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SOUL SEARCHING -12/12/12 and 12/21/12

The merry-go-round is going faster and faster. Are you on it or have you seen the truth and jumped off? As I look at articles on the Net and I skim the papers it amazes me the hype about the end of time. Well, is the Mayan prophecy real? Sure is. Does it apply literally to our lives? Meaning do you know exactly what was meant by it when it was written? If you do then you have transcended time and space and are capable of knowing the Universe fully. Do I dispute it? NO. Do I understand it? NO. I am sure there is an element of truth to it as it applies to our lifetime. If December 21,2012 comes and goes, what then? Misunderstood message? Can it be that it is the end of time as we know it or is it the Zero Point, a time of spiritual rebirth collectively? Does earth go through the Photon Belt and time slows down and everything is in this phase for 3 days? Or is it a consciousness-raising turning point? Will you still be influenced by the matrix or will you choose to step out of it?

What about December 12, 2012? Isn’t that a one-time happening? 12/12/12. This is the same kind of thoughts from the Hopis. It is a time of transformation and the old is passing to make way for the new. That is my take on this whole timeframe. And if you are fearful of change, then how will you brave a storm?  My suggestion is to pay attention. Not everything is as it seems these days. What is good is bad and what is bad is so good according to those who run the news. There may be earth changes—earthquakes, fires or storms. Are they real caused by Mother Nature or are they manmade? You tell me. I say be careful in certain places with lots of water. Astrologically there is an indication that there may lead to an event. False flag or real…?

There are many of you out there in the world who are very fearful of these changes and it is being exacerbated by the Media among other factors. Of course, Hollywood scares you too! The fear factor is what they bring to you to keep you tethered to the post. How many of you have been paying attention to the reality of this planet Earth? Right now I am more concerned about the harmful conditions that affect us in the GMO foods we eat, such as corn, soy(certain  alternative dairy milk), wheat and canola oil; the fluoridated water we drink; the environmental damage from chemtrails (oh, I know many think they are nonexistent); and prescription drug overload. What about the massive effects of Fukushima? Nutritional supplement companies are being raided and have to pay money to the FDA to stay in business  How many think you are being monitored on the NET? This is serious business The list goes on and on. The Media loves to up the fear level periodically to make us uncomfortable when there are changes to be experienced. The fear that comes up in most of you when there is to be a change is over the top. CHANGE is like a very bad word yet changes occur every moment of every day. Do you ever see the changes that take place? Are you the same every day? Do you conduct your business the same way every day? Then again, maybe you are more robotic like the Media and PTB like you to be. No questions, no interest, just the same things going around in circles as the merry-go-round.

How about changing things in your own life? Are you ready for a leap? What a concept that would be. Stop eating foods or drinks with high fructose corn syrup or you will be part of the obesity epidemic. Stop the water from being fluoridated. Stop all those excessive vaccines that do no good to the children who get them. Were you forced to get a flu shot? Are you aware what actually is in a flu shot? (Thimerosal, formaldehyde, aluminum, ethylene glycol(antifreeze, phenol, among other things.) Have you been so conditioned to accept everything the Media and PTB say to you? Many of our foods today are from GMO seeds which are brought to you by Monsanto.  They can trigger an emergence of new diseases and also can affect the immune system thereby creating allergic reactions. Why do you think many of the plants and animals are dying off? Wake up, dear ones!!!!

Lots of good things can affect us in the coming days. Let’s think more positive and keep the good energy flowing. I believe you and I will be seeing the 22nd of December. Whether there is an event one never knows and since the Dragon’s Head (Moon’s North Node) is in Scorpio, life can be dicey for awhile. I think that there will be many economic difficulties due to past indulgences and outrageous spending habits. Stay in the moment and pay attention please. Remember astrology shows you the plan but it is up to you to take action. Even in the worst times you can come away with good fortune if you learn the lesson it is trying to teach you.

