up the energy and since Mars is energy, it is over the top. With whom did she have a power struggle at this time? The other side of the coin is any suppressed anger still lingering within could bring some very shady characters to her life or danger. It is not what it seems. She ticked someone off recently, maybe even that day, because she did not agree with what was said and it was very emotional for her. She stuck to her guns about her feelings and someone did not like it. It had to do with a partnership. She was NOT going to kill herself. Why would she? Have you jumped on the media bashing bandwagon before all the facts are in?  Maybe you need to think for yourself. Didn’t she fly to California for this celebration and the Grammy’s? More to this then anyone is saying. Who was in her room before she died? Mars was retro in her 7th house of partnerships conjunct her fated VERTEX. Wow, now I wonder if…..?  And I bet the ranch it wasn’t done by her. It was building for weeks. Someone was not happy with her. If she wanted to kill herself, why fly out to the West Coast when she could have done it anywhere. I was appalled that they actually had that party when she was dead in another part of the hotel. Crass. Why not wait until the next day and then do a tribute party? Is this what America has become? I doubt that was a loving response on their part. Can you say zombies? We will always love you Whitney. RIP.

Sending you all blessings and lots of LOVE today and through the coming days. May your dreams become realities. Thank you so much for who you are and what you do. Until Again, Jan

Round and Round You Go Where You Stop is Up to You- Welcome to 2012

What a year! Wow! Happy New Year to you! So, here we are 3 days into 2012 and something feels different. Have you noticed anything in the past few days? Have any of you felt stopped on the tracks the last few months, maybe the whole year? According to Kryon, we are still moving ahead in the NOW and may not feel the energy in the perspective of the old paradigm. I have felt stopped for a few months now and then when I thought about how the energy is changing, I realized that there has been movement forward yet my perspective is still catching up.  2011 was a year of ups and downs for many of you, including me. Not sure where everyone is heading but I do know that life is quickly shifting to a higher wave of energy. And once your energy begins to speed up even more, start noticing how others around you who may be lagging behind or no longer are part of your life, just fade away. This is the focus of 2012. Please hop off the doomsday bandwagon, because if you intend good times and bringing in a Higher Consciousness, then what do you think will happen? Do you really feel that the earth is going to be blown to pieces? That is what the mainstream media is portraying and so many are on that gloom and doom merry-go-round. Why not stop that circus now? They are conditioning you to think that way if you have even given it one second of thought. Why would our Divine Creator choose to destroy the planet? It is most likely the end of the linear timeframe as we have been taught.

What can you do to celebrate this awesome energy that is becoming so regenerating? Have you felt it fully? Are you hiding in a closet? Not paying attention? Well, why haven’t you allowed it to come into your life? It is here, you know. How can you think about moving forward in big leaps, in fact, in a cosmic leap if you refuse to pay attention? Some of you will be able to leap forward, hop that train and start moving forward sooner than later. Others may still have to clear out some residue from the past and it may be a bit slower. And there are those of you who have done nothing with intention and keep grazing in the grass. Are you waiting for the bull to come along and gives you a shove?  Uh oh! There are many who have had false starts in the past couple of years. It is time to regroup and clear and go on. Some will reconnect, others will meet anew. There are those of you who are moving to new destinations and then others who will stay in the same place major surprises may come out of the blue.

You need to let the past go? Goodness, it sounds like nagging, doesn’t it? That would be the ultimate thing to do. Release and clear out all those fears…yes, you have fears. Dear ones, look around, do you really have anything to fear? I can tell in your voices, that some fears are still present. You need the past, you say. Of course you do. Memories are wonderful. You have learned so many wonderful things in the past. Take what you need and move forward to what is truly on your path. As the energy speeds up those who are attuned to this energy will find that things you did 20 years ago have little interest unless it is part of your path. And people who have been in your life, for all that time, have been there for a reason. If they no longer enhance your joy, then why hold on? Are you hanging onto a memory or the actual person or thing? Why? Does the person or thing still serve a purpose, enhance your creativity, and make you laugh? Have you closed the door on your present so you can hide in the past? That is fear dear ones. Plain, ordinary fear! What a wonderful feeling it is to release that part of your life that no longer excites you, supports you or nourishes your being. The quicker you release and clear out, the more space you have for your next adventure, the new you.

