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NEW MOON Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 29, 2014- Transforming words may open to pleasure

Where are you heading on your path? The Lunar Eclipse occurred 2 weeks ago and the Grand Cross became exact again on April 23, 2014. The planets and signs involved were Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra all at 13 degrees. That squaring of planets is helping to push you out of your rut and into motion again to let go of the past. Oh no, not that again. You say you like the past. It’s ok to ponder for the things you learned and maybe enjoyed. Why hold on? Let it go already. Eclipses are about releasing yet bring about new beginnings. Things present themselves differently. This upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse is just one opportunity to help you release that which no longer is an important part of your life. Many things are changing and have moved out of the past even though you may fail to see this presently. There is still much darkness hovering around and the deceptive qualities of those who are walking in the darkness continue to seep through. And Sabian symbol says that it is a decorated Christmas tree. Speaks of keeping the Light shining no matter what negatives appear around you.

The NEW MOON Solar Eclipse in Taurus at 2:14am EDT on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 is at 8 degrees 52’. Those of you who have planets between 4 and 12 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be more intensely affected. What does this New Moon say to you? Taurus is all about values. Taurus likes walking in nature and is very patient. Taurus until pushed will be quite accepting of all but pushed one step too far and that angry bull shows up. It happens only in extreme circumstances. Whatever you enjoy and appreciate is about Taurus. It can be mental, spiritual, physical or emotional. Where do you cling to something? Taurus tends to do that if out of balance. In your chart you can tell where this may happen. Tagore said,” Why did the flower fade? I clutched it to my heart in excess of feeling and crushed it. Why did the lamp go out? I shielded it with my cloak and it got no air.”

That is what this NEW MOON Solar Eclipse is about. Letting people and things go that no longer are a part of your life. The purpose has been served. Where it falls in your chart also indicates a place where you can be more productive beyond the material world. Are you fearful of losing loved ones or possessions? This New Moon leads you to be more established and secure on all planes of existence. A Taurus is very sensual in aspects of life. It likes the sensory world- to touch, to feel, to experience fully all that surrounds them. I think that is where the hugging the tree comes from. . How have you been holding up your ego? This is also a time of sacrificing your ego for something else. Openings come if you do this.

Mercury is conjunct the New Moon in Taurus and trines Pluto in Capricorn. This truly is about using words to heal. Yet many of you will be pulled into the mainstream news which is a form of conditioning and does work in a negative way. So words can be used many ways. Just watch for the brainwashing that comes out of the media which can flow so smoothly and affect you without you being aware. Put your good intentions out there now after the eclipse takes place. Mercury is helping you stay focused and without being overwhelmed. You may have brought back your power at the Grand Cross and also done some intention writing. This is the time to check on those intentions and use your imagination to bring them to you. With Neptune sextile (good) the New Moon there is a fantasy influence to this energy. Focus on being creative also since you may come up with a winner. Since Pluto is trine the New Moon Solar Eclipse it may also help you to transform your life through your values where it is in your chart without too much effort. If you are looking to improve your self-worth and need to release the negative, go for it now. It can be magical. Trust your gut feelings and watch who you choose as your guru these days.

In my own chart the New Moon is quincunx (inconjunct) to Neptune. I may find the opportunity to refine my higher vision and bring that truth to the world. Tells me to stop taking on too many things (Sun inconjunct Neptune). I cannot do everything for everyone. And It is worth waiting for if it is in line with my vision. Sun/Moon square Pluto is a time to purge old emotions and use it to create something which is powerful. Unusual concepts may arise and come to fruition. YAY!
This New Moon Solar Eclipse is connected to the Saros Cycle eclipses of 1995. What were you doing back then 19 years ago and where were you on your path? Are there any similar occurrences going on in your life? The energy of the Solar Eclipse will travel through much of the summer. A door may open in that timeframe and you may recognize it only if you pay attention. This can be a big kickstart for a new direction. Some relationships may have closed a chapter yet now are opening to deeper intimacy and true connection with material support. Integrity is very important here too! It is time to go beyond the before and be in the now. The old you has gone and whatever pain is still lingering and old wounds kept you stymied it is now time to let go and release them totally. Your power is waiting for you within. Detach and let go completely.

