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NEW MOON in GEMINI, May 28,2014-Communicate with your heart

Is it possible that it is almost the month of June? As I write this on Memorial Day in the US of A I think of all the fallen heroes who defended our country. Sending blessings to all who continue to serve and blessed memory of those who have passed. Was away for a brief few days and it was a delight in the Adirondacks. What a treat it is to go there before the crowds descend. The mountains always inspire me. Walked the trail to the upper Hudson where there are crystals imbedded in the rocks. How cool is that? So, as the new moon approaches on Wednesday do you have your social hat on? Or are you ready to talk the ear off of someone next to you? Gemini likes words. And speaking of such my show on BlogTalk Radio last Friday night was all about words and the ones that disempower you. Have a listen.

Drum roll please. The NEW MOON in Gemini is at 7 degrees 21’ and comes to its peak at 2:40pm EDT, 11:40 PDT and 6:40pm GMT on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Gemini is about the mind and communication. It is the twins of the astrological world – one is mortal; the other is immortal. The New Moon in Gemini is square Neptune in Pisces. Whoa! That makes for lots of confusion. Did you ever find yourself writing then emailing, well, I thought I emailed yet it isn’t in sent box or in the drafts. Where is it? That may be the influence of a crazy computer ruled by Mercury. Or one that likes to trick me. It is out of control. Do you feel a bit overwhelmed at this time? Mercury is going to begin retrograde motion on June 7 and right now is in the shadow. So, things may begin to be unclear and could even be distorted somewhat.

With this New Moon energy you may find yourself stuck in fantasies or daydreaming with the Neptune square being present. You may choose to just sit and write your thoughts and intentions instead of going off in all different directions. Confusion shows up again. There is a matter of deception too. Who is deceiving who? That is the question. If you are, it is advisable to rethink your thoughts and actions due to the Mercury retrograde period coming up. Things may come to a halt or may just create problems. Heart rules! Keep that in the front of your mind and stop falling back into the victim stage. If you have a conflicting view with someone what are you going to do? Please clear your mind with the help of Mars in Libra which is trine the New Moon. It will help with any communication in helping relationships thrive and in balance.

Gemini NEW MOON is about lightness and seeing things from various perspectives Gemini gives us the opportunity to see from both sides of the brain if you allow it to do so. Logic is present yet so is the feeling part. That is when one can pull it together and see with new perception and new ways of thinking. The Gemini New Moon is about letting go of patriarchal ways and thinking and coming to a new mind process that allows us to really converse and see other’s ways of thinking with openness. This is a time when you must open to Truth and see the world with new eyes.

Since Gemini likes to talk and chat, then invite those around you to open to new ideas. How about coming together to collaborate on how to move forward in new ways in all places on the Earth? Do you ever think with your heart? Or have you found that you trust that part of you so little that you totally go with the rational mind. How sad. Make an intention as you read this to begin trusting the heart as your guide and you will see that it changes your whole story. Isn’t the story what the mind tells us? You get wrapped up in the story of the rational mind and make all kinds of excuses so that nothing ever happens. Do the heart dance and watch your life shift to a new paradigm.

The Grand Cross has faded a bit after the Full Moon in Scorpio in mid-May. It will show up again down the road. At present it is telling us to use the energy of the New Moon in Gemini to come up with ways to perceive differently using the energy of the New Moon to get your intentions out there in a social way. With Mercury slowing down it gives you time to recreate, regroup, regenerate your thinking and feelings. Your heart is saying to listen to it. And once you trust it then your mind will help to take what the heart tells you and help focus on the solutions.

Mars is trine the New Moon in Gemini and also there is a Grand Trine (very favorable) of Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces. This is a water trine which helps us manifest a Soul healing and also to help others to heal. It is good for creating, intimacy, and intuition. Allow it.

One more aspect is Venus at 29 deg. Aries is sextile (good) to Mercury in Gemini at 29 deg. They are both in the critical degree which makes for a completion of something. This also encourages gentle communication and lightness. Good time to write, make speeches or just sit and solve the puzzles of your life or the ones for fun.

