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full moon july 31 2015

Hello dear ones. What a whirlwind of activity that has enveloped me and those around me. I was looking for a quiet place to ponder the road ahead and I still am racing with many distractions and I think there is a reprieve coming. Anyway, how has the energy been in your life? Have there been issues to deal with that you prefer to ignore? Has there been any truth arising? Have you stopped to deeply breathe lately? Meditate? It is summer and do you know how many times I have sat in nature? None! And that is where the heart beats to be. I will get there soon. The see-saw has already taken effect before the Full Moon. 

Much has been going on and yet I feel as if I wish to pull myself out of the Matrix and just be. Wouldn’t that be a joy for a day or week or longer? Some of you have done that in many ways and yet the distracting energy keeps popping up to mess with the longed-for peace of mind. Do you really think that those higher ups really have your best interests at heart? Do you feel that just going to work and doing your robotic tasks is why you came to this Earth? It is time for you to be the change. Try to be the light that shines upon others in your life

As I was thinking about what this Full Moon is about I chose 3 cards from my Shustah deck and here is what they say:

  1. The Journey (Green) Moving forward on some level of consciousness (some    may be taking a trip).
  2. The lord of Contemplation (Green) This is about deep thought and attention to all factors involved before making a decision. Follow the Higher Self not the egp mind.
  3. The Harmonizing Page (Blue) Some social activity; gathering with friends and using music to diminish tension. RELAX. Be harmonious.
  4. Overall The Fishes- The formation of something new.

So what I see from the cards is this is a time of truly settling down in a peaceful place and going deep within to allow your Higher Self to direct you in doing what will be for your highest good.trip may be there for some of you as a way to get away and relax with friends as you also take time for yourself and do stay in harmony.

The FULL MOON in AQUARIUS (Sun in Leo) arrives at 6:42am EDT, 3;42am PDT and 10:42 GMT on Friday, July 31, 2015 and is at 7 degrees 55’. This isn’t the best Full Moon for finding the common ground in discussions. Oh yes, the Sun in Leo wants to be out there dancing and playing and just being on stage yet that Aquarian Moon is saying hey let’s talk about new visions, It is a time for harmonization so that connections can be maintained. How many of you out there are working through something at this time? This Full Moon is asking you to stay centered and connected to the Earth so your discernment in any choices you make whether long or short term will come from your heart. That indicates to me that you need to stay out of the place of fear and in a love place. Only then will the choice bring you exactly what you need to move forward. Also, it may take a bit more effort to find consensus with this Full Moon. It is also time for the Leos and Aquarians out there to reassess what is going on in their lives. And the rest of the signs with planets in Leo or Aquarius will be affected more intensely. 

As I have often posted here at Cosmic Leaping too many of you are still in the fear place. And that creates chaos in any kind of relationship and deters you from seeing the truth in all interactions. So, come with love, no matter what happens. That does not give anyone the go ahead to blame or find fault. That is not what brings harmony. And if I remember correctly- separation by ego is not what the Divine deems. Stephanie Austin mentioned a quote: What is worth living for and what is worth dying for? Only love is. (says Johnny Depp)

 The Aquarian Full Moon is semisextile to Neptune in Pisces. Not bad, just oh well. Best thing to do with this is find some inspirational music or in that kind of environment. It will keep you centered and will help you find what is the highest priority in your life. This is about your life not anyone else’s. You may learn something from an important situation that you have misappraised recently since Neptune is inconjunct the Sun in Leo. Have you assumed something?

And then old stuffy Saturn goes stationary direct at 28 degrees Scorpio on August 1. Saturn, who really is not difficult, just likes you to be more responsible for your actions. It wants you to endure. That is a reminder to early Sagittarius, late degrees of Taurus and Leo and any of you with planets in those signs around 28 degrees. Saturn says remember that you need to set boundaries and be realistic. If you have endured you will be now rewarded as it moves forward. Pluto is still retrograde in Capricorn and all you mid-Cancer Suns are probably pulling your hair out at this time. Also Libra and Aries planets are jumping out of your skin. Just not yourself these days, are you? Uranus is sitting in Aries around 20 degrees. Oh wow, right on my Venus/Mars midpoint. Guess what? Can I scream now? Or shall I just throw the paint on the canvas or become a whirling dervish to get out all that crazy energy. Whew!

Thank goodness Mercury is not retrograde or I will be running for the hills. Oh, yes, dear Venus is retrograde in Virgo on the Full Moon and joins our old expansive lucky Jupiter in Leo at 29 degrees on August 4. How perfect. Do you see any new possibilities in front of you?

 Aries/Aries rising- What have you been putting off that is good for you? Step into a new world.

Taurus/Taurus rising-Go deep within and find what you love and that is your new foundation.

Gemini/Gemini rising-A change of scene helps to get you out of the rut which will help you instigate changes within.

Cancer/Cancer rising-Ask yourself this: what positive steps can you take to change things for the better?

Leo/Leo rising-How can you express more of you unique self in a playful way? How do you bring out the real you?

Virgo/Virgo rising-Hand your issues over to a Higher Power and relax and enjoy life for a change.

