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NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, FEBRUARY 10, 2013 -Envisioning the Future and Letting Go!

This has been one heck of a week. My stress level was over the top. Was it me or was it others? Or was it those around me mirroring me? Don’t know; just let it go before the new moon set in. I do hope most of you have experienced some good happenings in the last 2 weeks since the Full Moon. Life is getting very interesting and with the New Moon in Aquarius a few hours away, it is time to step up to plate. Take that idea and run with it or at least come to some decisions this weekend that will carry you forward into a truly new beginning in some area of your life. Make a commitment to walk your path following your true purpose. The New Moon in Aquarius takes places on Sunday, February 10, 2013 in 21 degrees 43’ at 2:21 am EST. The Sun and Moon in Aquarius awakens our tendencies to reach out to others. And if you already have been doing this in your life in some way, then now is the time to take it even further.

Aquarius is about the rational mind and reaching deeply into the Universal mind. This is a visionary sign that loves to interact with those in the world, the collective.  How many Aquarian types do you know who dislike being social? Very few.  This is a freedom-loving sign that sometimes brings out the unusual. The Aquarians among us truly like to interact and share their stories with anyone who will listen. This New Moon in Aquarius brings mainly social relationships and friendships into the forefront. They can show up unexpectedly in your life and turn it upside down for the better. Good things may be ready to show up in your life if you keep your thoughts positive. Want to change something that is bothering you this weekend or in the next few days? Reach out to your friends or social group and expect the unexpected. You may meet someone who has a profound effect on your life. In my own chart there is New Moon trine my Uranus which indicates that I may advocate unexpected changes that will shift the energy in my life in a profound way.

The Aquarian New Moon will prod you to question what is amiss in your life due to its negative aspects to the Dragon’s head and tail. What is failing to work no matter what you do? This is the kind of energy that will energize the changes that you need to make. Since the New Moon is square the lunar nodes which are now in Scorpio and Taurus (the Dragon’s Head and Tail) this is telling you to evolve. If you choose to hold on,  it will make your life a big mess until you do. And you resist and hold on to the past so tightly that you stress yourself to the max. Is this what you choose? It is time to let go of things that no longer work in your life…relationships, jobs, old patterns and habits, anything that has no further purpose. This is about you and how you respond to the energy and whether you are going to leap into new areas or will you allow it to turn your world upside down? It will until you let go. The eclipse in May touches this New Moon point and I am so lucky it is part of my solar return. Letting go is the high road or you can continue to be lazy or sneaky. Oh yes. Sound familiar?

Sometimes the Aquarian effect will get so bogged down in their beliefs that they refuse to budge and that is when the trouble begins. Turmoil, stress and chaos appear. This New Moon In Aquarius says to you that you can create a truly new start in whatever area of your life that is being affected. You have to keep in mind that you cannot hold onto those old beliefs, patterns and become obstinate about them. Will the fear that you feel unexpectedly keep you tied to the past or will you let go? Also, will you just decide not to do anything because you just don’t choose to do so? Lazy? Could be a downfall and keep you tethered to old stuff and truly out of alignment with the energy.

On the other hand there is really good news along with all this letting go talk. The New Moon in Aquarius is trine Ceres which has a fortunate tone to it and could be lucky.  It also tells you that your relationships need to be flexible and have the ability to maneuver without being so tied to each other. There is also much emotion churning under the waters of the New Moon. How will you handle this energy? Will you be able to show you are vulnerable or will you repress the feelings?

So, here you are again being told to let go. This is a very powerful time to do so. This is a time to overcome any darkness that may appear in your life. Sometimes you may find yourself at odds with those around you for some unknown reason. Now is the time that you can proceed through the difficulties and get back on track. But it takes some effort on your part. This New Moon affects those more intensely who have planets in fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If you have Sun, Moon or other personal planets in those signs at 18-24 degrees, you will notice some kind of shifting taking place.

As you know New Moons are advantageous for your new intentions and I suggest that you intend what you wish on paper and do a write and burn. Write down your wishes for this social New Moon in Aquarius and then burn it in a safe way.