This is a Solar Eclipse New Moon about our stuff. What you own, desire, pine over and how it makes you feel. Whether it is a piece of art or an old porch; whether it is a stack of CDs that overtake your den or a comfy couch that everyone chooses to recline; that is your stuff. And what is it that makes you feel pleasure? That also is included in the mix. Jump into the senses because along with all the craziness of the other energies, this is who Taurus is. Endurance is the word and if you get bored with being in the moment, try it anyway. It may change your life.

Happy good luck to you on the path enjoying the moment. Many blessings and a big thank you to all who read this. Until again. Love, Jan

FULL MOON in PISCES, September 19, 2013-Emotional Shocks or Balancing?

What a week this is going to be! The Full Moon in Pisces (Sun in Virgo) takes place Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 7:13am EDT in 26 degrees 41’. This is a beginning of another shift in consciousness coming from right here on our great earth. Before I go into the Full Moon and what it brings, let me remind you this shifting is happening due to the continuing influence of the Pluto/Uranus square (90degrees -conflict). I took part in Jean Salch’s radio show on BlogTalk Radio/Unseen World last Wednesday and I spoke about the challenging aspect that this creates. It is really beginning to disrupt the status quo and the stagnation that has set in. Since Pluto likes to tear down everything to the bare walls and then knock the walls down too life is becoming unsettled. It is in Capricorn as I have said many times and Capricorn is the structure in your lives and in general. So, as this is going on Uranus in Aries, the freedom lover, who does things unexpectedly at times, is clashing with Pluto and things may start to crumble even more. This is occurring within your life and the world. Keep this in mind as you watch the news and observe your everyday life. Where it appears in your chart is where the dramatic change will take place. Stop fighting the flow because resistance is futile. Changes are needed and it so timely.

The FULL MOON in PISCES appears a couple days before the Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd. The infusion of energy is strong and will affect the houses it falls in your chart. Will you find tears on your cheek or joy in your heart? Pisces is all about using your dreams to manifest your reality. The Pisces FULL MOON is very emotional with the SUN in Virgo opposing and putting a clamp on them. Figures. Yet, it still flows because it is more about healing the emotional parts that are still crying. The Sun in Virgo is also the healer. This FULL MOON in Pisces will help you figure out the emotions that come to the surface and how to heal them. Are you ready to do this? So, whatever surges up you can handle and release for healing. Pisces is about spiritual transcendence and Virgo is about everyday living. This Full Moon really helps to show you what you are doing to move forward. Wherever you have Pisces in your chart will tell you where you will be a bit more psychic and sensitive to the energy. The FULL MOON energy is about releasing that which no longer serves you and has no further place in your life. This is also a time to go back into a balance so it all flows. This FULL MOON in Pisces is right in the middle of the Diamond (trine) and the former Star of David. There are no main aspects so it feels free.

And for those of you who are working like machines lately (Virgo influence) it is time to take a step back and remember that other things exist in your life. Virgo tends to be a workaholic and now is the time for you to pull back and enjoy a calm and peaceful place.. As you are shifting gears a bit you may wish to ask yourself what are you hiding from since the work world has become almost an addiction. It has, hasn’t it? Some of you use the workplace to run from the unconscious energies that are beginning to surge upward. Many fears and lots of sensitivity may be exaggerated during this time. Let them flow right out of your mind. Life is much too short to be out of balance in your approach. Take time to purge what is no longer necessary for your wellbeing and let the healing take place. Your dreams may be more dramatic and insightful at this time also.