 Keep the negativity at bay. I am finding that the clearer I become, the more exciting my life is. It sparkles with joy.  Are you willing to allow you to become who you are meant to be? Are you willing to be your authentic self? Think about how your life can be IF you allow the goodness to be present within. Dear ones, keep those worries out of your life. Let no one pull you into that place anymore.

 I am going to share some info with you. No fear please, but it does make me furious and if it doesn’t make you furious, maybe you are dead? Just an FYI. While all of you were either partying or just relaxing with family and friends, there was a loss. Read what Mike Adams has to say about what happened on the 31st of December 2011. “…Derived from sacred principles of natural law, the Bill of Rights has come to a sudden and catastrophic end with the President’s signing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a law that grants the U.S. military the “legal” right to conduct secret kidnappings of U.S. citizens, followed by indefinite detention, interrogation, torture and even murder…” read more at

 The Bison card is what I drew from Animal Powers Meditations as the New Year begins. The Bison represents prosperity. Perfect. “Bison, spirit, I am calling you. I am grateful for your gifts,   Of abundance and endurance, Come to me now and give me grounding. I need your knowledge to help me survive, to slow down, be patient and move  forward. Having faith that all I need will be provided.”Think about what Bison says and I know that the good things of life will come to you if you open your hearts to them. Patience is the keyword at this time. Set your goals and intentions for the year and open to allowing them to come to you. May you all be blessed with the new energy of Higher Consciousness and may you find your truth this year. The path is getting more narrow.

Will you endure? Ready for leaping? Thank you for all you do and all you are. Have a wonderful week and until again. Love, Jan


Hello again. Well, it certainly has gotten very interesting out in the mainstream these days. The new movement, OWS, has amped up not just in New York but around the world. Some people are saying it is being created by those who intend to divide and conquer. Others say it is a good thing because finally people are getting up and speaking out about the wretched conditions that are facing us. All I want to say, it is not what it seems. And what about the fact that the radiation from Fukushima has reached certain sections of Tokyo? Not a good thing. It is not what it seems. How about the Iran issues heating up? Ho hum. It is not what it seems. And why would I bring this up as a preface to my thoughts on 11:11. The past is done. DONE!!!!! The new paradigm is trying its darndest to break on through.  Let’s all keep an eye open to see what kind of distraction there is to take us away from our truth. And you know that will most likely happen because the next few months can be a bit tough for those unwilling to let go and continue resisting the new turn in the road. It’s not going to happen overnight as you well know, yet there is something occurring that has been absent from our lives for a very long time -PEACE within. Compassion, Love and Balance are very important in the upcoming months also.  If you feel that peace within yourself, nothing can rattle you, nothing can distract you. The higher energies are trying to wake you up. Are you letting the flow take place? If you are feeling no peace within, then you are resisting the energy. Of course, the energies may be nudging you to clear out and you may have not recognized that you are more peaceful than you have ever been even if there are things pulling at you. I have been frustrated with those who refuse to see what is going on and how easily we can all be pulled off track by the mainstream distractions and distortions.  On the other hand, the only thing I can do is be present to me and my staying in the present moment may have an effect on others who choose to be distracted to avoid moving forward. Our consciousness is rising and as long as you are willing to ride the wave, things will be smoother for all of us contrary to what the mainstream is putting out to you. This is a pivotal time in our lives.

