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Where shall I go this week? Wandering down the aisle of fear or through the looking glass of dreams and all is going to be ok syndrome? The energy lately is being torn in so many directions that my head spins in confusion.  Do any of you feel the shifting energy that is subtly affecting all of us? Let’s go here or maybe there, where can we go but anywhere or everywhere? BABBLING BROOKS make more sense. Oh yes, dear ones, the TRUTH will win out without you or me doing anything EXCEPT looking within. There is nothing out there in front of you to look at. Why do you insist on looking elsewhere other than within your own heart? That is where the answer resides The ILLUSION has gotten you to believe in it. Do you like the merry-go-round so much?. Do you feel, think or believe that the world is ending? Or do you feel, think or believe that we are going to ascend to the higher dimension? What is it? I notice that old patterns and habits are still running strong and preventing you from shedding the past. And you are going nowhere unless you raise your energy and look within. And for goodness sakes, drop that fear. Do you know that there are only facets of fear that hold you back? Fear in the news darkens the days and it continues on and on. Fukushima is on the verge of a big event and if they continue to downplay it, Japan won’t be there much longer. That is a big fear yet also a real issue. There is something else I noticed in the news and is being downplayed. In Milwaukee the Red Cross is setting up a backup plan for those who may be forced to evacuate Chicago during the time of the NATO Summit in May. (5/18-5/21). Why are they doing that? What would be the reason for an evacuation of that city? Keep it in the back of your mind.

How many of you still take things personal? Why do you still insist on doing it? What makes all of you so fearful? I think it may be that you watch too many brainwashing news or reality shows. When was the last time you sat in nature and thought about what your true self intended you to do in this lifetime? Who of you has taken the time to live your truth, be your truth and speak the truth? C’mon. Are you kidding me? Who in your life walks their talk and speaks the truth? Anyone? Am I prodding too much?  Are you struggling so much that you cannot see the forest for the trees? Nothing is as it seems.

I said that I would continue the writing about money and abundance. Well, in my thinking there is a connection as to whether you are being in your truth or being in the world. You can make tons of money in the world and lose it in a matter of minutes unless you begin to discern what it is you are seeking. You can receive money from others but will that bring you what you truly need to do this lifetime. Stop deluding yourself. Many of you are hooked on spending. Does it bring you gratification? If so, great, continue spending. Many of you are compelled to gamble. Does it bring your heart great joy? If so, then continue playing the games. Many are hooked on the fear factor. You cannot get enough of that violence, the war game, the prejudice, everything that would bring up fear. Let’s bomb that country. Let’s take out the terrorists. That may be you whether you know it or not. It is coming to a town near you. Stop feeding the anger which is part of the fear game. Why, do you insist on that fear? Is it helping you to create more abundance? I doubt it. What will bring what you desire and truly feel you deserve? How about following your heart? Some would say that is too New Agey! All of you are connected yet will move forward in a variety of ways. Does that indicate that we are all separate? How can we help each other to flourish?

 I have found in my own life when I give in to my inner workings and follow the path that is right in front of me without going on detours, then money flows to me. There is no stress when you are doing what you love. NONE. I will give you an example from my own life. I have a two-fold life. One is practical and one is spiritual/metaphysical. Why do I need the 2-pronged approach?  I saw in my chart that this would keep my joy to the forefront. If  I do only one and not the other, I tip the scales one way. This is a big truth. So, I continue to do both. Now, please understand that you too may have two things going on in your life to keep you in balance. Some of you will just do one thing. And others will run around in circles and choose to do nothing on their path. I have found that if the joy is there then you will do what you do with ease. When it becomes difficult that is when the money begins to disappear. The stress level rises and you have no time for joyous activities aka FUN.  And you ask, why is that? I hear some of you saying that you have to work hard for a living. That is an old belief that has nothing to do with your life. Who taught you to think that? Yep, someone had to do that. And you bought that concept, that belief that it runs you ragged. Discernment is necessary for good choices. Your soul knows who you are and what you came to do. When you feel that intuitive power rising within, take a look and see. Feel good about the thought…go for it without being impulsive. So, yes, leaping is good when you have a clear idea about which road you are moving forward upon.  If the idea is still foggy, stop and let it come to you in meditation or just plain hanging back a bit. Wait too long and the opportunity disappears. How many have you missed an opportunity and it was right in front of you?  It is all about timing and that is why sometimes a look at the chart of a situation will help you to discern whether you are on track and prevents many miscues.