Are you looking for a transformative joggle to a relationship? With Venus/Saturn sextile (60degrees/favorable) Pluto occurring the day before the FULL MOON in Pisces you may get that jolt which is truly needed. This may end something that is no longer working. It could blow it so far away that you may not know it was even present or on the positive side you may find yourself so incredulous with the turn of events because it happens in so quickly. If it is just off-track then a beautiful transformative energy will create something new. Honesty and heartfelt feelings are needed at this time. Is there judgment involved here? It is a great time to look at the perceptions you have regarding relationships and finances. Also along with the Venus/Pluto aspect there is a Mercury square (90degrees/challenge) Jupiter aspect. This is a time to sort through any information needed to resolve any issues. Of course, you may also be making mountains out of molehills. Are you? By the way, those in committed relationships need to work together now and watch again for any jealous individual.

Now another biggie appears. Pluto goes direct in motion on Friday, September 20, 2013. This is going to start the move forward for many of you. Why don’t I say all of you? Some of you are still resisting taking even a small leap. There are those of you who will decide to leap in a way you never did before. Go for it. Pluto as I said before is about tearing down the old to facilitate new growth. Your true gifts can emerge if you let go of any remaining debris from the past. Are you ready to rock? Whatever is going to take place will come about extraordinary speed. Be prepared to leap in whichever area this is in your chart. Wow!

Those most affected by the FULL MOON in PISCES are Leo and Cancer along with Pisces and Scorpio. There is still a major trine (good aspect) that is occurring with the FULL MOON. Don’t let it make you have less motivation to release what needs to be.

Good fortune is available to those who set their intentions wisely at the upcoming equinox. Here is a warning about setting intentions if you wish anything to manifest you need to state your intention and keep your own thinking out of it. Otherwise, nothing happens. And if you truly wish to have a manifestation come to fruition – let it go. Stop worrying about it, thinking about, dancing around it and holding on to it. By the way, do walk your talk now.

Sending lots of blessings to all of you. Thank you for your support. Stay in the moment. Take the leap. Until again, Love, Jan

NEW MOON in VIRGO, September 5, 2013-Let the New Start Keep You on Track

How has it been in your life? Has there been shifting amid the entropy of the daily grind? Or have you found a way to extract yourself from confusing energies? Maybe a bit of the whirling dervish routine will change your assemblage point and perspective? A few spins never hurt anyone. That way the confusion you have encountered may just fade away. No joke.

It is less than 12 hours from the New Moon in Virgo rising at 13 degrees at 7:36am EDT on Thursday, September 5, 2013. This is a time of a new beginning. I know that’s what I always say at the new moon. Well, this time with the New Moon in Virgo it truly is. This is a really important time to take a leap for a completely new start. Are you going to take the opportunity to begin anew? It sure is exciting to know that this Virgo New Moon brings in the halfway point through the astrological signs. Take advantage of whatever presents itself to you. The cosmos is giving you a big chance to shift things and some of you may hit the jackpot. Seriously, there are some fixed stars that are aligned with the New Moon and they represent much wealth and prosperity. So, what are you waiting for? Claim your winnings before the draw. If you choose to create something that will be your ticket to a better life, then my suggestion, get started.

If you know where this New Moon in Virgo falls in your chart, then it is all the better for you. If you don’t you can always ask me in the comments and I will take a look for you if you provide your birth time, date and place. Since this is such a big opportunity for so many of you, please pay attention. There may be some of you who will have an easy time and not recognize the opportunity that is presenting itself. You may just feel a bit lazy about it and ponder it for awhile. You need to definitely pay attention. And others of you will have to fight off the challenges that appear but may make big headway because you don’t give up. For me it is in my 4th house of foundations and home life. Some new start is coming here. Maybe it is just moving the furniture (which I have already done) or just a good throw out the junk time. It will definitely make me feel much better when I do. Or is it just relaxing more when I am home and enjoying what I have accomplished? I will soon know. If it is in the 5th house new love beginnings show up or in the 9th house maybe a new opening with foreigners or going back to college.