 Dear ones, fear is still evident amongst many people in my life. Many have broken through the fear of losing homes, jobs, spouses, children, credit, or health. You name it. Once you begin to see that there is no place for fear, each day gets better and less stressful. The anxiety disappears. How? Get rid of those old patterns, beliefs and fears that are someone else’s conditioning that affected you. They mesmerized you when you were a child and you brought it forth with you to your current age. Is that what you really want in life? I bet you have no idea how they even entered your life! Any belief that is not yours will keep you from having love enter your life. This is a serious statement.  You need to release all beliefs/traumas that no longer serve you whether they are collective or personal. In a recent webinar Paul Bauer suggested you release and create a whole new set of beliefs that are truly yours and do you know what? They EMPOWER you. You need to make peace with that belief and let it go once and for all. You know what they are and if you don’t, then sit quietly and start writing what you think they are. He suggested the following and I do agree that some of them are: not enough love, not good enough, not deserving of anything, not free from an ancestral belief. If you fail to release those beliefs that no longer serve you- Dis Ease happens. And that means if it is stressing you out, it no longer serves you. Maybe add to that – everyone is more important than me, I am all alone and no one is here to help me. What you need to do is intend the answer to come to you and it will show up. Ask for guidance from God Light and Spirit guides. Remember you are already the energy so do you need to really attract anything or just be open to it. Once you ask the right questions, you will always find the right answers for which you are looking. What is your greatest pain? You need to trace it back to where it began…that fear, that belief that holds you back. Yes, back to the beginning because part of you is protecting you and not wanting to release it. Changing is a threat to you. Once you locate where it began. Please make peace with it and let it go.

And very important also is this- acts of judgement close the door to the heart because the heart never judges. If you find yourself in judgement of another or something, know it is not from your heart, your essence. This is blocking the way to your freedom.  So, let go of the need to judge because in reality you are judging yourself. Living in the past or living in the future equals judgement.  By judging others you are judging yourself. One more thing…let go of the need to control by reaching into that heart of yours so you can feel the energies that are touching you with love. Transformation will occur if you let it. That is what 11:11 is all about. It is about transforming the energies of the negative, the old paradigm and leading you out of the survival mode, the logical (mind-based thinking) mode and fully into the heart consciousness which awakens and connects you to a deeper rhythm. The heart is 5000 times more electromagnetically charged than the mind. Your heart is what holds the sacred essence which is your connection to your Divinity. Paul Bauer of Dreams Alive says that the 11:11 date may be the key to the turning point of your DNA. Where will you allow it to take you? Will you still be resisting and failing to let go next month or 6 months from now? Are you going to continue to be so focused on materialism or will you open your heart fully and feel the bliss? If you still have anger, guilt, fear and any other negative hanging around when 11:11 comes around, your wake-up call may be a bit rough. Who needs that, I know I am allowing the flow, that wonderful energy to give me an opportunity to take that leap into the new paradigm. Remember not everything is as it seems. Happy letting go and leaping. Until again. Thank you for reading. I am grateful.  Click the follow button to get automatic updates. I look for your comments. Be blessed with joy and love from your hearts, Love, Jan

NEW MOON in LIBRA -September 27 2011-Creativity and Balance

Here we are just past the Autumnal Equinox on September 23, 2011. This energy will last for the next 3 months until the Winter Solstice. This energy is about the art of compromise and having mutual respect between you and others. Uranus in Aries in opposition at the Equinox brings you to looking within for a new identity. Who do you choose to be in the days ahead? What do you intend to create? How are you going to take that creativity out there in the world? Also, new structures are being formed with Saturn’s influence. Venus is saying that this is a time to open up in your relationships without fear. Take that leap.

The NEW MOON is in LIBRA at 4 degrees, September 27, 2011 at 7:09am EDT. Wherever 4 degrees Libra is located in your chart is where you will be affected. If it is in your 5th house, it is about creativity and love. If it is in your 7th house it is about partnerships, business or personal. In the 2nd house you will be looking at your values and resources and how you can use them to manifest what you need. If you find the NEW MOON in your 9th house you may find yourself looking for new horizons in travel or reaching into that higher self that you haven’t looked at recently. That is only some of the places it can be affecting. Remember New Moons are about new beginnings in whatever part of your chart that it is influencing. This NEW MOON in LIBRA gives you the opportunity overall to bring balance to yourself and have reconciliation in relationships. It is a powerful New Moon.

