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NEW MOON in ARIES, April 15-16, 2018- Let go of fear and allow a new passionate creation

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Hello dear ones. Sorry for the delay in posting this. Tax season is almost over and I am back on track again after some last minute clients. Life is certainly a bit interesting with Mercury being retrograde for the last few weeks but it turns stationary direct today and moves forward Monday the 16th. Now you can sign those contracts or important papers, buy technology or just not be in that Trickster energy. The week begins with a New Moon in Aries, the sign of the self. A new Moon provides the impetus to consider what is best for you. If this feels a little selfish, bear in mind that you can’t give to others if your own store cupboard is empty. Both Saturn and Pluto turn retrograde this week on 17th and 22nd respectively. This provides a welcome break from pressing concerns.

I believe that madness has overtaken many in the world. I know many feel that Mr. Trump is not who you would like as President yet instead of bemoaning every movement, why not think about how you would like it to be in this country and other places around the globe. Do not worry I will not bring political fodder to this post other than to point out one thing. Yet, do you really and truly know the truth?  No biggie. Life is just a bit of the Dunning Kruger effect and it is now epidemic. It Is a new low in the American way when physicians ask if you have guns in your home. It has now become the way of life where you are told how to live your life – completely out of touch with what is real. I read a short article that said something like this…did you ever hear from a parent that you cannot fight city hall? Well, just imagine if President Trump tries to do that. Enough said. No comment on Syria other than it is not what it seems. Move on.

As I am finishing writing this post, the New Moon in Aries is almost rising on the Pacific Coast and has just done so in Hawaii and other places around now. So, what is the New Moon going to bring to you? It arrives today, April 15, 2018 at 6:57pm PDT; 9:57pm EDT and April 16 1:57am GMT in 26 degrees 2’. If you have been stuck in the rut or just have little motivation in doing anything in the past month then this is a time when it is time to step up. This New Moon in Aries is the first new moon after the Equinox in Aries on March 20. If you are looking for a supercharged leap then this is it. New moons are always about rebirth and possible new beginning. The Sun is in the same degree in Aries. For me it is time to put on the brakes in several areas. Yes, that is truly right on. Who is going to pull me into drama? On the other hand it is time for some revamping of various areas so new starts can show up in my life. Speaking of drama-if you are so inclined try some meditation or yoga instead of speaking out of turn.

Uranus in Aries is conjunct the New Moon within 2 degrees. Uranus being here says expect some sudden changes or the unexpected depending where it shows up in your natal chart. Uranus loves being in Aries and has been for years and soon will move into Taurus. In the meantime it is saying to you that get out of the fear mode already. There are many of you who know what I am talking about. Let the fear go…it is that ego that is getting in the way…and  for once go with the flow as you see things coming to fruition. Pick it…be stuck in your fear or leap?

Do you know who Eris is? She is hanging around the New Moon in Aries and she likes to create discord. It could be a wild ride for many of you, yet somewhere in the energy it can help you move through any stagnant energy that has built up in the past few months. If you are creative, you may manifest an opening. When was the last time you followed your passion? Now is the time to see how it can shift your life considerably. What are you waiting for? You need to do this or you will create chaos in your daily living. Create with passion and watch the shift!!

Moving forward will be a bit easier since as I mentioned Mercury goes direct at the New Moon. And it also is within a few degrees of Chiron (the wounded healer) in the last degree of Pisces. You no longer have to be a victim due to your wounds. It is time to bring on a new perspective which will help your healing and going forward. This is time to let it go already. Whatever the wound is from the past or current time, it is time to release it. Stop holding onto something that no longer serves you. By doing so, it inhibits doing what you came to do in this lifetime. Even though Chiron will move into Aries (warrior energy) you may still have the effect of the wound but it will not hold you back. Compassion is now present. And stop the looking back already.

So are you ready to gather that energy and bring it together since Mars in Capricorn (it is exalted here)? Now is the time for perseverance, persistence and focus for you dreams to become reality. It will inspire you if you just pay attention. Pluto is also in Capricorn along with Saturn. Oh, boy, so where will this entire set-up take you? Will it shore up your power? Will you allow new beginnings or will you just create complications? Are you going to sit there and watch life go by or are you actually going to take action in a slow methodical way? Try to keep from rushing into any action.

In case you are looking for some coziness then Venus is in Taurus may bring it to you. She loves every minute of it since she is trine (around 120 degrees and favorable) to Mars in Capricorn.  Is it sexual or sensual?  Also Venus in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn which says to those of you looking for new romance it may just pop up in your life. Those in a relationship will have increased interest in your significant other. Some may find a new individual who is mysterious. Venus will enter Gemini on the 24th, which is always a good position for socializing and flirtation!

Some new moon essential oils especially for the Aries New Moon are: Cinnamon and black pepper. For a new moon generally some of these work well- Myrrh (calms mind and emotions), Orange (optimistic and detaches from drama), and Jasmine (helps resistance to change). It is time to have red flowers around since Aries loves the color red. New Moon in Aries comes about, bringing a new creation as you flow, no fear allowed as you walk on through, stay steady and confident In the know.

Thank you for reading and sharing if you will. I appreciate all that you do in your lives at this New Moon in Aries. Stay on a steady course, let go of the fears and find that creative passion that leads you to a new beginning. Will let you know more about the radio show that is coming soon. Many blessings! Until again. Love, Jan

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