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AUTUMNAL EQUINOX, September 22, 2012- Choosing Love

Here we go again, dear ones. What a week of upheaval. Of course some of you may not even notice that the energy truly is more intense because your heads are still in the sand. Then  again others are facing challenges which bring you to a new place in your lives. Let the wind blow and hold onto the mainsail so that you allow the waves to take you past the shoals which may interfere in your timely passage. The Autumnal Equinox has just occurred in the dNorthern Hemisphere and Spring is upon you in the Southern. It is a day of equal time =12 hours =darkness and = 12 hours= of light. Balance is upon us as the Equinox arrived today, September 22, 2012 at 10:49am EDT . What was going on with you as it came to you? The Sun has entered the sign of  Libra and brings you harmony, diplomatic interactions, energetic feelings and social time.

This Autumnal Equinox gives you the opportunity to look at your life and see what really needs pruning and then it will eventually regenerate into a new beginning. You planted seeds in the spring in order for them to come to fruition. Whatever is left at this time will expand as the energy continues to amp up and that which doesn’t work will begin to prod you to let it go. Since silent winter is around the corner you will begin to see that life is on the verge of changing if you allow it to do so, Now, there are many of you in this world who choose to stay in the fear mode and refuse to see the opening to move through and take the leap.  Keep in mind that the equinox today is more powerful than most. Pay attention to the energy and do stay in the moment. 

The Sun in Libra is about relationships and loving others. That is why the equinox is a perfect time to go deep within and whatever you harbor that keeps you in past-outworn beliefs, old thought patterns, fear, guilt- it is time to let it go. This is a time of love and without love there is no peace. Those hidden emotions that continue to trip you up and keep you from flowing on the sea of harmony need to vanish. And if you continue to hold on, the new energy will be more challenging to you. Do you choose the challenge? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is what is needed here. Nothing else works as you face each day. Find that love within and share it with your partner and with others who are important in your life.

This week has been filled with changes. Did you get caught up in whatever happened or did you let it flow over you?  Pluto has been exactly square Uranus this week and that is the 2nd of 7 times these 2 planets are in square aspect through the next couple of years. It is a time of revolutionary change and a clash between old and new. With Jupiter on the South node it is a time also of connecting to the Divine directly instead of through the structure of the Church. As the year goes on the energy intensifies and there can be some divisiveness at first on the global scale. Since the square is a challenge you may feel frustration as you walk along as things are transforming. Take a deep breath please.

This time of the year is good for reviewing how happy you are. And how many of you pretend to be happy when your frustration interferes. Allow that happy place to appear in a genuine way. Look at your job/career, your romance/relationship, your friendships, your family and your spirituality. Which one is out of balance that it is creating discord and unhappiness? Joy leaves when any of these are out of sync.

Listen to your inner guidance so that your ego stays to the side. And remember some things come only in Divine Timing no matter how much we push and prod and decide it is your decision. Wait. It shows up and once you get out of your ego mind and follow your heart, life will definitely shift for the better. 

May your life be blessed. The Full Moon in Aries shows up later week on the 29th. Get ready to really discard what doesn’t work. It gets really intense. Have a beautiful week and find that love within to share with those who are important to you. Thank you for reading. Until again. Love, Jan







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