Those who have planets from 5 degrees either side of the New Moon at 7 degrees will be more intensely affected especially planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. It trines my Neptune and is conjunct my North Node. New direction may be in sight with some dreams awakening.

May your blessings be many! Have a dreamy, joyful couple of weeks. Thank you for your support. Until again. Love, Jan

Tune into Blogtalkradio/unseen world on Friday June 6 at 11pm for my next show.

NEW MOON in GEMINI, JUNE 8, 2013 -Talk is Cheap without Feelings

Hello everyone. Hope you are celebrating all the good things in your life today. Life has been speeding by and the NEW MOON in BEMINI is upon us. It arrives on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 11:56am EDT at 18 degrees. What ideas do you have that you can turn into reality? This is a time of a sharp and focused mind. Can you make it happen? As we allow the New Moon energy to unfold remember that there are clouds of debris that still are scattered around you and within you from the past and since the eclipse cycle is still prominent from the last 6 weeks, I ask you to let go. Before I continue with the New Moon, I have to tell you that last night I was a guest on “Unseen World” which is found on Blogtalk Radio. It was a grand experience to talk about how the eclipses are affecting all of us. Linda, the host and Jean, the co-host were such a joy and I am so grateful for their love and support.

The NEW MOON in Gemini is about connections and in the astrological chart represents the 3rd house. It is how you communicate and connect with others. It is about learning and Gemini is about siblings. TALK and more TALK is what is going on here.

New Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter brings to you lots of ideas and ways to move them up a level to become a reality It is time to focus on the prime purpose of the idea in order to do so. On the other hand some of you may be experiencing some belligerence because Mercury (ruler of Gemini) which is in Cancer right now is in a T-square (90 degrees) with Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn). This T-square has a deep effect on those whose birthdays are December 28-January 7; March 27-April 7; and June 30-July 8. But helping out this ongoing T-square is the trine (this is where you help each other) between Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Let’s keep the Light shining upon that trine energy instead of being pulled into the T-square. And if a tug of war of words finds a way into your life, refuse to enter into battle. It is trying to change something and it will if you watch it and allow it to make changes. Otherwise it can create chaos and change comes in ways that are unpredictable.

And life is unpredictable enough lately with tornados sweeping through the Midwest and earthquakes occurring on a regular basis in many places around the world. Do you feel good about the drones flying through your neighborhood, if not, they will be soon enough, or the GMOs in your food in the USA or the upcoming healthcare craziness? Is your life on TILT??? I believe the world is about to be! And the economy…that would be a discussion for a long time. Just pay attention because there is a big illusion out there and some are still walking in that deceptive world. The Pluto square Uranus will continue to have an effect upon many things into next year.

Communication is big at this NEW MOON in Gemini and it is the mirror in your life. Gemini represents the male/female aspects of yourself and how you are thinking at this time. You have the facts but how do you go beyond this in your thought processes? Feelings must be brought to the thinking within. That is what the eclipse was trying to tell you. Can you do that? Once the feeling comes and you go beyond the thought you can then understand. Right? NEW MOON is trine the asteroid Juno who rules committed relationships. There should be a flow of good communication between your partners and lovers. Many energies have come into play at this New Moon which bring about new ways of thinking about your relationships. Have you noticed how some of you have transcended the hive mind and aren’t pulled into the illusion anymore? And then there are those who choose to ignore the truth.

Mars in Gemini is usually energetic but he seems to be squashed in by the inconjunct to Saturn in Scorpio. Mars is scattering energy left and right and just is not himself. What a drag it is! This is right on my North Node telling me to pull it together already. Yeah right…how could I when I think I have something done, another thing comes along and keeps piling up. Oh my. Mars is unhappy. I want to go full speed on my path and old Saturn is saying adjust these things first. UGH!

The next couple days are quite romantic for those who have the opportunity to cuddle! Venus in Cancer is bringing you an idealistic and realistic flavor to relationships. Some of you feel a need to put down roots with the magical effect taking place now. You are seeing the best in people but you need to watch for impulsive moves. And some of you may ask how to keep the flame burning when there is vague or little communication.