What does Sun/Moon in Virgo actually mean to you? Some people say it is more about perfection. I am sure you have known those who are Virgo Sun who are always picking things apart and looking for everything to be perfect. That is a possibility but it is far from the reality. Virgo Sun/Moon likes to serve. That is the basis of this New Moon. It likes wholeness and integrating things. It is finding what is best for you and letting all else go. Are you on your path or would you even notice? This New Moon in Virgo is definitely saying if it doesn’t fit, lose it. If it serves no purpose in your life, for goodness sakes why are you holding onto it? How can you serve the higher good? That is part of the Virgo essence. If it doesn’t resonate with your highest purpose then please walk away from it and give it up. The more off path these days you are the tougher it gets unless you are serving a higher purpose which is a good possibility.

This is a time when there is shifting taking place. If nothing pleases you it is because you are looking for others to do so. This new moon is truly giving everyone an opportunity to heal yourself and allow the changes to help you move further on your path. Look within and truly search for what you are choosing to do this lifetime. What is your soul intention? It doesn’t have anything to do with how much you work in a job or who you hang out with. This is about you. Use your heart and your mind. Stop rationalizing and pretending that you know the truth. Do you? What is your true path? Find it now because down the road you may be more difficult to extract yourself from the daily drudge. Think about how to dig deep and heal the past so that the NOW can open to you.

Chiron along with Neptune is opposing this New Moon in Virgo. What does it mean? It indicates that more confusion may appear along with some healing of deep wounds through ways that come about in an unexpected manner. Sometimes it may even appear as a challenge. So, stop doubting yourself and walk through it. Chiron is the wounded healer but he also helps to bring the wounds to the surface for healing. Let Chiron do that. You also should be watching what you eat and bringing more natural items into your diet. Since Virgo Sun/moon are about healing this is an important factor. Honor the sacred also in your daily routine as you sit down to eat and go about your daily living.

Whatever is going on with this new start, renewal, healing occurrence or anything else that is taking place as an opportunity to start something will show more down the road. When? The truth will be known as to how to proceed at the March 2014 Full Moon in Virgo. You will see if you are on the right track because it will show up then. The path you choose now will be there for the next 6 months. Choose wisely. This is a sort of a crossroads time in your life. There is also an asteroid in aspect to this New Moon. It causes benefit by disgrace. Help!! But there is a protective force with it which may let you know that you made a good decision at the right time. Timing does count now.

Since Pluto is prominent in an almost Grand Cross (difficult) right now please watch you don’t get pulled down into the shady side of life and really let someone push your buttons. So watch what you say and do. Are you fearful or excited about making the changes that are needed for you to be your truth?

I wish you blessings for a beautiful New Moon week. May you find that energetic new start! Thank you for your support. Until again, Love, Jan
PS- There is something new on the internet on the horizon for me in October. Stay tuned.

NEW MOON in CAPRICORN, January 11, 2013 – Trickster or Truth?

A new year is upon us, dear ones, and I hope many of you have decided to change your eating habits as I mentioned in the previous post. If you haven’t done so, start now to look at how you can become your fully healthy self in the new year. This is a great time to start that process of change.  This is a time of action not sitting back and wishing it. 2013 is a year of truly looking at yourself, your life and making a decision to move forward. Do you really think that someone else is going to make the changes for you?  The world around you may be swirling and turbulent. People are angry about the gun control issues. There are others just plain angry about things going on, like unnecessary wars or the rising taxes or the drones.  My father was right when he spoke about H.G. Wells “The Shape of Things to Come”. We are living that story and continue to do so.

Pluto in Capricorn brings us the controls of government showing up, but it also indicates there is much clearing out of the top ranks. It can help bring you to a big evolutionary/revolutionary leap. Pluto helps you to clear out that which is no longer necessary but if you resist, it may be deeply disturbing. Pluto’s intense energy continues to affect you in many ways. Why do you choose to ignore it? Use it to manifest your dreams into reality. What is affecting your ability to do something? How does it keep you from bringing your best to the table? Show me what is keeping you trapped in that bubble of inactivity. If you truly choose it, then do it. Stop sitting there living in the past and complaining about the past. Gee whiz, get over it already. Too blunt? Then show me your joyousness that comes from you walking your talk and finding the mission you came to do. If you are your authentic self than you will have no time to game play or moan about what should have, would have, could have been. Joy will be your mantra. Many of you are very awake yet continue to live on the wheel. What fear keeps you from being free in your heart? What lesson is it trying to teach you?

