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FULL MOON in CANCER, January 15, 2014-Identify your needs and nurture yourself

The phrase of the last few weeks has been polar vortex. When I heard that term I realized I must have missed something since global warming is what everyone says is really happening. So maybe the PTB should make up their minds and speak the truth since they know exactly what it is but continue the game. Oh well, life changes instantly, I hope the PTB realize that they are not immune to fate. Life is grand, isn’t it? Unemployment must be at 30-40% by now and benefits are not forthcoming. I notice how miserable those with power are these days, it just amazes me. Money and power obviously are still not good enough. What more could they choose to have? Well, the IMF is thinking about financial repression. More taxes may come on savings and capital accounts. A high exec from Netherlands said why not have the government just spend 1% less each year. Sure thing. And the Full Moon cometh!

Oh, Full Moon I wait for your energy to come upon us giving us the ability to transcend those things of old by going deep within and clearing them out so new beginnings can unfold. The FULL MOON in Cancer with the Sun in Capricorn takes place at 25 degrees 58’ on January 15, 2014 at 11:52pm EST, 8:52pm PST. Cancer Moon is about family, emotions and sensitivity. It is about nurturing and caretaking. Are your needs being met? Are you well taken care of at this time? When was the last time you stated your needs? You haven’t? Why not? Do you know what they actually are? They are those things that truly matter to you and support your inner core. Your inner core is your true self. When I think about my own inner core, I have a paradox to deal with when I go within. Perhaps you do too. FULL MOON in Cancer is also about creativity. This is a time you may wish to decide on your goals (Capricorn) and bring them to fruition in a creative way. Then again, who of you are less than happy or satisfied about how things are progressing in your life? Is there a fear present and you continue to self-sabotage your passion? Or are your expectations over the top? Suggestion is to take a really good look at your present course of action. Does it meet your needs? Does it make your heart sing? If it doesn’t, you need to do some more revising to create something better. And for those who wish instant action to take place, if you have some resistance within, entropy will continue and moving forward will be overshadowed.

Most likely Saturn (Capricorn) energies keep pushing you to do something. It may be a good time to pull back and take a breather. Some of you refuse to do that. Take a deep breath and relax already. There are many of you who just keep on going without that pause in the action. Your mind is constantly on, your feelings are raw and experiencing emotional meltdowns and your spirit is sagging and totally disconnected due to overwork. I don’t care how much Saturn cajoles you. Stop. Do you know why I say stop? Many of you have become robots. I see that in life around me and it is chronic. How much social media can you do in an hour? What will you do when it is no longer available? You think I am kidding. You are addicted and that is what the FULL MOON in Cancer can bring to you—addiction. Get off the bandwagon of the Matrix already. Chiron is also in aspect to both the Sun and Moon on the 15th. If you are feeling lack of energy then stop pushing. Do you feel like you are wasting time if you do absolutely nothing? That definitely can be from your past familial belief patterning. So again, it is saying address the past issues so you can take a leap.

Another part of this Full Moon is about family. Cancer Moon loves to mother others or they look to others to do the same for them. Family matters are always in the forefront with the Cancer Moon. Solitude is important to the Moon in Cancer. They love to dream and just be alone with their feelings at times to reach into their memories for answers to current issues. If there is too much negative energy in the air, Cancer Moon loves to go into a shell to just ponder and regroup. They need to do this every so often. At the time of this FULL MOON in Cancer, there may be emotional tension and stressful interactions. People can be moody and abrupt so in relationships be kind, and if hurtful words have been expressed show some compassion. Stop the victimhood. This is a particularly good time to let go of any old hurts that continue to plague you and distort your thinking and keep you emotionally trapped. Give it up dear ones. Forgive and go forward. Life is too short to hold grudges (something Cancer Moon may do). Live in the moment now as you let the past hurts flow away. Old familial beliefs are ready to be cleared. Give it a chance to surface and get rid of it. It is only holding you back from that creative passion. Venus Retrograde in Capricorn helps you go past those disagreements which simmer beneath the surface. It is time to reconnect. Remember those past friends and family members who you lost along the way. You feel like you want to reach out to them with interest again. Do it now before they move out of your realm.

If you are pushing to do something without all the ducks in the row, please be careful. The energies are getting wild and even though Venus is retrograde your plans can take off and if you aren’t ready to deal with the results, keep planning. Once you put them in motion and let them take a leap, whatever you put out there will move at extreme speeds to conclusion. Pay attention and don’t do anything unless you really choose it and are ready for it.
Those who have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) at degrees between 22 and 30 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be most affected by the Full Moon energies. This Full Moon is the halfway point between the T-Square of Pluto/Uranus in October 2013 and the upcoming exact square in April 2014. Life is getting more interesting by the moment.

I pulled an Animal Power card , the Bison. It is about prosperity. How does it connect to the Full Moon? Well, surprisingly it does. Bison prosperity energy is about believing all you need is within you to get what you desire. It is about. Bison asks you to keep moving forward even in disappointment and frustration. If you feel unworthy and empty then Bison energy will help you walk through it. You need to love yourself and love others, no matter how they act. Bison is about the Golden Rule. Act towards others with love and you will find that in return. Miracles do happen.

Bison Spirit, I am grateful for all your gifts of abundance and endurance. Come to me now and give e grounding. I need you to help me to slow down, be patient; having faith I will be provided.” (from Animal Powers cards)

Thank you for reading and thank you for all the good things you do. Life is changing quickly. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in CAPRICORN, January 1, 2014-A New Year, Climbing the Mountain with Authenticity

The mountain goat is now upon us. And the New Year is just about here. By the time I post this, the bright New Year will descend upon you. Are you ready for a new beginning, a renewal of energy, a leap up the mountain? Maybe you will find a new perspective. Are you truly ready to reach the summit of your inner workings? Life has become a metamorphosis for some of you and others of you have slowed down. Some are in a rut yet very happy to be there. Who is feeling joy? Maybe I have felt it lately from the Joy Tonic which I found in my stocking at Christmas. Everyone can be feeling so if you allow it. Allowing is everything in all parts of your life. If you are out of balance things will go away out of your reach until the balance is present.

