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Mars in Scorpio-Managing Power in August 2012 and Saturn in Scorpio October 2012-In the Deep Well

Oh ho, here we go, traveling along to and fro and whoa, here comes a new adventure to stir up your deeply intense emotions and just maybe put you back on track again. Where have you found yourself lately? Hopefully you have been recreating your most precious relationships while Saturn is still in the diplomatic and peaceful sign of Libra. My dear ones, come October 5, 2012 Saturn is going to go into Scorpio (will it sting or will you fly?) and that is deeper than you can imagine. Think back to 1983-1985 when Saturn was in Scorpio also. What was going on in your life? How did you feel? Pretty intense feelings were up for grabs and you may have been on a sexual high.

Saturn going into Scorpio makes us look at things that need to be addressed. Some may think Saturn as a taskmaster which I think is an accurate description. This timeframe until late 2014 will activate some of your old beliefs so that you can release the parts that no longer fit. Scorpio is about passion, intense transformation and power among other things. With Saturn involved opens it up to more structure, How about asking what are your belief systems doing for you? Do they undermine your life when you could be thriving? Do they give you faith so that you can move forward on your path? Sometimes you use the beliefs systems as a crutch and an excuse to avoid certain new ideas, new thoughts and new paths which will create Oneness. And some will say how can you say that when you are saying  “I go to church and I have faith”  and yes, that’s true. How do you act when you are not in your church or are stuck in your old belief patterns? Are you as holy as you seem to the masses or is it a pretense and sleight of hand? Take a good look, because Saturn is going to force you to ponder these things. Saturn loves the rules and the standards set. Can you face this within?

This is a time of passionate intensity in expression whether it be sexual or otherwise, it will flow. And for some it may be a bit too much and it then becomes possessive and obsessive. Let’s hope not. Managing your power is one way to express Saturn in Scorpio. How many like to delve into the depths of your psyche? Who of you have the courage to face those old beliefs and throw them out and find your own true beliefs? Now is the time to master that fear or just let it go. Well, do it.

Neptune in Pisces fine tunes everything with its creativity aspecting the Saturn in Scorpio. It goes directly to your creative core and now you can find structure for that creative urge and depth of emotion.

Mars entered Scorpio August 23, 2012. This is another sensual aspect. Wow, things are certainly getting hotter by the moment. Some of you will feel like it is confronting you. And Mars may bring upheaval in the next 6 weeks. It leaves Scorpio the day after Saturn enters. Whew. This is going to get interesting. The darkest part of your psyche emerges and now what do you do? Will you run for the hills or hide in the basement? Watch out for that rage that is boiling way down deep within. It has got to come out. You want to stay in a healthy state and suppressed rage makes for trouble. When was the last time you expressed anger? And I don’t mean some sarcastic comments or snide remarks. (That is your anger talking). So when was it? Was it at your partner, your parents, your boss, the world in general? Maybe you are one for road rage. Tell me. In my thinking, better out with the anger than suppressing it until it takes you down. Saturn in Scorpio will make it into a more constructive anger. Find the root of the anger and you can then have it be released instead of stuffing it. You know that suppressing it will just pump up your blood vessels and lead to too much chaos within. Dump the fear and resolve it. Take the anger and let it out. Too much fear keeps you from looking at the real reason you get angry. Do you find yourself having no sexual interaction which helps release some of the angry energy in a positive way. Lots of sexual energy is going to pop up in the next couple of years.

Relationships deepen with Saturn starting in October. If you hold back from doing so, they die. Poof. Gone they are. This is a time of true love, real love or you can just forget about it because it won’t be there. Scorpio is interested in the best in their partner and that is their intention. Looking for second best…it must be another time. This is the time when you can make your decisions and walk your talk. Or there is no more. Will you allow the loss to take place? Do it right or you lose! Sorry, if that is harsh…that is a Saturn in Scorpio bottomline. You can reach out and be there for many who need you. Just remember that true love comes along very infrequently and this is a time when you take a leap or be left in the dust.

