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FULL MOON in TAURUS, October 29, 2012-Forgiving the Past

It is almost time for the Full Moon in Taurus. There has been much disruptive energy going on in the atmosphere. Have you noticed? Time is speeding up even faster than a week ago and it is amazing that people are still doing the same things as before. They are fearful of change. The comfort zone is too inviting and most get pulled back into the past which hovers over them like a dark cloud. Speaking of clouds there is a storm named Sandy brewing in the Atlantic Ocean that may bring major winds and buckets of rain to the stretch of land from Washington, D.C. to Down East Maine. So, what do you think it is manufactured one or a real one? When they started speaking of it I wondered why NOW? Will this affect the minds of those who vote? I suggest being prepared just in case-extra water, food, and candles. I am quite serious about this for those in the path of the storm. I just heard it may be a Category 4 as it hits the coast. Sending protection to all of you.

Then I thought oh, yes, election is almost upon us. Could that be the reason? Will there actually be an election? I am not going to go into extensive political analysis right now but there are some things going on. President Obama has his South Node in Aquarius which explains his need to support the underdogs and underserved and attract weird people and not so great friends. It is not as freedom-loving as it sounds and since his North Node or Dragon’s head is in Leo, he can be a true leader if he chooses but there are things going on that keep him from doing so because his concentration on the underdogs just won’t let him move into his truth. His life is in a very precarious position in the next year if he gets elected. On the other hand Mr. Romney has a Gemini Dragon’s head (North node) and Sagittarius Dragon’s tail (South node). His Mormon religion has pulled him back and it keeps him in the past to some extent. He feels he is above all others. On the other hand can he lead? Well, he has the support of many because he has much wealth. He has nothing major in his Aquarian 10th house. Well, he can be something of a leader maybe (a figurehead). It worked when he was governor of Massachusetts because his MC (top of the chart-public recognition) did it for him since it is in Aquarius and so is Massachusetts. He has gotten where he is though having no idea why. There are many around him who have supported his efforts and money does talk sometimes. What now America, land of the free?

The FULL MOON arrives on Monday, October 29, 2012 at 3:49pm EDT in Taurus 6degrees 47 minutes.  Where it falls in your natal blueprint/chart will tell you what part of your life will feel the energy. It is about the  transforming the  senses, your loyalty,  tolerance and forgiveness. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius feel it more intensely. Those having moon, sun or ascendant in Taurus are most affected.  This is October Hunter’s Moon as known to the Native Americans who used this energy to cull down the herd. This Full Moon will have some influence over the elective process but the “stars impel, they do not compel” as the saying goes. Anything can happen as in your regular everyday living. The Sun is in Scorpio at 6 degrees 47 minutes and brings an underlying intensity, secretiveness.  Scorpio is about power and flying high above the stars. The combination is also about sex, love and MONEY. How does that feel when you know it is about all the things you smell, taste, touch, hear and see? Think of the senses and this is the energy that will seep into your world. But do not go looking for forbidden fruits because it will come back to haunt you in many ways. Ouch. Seriously…this is verboten.

This FULL MOON in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn asks you to release old stuck patterns and create new paths in your life with lots of vigor. Pluto wants to support the transformation after the letting go. Do you have the courage to be your own authentic self?  It is saying it is the only way you will move forward in the coming days. Now is a beneficial time to do so once the release takes place. Full Moon in Taurus is about your values and Scorpio Sun is about other’s values and financial affairs. Are you solid in your finances? If not, take the time to look at your financial biz and take the time to do affirmations and meditations to create wealth. Security is important to you now. Keep fear out of the picture and money will flow to you. Fear stifles everything to do with the senses.  Since this Full Moon in Taurus is about forgiveness. any grudges, old wounds and all the other past craziness in your lives with others has to be released and let go. The energy has been shifting and now it is the perfect time to do it. LET IT GO and move into the new energy which will inspire you and invigorate you. No matter what you do, your relationship matters are to the fore at this time. If you are in one, honor the other person even though things have been out of kilter in the past. 

This is an important and powerful FULL MOON which will help redo your  foundation. Please stop talking about old stuff and all other gunk that has shown up because someone didn’t like this or that. Gee whiz. Get over it.  If you resist transmuting the old patterns of your relationship they will continue to pop up down the road. If you aren’t in a relationship, then focus on what you can bring to one…your values (have you thought about them lately?), your financial security, and your own self-worth. Get it aligned and be ready for the transformation. Watch out those of you who have a planet at 6+degrees Scorpio. Someone would love to just get you in a much compromised position and then off they go. (is that plain enough for you?)  Now is the time to surrender your heartache over to a Higher Power. Be careful of stubborn resistance to change because it will truly undermine your efforts. It is a time to persist and recognize what is real and what is not with help from Saturn opposite the Full Moon in Taurus.

Taurus FULL MOON speaks of tolerance, forgiveness and being grounded. Stop letting others rule your life. This is a time of simple pleasures for the body; deep intimacy; relaxation to rejuvenate; loyalty; being in Mother Nature; creativity using the earth or clay / anything grounding; values; animal sensuality; erotic scents; creating wealth and long dinners with good food. These are just some things that this FULL MOON in Taurus may enhance.

Be present to the moment now and letting go of past wounds and patterns will be easier and so will leaping forward. May you all be blessed this Hunter’s Moon. Have a beautiful week. Thank you for you and all you do in this very exciting, transformative time. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in LEO AUGUST 17, 2012- Creating Passionate Exchange

Hello again to those who have found their path and to those who are locked in the past. Are you shining today? Let the old thinking go, so the Light can brightly glow, when you reach within your heart, which will bring a brand new start, allowing a leap to help you grow and now you know how to show…others the same.