This New Moon in Capricorn is at 10degrees 57’ on January 1, 2014 at 6:14 AM EST, 3:14 AM PST and 11:14AM GMT. All new moons are about new starts and new intentions. What do you choose to intend so that manifestation can take place? This NEW MOON in Capricorn is pretty strong-willed yet would like you to be responsible and accountable for what you say and do. With Pluto sitting on it a few minutes away it is telling you to grow up and stop acting like teenagers. Yes…exactly. It is time to be the mountain goat and climb that mountain and look within for your purpose if you haven’t recognized it yet. So many of you just sit back and let others do it all. Pluto doesn’t like this. And with the New Moon, oh boy, watch it. This is a good thing for everyone. It is a wake-up call. If you have secrets, forget about it because the New Moon energy will find you out. It abhors secrets. This New Moon in Capricorn is about openness with others in your life. Stay in the truth dear ones and life will flow. Uranus in Aries squares the New Moon. It tells me that you will tend towards impulsiveness even if you know better than to do it.

Those with Capricorn Sun or Moon are quite ambitious, efficient and patient. On the other hand they can also be suspicious, stubborn and intolerant. Some of this energy from these traits can show up in the next few weeks as a result of the New Moon. If you are a Capricorn type or experiencing a Capricorn energy you may meet obstacles, delays and setbacks because Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and it likes to make sure you are on track before you set out on the next part of the journey. If you face them objectively then you will find they fade out quickly. This comes only when you are seeking spiritual growth and not personal growth. Just a reminder…spiritual growth comes from within not from religion.

With Pluto being right with the New Moon it is about power. Of course, you may want to take the power away from someone, or show how powerful you are. Is it really about this? No, it is about bringing the power into your realm from the spirit. Channel that energy and listen to your heart when it speaks to you. All is in tune with this New Moon and Venus is still retrograde but out of aspect. This is truly a time to speak the truth in a kind way in relationships to resolve anything that may be hindering flow and love. And speaking of truth, authenticity is needed now in a major way. Have you been living with integrity? Have you treated those in your life the way you would like to be treated? Think about it. It is a new year, a new moon and an opportunity to do just that. If you allow others to treat you with unkindness and disrespect, is that something that is making you feel good. Or are you acting with arrogance and control and all the BS that goes with it just to show how big a person you are. C’mon, change your attitude and intend good interactions with joy and truth and honesty and of course, integrity.

Pluto, Sun and Moon in Capricorn is flowing gracefully with power. Use it to your advantage. With Uranus square the New Moon in Capricorn it is time to walk away from relationships that no longer serve any purpose, jobs that are feeling negative and your own inner turmoil. If you are unable to resolve it, then let it go now. it is building up for April which will implode if you are unwilling to do this now and take small mountain goat leaps up the mountain. April is when the next exact square (conflict) of Pluto and And stop being so selfish! There are many out there who are. It becomes more obvious every day. And it will rear its ugly head shortly. Mercury conjunct the New Moon is harmonious and gives us that new perspective which I mentioned earlier.

This New Moon occurs on the first day of the year of 2014. How lucky you are to be able to address the demons within in the next couple of weeks and rid your body and mind and emotions of all the toxic elements which you have collected along the way. Continue doing this if you have already begun it way back when; and those of you who have given little thought to this, I highly suggest you get on the bandwagon. It is so important to do this now. This New Moon is about being polite and having good manners. Oh, you forgot this? How about consideration and compassion along with love to others who are important to you? If you cannot show love then walk away from those who mean little to you. Tolerance is better than criticism.

Those affected most intensely are you who are born between December 25 and January 4 and also anyone who has planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn between 6 and 15 degrees.

The Lakota Sweat Lodge card that I pulled for the New Moon is about abundance. It comes when you accept it within. Give thanks for all that is provided to you and be able to release all that has been received. If you are fearful of not having enough, that is what you will continue to create. It is about all gifts of abundance including love, companionship, teachings, nourishment and guidance not just the material. “I acknowledge with gratitude the flow of God’s abundance through my life.”

Sending you many wishes for a very HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with joy, abundance, prosperity, LOVE and compassion, tolerance, patience and good friendships along with loving interactions. Thank you for all you do and your support. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS, December 2, 2013 – Renewed Creativity Helps the Changes Flow

Hello dear ones. It is a new energy that is now arriving after the last weeks in Scorpio when it was intense and brought out the truth for many of you. Walking to the NEW MOON in Sagittarius on Monday there are many things going on as you arrive at that time. Hey, how many of you were out on doing the material thing on black Friday? remember that buying is all there is. Ok, so I am being a bit sarcastic. What about Comet ISON? It was supposed to melt in the Sun’s energy field. Wrong! And did you see the latest foreigners on our soil? Yes, they are Russians and Chinese helping with those exercises that will save our necks. Yep. And don’t forget to pick up your green card because I just saw they are giving them away easier than ever. Did you even notice? Secrets always come to light eventually and when they do, watch out.

But now the energy is Sagittarius. The Moon is just about ready to meet the Sun in Sagittarius and that will bring something else to the table. And it isn’t the leftover turkey leg. How will you take that truth that is revealed? Or has is it been delayed in coming out due to some manipulation or control on someone’s part? Those who are looking for truth it will be revealed to you. Then you have to transmute the debris of that illusion that still hangs around. Where will you be as the NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS is upon us? It occurs at 7:22pm EST, 4:22pm PST on Monday, December 2, 2013 and after midnight on December 3, 2013 in London. It is in 11 degrees of Sagittarius. Is your life the same as it was a month ago? In my life I feel like I was thrown into an abyss and many things have left and some things wait to be renewed. Major purging took place for me. How about you? Since I am a Taurus the Scorpio energy seems to be a bit more intense than I choose to experience. Oh well, life is changing and if I hadn’t done the work through the last years I probably would have run off in an invisibility cloak.

Something changed from all this intense energy. Have you found yourself more focused? Has there been more projection from others bringing out their fears and negativity? I have seen it and it has truly been more blatant. Lots of deep cellular memories have been brought up and released and now with the NEW MOON, a new direction can take place. Where are you at this time? It brought me more balance after I cried my eyes out for a week. Did you find things falling apart around you? That means certain things may be leaving your life. It is not a bad thing because they do not serve your purpose. Wake up already!