The New Moon in Gemini also is in difficult aspect to Chiron. Oh no, those words can wound. Be careful now with how you express yourself because you will be writing notes of apology down the road. And with Uranus a sharp retort can land you into a messy argument. Stay cool.

The eclipse energy is still in effect. Know that the past no longer serves you. What you choose now in your life will be the deciding factor that will fill your future. Letting go is the bottomline. Those of you who resist the flow are only creating negatives in your lives. You are here to live your purpose and anything that is not connected to your depths will be gone along with the illusions. You will feel calmness this summer and you will tend to roll with the rapids. The big testing ground will appear in the Fall of this year. Group consciousness is growing. You will begin to see how your subconscious has created your life by following the behavior of the culture. There are new ways to relate now. Feelings do matter. Bring them to all actions. Please PAY ATTENTION and keep your eye on the ball otherwise you may get hit.

Remember that song from “Flash Dance” about taking your passion and making it happen. Just might want to take the passion and bring it to all those actions this time around. Have a great New Moon in Gemini and thank you for your support. May you be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in TAURUS/SOLAR ECLIPSE, May 9/10, 2013-A great big smile for those who let go, walking forward to and fro!

What a week this has been! How are you dear ones in the shadow of the eclipse? It descends upon us today with the New Moon in Taurus at 19 degrees. It takes place at 8:28pm EDT this evening May, 9/10, 2013. It begins late afternoon in Australia and moving over the Pacific. Hawaii will see it between 2:30 and 5 this afternoon. This is only partial and appears as a ring of fire. The Sun’s light is blocked out except for the ring around the edge of the moon. The major shift is ongoing and this is a gigantic trigger point for moving forward. Are you ready? My solar year began this morning. That is the time that the Sun is exactly the same place it was when I was born. What a great thing! New starts, fresh perspective and looking for the rain to go away! The intensity will be most for those born around the 16-22 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius or 6th -12th of May, August, November and February. All others will find it affecting certain parts of your life.
Many of you are out of balance at the present moment. Some people try to pull you into their unsteadiness and this creates a chaotic environment or vice versa. The New Moon in Taurus speaks to you about values and self-worth. It is also about art and beauty. Taurus is the earth itself in many ways digging into the ground and keeping the balance. Of course there can be a stubbornness that is a negative facet of the Taurus New Moon. Many of you are still resistant to any changes because you feel unworthy and fearful of not having enough money. Do you even value yourself? Do you deserve the good things that are out there waiting to manifest in your life? Watch for the dark ones to keep interfering. It is paramount that you pay attention so you aren’t blindsided.
Taurus is about seeing through the eye of the Bull and once it is open the Light (spiritual reality) can shine through it. (Bailey)
There are very few difficult aspects with the New Moon in Taurus. It is close to the South Node which means good from the past may show up or others may find themselves with a lot of negative happenings. That depends on your own chart. You will know soon if not immediately how this plays out. There are no easy trines to help us along. Mercury with Sun/Moon makes way for more clear communication.There is a stellium of planets (Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Moon in Taurus) and much frustration has been felt since the lunar eclipse full moon. What comes to mind is the Mars opposing Saturn and it continues to do so in the Eclipse/New Moon chart. What that says is that your energies may be stuck or you are just resisting as I stated previously. Are you letting your values interfere with your relationship? Meaning –do you put your own desire