Stay in the moment, dear ones and love yourself and the world this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Will you send out love? I hope everyone feels the love on that special day. May you be blessed with independent thought and lots of positive outcomes. Until again, Love, Jan

AQUARIAN NEW MOON, January 23, 2012 -New Perspectives

Sorry this is posted later than I intended. Got caught up in the story of Penn State Coach Joe Paterno’s death.  (This is totally off topic for a moment) He was always a favorite of mine for a very long time and by waiting to write this I let the tone of my writing calm down and just choose to pray for his peace and the family’s healing through all that happened in the last few months.  He was a man of character and integrity and I do hope that the truth comes out regarding his monsterdom according to the media due to his lack of effort to report something that was passed down the lane to him (child abuse issue that was done by a former coach).Perhaps the Board of Trustees should all be fired also since they basically took part in his demise. (My perspective only) If you know the truth, then I welcome your input; if not, then nothing more to say.  I am just tired of the media putting the blame on him. No one talks about the truth anymore. He deserves peace. Let him be and those who are badmouthing him should walk their talk which has much to do with what is going on this New Moon.  Now onto the New Moon in Aquarius which takes place at 2:39am EST on January 23, 2012 (not too long from now) at 2deg 42min.

This New Moon in Aquarius is about uniqueness, originality. Can you go beyond your comfort zone and take a risk or choose to see something with a new perspective? Is there an idea that sits within you that would make a difference for humanity? Are you willing to manifest that for everyone instead of just you? This is an idealistic yet practical time due to the Jupiter square to the New Moon. And for it to work out you need to stay harmonious. Can you do that?  With the Jupiter square the New Moon can bring you to overreact to whatever is presented. It is a time when you find yourself between two situations and you may choose to take a risk. This Aquarian New Moon is about walking your talk or you may get caught in some muck.

As the New Moon shows up in the early morning hours on the East Coast, the Chinese New Year begins not too long after. It is the year of the Water Dragon. Good year for love and marriage if you are so inclined. Also for some of you it may be a time of leaving the past behind and moving into the place that you have always known to be true.

This New Moon is also about freedom. What does that word mean to you? Do you actually feel free in your life situation or are you pretending that freedom exists? Think about the truth of that question. Everyone intends freedom within yet many choose to be caught in a web of uncertainty due to a need for security. Does security ever really exist in anything? It can be all wiped away in an instant. Why not choose the free thinking that this New Moon energizes within. Look at the real you and find that freedom to initiate a new look on your life and that will help others to see your integrity (walking your talk) and they will walk their talk too! This time of the New Moon is also about goals and what your true intentions are going to be. Do you have goals for the new year because this is a perfect time to take a look at them and reset them if need be.

Hours after the Aquarian New Moon appears Marx goes retrograde. Oh great! Just as you are ready to take a leap, it slows you down. If you have had plans in motion for a long time, then I say do it. Take the risk and leap. If it a new idea, a new venture or any other thing, then stop and think about it because a rebalancing may be needed. It is a time for healing, working around the house and plain old fashioned clearing out. Isn’t that what it seems you are doing much of lately? Well, here we go again. Letting go  and clearing out all the junk that still hangs around would certainly bring you a feeling of more freedom. This Mars is in Virgo when it goes retrograde may be truly a time of rebalancing karmic energies. Are you ready to take advantage of the time to regroup? Then that leap down the road will become so much easier. Around April 13 it goes direct and things begin to really take off. It is sooner than you realize.

In my own chart the New Moon is trine (good energy) to my North Node in Gemini. It is a terrific time for some forward motion in self-awareness and finding some more insights on my true direction in life. It also squares my Chiron and my Saturn, ouch. Some karmic wounds resurface to be healed. Hey, that’s ok with me. I am ready since Jupiter is in on the Grand Square. It will give me an opportunity to heal and then make a big jump in certain areas of my life.

So, dear ones, use the Aquarian New Moon energy to help see things in a new way. Not too big a leap yet although some of you may just do it anyway. Look at how freedom exists in your life. Also, take that idea to the next level to help humanity or your neighbor or some other group member. Sharing works. May you have many blessings and thank you for your support. I am most grateful. Until again. Love, Jan

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