So, now that the NEW MOON in Sagittarius is upon us, a bit of refreshing energy should enter. This is a time to integrate your feminine feeling side with your right brain side. It also is saying to let your imagination be to the forefront so that your creative power can bloom. You need to bring together all parts of your emotional body to heal. This is the time that you have to choose to change yourself and not look for someone else to do it for you. Do you understand that so many of you want to change everyone around you and if they don’t do so, you freak out? Tell me that is false. Presently with this NEW MOON it is a perfect time to heal yourself. And why do that? Then you will be able to help others to heal. How about that?

Sagittarius NEW MOON tells you that you need a vision. How many of you have one? If you have no idea, now is the moment to create it. Now is the moment to imagine, to intend, to create and push it out there once you allow that healing to occur. Goals are important. No matter what you do in life if you have no vision or goals, then you wander aimlessly through life waiting for others to tell you what you can do or not do. Take command of your life and you will notice that your outlook will change immensely. Are you on the same track as your partner, your friend, your children or whoever else you choose to talk about? And if you are on a different path, so what does that mean? Do you need to alienate everyone else because they choose to have a different vision? Do you hold a grudge because they choose differently? Sounds like you are still back in the Scorpio energy. Walk forward and let those who are to be in your life and could help you to reach your goals be there; otherwise, move on.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a bountiful new moon if you allow it. Life can be beneficial for many of you but you have to pay attention. It all depends where it falls in your chart also. Jupiter which is the ruler of Sagittarius is in good aspect to Saturn. That keeps thing pretty even as you go along and Uranus is trining the New Moon which also may bring nice surprises in the next couple of weeks. No guarantees but do trust the energy. Keep the negatives out. This is a perfect energy that will support you making a break from the past. Oh no, that could be scary. You can actually be in the now. That would be outstanding if the old patterns go by the wayside and you now step into your balanced power. I hope that can happen for many of you. Do challenges or conflict disturb you? You do know that changes have to take place and Pluto square Uranus is trying to pull you into your soul direction and some of you just need to fight it. Please change what needs changing or it will change it for you. I am sending a reminder. Flow with the changes. They are for your benefit.

One more item-Mars enters Libra on December 7, 2013 and you will feel quite upbeat and enthusiastic, hopefully in balance or you may feel filled with anger and stubbornness. Pleasing others has no place right now or it will backfire on you. Take time to work on your relationships since Mars will be Libra for 8 months.

No one said you couldn’t be free in your own reality even when you are in a relationship. So please know that life can be quite good if you go with the flow of all the aspects going on with the NEW MOON and down the road. Creativity will keep your vision aligned with your soul. Go for it.
I send you a big thank you for reading and your support and also blessings for a prosperous and happy New Moon. Until again. Love, Jan
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FULL MOON in TAURUS, NOVEMBER 17, 2013 – Forging Ahead in Balance and Integrity

Are you ready for some wining and dining, playing? Have you had enough of the constant negativity that continues to weave its way through your life causing you to doubt and fear; maybe you even want to hide away? Sounds like one of those commercials that I turn off. Just trying to get your attention because life at this time is not what it seems. Energy is on the upsurge and you can access your own depth of consciousness. Why do you choose to run scared? On my radio show last Friday night I spoke about the Pluto/Uranus square and its connection to the Solar Eclipse on the 3rd of November and how it is bringing about power struggles on all levels of relating. Do you really choose to go in that darkness? The continuous blasting of control and power among the elite is beginning to be a thorn in your side. Or do you like being told that you have to do everything that someone else dictates? Think about it. I am sure someone out there is reading my blog who is monitoring my words. You know I will say nothing because most of the truth is out there already. It is a matter of YOU discerning it and walking your own truth. The FULL MOON in TAURUS is upon us and it can be a truly pleasurable time if you choose or not.

The FULL MOON in TAURUS takes place on Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 10:15am EST, California 7:15 am PST, Hawaii 5:15am and London 3:15pm. It occurs at 25 degrees 26’. Is it time now that you take the energy and transform your life direction/purpose? There is always a balance indicated when the Full Moon occurs. With the Sun being in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus you will find that you are trying to balance your personal values/transformation (Scorpio) with your security (Taurus). Through the past posts I have said much about facing your fears so that you can become your true self. Until you do that, you wander through the shadows of past doings, patterns and anything else that keeps you from flowing on top of the earth. Now with this Full Moon in Taurus you may choose to dig a bit deeper and with the Sun in Scorpio influence, you may actually find the clues as to how to release the trauma, the guilt, the hidden negative cellular memories which come up in your daily life that keep you in the shadows You are now given an opportunity to get on track with aligning your goals with your truth within.

Full Moon in Taurus would like you to take a look at what really makes you joyful. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus there can also be lots of good food and company. Taurus is definitely about the senses and most Taureans love to take part in pleasurable activities. Do you know a Taurean who doesn’t like to be surrounded by good art, enjoy a night out with that special someone or even have some really close friends to entertain? And don’t forget the music. My goodness, this is the icing on the cake for Taureans. It is time to enhance your talents and stop sabotaging yourself. How many of you continue the game of self-sabotage? Does it help? Full Moon in Taurus loves to create. You are fighting against your inherent gifts because it takes time away from any game that you play. Or could it be you just have little self-esteem? Those who have planets within the realm of 19 – 30 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be affected most intensely. Other signs will be influenced depending on the planets involved.

Since the FULL MOON is about balance and healing energies, what are your intentions to clearing and releasing that which no longer serves your truth? Have you thought about this at all? Some of you will be reaching a pinnacle of success since you have already come into alignment. But those of you who are still walking in the power game will find yourselves stuck in the dark. As I said Venus rules Taurus and even though that is the case, it still is out of the main arena when it comes to this Full Moon. Yet, Venus is being assaulted by Pluto and Uranus. It makes a big square (conflict) to Uranus in Aries and conjunct (right on) Pluto in Capricorn. Help!! This is prodding (you don’t prod Taurus individuals) Venus to refine any relationships so the power struggle is minimized. It also says that integrity and cooperation are a big part of this entire scenario. So there it is again that Pluto/Uranus square yanking poor Venus around. Venus wants to dance and she has no opening unless there is some support from the relationship. Open to clearing out the junk from any relationship with which you continue to have the power struggle. Give it up. Are you always right? And who of you is pushing the envelope in your relationship? What purpose does it serve? Stop tolerating unmet desires and true needs. I truly mean it. Tolerance is fine to a point but it will bring you to a screaming state soon if something doesn’t change. And those of you who continue the control antics, there are more important things in life and the relationship needs to have balance. One-sidedness has no value. And the FULL MOON in TAURUS is about values. What do you value in your relationship? What about your core values? You need to figure this out NOW. Then balance is achieved and openings can occur. Do you get it?