Libra/Libra rising-It is about fun with this full moon. Oh joy you can revel in delight in the social world but too much is not good. Go within and things will fall into place.

Scorpio/Scorpio rising-Where do you want to be? If not sure, then this is time to allow the inner voice to come out and listen to what the possibilities may be.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising- If you think you can then you can. If you think you cannot. Then guess what? You cannot. Positive thoughts only! Kick those negatives to the curb.

Capricorn/Capricorn rising-Is there room for improvement financially? Look for imbalances in sexual or money areas.

Aquarius/Aquarius rising-Differences arise between you and another. Bridge the gap for unity and trust. Even if you feel vulnerable- reach out.

Pisces/Pisces rising-What needs to change so you can move forward? Let others be who they are and soon things change on their own and right themselves.

Create that new vision so that you can take a leap. Stop by on the and see what I doing over there. Not everything is up but I will have services available. Thank you for reading and your support. Comments are always welcome. Be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

CANCER FULL MOON January 9, 2012 – Water Water Everywhere… Nurture Yourself

“Water water everywhere….” That’s the FULL MOON in Cancer at 18 degrees on January 9, 2012 at 2:30am EST. Just a couple of hours from when I am writing this, it is coming to be FULL. Are you ready to nurture yourself rather than going fully after that business deal? You have to understand how important it is to be in balance at this time. Capricorn Sun is about ambition and being out there holding down that business  and expanding your career. The Cancer Moon is about you, nurturing yourself and really taking care of you. The Cancer FULL MOON is about emotional needs. Since Cancer is a water sign, remember how water finds its way through and around  anything. So, do you think you need to keep resisting or will you flow with the stream? Water has no resistance. Do you? If water hits a wall, does it stop? No it finds a different way. How about finding a new way through anything that pops up?

At a short while before the Full Moon, Mercury enters Capricorn and will be aspecting Uranus in Aries. Oh dear me. It makes for some lively discussions or plain and fancy fighting amongst your nearest and dearest. Well, that doesn’t have to happen if you put on your thinking cap before you say anything. Watch those words in the next few days. And do think before you head into that big talk. Otherwise, who knows what will be flying through the air. On the other hand, please be open and honest. And since Uranus and Pluto are still in aspect, unexpected is still in the mix. Are you up for taking a risk? You know it really isn’t one since you may have been planning something for a while now. Take a deep breath and just do it.

Take a look at what you intended back on December 24th when the New Moon took place. That was a good starting point for the New Year of 2012. I hope you aren’t cowering in the corner waiting for the world to end. You are? You still have time to hop on the bandwagon for a new start. What are you waiting for? Many of you have seen a shift in situations in your life. Some have let go completely, others are walking through the fire with others. And some of you have no idea that the high speed train is starting up.

As the Full Moon is enhancing your nurturing, Mars is in good aspect to the Full Moon which is a good thing. It will help you keep things moving and also someone may come into your life to give you some help. Any of you who have planets at 16-22 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will be affected more intensely. I have my Moon in Capricorn within a degree or less of the opposing Full Moon. So it looks like I have to take a look at what my true values are and what I need to make me feel secure. Intimacy and control issues may come to the fore with others. <sigh> And there is a square to my Mars. Oh great, let me hide away, so I don’t say anything I wish I didn’t.

All of you especially Cancer types will need to be especially careful of your feeling very vulnerable. Step back and treat yourself with kindness. You are being pulled by very deep emotions which are surfacing. If you need help, ask for it but watch for those darn strings that may come along with it. This is a time to ask yourself what you choose to see in yourself and those around you. It is a time of intention. How many are feeling really sensitive and if you are frustrated in a relationship, take a closer look. Are you preventing it from blossoming? Are you taking everything personally? What adjustments have to be made? Reach out and figure out how to become closer.

 This is a time that may stir up deep level emotions and for once you can resolve any issues in relationships. Fantastic. It is time to give up that fear. Oh, here I go again with fear talk. Seriously, give it up. What does it do for you? We all have it yet many have decided to give it up and walk into a more loving place of sharing and loving. Go within and take a look before it grabs hold of you one day and makes you dig within. With that fear hanging around, there is no way love can enter your life. Some of you will say, not true. Ok, it matters not. Fear is a major problem and the more you let it rule your life, the harder it becomes to have the joy and love you deserve. Or don’t you feel you deserve it and hang on to that negative feeling? I just have had enough talking about fear. Maybe we need a Fear 101 class. Just address it already. What a relief it will be!

Well, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks and I am grateful for all of you staying on track. And if you have been detoured, have you recognized it? I don’t know where 2012 is going to take us all. I do know one thing that the world is going to be here for next year. Right now let me tell you what the Shustah cards said about this FULL MOON in Cancer. Whatever is hidden (Scorpio) will bring about a shift in circumstances to be ready for transmuting. You ponder it.

My mind is a blank so I am going to bid adieu for now. There is information in my about page regarding modalities that I do and if you ever need to talk about anything just leave a comment and I will be back to you privately. I do have intuitive counseling sessions (phone or email). Thank you for all your support. I am grateful for those who read this blog. Sending blessings for wonderful times. Until again, Love, Jan

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