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FULL MOON AQUARIUS AUGUST 13, 2011 – Complicated Connecting

“Look the eyes are on me and what I am doing,” says the ego (Leo)

“Let’s take it to the next level and share with others,” says the highest mind (Aquarius)

“Why are you so cold to me?” says Aquarius

“You aren’t paying attention to me,” says Leo

“I am right there with you,” says Venus.

“Oh thank you dear Venus,” says Leo

“Ok, ok, I am paying attention, I do love you,” says Aquarius

 How can we work together to bring our unique creativity and take it out there to the rest of the world to help raise up their consciousness. So how are you going to do this with the Full Moon in Aquarius at 20 degrees on August 13, 2011 at 2:58 EDT?

 How are your emotions running these days? Are you sad, happy, showing your love or are you in the deep frigid state? It is a time to really take that frost off already and delve into what it is you truly wish to have in your life, including LOVE. Love (Venus) is around the Sun at this time and so is (Mercury) communication on the other side. No judging others, just listen and hear what they have to say. So you may have been frosty with talking or writing.  Now is the time to truly bring love to the table in a deep way. The frosty detachment is present yet it wishes for the love it keeps icing. Stop that already and come to your heart and share it with others. And do so authentically. Many relationships will be going through adjustments. Venus helps tone down the outbursts of the Mars/Pluto aspect Are you feeling at war with someone? Do you need to be so volatile and go over the edge? Those emotional games have to go out the door. Please bring the heart to any conversations even though you feel fear or stress which is quite possible with all the energy running wild and erratic. It is beginning to build. Talk dear ones and stop stifling your feelings. This is a time of revealing and coming to a new place of connection. Where is your empathy?

 So do you keep holding onto someone who is not reciprocating your feelings or do you move in a entirely new direction with open heart. Your choice, because if you decide to release that individual, this is the time to do it. This is also a time of thinking about friendships and groups with whom you hang out.  Full Moon in Aquarius is a perfect time to release a friendship or certain groups that may have become overwhelming making your life too hectic with no time for you in it. Release it. Anytime after the Full Moon has taken place is a time to release whatever it is you choose. It is a time of deep breathing when the going gets tougher than you wish. This is a time to release yourself from outdated beliefs and bring your creative uniqueness out for all to see. How many of you have outdated beliefs that drag you down and send you down the path to nowhere? C’mon raise your hand!

 Mercury retrograde in the mix and some asteroid goddesses make for past issues or bedfellows coming up. And that isn’t what we all want right now. That past issue that keeps rearing its ugly head has got to go. That core issue which makes you crazy shows up again because it has not been resolved. DO it. Resolve it for goodness sakes. If it continues on, it will begin to disintegrate and the connection dissolves. It will be recreated if it is true love and based on all the qualities of that loving nature. Is there sincerity involved? What is that you are feeling that is making you so edgy, uncomfortable, knowing that something feels other than good? This is in friendships or love relationships.  What do you wish to create? This is serious biz with the Mercury retro going on with this Full Moon. Please pay attention and watch your words over the weekend of the Full Moon especially in personal relationships. Otherwise you will be having to come back to the conversation because you reacted too strongly and said things that were unclear and confusing. Much miscommunication is possible now. And even though miscommunication may result you still need to show love and stop stuffing those feelings. Gee whiz, be authentic and life is joyful.

 Ok, one more thing. Hate to tell you dear ones BUT that Mars energy is going to hit that July 1st eclipse point next week around the middle of the week. So, what shall you do? Think back on that July 1st date- what were you doing? What was going on in your life? How were you feeling? There will be some “hot” politics, some seismic activity perhaps and you name it. Since it fell in the money house, what can happen financially? More debt crisis backlash? Shall we all slide down the rabbit hole and wish it all away? That’s what Neptune would do but not you who keeps your head on straight.

 So whose energy will you absorb this month, the toxic stuff from those who just like to throw things around or the energy from your most loving friends? I hope it is the loving that you absorb. Yes, the energy keeps building and you need to take a big look at what you wish to reach for during this time of the Full Moon in Aquarius. The Sun in Leo is keeping you hopefully upbeat and bringing those childlike moments to the forefront. Is that leap here? Not quite although you may be able to leap into a creative mode as I said with the New Moon in Leo. It still is hanging around and that musical composition or art piece may lead to something down the road. Follow you heart and you will get that wish. Friends are there for you and so are the hopes and dreams. Dream big, dear ones, for although the Mercury retro may snag it a bit, you still have the opportunity to open your hearts to loving. Oh, how beautiful life is with true love. May your blessings be many. Until again. Love, Jan

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