Venus stays in Capricorn until March 5, 2014 due to the retrograde (backward motion) she takes on December 21. That is a long time for Venus in one sign. Compassion and empathy are needed as Venus goes through this long trek. Intensity creeps in with Venus on Pluto. Obsession anyone? Passionate involvements? This too is part of the Full Moon- the passion that is.

The Full Moon itself is very calm and slightly laid back. It is the other planets that are making noise in the background. As you notice life is really coming apart in various places and especially in the US of A. You will see many changes in the next months which will topple many structures that have been in force for a very long time. It isn’t happening immediately but it is a foreshadowing of what is to come.

On the 21st of November Mercury meets the Eclipse point of November 3, 2013. Watch what you say because words are the key to your breaking through to manifest those things that matter to you. If you stay in the negative you will get the negative. Your thoughts matter too. If you continue to say one thing and do something else, do you really think it will bring you what you desire. Please!

My next radio show will be on BlogTalkradio/ on November 22, 2013 at 11pm EST. Many thanks to all of you who support this blog. Blessings and joy to all. May you find balance and joy in your relationships. Until again. Love, Jan

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NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE, NOVEMBER 3, 2013-Dancing in the dark as the Light emerges?

Hello dear ones. Are you still accepting the old paradigm? There are forces out there which will try to keep you in the dark about the reality of your existence. They are continually creating manmade laws to keep you attached to their perspectives, priorities and illusions. What about the Universal laws? Did they get thrown away totally? The control factor is getting more extreme and it will continue to do so until you face the truth of all the lies and misperceptions that have been drummed into you for the past century. The control is permeating all sections of your life and it is creating a deep struggle for those who continue to be In the Matrix thinking. This control is like a being under a microscope in the lab. Every part of your life is being monitored like a rat in a cage. Ouch! Is this the way life should be? Is this the way life is going to be? Is anyone going to make their voice heard? Have you had enough yet? The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE is upon us and will begin the digging into the secrets, the scripts of old patterns in order for your real self to shine through.

The NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio occurs on Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 7:48am EST at 11 degrees 18 minutes. Scorpio SUN/Moon has great creative urges. It has executive abilities yet also can be a great missionary at sharing the good in the world. Oh, yes, they are powerful when in those upper positions and very secretive no matter what path they walk. Those who are Scorpio-ruled have strong sexual natures and may even like some flattery. It depends on how they use their extreme magnetism as to where the Scorpio type ends up in life.

What an intense, long-lasting energy which appears with this NEW MOON. It is quite transformational for everyone in different ways depending where it is in your chart. The energy effects are powerful and deep. Some may have disruptive energies and challenges with which to contend since the Pluto /Uranus square is right there with the NEW MOON. Most of you have more clearing of the deep patterns and old behaviors which are stuck within. There are very few of you who have achieved the clarity of purpose that this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio may eventually bring to you. Don’t kid yourself; things in the next couple of years may be totally different in your life than what you are experiencing at this juncture. Get your act together and start thinking about what it is you need to do to become your true self and walking the path of wholeness.

Many things which no longer serve your needs may disappear completely from your life. And if it does so, it is part of the process to bring you back to your truth. Whether it be people, places, jobs, homes you will have to accept the energy of the action. Without this clearing out you will continue to walk in the old ways and the darkness will continue to influence your thoughts, emotions and physical being. Some of you will question this and say that your life is acceptable, who cares whether it is this way or that. Well, dear ones, you have a choice and if you choose to continue in the past ways of thinking, the illusions will continue to undermine your prosperity, your truth, your health and all good things which can be yours.

The controllers have been poisoning us through a GMOs and Chemtrails, prescription medication and other items of control and deception. There are those who create controversy, spew out hateful words and guess what, those who are so trying to establish a dark world soon will see their ducks come off the pond. The truth will out the lies. The Pluto and Uranus square which again was exact yesterday, November 1, 2013 continues to bring the upheaval around us and to many of you directly. This aspect will continue to be around for another year until late 2014 (I mistakenly indicated that it left us in mid-2014 in the last post). Walls continue to tumble down and the shift is bringing to you a new view, a feeling of freedom. Yet there are those of you who may be caught in its turmoil. Resistance is something you wish to avoid. Be true to your heartsong not to someone else’s needs and desires. Fearmongering is so blatant in this world today. Stay removed from it. Fear brings to you a state of submission. Do you wish to be a robot or a free spirit like you were intended to be? It is your choice, dear ones. Many in America are on the bandwagon out of fear. Many in the world live in fear and under control. Think Germany in the 1930s. You are going to have to decide soon where you wish to be.

This NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE is saying to you dig deep and clean up your act or it will be transformed for you with no input from you. The energy from this NEW MOON is also indicating spiritual warfare. Mars and Neptune were in close aspect with the Lunar Eclipse on the 18th of October so the lies and deception still carry on. Is there a revolt in the works by you the people in the next year? Since this eclipse takes place over a 3 hour plus period, then its energy can last a long time as I said earlier in the post. Will you come together with others so that your voices can be heard?

There is a powerful Yod aspect between Mars in Virgo sextile the New Moon in Scorpio and both inconjunct (150degrees) Uranus in Aries. Much energy has come out of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on October 18. This Yod takes some of the scorpion sting away; well, just a little and can elevate the energy if you go with it. Mercury is still retrograde until November 10 but the shadow continues on another week or so after that. And when Mercury conjuncts the North Node will show you exactly where you are resistant to change. Ready?

Those of you most affected by this NEW MOON Solar Eclipse are Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. If you have any planets or points within 5 degrees either side of the eclipse degree then you will feel it more intensely. This falls in my 6th house which is about work and service in my daily life and it is right on my vertex. I realized that something important will take place in the next months that will change how I approach my work. I also see it on my Saturn in my Solar Return which indicates that I will have to take an an overabundance of work items.