for money ahead of the good of the relationship? If you have grand talents and abilities it is time to use them but forget being a braggart about them. That will bring you down with this New Moon in Taurus. It is a time of using your gifts quietly. If you receive a chunk of money, watch what you do with it because it may disappear before you even think about using it for something. Frivolity! Some of you who pretend to be who you are not may find a downturn due to your lack of integrity. If you continue to walk in the material world and become a slave to it, then the mirrors will bring you distortions. The illusions will continue and the shake- up will be enormous. Why do that to yourself? You have what you need within you according to the Taurus meaning. You just have to dig for it, maybe in the grit and grime (shadows of the past), but it is there. Material forms only take you away from who you really are. Your heart has to be open. And once it is, many of your gifts and talents will emerge and your self-worth will grow. Now, some of you will think, I would like this and that. Go for it. But remember that there has to be a balance in order for it to be in your life.
Saturn in Scorpio may be affecting you in a way that you need to do some emotional healing on past wounds (this keeps coming up, doesn’t it?), old patterns and release the self-worth issues along with any self-confidence issues. How many of you have felt rejected in the past or continue to feel this way? This is something that can be healed now. Perhaps you really would have liked something and you just never asked because you were fearful of rejection. Wow! Next time, ask and it may be given to you. This was more intense with the lunar eclipse/Full Moon but is still hanging around. So get unstuck by using dancing, running, even drumming to help release this pent up energy. Or just go sit by a lake or stream or the ocean for that matter. Any physical activity will be helpful. Get rid of it now so you can begin to use the NEW MOON in TAURUS/Eclipse energy to set the path for the next 19 years. Yes, I said 19. What was going on in your life 19 years ago? That is something to keep in mind as this energy comes into effect. It may give you an idea as to where to take this energy once it arrives. Not that I say go back; just remember how you felt and what you put into action. That is what you will choose to do with this NEW MOON/Eclipse- plan for something new. Decide what you would like to manifest in your life, what direction you wish to go and put it into action now. Write it up, dream it, and keep all negativity at bay.
Since the New Moon in Taurus/Eclipse is about setting intentions long-term and short-term, here are some suggestions. In order for manifestation to take place. You need to use your conscious, subconscious and superconscious (soul mind) together. You are one with the Divine. From “Soul Psychology” comes a couple of thoughts. First of all you need to be detached from your prayer (intention) or manifestation yet. If you are attached, you will repel it. It is truly about letting go and letting God. As I have said many times, you need to stop trying to interfere with the intention. Once you let it go, that’s it. Out of your hands and it will come to you if you allow it to do so. A majority of you will continue to bring in negative thinking and that totally banishes it. If you intend something and then you begin to think about it again and throw in the ego, the harsh words or any other negative connotation to your intention, it vanishes. DONE. GONE. C’mon dear ones, this is so easy if you stay in balance. You know the ego loves to play its games and not allow anything new in your realm. Keep it in line. And there are times when your intention just doesn’t show up because it is not in the Divine Plan. Move on to something else and be grateful you have another kind of opportunity. Pray from the soul not the ego personality. Think about how magnificent your life is.
Thank you all for your support. Keep your balance no matter what wake up calls, shake ups that appear. Be authentic in your walk of life. This NEW MOON in Taurus/Eclipse can go either way. Sending you much love and many blessings. Have faith dear ones. Until again. Love, Jan