The New Moon in Capricorn at 21 deg 45’ is today, Friday, January 11, 2013 at 2:44 PM EST (SUN conjunct MOON in Capricorn) brings us the energy to choose a new direction or some changes on the path you have already chosen. It is a Capricorn moment grounded in the earth and the Sun/ Moon are joined there by Mercury, Pluto and Venus (the love planet just entered on the 8th). New Moon in Capricorn speaks of your resources whether they are financial ones or your creative talents and gifts. This is a good time to reassess and regroup your resources. Where will you allow these resources to take you? How will your creative resources impact your new direction in life? Assess your finances and see how to manifest more money if you need it.

With Mercury conjoining the New Moon in Capricorn ponder this. Who is whispering in your ear? Are you hearing what is being said or is it a trickster trying to distract you from the truth? Are you actually paying attention to what is being said? Do you actually see what is happening or are you being so pulled in by the senses that it really is an illusion? What did you say? I cannot hear it. Say it again. Why don’t I see you? Where are you? You just do not want me to hear what you are saying. I know that’s what it is. Guess what? That trickster energy will stir up your emotions and your mind if you refuse to be attentive.  Turn down the sound. Why do you play that music so loud? On and on you go. This New Moon in Capricorn is about letting go of the past. Gee whiz, is it about that again? Still?  That deceptive music keeps coming at me, turn it down already. Yep. It is even more so at this time of the new moon. You are so stuck and you just continue to stay stuck. What is so great about being back there in the past? Stop clinging already. You can still play that music but please purge out the dark side and work on beginning to let go. It is time to put that creativity to use which is another way to cleanse all the demons of the past. Use that artwork, the painting, the drawing, the photography, the music or whatever you create, to help you let go of anything that no longer feels good in your life and is deterring your progress on your path. Take that cosmic leap already. Saturn will support your efforts.

This New Moon in Capricorn affects those of you who have planets at 21 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn within about 3 degrees either side. I have Mars which is squared by the New Moon which tells me to watch for rash actions or too much intense energy and also to avoid arguing and tone. Oh, that tone, how much it is gone from my words.  Let me hide under the bed. What it means is the tone of my piano will be too loud and the neighbors will come by and tell me to cut the noise. If that is all, I can deal. Or is it the tone of this post today? There is a secret bubbling up within you…listen to the words that come from your heart and the leap will be rewarding. Oh, did you say you wanted to just watch? That’s ok. Soon, the light bulb will flash and you will allow the turnaround. Good job.

Since Venus has entered Capricorn you have the option of bringing much integrity, mutual respect and a no nonsense approach to relationships. If you wish to build a long-lasting connection, now is the time. For those already in a heartfelt relationship, continue to create on the foundation that is already present. Actions speak louder than words in the next few weeks. Physical intimacy is important with Venus in Capricorn. It is rock solid. And with Mercury conjoining the Sun/Moon in Capricorn truth is more important than ever.

Sing and chant on the New Moon especially if you are ruled by the Moon or have strong planetary connections to it. AND this is really important to remember. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY out loud during this time frame, unless you truly wish it to happen. Watch the trickster talking in your ear. How great it makes you feel!

Talk to me dear ones and tell me that you are allowing changes to take place so your path is clear for you to manifest whatever you choose. Clear your mind and come from your heart and see the difference. Many blessings to all of you and thank you for reading this blog. I am most grateful. Have a wonderful week. Until again. Love, Jan


Happy Birthday Cosmic Leaping!! The first post was written on March 11, 2011. Cosmic Leaping is celebrating its 1st birthday in a couple of days. I started to write on that day because it was the day of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I was overcome with sadness and compassion at the time for those people. I still feel that the truth is being withheld and so many more will perish down the road. Before I head to the Full Moon expression let me say that I had no idea what I was going to say as I wrote that first post. It was a bit limited in scope and I thought about how I can bring important points home to those of you who read this. In the next year I look to taking bigger leaps with whatever inspiration and truth that comes to me and share them with you. This has been a healing exercise for me. Onward we go.