Now you can take that deep breath and let the old stuff out and remember that your truth and heartsong are what really matters. It is being transformed so that you can be the true blue you. Transformation is coming up from the depths. Allow it. Claim it. Some things will end and others will be recreated. Also, a new beginning can take place.

Thank you all for reading and supporting this blog. I am so grateful. Walk in peace as the energy intensifies. Set your intentions. I send blessings to everyone. Until again, Love, Jan
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FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries, October 18,2013- Let your true self come forth in order to relate

Another day has come to pass as you play the game of life. When was the last time you thought for yourself? When was the path so clear that you walked without strife? This is a wake-up call from your highest self. Was that really an earthquake that took place off the coast of South Carolina? There is so much turmoil going on in the background that you only see what you choose to see. Are you that conditioned? I hope not. Do you really think the new health insurance is for your benefit? Have you ever thought about really getting healthy with good food, exercise and prayer or meditating? How about a walk in the park? I am asking you to stop being so distracted that your highest self is put to the side and you forget that you can access anything if you choose. Of course the polluted air does interfere with thought processes at times and your ability to actually focus on the truth. Have you allowed the dark to enter your life? Pull yourself out of the swamp and do what you came on earth to do. For those of you who are on the path of Light please know that you are being bamboozled by many around you. You need to discern the truth from your highest self or you will continue to live the lie. Find those who resonate with you and have fun together even in these times of chaotic energy. Smile. You can you know. Enough said. The Lunar Eclipse Full MOON is upon us.

The FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse takes place on Friday, October 18, 2013 at 7:39 pm EDT at 25 degrees Aries. The Full Moon in Aries is intense due to the eclipse effect. Aries is about self and being the explorer, the self-reliant type, the warrior. I am going to do it my way and that’s the way it is. Period. That is the tone of Aries moon. An Aries moon is an energetic type who is like the fire it is burning on the trail behind and moving with forcefulness like no other. Aries knows it and does it and walks past you if you don’t agree. Libra is about relating and negotiating and compromise. Oh yes. How many of you are where you choose to be in a relationship? Is there an obligation which is fuzzy in your life and you feel held in place by it physically or financially? This is a really good time to look at your relationships. A time when the facade comes away and you see the truth or do you choose to live in the land of fantasy and pretense? Clarity may be hiding behind the Lunar Eclipse. Look a little closer and you may just see what is real and what is out of balance. It is quite easy to be pulled off the track and get bogged down with this FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse and then the frustration rears its head and you get ticked off or more angry than need be. Is your relationship supporting your needs? What if you aren’t in a relationship? You may be thinking about how to create that possibility in your life. Pay attention so there are no 2x4s coming at you. Rude awakenings are diminished if you choose to stay balanced.

This ARIES FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse brings a time of major changes/shifting. If you aren’t prepared to see the truth it will blindside you. Stop resisting the changes. I suggest you go with the flow. It is time to balance your own creative/relationship urges with others. As I said, relating is the key. Anger can erupt at any time if the balance is absent. What does life choose to show you and you continue to bury your head in the sand? The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is here to help you see what you need to strengthen and balance and let the rest fall away. Libra/Aries is about love and war. Which will you choose within yourself and also bring to others around you? Society has become impersonal and that is creating much dissonance within us. Ok, maybe down the road you can telepathically send a message and even now some of you do this. That’s a good thing. Until you all arrive at that point- how would it be if there is actual communication such as talking with others face to face? Scary? Put away the texting and emails, Facebook and Twitter for a couple of days and reach out in the old fashioned way. Living in a world of technology is good as with what is going on with Pluto square Uranus, but there has to be that balance again. No whining please. What would you do if it all went down and you couldn’t use technology? Be prepared. The Lunar Eclipse is affecting those of you who are born in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn the most. Any of you with planets in those signs at 25 degrees plus or minus 6 also will be affected.

Let me remind you also that Pluto continues to square Uranus. It is exact again on November 1. This square will continue to tear down old ways and frustrate many of you until mid-2014. It is giving its all to transform what is no longer needed to free you up in ways that will resonate with who you really are. It does make a difference where it actually falls in your chart. This is also about many technological advances that bring about a new paradigm. It is awakening our deep soul consciousness to help unify us. Do watch out for any lightning bolts that may be thrown at you from Uranus. Then again this may trigger your genius.

Mars opposing Neptune is taking place right now and may indicate spiritual warfare or the lies and deception. Oh joy! It can also speak of poisonous effects such as thoughts, words or real poison in the air or somewhere in your life. How about chemtrails? It can indicate what is good for you personally or what is good for the group. There are some of you who may escape to your sexual fantasies.
As I wrap up this post please note that Mercury goes retrograde on October 21. Do not sign agreements for they may have to be redone when it goes direst on November 20. Watch yourself in traffic and with how you communicate. Muddled words may bring unreliable feedback.

If you get an opportunity to listen to my show on BlogTalkRadio/UnseenWorld I would greatly appreciate it. I do a show every other Friday night at 11pm ET. Next show is October 25. I would love to hear from you as a caller.

Pay attention dear ones and keep your hearts open to love. I am sending tons of blessings to help you through the next month of big shifts. Thank you. Until again, Love, Jan

PS- Just keep an eye on the Cyber drills on banking in the next couple of weeks. Make sure you have some cash on hand, just in case. There was one this week without any incidents with 1000 banks taking part.

**Please know that if you choose to repost this blog on another site, please post a link to the original Cosmic Leaping post due to copyright matters. I thank you for your consideration in this.