Transforming the Past through the North and South Nodes

It is such a clear day today in my part of the world and not a chemtrail in sight. You all know what they are, don’t you? Those lines that spread out in the sky and take away the clarity that you need to awaken. They are there to keep you from feeling as good as you can feel. They exist to assist in the depopulation of this planet. Ok, stay in the box. It is ok. Are they trying to emulate the same kind of weather day it was 11 years ago? Life has come a long way since September 11, 2001. Much grief has been spent on the lives lost. Is it time to move on? It is amazing how bombarded you are with mainstream media and their ability to manipulate, maneuver and tell stories. Prove to me there is an al-Qaeda group since they supposedly flew the planes and the buildings collapsed because that is what would happen when planes fly into buildings. Are you living in the real world? That was the turning point for the terrorist syndrome. Who can the world blame this month? That brings me to my question of the day?

What keeps you living in a box? Because if you believe everything the media tells you, your company tells you, your parents tell you (or told you) and even your neighbors, you live in a box. Tell me is it about fear of leaping? Is it because you have no inspiration? What is that you find so intriguing about living in virtual reality? Where is your motivation? You are going to find yourself with walls closing in tighter as the year ends and into next year. Saturn goes into Scorpio in October and that changes the dynamics. Look, I have to be real and you do too because things are going to amp up before there is any kind of balance. How will you deal with that? What if there is another false flag? How many more wars can those in charge create? It is all about money and power. And it has nothing to do with having a good life except for those in power. There is no end of the world coming so I guess you will have to face the facts that are presented to you. Are you in denial of the truth? The energy that you have encountered in the past eighteen months has been about truth. Did you find yours? Did you hear someone else’s? It was about higher levels of consciousness. Did you raise your vibration so you can leap right out of that box? I know many that have; some of you are gripping onto the past. Now you will see how much in the box you really are when the material world is affected. It will be so noticeable how greedy people are and how in the box they live with the entertainment, the must have toys, the video games, or just plain you have to have it possessions. Problem is, the chickens come home to roost and it may be unavailable or else it pulls you into a really deep hole under your boxed in world. Taurus South node is all about those material possessions, money and got to have stuff. But the money wants your attention. The more the better; the more luxurious is desired.

And then you see the Scorpio North Node which has just begun on August 29 as I mentioned in my previous post. Scorpio is all about healing, metaphysical, spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. Wow, really? Yes, it is truly about transforming yourself. You have to dig deep with Scorpio and if you don’t, it will create problems in any of those parts which are up to heal and you then have to face the reality of the situation. This is a time to release the past, to stop playing the games, to get rid of old beliefs and patterns. This is a serious time, dear ones. I doubt you will be stuck in a box unless you live in a place that is unaffected, like the graveyard. Ouch.  That box is expanding and maybe just maybe you can find yourself looking at things in a new way and actually living in the real world. Many have created these boxes for protection from knowing what is real. Life is scary to many of you because you listen to the junk that is broadcast daily conditioning you to fear and doomsday attitudes. Get real already. You are so fearful from the brainwashing of media babble that you believe your life is so on track. If it is, why are you so unhappy? It is time to walk your talk and stop pandering to others who have no interest in you or what you do.

It is time to take that Taurus South node and raise it up to the Scorpio North node. Use the Taurus practicality, the strong self-worth, grounding and money sense and channel to the North node path of Scorpio in order to reexamine what needs to be broken up and transformed in your life in order to release any rigidity surrounding your beliefs and old thought patterns which can bring you stress in an emotional or psychological way. Your fear of change which is that Taurus south node is going to become overwhelming if you continue on that track. You have to examine what the power is about so you do not get pulled into any of the power games. As the North Node entered Scorpio it was 29 degrees and on the 12th and 13th of September 2012 asteroids Eros and Juno are conjunct the North node. This is all related to love, eroticism, connecting on the soul level, committed relationships, sexuality, repulsion and attraction. There are energy exchanges which will take place over the next 30 months with some being successful, some not. And please watch who you have any money dealings with because if it is off track you can be hit very hard. Pay attention. Wherever the Taurus South node falls in your chart in the next 18 months will be the area that needs BIG CHANGE. And believe me it will change. Woo hoo!!! I cannot wait.

Everyone has nodes of the moon in their charts. There are always 2 opposite each other, 12 total pairs in all. They are Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius, and Virgo-Pisces. And then the reverse is – Libra-Aries etc. I have Gemini north node and Sagittarius south node which tells me to use the positive aspects of the truth base and sensitivity of Sagittarius south node to help me get to the broader perspectives of the Gemini north node. Bottomline is I had to learn how to listen to others and boy has that been the story of my life. Obviously, my rants got me nowhere and now I feel that my heart is always open to those who need to talk. Whew. New ideas come to me through conversations with others, many foreigners (Sagittarius ruled) and I don’t have to force any hollow beliefs down anyone’s throat. My true purpose is about communicating and boy it ruffles my feathers when there is none.