As the Light glows about us, there is so much controversy seeping through the cracks. There are earthquakes rumbling; wars a brewing; children going missing and people being falsely accused; droughts in many places; candidates screaming at each other; and so many other things like the Sandusky scandal which has so much misinformation. But then again most mainstream media news is misinformation. It makes me crazy. And did the Olympics entertain you with the go for the gold? It is an interesting phenomenon that gold is always in the news.. Years ago when I started to journal consistently, I began to allow my Higher Self to take over and one day I wrote pages and pages about gold. At first without giving it too much thought, it came to me maybe it was about the Divine. Some of it made sense and other times it did not. So what is my point? Well I came across mention of gold in my reading lately (not gold ingots or gold standard or gold Olympic medallions). Dr. Sha says that gold is about the following- G-ratitude, O-bedience, L-oyalty, D-evotion.  Interesting! The New Moon is in Leo and also likes gold.  

On Friday, August 17, 2012, the NEW MOON in the lion LEO commands our attention as it takes place at 11:55am EDT at 25deg08min.  NEW MOON In LEO glows even though it is invisible to us. The Sun is in Leo which is all about the creative within. It speaks of courage and confidence. Taking charge of your lives is paramount. This is about you and moving into your heart. Yes, your heart. The Lion has a big heart. Of course, some Leo get stuck in their egos especially if they let their pride get in the way. Some of you will find successful resolutions to problems on the home front. That comes from facing your inner truths. If you refuse to look within, who knows what happens?  Cooperation is a must for successful relationships. Wherever you have the New Moon in Leo in your chart will be affected more intensely. On the other hand your charisma and creativity may be stifled if there is any stubbornness present within. This is a major downfall to many who are creative and fail to move into their heartfelt song. This is quite a romantic time for those of you involved or those of you who are open to new deeper, friendly interactions. Leo loves praise. So I suggest you nurture others by giving praise and you may get it right back. Sounds good. Leo New Moon brings fun to the scene.  

Playing is part of life. Make sure both parties are on board. A bold move now may happen but please hold off final decisions at this time. Why do I say that? Well here is the other half of the next 2 weeks before the Full Moon. Mercury went direct at 1:40am EDT on Wednesday, August 8, 2012. It continues in forward motion and goes high speed on the 21st of August. Hurrah!! You have been through a review process and a time of liberation now shows up. How many out there are mind-controlled? You would be surprised as to how little it takes for you to be susceptible to the conditioning. Many of you may be on the verge of breaking out of this so-called condition. So, keep moving forward for now is the time. It may not bring you exactly what you choose immediately but it will give you a big opening to who you truly are. If you are enmeshed in a relationship that has been tricky to extract yourself, then the forward motion may give you the chance. This is a time for letting go completely of all that has no meaning in your life. A new life is in front of you, are you going to go for it? If you stay enmeshed you need to allow the energy to begin to unravel your ties and the sooner the better due to upcoming events that may decide for you. On the other hand, this is a good time for revolutionary changes in your relationships. Mars/Saturn conjunction aspecting the New Moon creates passionate displays. If your angst has gotten to you –maybe there is a dream piece of poetry or grand music residing within. Take the passion and do something with it. And for goodness sakes rejuvenate the relationship aspects after all the stress of the last month. Physical and sexual expression prevents anger from getting out of control.

You need to trust your soul and the process. As I mentioned in the beginning of the post stubbornness can gunk up the flow. When things are kept from flowing that means there is a block within which in many cases is your need to control everything. New Moon in Leo gives you the opportunity to trust in order for the door to open. Stubbornness usually keeps the door shut to your true path. You may feel that what you are doing is true yet there is no movement. I say check it out because you may be holding yourself back from the biggest leap of your life. Scary? Fear still resides within. Oh dear what can you do? Lose the fear. Did you hear that?

Here are other things of note. The Solar eclipse which took place on May 20 is now ready to activate on August 20. That is 90 days after its inception. Wherever it fell in your natal chart is where it will trigger again. Also am mentioning this early to give you a heads up. Saturn goes into Scorpio in October. This is all about rules and following them. And the Dragon’s head (North node) goes into Scorpio on August 31 2012. This is about stone-cold reality. The path to be carved is about Scorpionic skills which are emotional, psychological, intuitive, metaphysical, and sexual, Deep stuff!!  BUT, that’s life and now is the time to truly look at which direction you are heading. The South Node coming into Taurus at that time wants you to bring forth your self-worth (if you lack this, get trucking on it and bring it back or it will keep you stuck),money finesse (negative-obsession with money or financial issues can bring you down at this time –be careful). The groundedness of the Taurus south node will lead you onto the Scorpio North Node path that is needed at this juncture. Enjoy the few weeks of the Leo New Moon because when this comes in, the ducks are coming off the pond. Reality strikes and it is serious. Scorpio can be tough. Watch for stress and drama. Ditch the old patterns and beliefs already (this is part of what ascension is about).

Bon chance as the days move forward into another turning point. Leaps happen. Pay attention. May your blessings be a thousandfold. Thank you for all your support. Until again. Love, Jan    (watch for developments with Gov of PA re:

Sandusky case and Penn State. Something looks like it is ready

to come out and it may be inadvertantly.)

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