Looks like it is going to get pretty intense and Mars started the parade yesterday. There is much more going on in the news and within your hearts. Look for the Full Moon post coming up for the 31st. It is a dandy. Be well and stay in the moment. Love and blessings. Until again. Jan


LUNAR ECLIPSE FULL MOON June 4, 2012- Healing and Truth in Relationships

Here we go again. Have you felt the energy shifting? The Solar Eclipse led it off in the past 2 weeks and now the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse upon us. It occurs on Monday, June 4, 2012 at 7:12am EDT. This week has been particularly like a roller coaster ride for me. Allergies went haywire and made me rest and that brought lots of clarity to me. How about you? What happened in the leading up to the Full Moon? This Full Moon is in Sagittarius at 14 degrees. The Sun is in Gemini. Any of your planets or angles in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces within 4 degrees will be intensely affected. Are you ready to leap yet? It is almost time for some of you.

 This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is about healing of relationships. It is a time to raise them up to Divine Awareness and unconditional love. Can it really mean that peace, harmony and loving interactions are on the horizon? This is also a time about some chaos since the old is hanging on for dear life while the new is starting to make its appearance. Have you been working on yourself? Have you been walking your talk and searching for the truth? Well, dear ones, this is going to get you big time if you have not. It will be the opening for you to be called on your behavior. You just may not like what is going to go down in your life. Life is what it is and those of you who are on track will definitely see some flow coming back into your lives. Those who have gone off the path, hang on, it won’t be pretty. Forget trying to control anything or anyone. This is about you and who you truly are and if you are pretending to be someone you are not, stop. Or it will stop you in your tracks until you wake up.

 The Sagittarius Full Moon is about searching for the truth, philosophy and adventure. The Gemini Sun is about flowing communication and lightness. Oh dear me, does that indicate you may find some good times on your adventure or the truth through your communication? Tell me. And good old friend Venus is right on the Sun. What fun it brings. Yet, this time the light mood may be affected by dear old Mars in analytical Virgo. He may tend to dampen your mood.. Boo hiss. The Sagittarius Full Moon takes you down into your belief structure and asks you dig deep and go beyond those outworn beliefs. Oh, I am sure too many of you are still hanging onto them. C’mon. Let go already. I can feel your clenching and tightening your grasp. Give up the narrow-mindedness. Do you realize that those beliefs are keeping you from growing and exploring life fully? Who of you have moved past them? Well, any of you? Now is the time to discover if your religious, political or life beliefs actually support your life and bring you to a place of forward motion on your true path. Do they work for you? Then go within and meditate and see what you can release. Do you realize how many of you have so many different beliefs yet there is a common thread running through them?

 How interesting that it is also a time of battling sexual cravings. The asteroid Chaos is opposite the Lunar Eclipse and house that Chaos falls in your chart will tell you who gets you every time or what addiction or indulgence you cannot get enough. If you don’t know where the Full Moon or Chaos falls in your chart, drop me a comment and I will tell you how to find it. Since it is a T-Square, the houses that these planets fall in will tell you in which area the small battle may take place.    Mercury is trine Saturn which emphasizes long term communication and the common underlying factor.

 As the new is trying to come in and the old is hanging on for dear life there is much energetic shifting at this time. It can be a difficult time of misperceptions and misunderstandings. Do any of you find this happening in your life presently? How many of you are going through personal battles at the time of Full Moon? This is also a time of deception in relationships. If you are in a triangle, well, watch out, it will blow up. Yes, I did say that. Whichever house the Full Moon Lunar eclipse falls in your chart is where the balance needs to take place. Do beware because this could be a volatile time for some of you. Others of you may find your jobs, some jealousy from a friend, or that obsession about a hobby may all come to a head.

 Let me close with a card that I was led to choose for helping you through this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon. It is Wagle Shun (from the Lakota Seat Lodge Cards ( or also the Swan). This is about peace. Let love take the place of fear and bring your inner peace to the forefront. What can you do bring peace to your life? Swan says, “I am the peace of the heart, and I present myself to you that my image may cast into your mind’s eye the dream and the realization of peace.”

 Hang in there everyone. This is a big turning point in all your lives. Let go of that fear of the new coming in and please finally release those old beliefs to which you have been attached. If they no longer serve, let them go. If the relationship you are in whether friendship or love, do know that truth wins out always. Pay attention, leap if you are ready and peace and blessings to you. Until again, Love, Jan

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