The FULL MOON in Virgo at 18 degrees shows up at 4:40am EST according to Astrodienst.  What can you expect this time around? I think it is a pretty calm Full Moon. Although there are other things going on, the basics say, it’s ok. It is Void of Course (no aspects to it) immediately following the opposition to the Sun in Pisces. Guess it is truly time to really really let go. Do you hear me? Should I say it again? LET GO!!!!!  Oh ho! Haven’t you been thinking about this for awhile? It is time for you to release the old, the worn out, the past, the junk, the muck, and on and on you go. Dig deep and let it go. In fact do nothing and just LET GO! Ok, I know you heard me. It took me awhile to get it and I finally let go. Whatever is supposed to be in your life, will be there in appropriate timing. Not your time, God’s time. Get it. The Virgo Full moon is about healing and service. Moon in Virgo rules your digestion. It covers the home environment, organization, and details of daily living. So since the Sun is in Pisces rules over creative imagery, dream work, photography to just name some. This may be a good time to use your creative imagination to heal yourself. For some of you the idea of making over your home environment with a touch of color or new artwork or just rearrange the furniture will better suit you. How about organizing your home office or serving others in the community in some special way?

Along with the Full Moon we have other planets in the mix. Pluto in Capricorn (the big biz, corporate bandwagon) is in trine aspect to Mars in Virgo (retrograde) and Jupiter in Taurus. That’s a super Grand Trine to help deepen our experiences this month. It can bring lots more sensuality to your life. Magical stuff. On the other hand, there is a opposition Chiron/Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Virgo and squares North Node/South Node in Sagittarius /Gemini. Who is complaining around you? Who is criticizing you?  Can it be an opportunity for you to heal? Virgo moon can be critical or a critic. Your choice! If it comes across as critical then there is anger underneath. If it is the critic, then it is looking at the finer points and helping to make it better for you. Now I know there can be really negative complaining and criticism also. Let’s hope not. Stop nagging if it is you that is doing this. Let it go.

Now is the time for you to break down the walls that hold you prisoner. Did you read that correctly? Yes, you need to break the barriers in all parts of your life at this time. Do it now before the wonderful planet of communication goes retrograde. Again? An old friend of mine says that planets do not retrograde and I said well, tell it to the ancients because that’s where it began. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th of March. Woo hoo! Are you ready for that grand time to regroup again? Watch your words and your electronic gadgets. Who knows how they can get twisted. When Mercury is retrograde it is a time for patience. Oh really, not you? Well, be patient see what occurs.  I know from experience that if you take a new job during Mercury retrograde that things change within the structure of the job sometime in the near future. Contracts/agreements signed bring changes also within the workings of it. Also, electronic purchases may break down or being to show quirks in their functions. It happens. Look before leaping in this area.

If you have any planet in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces at 18 degrees, this Full Moon in Virgo will intensify your life in this area. Funny thing the Full Moon is squaring my Ascendant in Gemini which means that I may not be able to get my points across in a group. On the other hand, I am helped in this matter by Mars retrograde trining my Mercury for many months and this gives me the ability to analyze and look deeper and communicate my ideas with ease. I think the second aspect takes precedence over the first. Pallas Athena is opposing the Full Moon and conjunct the Pisces Sun. Lots of healing for me. Looking forward to it.

Dear ones, as Cosmic Leaping celebrates its first birthday I send you good wishes for bright tomorrows. And before you start leaping ahead into the future, it is better to stay in the NOW and enjoy each day as it happens. You have much to do to so that you keep your thoughts on Higher Consciousness so that more of you can raise your vibration and stop being part of the sheeple.  Take time to celebrate you today and do remember that the past no longer serves you; it is time for living in the NOW ready to take that Cosmic Leap into a new energetic paradigm. Things are beginning to rapidly change and many hidden facets of our lives are ready to reveal themselves. Thank you as always for your support. May the Divine bless you always. Until again. Love, Jan

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