The Full Moon in Scorpio shines on May 5. Look for me back again, then. Sending you lots of love and blessings for a beautiful week. Until again. Jan


Oh dear, I have gotten caught up in March Madness mayhem just like many of you out there. Sometimes I find that it is a pleasurable escape from the madness of the world and reading about all the bankers who are no longer in their jobs. Money made their world go round. Guess it is about time for all of us to find a way to generate that energy in a positive way. For several days I thought about what I wanted to write about and the topic of “money” kept popping in my head. Money is energy. Plain and simple! To some of you who are aware of that, then I know you must have much money flow in your lives. For others, there may knowledge of it, yet an old belief or an old pattern blocks the way to abundant cash flow.

Let’s look at how you speak and think about money. Were you taught it was the root of all evil? Yipes. I am sure many have heard that term in your own families depending on the situation. I know I did. How about the term “filthy lucre”? That’s another negative term that disconnects you from the flow of money. How many of you expect abundant cash flow to be in your life? Really believe it when you think about it or talk about? In my own experience no matter how little cash flow I had, no matter what occurred, there was only trust in my mind and heart that my money supply was present to me. As long as I thought positive about money, that supply would be replenished. Believe me years ago I was close to having just a couple dollars in my wallet and out of nowhere, as long as I was positive in my thoughts and speech, the money showed up. If for any reason I became critical or angry and impatient, bingo, it was delayed. Sound familiar? And then maybe most of you are on track and have a consistent cash flow.  

First of all before you think the lottery is yours for the taking. Forget it. You may get lucky one day but without a goal for that money and I don’t mean just paying off your debts. Do you really think you will manifest that cash? You may, but it’ll be gone before you think about it. Do you know that the real road to riches begins with love? Oh, no. How can that be? Jan, where would you get that idea?  If you have a deep-seated belief of unworthiness and you dislike yourself than how would you possibly bring any money in your life other than drone work? (corporate, big business, colleges etc.) You will continue to act out of old beliefs and patterns and no matter how much you work, that’s all you will get. Love yourself, change your beliefs about yourself and money will flow to you. If you truly know you are wealthy, you will be in more ways than just moneywise. I heard something in a course that if you are praying you get a cool million for your own selfish purposes, guess what, not happening. It will be dissipated by the time you think about what you want to do with it. That’s why athletes and movie stars can end up bankrupt. No goal for helping others. They are just thinking about themselves. Understand that no one said you couldn’t do something else with the money if it appears in your life. It is about taking it and using it to help someone do something and you to use it for your highest good. That goal is important in bringing that money into your life. You know what…if you say that you are using that money to help others and are benevolent and your deep-seated beliefs are other than that…not happening. That money will jump right out of your life. If you use your imagination to circulate money even before it enters your life, that will then create an opening for you. How about you really would like to build a business and you begin to plan and imagine what you would like it to be, down to the details, including the people involved and so forth. That is an excellent way to bring it about. Acting mentally the way you would objectively will bring the good to you. If you say one thing and deep down believe something else about money, it will disappear or just fail to show up.

I intend to write more about this favorite topic of money and abundant flow. Start thinking about it and down the road I will go into more detail. Mercury is retrograde right now so stay away from signing papers and buying electronics. Watch your words on March 18th since Mercury is conjunct Uranus. If you needed to say something and haven’t and it has been pent up…whoa! Think first. Of course, it may bring a surprise or two also. The energy is shifting in a big way. If you haven’t noticed too much it may be that you have been raising your vibration with the good works you have been doing and it may be more subtle. Those who are doing nothing in the sense of working on themselves and creating harmony will start to notice it more dramatically.

Here is a money affirmation which you can say morning and night to help you manifest.“I claim consciously and knowingly that money is circulating in my life freely and  joyously and there is always a Divine Surplus.”

Have a great weekend and may the blessings be many for all of you. Maybe the leprechauns will bring you that pot of gold and you take a leap. Thank you for all you do and are. Much love. Until again. Jan

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