As I said this is a time of balance within and in relationship with others. You are looking to join others of higher spirituality, seekers on your path, who you can illuminate or vice versa. What you have seen before will come to you more clearly now. You are getting more attuned to your true path and no matter what the obstacles or undermining individuals, you still need to move forward in some way. Things are intense at this time since Mercury is in the T-Square and there is much tension in the air. Mercury opposition Uranus says expect the unexpected in a part of your life. It may be quite the delight or maybe a big shock. Perceptions and illusions are shattered and you get a wakeup call or just a pleasant surprise. And do watch what you say and how you say it at this time of the NEW MOON in LIBRA. For once you may be able to see your situation with objectivity. And do discern the voice in your head. Is it real or is it your ego? What does your heart say? Your heart is always true to your path. And if your mind and heart are in balance, you will find that new direction in relationships and within.

This NEW MOON in LIBRA is also a time to look at your old habits and patterns. Are you still feeling stuck? You are being given the chance to release those issues that continue to drag you down and bring out the fear when someone disagrees with your beliefs. This is a time when you can really go deep within and chuck all those nasties that no longer work. Well, they can be nasty if you let them take over your life and you find yourself stuck in a groove so deep that you see nothing except your banal existence. So, my suggestion is to stop wasting the opportunity and meditate, pray, sing, dance. Do something to release the old junk once and for all. If you have a fear about something that may or may not happen…please acknowledge it, release it and let it go once and for all. This is a time when illumination will take place and your patterns will hit you hard if you don’t look at them now. Since you all are choosing new beginnings then how can you really intend it if you still are stuck in the muck? And keep your eyes open because any new opportunities that may appear may come about unexpectedly and it would be a darn shame if you missed them. Let go of that which no longer works for you. This past summer’s eclipses brought something to a close in your life. Did you recognize it?

Kindness is the keyword at this time. Have you demonstrated kindness to those who have been there for you? How about beauty? When was the last time you looked at the beauty around you? I am referring to the beauty of nature, the beauty of someone near you or the beauty of the you within? Well, have you been paying attention to this beauty because Libra is about beauty also. Many may find that to find that peace and balance that is so desired comes as you take a walk in nature and truly appreciate the beauty of it or when you actually realize that you glow with the beauty of your inner self.

What about service? Have you reached out to others in service? This is a time of new initiatives and some expansion. I know you choose to go in your direction yet there are others who need your help and service and this helps you too. Your Soul Family is coming together as I write this. And for those who choose to ignore this factor, then life gets a bit more stuck until you wake up. THIS IS A BIG OPPORTUNITY to wake up to the truth. Justice, fairness and balance is present to you. Will you allow it in your life? Know that no matter what happened in the past is now gone. In order to wake up you need to release what doesn’t work and is off your path if you intend to be your true self. For those who feel a wakeup call is not needed know that eventually it will affect your whole being if you continue to beat the same drum that has no meaning in your life. The outcomes look good if you stay in the positive without illusions. Many of you, including me, are going through a very deep cleansing process to remove the wounding that occurred in our lives and other times. It is a good thing and quite necessary, although you would like to scream and rant and rave until it finally clears out. So do it. As long as you stay in balance no matter what is going on around you, the energy will be in your favor. Be kind to yourselves and remember that your guides and the Creator are always available to help. ASK!!!

Thank you always for your support and I send Abundant Blessings to all of you. May the peace of this NEW MOON in LIBRA reach out to you so you feel the harmony within. Until Again. Love, Jan

PS Keep your eyes open over the next couple of days. Too many things are hidden in plain sight. Maybe nothing will occur; maybe a total change in some way.

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