Sending many blessings and good luck to all. The New Moon arrives on December 13, 2012 the day after 12/12/12. You will need much steadfastness. Thank you for all your support. Until again. Love, Jan




Here we are in the week after the last day of the Mayan Calendar and what has changed or shifted in your life since last week? Anything at all? Do you know what I found that my perspective has shifted and where I kept my involvement to a minimum, I now feel differently? What am I saying? Well, I feel the veil has parted slightly, if only for a moment. The lie is huge and although it was there for seeing before and bothered me to some extent, now it is annoying and exasperates me. And you say what is she talking about? People, events, the world, the talking heads, the crazy drivers, the impatience of others, the constant barrage of war talk, the rudeness, the entitlement and how many more things are the things that really make me crazy? Me first as the motto of many continues. Lots of selfishness is reappearing. I thought that went out with the last millennium. And many may say, so what! It’s been there all the time, what does it matter now? It is the lies that really get to me. And it is interesting that my thoughts and feelings that came to me as I was driving to work today, have now disappeared due to overload from meetings all day. What a way to make one see the truth. And funny thing I broke out into a rash after the one meeting. Was my irritability from the meeting showing up? Most likely! Some people will laugh when they read that. The energy was erratic.

 How many of you are living in the lie? Living the lie and truth have no connection. Living the lie is when you are in denial as to what you are here to do or you have thrown it away because it is too much trouble. How many have really wanted to do something else? You may not even know what it is but it nags you at times. That’s your truth and if you pay attention to what is nagging you (I don’t mean other people here)  it appears clearly in front of you.  If you have a partner, does he/she support your efforts and your intentions? I know many of you who have partners who have no clue that life is more than work or watching TV or just doing nothing that has anything to do with their path. Or maybe there are those who choose to be left alone and have little to do with anything. How many of you are still in an old belief system? In fact are the beliefs really yours or from another individual. If the Mayan Calendar ended and we are now on the way to a new beginning in consciousness then what do we have to do to awaken others to the truth. When one sits in an old select group and the fear builds because stepping outside that group is a threat to their comfort zone, then what does one do to feel good about taking that leap? I want to know the reason that you need that comfort zone. Ironically, my life has never had one. Something or someone continuously keeps me on my toes and I need to pay attention.  Yet, I had to keep taking small leaps whether I liked it or not. How about you? Do you feel that your life is ready to tip over with stress due to other’s behavior or beliefs being thrown at you? Then stop it and get off the wheel already. Didn’t the Master Christ say that we should be in the world but not of the world? How many can actually say that? Because if you are not of the world you will know immediately what I am talking about. Those who are treading water and hiding away or evading issues are filled with a fear coming from some other time. As a good friend commented on a previous blog post, things are going to be raw soon. Yes, they sure are especially if you are in denial. They don’t have to be. You can stop running and take a look at your life and see if you are joyful and authentic. That is a big plus. No one said you had to do what you are doing if it is a lie.

When was the last time you went within and saw your truth? When was the last time you thought about finding out your good points and not so good points and seeing how you could integrate your mindset and heart? Have you? Many say that they do certain things for people, they serve the group, they help out when asked and that is great. Is it your truth? Or are you living a lie? Does guilt enter into the equation? If so, then the lie is present, because you are being other than your authentic self. Guilt is taught; it is far from the norm. So you have beliefs that aren’t yours, and guilt about things that happened, and grudges you hold against others. Wow. No wonder you may experience problems. 

 This is a time to step up and take a leap to a new place in your life. Hanging on for dear life to something that is no longer a part of your truth is a lie. If you haven’t recognized it yet then get to looking deeply within or you may find something may shake up your life and who needs that. Been there, done that. Not a good feeling and boy, does it interrupt your day.

 Enough of the lie! Take a risk already. Put those intentions out there and watch them appear. And if you are clear and authentic and filled with integrity, you know they come sooner than later, sometimes instantly. I thought I was going to have a rant today and the energy changed and so be it. A quick public info note: There is FEMA emergency broadcast shutdown of communications on November 9 at 2pm EST and whatever that is about, who knows! I did hear that there is an asteroid going by the moon or thereabouts in that timeframe also. Perhaps they don’t want us to hear about what actually occurs. Just sending out an SOS. Have a blessed week. Until again. Love, Jan

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