NEW MOON in LIBRA, OCTOBER 4/5, 2013-Truth appears if you stay in balance

Oh fair moon where art thou? These past few months have been crazier than ever. And now the most seriously out of control move is underway…government shutdown in the US of A. Well, it is only partial and the affordable healthcare act is in motion, is it really? Do you think you will ever see the truth as to what is happening? PAY ATTENTION let your heart rule. Much is deeply buried that many out there are buying the baloney that is being thrown at you through the news? There appears to be about 11% of the people who are seeing the truth through Alternative Media and also knowing the truth within. Of course there are those who rule the world who would like us to stay in the dark recesses of their choosing. Dear ones, if you have no compassion or love in your hearts the better it is for the powers that be to create the dissonance that continues to appear. Once the next 1% wake up bringing it up to 12%, things may begin to really shift and many hidden aspects of our world will surface. Since the New Moon has no light shining how will you see anything that is relishing in the dark shadows? When relating to others stay in your center and then an amazing thing will occur…the truth will show up. Without the balance within you, at this NEW MOON the extremes will continue. This NEW MOON in LIBRA is quite intense since Pluto square Uranus aspects the NEW MOON and the eclipse cycle begins again at the Lunar Eclipse mid-month on October 18.

The NEW MOON in LIBRA takes place Friday, October 4, 2013 at 8:35pm EDT at 11deg 57’. Some of you will celebrate the New Moon on the 5th of October. Libra loves harmony and peace. This New Moon is about relationships which like fairness and balance. Libra is about agreements and beauty, elegance and good manners. Libra knows no harshness. It is about justice and partnership. Relationships need attention now and do open to enjoying the beauty of such in your life. You are an individual who also can be in a relationship. Yes, even in a relationship you still have your own pathway to walk, yet have an opportunity to join with another, whether in love, business, groups or otherwise. Allow your love to shine brightly at this time so that respect comes into play in all relating instances. The LIBRA NEW MOON needs a relationship, friendship or marriage to feel safe and nurtured. Venus rules Libra as it does Taurus. Libra though likes to be fair and peaceful. Taurus loves the intensity of passion and the seriousness of relating.

The NEW MOON in LIBRA may bring out romantic or social overtones in a relationship. This is a great time if you are looking for inspiration. It may come from some positive changes that are affecting your relationships and conflict disappears. Take a look at what is working in your life and what is dragging you down. A compromise may be the ticket to a new start. Please no compromises if you are just doing it to appease someone. It will haunt you later in a big way and fall apart. Now is a time for acceptance, honesty and respect. Many may choose to speak about something in your relationship and for some reason (mainly fear) you choose to ignore it. Speak your mind with respect dear ones. Do it once and for all and begin again in a better way.

Are there any harsh people hanging in your space? If so, then walk away from those who no longer resonate with you. Is there a lesson for you or them to learn from your presence? Think about it. Remove the fears that may have plagued you in the past and release them now through the balance of the NEW MOON in LIBRA. This is a time to move out that which no longer works. Exorcise those demons already. If you don’t do it, then I can guarantee that the Uranus in Aries opposite New Moon square Pluto in Capricorn will take charge. It is tense and unyielding at times. It is digging deep and trying to remove the old junk that you continue to weave and reweave in your life. It wants change and, you better give it what it desires. If you resist, it can throw you into a chaotic state. It is a wake-up call for many, and believe me it will beat you up if you keep ignoring it. This is not the time for controlling or dominating anyone in your life, whether in personal or business relationships. Keep the balance here. Stay in the moment dear ones.

At the time of this NEW MOON in LIBRA Saturn is conjunct (right on) the North Node in Scorpio. This occurs on the upcoming eclipse point of November. If you are enabling something that no longer works, c’mon give it up already. If it is dead, bury it. Forget about holding it hostage. And if you aren’t paying attention that bolt of lightning from Uranus opposite the New Moon will shake you up emotionally in a hurry. Also Mercury is on the North Node. What destined agreement is coming to the fore and being transformed (Mercury sextile Pluto)?

This new relationship intensity is affecting personal planets at 5-17degrees of Libra. Also those which are affected more than others are signs of Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. You need to be patient now because it is building up to the time when the door will open wide. In my chart it falls in my 5th house of romance and creativity. Have you seen my knight?

The NEW MOON in LIBRA is saying that you need to balance yourself and love yourself before you can reach out to others in harmony. The truth appears only when you are walking the path without extreme actions. You need to accept yourself and stop the rejection of self. Venus in Scorpio is asking you to look at the darkness within and let the light shine upon it.
Again, watch for those unexpected bolts of lightning. Use them for creating a new direction or new start in your relationships. Changes may come to meet your needs or else to make you pay attention to something you are ignoring.

Be in a peaceful place as the Lunar Eclipse arrives mid-month. Set your intentions now. Keep your love intact. Many blessings to all of you and thank you for all you are. Until again, Love, Jan
I will be on BlogTalk Radio/Unseen World starting October 11, 2013 at 11pm. Hope to hear from you.

NEW MOON in CANCER, July 8, 2013 -Renew Yourself to Nurture Others

Hello again. Have you had enough of the carnival atmosphere yet? Maybe some of you like the crazed atmosphere of the world situation. You know what, it stinks. If I would have written this the other day when I had a major cathartic type of realization, I could have won the Pulitzer Prize (or the opposite). Just joking. Wherever you live I hope you are having clear days with puffy clouds and no chemsoup skies. I am so tired of the humidity and the foul air, I want to scream. That wouldn’t be a good thing since my neighbors will complain. So, Egypt has been in an uproar, Snowden is hanging in the shadows somewhere, and Syria is being blasted. Floods are overtaking various parts of this country and India and many other places. Fires ravage the western US. Yes, the world is on the brink. It is beyond 1984. Does anyone out there choose to wake up and put an end to the darkness? And since the New Moon is a water sign…is that the next area of our lives that will be taken over completely? I have come from a positive place most of the time in my life and sometimes when I see what is going on, if it is beginning to be difficult for me to stay in that place, then I wonder how it is for those who have no jobs, little food and minimal funds with which to do anything. Vent done! Onward to the watery New Moon.

The NEW MOON in CANCER occurs on Monday, July 8, 2013, at 3:14am EDT,16 degrees 18’ and is all about family and relationships and replenishing your emotional waves. Sun in Cancer is moody, imaginative, sensuous, intuitive, self-absorbed and nurturing. But don’t cross them because they will hold a grudge until the end of time. They need space when they are creating and believe me they have movies going in their heads most of the time. This SUN/MOON Cancer influence is all about reaching within and regrouping and maybe you will come up with a new creative venture or a new beginning in whatever house it is located in your chart. The Crab has a hard time letting go of anything. But just imagine at one time centuries ago, Cancer was ruled by the Scarab Beetle. That would certainly create a different image of how this sign is represented. Anyway, the Crab loves hiding away at times and this may be a time when depending on how your life is, you may find time to just keep out the world’s noise and take time for you. Or you may just want to rekindle an old relationship within the family or with someone who is like family. There are several people I know who have this conjunct their SUN in Cancer and I have it opposite my Moon in Capricorn. New ways to do things and a change in how to approach others. Good for abundance and success. It is possible to start new ventures or just establish secure foundations for the future.