It is going to be a wild ride filled with all sorts of openings and closings. Be ready for breakthroughs and also for hard whacks if necessary. Oh, go ahead laugh a little already. Be well and stay in the moment. Thank you for reading. Look for the NEW MOON post by 9/15. Many blessings, dear ones, Until again. Love, Jan

Mars in Scorpio-Managing Power in August 2012 and Saturn in Scorpio October 2012-In the Deep Well

Oh ho, here we go, traveling along to and fro and whoa, here comes a new adventure to stir up your deeply intense emotions and just maybe put you back on track again. Where have you found yourself lately? Hopefully you have been recreating your most precious relationships while Saturn is still in the diplomatic and peaceful sign of Libra. My dear ones, come October 5, 2012 Saturn is going to go into Scorpio (will it sting or will you fly?) and that is deeper than you can imagine. Think back to 1983-1985 when Saturn was in Scorpio also. What was going on in your life? How did you feel? Pretty intense feelings were up for grabs and you may have been on a sexual high.

Saturn going into Scorpio makes us look at things that need to be addressed. Some may think Saturn as a taskmaster which I think is an accurate description. This timeframe until late 2014 will activate some of your old beliefs so that you can release the parts that no longer fit. Scorpio is about passion, intense transformation and power among other things. With Saturn involved opens it up to more structure, How about asking what are your belief systems doing for you? Do they undermine your life when you could be thriving? Do they give you faith so that you can move forward on your path? Sometimes you use the beliefs systems as a crutch and an excuse to avoid certain new ideas, new thoughts and new paths which will create Oneness. And some will say how can you say that when you are saying  “I go to church and I have faith”  and yes, that’s true. How do you act when you are not in your church or are stuck in your old belief patterns? Are you as holy as you seem to the masses or is it a pretense and sleight of hand? Take a good look, because Saturn is going to force you to ponder these things. Saturn loves the rules and the standards set. Can you face this within?

This is a time of passionate intensity in expression whether it be sexual or otherwise, it will flow. And for some it may be a bit too much and it then becomes possessive and obsessive. Let’s hope not. Managing your power is one way to express Saturn in Scorpio. How many like to delve into the depths of your psyche? Who of you have the courage to face those old beliefs and throw them out and find your own true beliefs? Now is the time to master that fear or just let it go. Well, do it.

Neptune in Pisces fine tunes everything with its creativity aspecting the Saturn in Scorpio. It goes directly to your creative core and now you can find structure for that creative urge and depth of emotion.

Mars entered Scorpio August 23, 2012. This is another sensual aspect. Wow, things are certainly getting hotter by the moment. Some of you will feel like it is confronting you. And Mars may bring upheaval in the next 6 weeks. It leaves Scorpio the day after Saturn enters. Whew. This is going to get interesting. The darkest part of your psyche emerges and now what do you do? Will you run for the hills or hide in the basement? Watch out for that rage that is boiling way down deep within. It has got to come out. You want to stay in a healthy state and suppressed rage makes for trouble. When was the last time you expressed anger? And I don’t mean some sarcastic comments or snide remarks. (That is your anger talking). So when was it? Was it at your partner, your parents, your boss, the world in general? Maybe you are one for road rage. Tell me. In my thinking, better out with the anger than suppressing it until it takes you down. Saturn in Scorpio will make it into a more constructive anger. Find the root of the anger and you can then have it be released instead of stuffing it. You know that suppressing it will just pump up your blood vessels and lead to too much chaos within. Dump the fear and resolve it. Take the anger and let it out. Too much fear keeps you from looking at the real reason you get angry. Do you find yourself having no sexual interaction which helps release some of the angry energy in a positive way. Lots of sexual energy is going to pop up in the next couple of years.

Relationships deepen with Saturn starting in October. If you hold back from doing so, they die. Poof. Gone they are. This is a time of true love, real love or you can just forget about it because it won’t be there. Scorpio is interested in the best in their partner and that is their intention. Looking for second best…it must be another time. This is the time when you can make your decisions and walk your talk. Or there is no more. Will you allow the loss to take place? Do it right or you lose! Sorry, if that is harsh…that is a Saturn in Scorpio bottomline. You can reach out and be there for many who need you. Just remember that true love comes along very infrequently and this is a time when you take a leap or be left in the dust.

Looks like it is going to get pretty intense and Mars started the parade yesterday. There is much more going on in the news and within your hearts. Look for the Full Moon post coming up for the 31st. It is a dandy. Be well and stay in the moment. Love and blessings. Until again. Jan


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