There are exceptional aspects for healing within now. What do you need to heal within your life? What emotions are still clouding your vision keeping you from taking that leap? And that leap will come but not before you clear out those cobwebs from the past and dig deep for release and healing. I have noticed that for me it is about values and self-worth so I am ready to regenerate this area of my life so I can clear out any root issues which may keep me from freely moving forward. I now am focusing on my talents and skills which will help to create more money for me. Once I can do this, healing can take place. It is time to set the intention for whatever area of your life that is being influenced. You will know by meditating even if your don’t have access to your chart at this time.

There is still a grand trine (positive) with Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer. This will continue to affect you but has no connection to the NEW MOON in Cancer. Jupiter has arrived in Cancer about a week ago and will be there for a year. What this means is that family situations, MONEY/abundance, home, and security will be expansive for the next year and with the New Moon giving it a big jump start, new beginnings can take place. What are you going to do that is done in a new way? How will you radically change your life to better it? This is important to remember in the next months. That new idea, as crazy as it may be, can take you to a new level of success in a blink of the eye. Take advantage of the good aspects that are here right now and put that intention out there. Chiron trining the NEW MOON in Cancer may bring up old issues to be healed. Open to it. Continue to come from your heart and reach deep within for your love, so nurturing can take place. And this is also a time when sexuality is more important. And if you have no partner, then please use that passion to develop new ideas or creations to share with everyone.

Keep in mind with Mercury retrograding through Cancer you need to express your feelings and regenerate the communication with others which has fallen by the wayside. No signing important documents until Mercury goes direct later in the month. I see that Sphinx asteroid is also near the NEW MOON in Cancer. The time has come to all of you to meet your challenges upfront instead of running and hiding like many of those with Cancer Sun or Moon do. Sphinx will help you take command and move forward otherwise you will continue to be stuck in your limited belief patterns. Take advantage of this opportunity. And don’t forget there is still a difficult aspect between Pluto and Uranus which is affecting the NEW MOON in Cancer and this will continue to stir up your emotions.

All of you who have planets in Cancer from 12 degrees to 20 degrees will be affected most intensely. Also any planets at the same degrees in Aries, Libra and Capricorn will be influenced.
Watch for floods wherever you are in the next month after this New Moon and once Jupiter joins that New Moon point. Jupiter is about expansion and since it is in a water sign that will be the norm in the coming months.
Thank you all for reading and your support. May your blessings be many at the NEW MOON in CANCER. Until again. Love, Jan

FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN, JUNE 23, 2013- Supporting Your Vision with Love

Hello dear ones. The summer solstice has just came over the horizon and the FULL MOON in Capricorn is also ready to come through the mountain pass. What have you been enmeshed in since the last New Moon? Did you find a new way to wend through the brambles that may keep you hooked on the past? Did you open your heart to finding a clear path that feels so right to your higher self? Here we go again and many are still fighting within those deep mired beliefs and habits which strike from all angles at the most unexpected hours.

There have been truly amazing shifts in energy going on and some challenges that may be affecting you. Yes, I know it can feel like a treacherous mountain road with no movement to be had. And this may be ongoing every minute of every day for some of you. The T-Square of Pluto to Uranus continues to affect us as we go through each cycle until it is exact again in the eclipse time in November and then again in the Spring of 2014. It hits again in 2015. It came out to play in my life. Out of nowhere it struck hard and I felt so ready to bolt to the far ends of the galaxy. Really! It was rough for just a day because everything that could come up and push my buttons appeared. EEK!. I was looking at everything through my emotions instead of looking at it with a balanced perspective. My ability to communicate went bonkers and I realized within about less than 90 minutes that I gave in to this energy. Since it was Uranus involved, the unexpected quality of the energy arrived.

It is time, definitely now, to let go dear ones and find the inner peace and truly walk through the deepest wounds (it’s only a dream anyway) and get ready for some magical new beginnings by climbing the steep mountain path to the pinnacle. Whatever needs clearing from your life will take place as you reach within to your heart. So, two things are occurring…starting again in a new direction or letting what is no longer bringing joy to be bid adieu.
The FULL MOON in CAPRICORN is at 2 degrees on June 23, 2013 at 7:32 am EDT. Venus is right with it. This tells us that many of you may be thinking about moving on to new ventures instead of the same old job or career. It will bring some of you the true path which has been elusive. Your self-worth will be enhanced at this FULL MOON. It is not too often that you experience the energy of this kind of SUPER MOON. Cancer Sun is about family and relationships. Capricorn Moon is about structure in your life. The intimacy you share within a close relationship is part of the spotlight. This is a time of sharing within your realm and reaching out to others in love. LOVE is all there is now. Have you been reaching out to those you love? The balance is necessary with this Capricorn Full Moon in partnerships. Full Moons are always about relating. How have you been relating? Or not?

Once the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn exactly a few hour after the FULL MOON, the unexpected may show up and it can be dealt with in a different way other than the previous due to Mars sextile to Uranus (supportive). Since the trine (easygoing) is still active between the Sun in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio, it is truly a time to follow your heart. Not just talking about it but actually walking that talk. This grand trine offers creative ways to solve your issues that are brought up by the T-Square. The Sun in Cancer helps you be sensitive to your own feelings and those of others in bringing about the harmonious conclusion to any problems that may appear. And remember many issues are your own that are being reflected to you by others. No blame here is necessary. Sun in Cancer is about memories and ancestry and the distant past including our childhood. Any patterns that may still hang around from your life back when comes into focus now. This Super Moon happening only a couple days after the Solstice is asking you to look at how secure and strong you feel. It is about inner strength, dear ones.

FULL MOON has many of feeling motivated ready to go out and achieve that dream and take that leap. But there of some who may just choose to rejuvenate and pull back due to the overwhelming feeling of having too many irons in the fire. You balance your inner needs now with your actions. Your self-discipline is at the forefront. Are you avoiding looking at your feelings and trying to escape that part of your climb to the top? Stop doing that, please. Do you know that depression can occur when you don’t heed your feelings and you fail to address what is important to you? This FULL MOON in CAPRICORN is about owning your power and to be flexible. Be the mountain goat and stop letting those mountain rocks get in your way. Those who have any planets around 2 degrees especially Cancer and Capricorn; Aries and Libra will be most affected.

Venus in Cancer helps to soften anything that may occur. Mercury and Venus are now together in the sign Cancer hugging and helping you tune into your inner self. This weekend is a grand time for a party and showing love in your most important relationships. It is sweet and kind. Embrace the energy and you will see how beautiful things shift due to the harmonious effects of this combination. But know that the chaos can always pop in if you are out of focus and forget to be bring awareness to the mix. Of course, there is also Pluto can bring transformation when it is poking and prodding you to change your approach and rid yourself of those tired outworn habits. And also along with other influences Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, is going to go retrograde (backwards) for the next 5 months which will help you recognize any past wounds for what they were and how you walked through them. Then on the other hand will help you heal those that are still pulling at you to notice them. It is perfect.
Remember that Mercury is preparing to go retrograde next week on June 27th. Sign papers before then and buy no electronics during that time of 3 weeks.

May your blessings be many. Use some love to manifest your vision. Thank you for reading and have a joyous time this FULL MOON. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in GEMINI, JUNE 8, 2013 -Talk is Cheap without Feelings

Hello everyone. Hope you are celebrating all the good things in your life today. Life has been speeding by and the NEW MOON in BEMINI is upon us. It arrives on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 11:56am EDT at 18 degrees. What ideas do you have that you can turn into reality? This is a time of a sharp and focused mind. Can you make it happen? As we allow the New Moon energy to unfold remember that there are clouds of debris that still are scattered around you and within you from the past and since the eclipse cycle is still prominent from the last 6 weeks, I ask you to let go. Before I continue with the New Moon, I have to tell you that last night I was a guest on “Unseen World” which is found on Blogtalk Radio. It was a grand experience to talk about how the eclipses are affecting all of us. Linda, the host and Jean, the co-host were such a joy and I am so grateful for their love and support.

The NEW MOON in Gemini is about connections and in the astrological chart represents the 3rd house. It is how you communicate and connect with others. It is about learning and Gemini is about siblings. TALK and more TALK is what is going on here.

New Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter brings to you lots of ideas and ways to move them up a level to become a reality It is time to focus on the prime purpose of the idea in order to do so. On the other hand some of you may be experiencing some belligerence because Mercury (ruler of Gemini) which is in Cancer right now is in a T-square (90 degrees) with Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn). This T-square has a deep effect on those whose birthdays are December 28-January 7; March 27-April 7; and June 30-July 8. But helping out this ongoing T-square is the trine (this is where you help each other) between Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Let’s keep the Light shining upon that trine energy instead of being pulled into the T-square. And if a tug of war of words finds a way into your life, refuse to enter into battle. It is trying to change something and it will if you watch it and allow it to make changes. Otherwise it can create chaos and change comes in ways that are unpredictable.

And life is unpredictable enough lately with tornados sweeping through the Midwest and earthquakes occurring on a regular basis in many places around the world. Do you feel good about the drones flying through your neighborhood, if not, they will be soon enough, or the GMOs in your food in the USA or the upcoming healthcare craziness? Is your life on TILT??? I believe the world is about to be! And the economy…that would be a discussion for a long time. Just pay attention because there is a big illusion out there and some are still walking in that deceptive world. The Pluto square Uranus will continue to have an effect upon many things into next year.

Communication is big at this NEW MOON in Gemini and it is the mirror in your life. Gemini represents the male/female aspects of yourself and how you are thinking at this time. You have the facts but how do you go beyond this in your thought processes? Feelings must be brought to the thinking within. That is what the eclipse was trying to tell you. Can you do that? Once the feeling comes and you go beyond the thought you can then understand. Right? NEW MOON is trine the asteroid Juno who rules committed relationships. There should be a flow of good communication between your partners and lovers. Many energies have come into play at this New Moon which bring about new ways of thinking about your relationships. Have you noticed how some of you have transcended the hive mind and aren’t pulled into the illusion anymore? And then there are those who choose to ignore the truth.

Mars in Gemini is usually energetic but he seems to be squashed in by the inconjunct to Saturn in Scorpio. Mars is scattering energy left and right and just is not himself. What a drag it is! This is right on my North Node telling me to pull it together already. Yeah right…how could I when I think I have something done, another thing comes along and keeps piling up. Oh my. Mars is unhappy. I want to go full speed on my path and old Saturn is saying adjust these things first. UGH!

The next couple days are quite romantic for those who have the opportunity to cuddle! Venus in Cancer is bringing you an idealistic and realistic flavor to relationships. Some of you feel a need to put down roots with the magical effect taking place now. You are seeing the best in people but you need to watch for impulsive moves. And some of you may ask how to keep the flame burning when there is vague or little communication.

The New Moon in Gemini also is in difficult aspect to Chiron. Oh no, those words can wound. Be careful now with how you express yourself because you will be writing notes of apology down the road. And with Uranus a sharp retort can land you into a messy argument. Stay cool.

The eclipse energy is still in effect. Know that the past no longer serves you. What you choose now in your life will be the deciding factor that will fill your future. Letting go is the bottomline. Those of you who resist the flow are only creating negatives in your lives. You are here to live your purpose and anything that is not connected to your depths will be gone along with the illusions. You will feel calmness this summer and you will tend to roll with the rapids. The big testing ground will appear in the Fall of this year. Group consciousness is growing. You will begin to see how your subconscious has created your life by following the behavior of the culture. There are new ways to relate now. Feelings do matter. Bring them to all actions. Please PAY ATTENTION and keep your eye on the ball otherwise you may get hit.

Remember that song from “Flash Dance” about taking your passion and making it happen. Just might want to take the passion and bring it to all those actions this time around. Have a great New Moon in Gemini and thank you for your support. May you be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

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