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FULL MOON in LIBRA, April 15, 2014 – WIll you reignite the loving balance or will it flow away?

The FULL MOON in LIBRA is upon us. As it comes into our realm in the middle of the night on the East Coast of the US, I find myself bogged down with last minute tax clients. Oi vey! They come out of the woodwork. So instead of playing and meditating tonight before the Full Moon descends I will be taxing and thinking too hard. Yes, you might say I have become a renaissance woman carried over from the 20th century. I can hang a shingle out and say choose something, I can do it. No joke.

Too much chaos is taking place right now on an unseen level. The PTB are running scared. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. The Government is taking what it can get from you and me as they continue to do so for the last umpteen years. Congress gets whatever they want from all the special interest groups. Nothing new! The Malaysian 370 flight disappearance is a spinning top. Do you really think it is at the bottom of the ocean? The stability of the financial markets is like walking across the Grand Canyon on a thin wire. Stable? It goes up and down like a see-saw. CHANGES are coming and they are BIG. Now, you can be in your sleep state and ignore the factors or you can ride In balance. Many will continue in the deep sleep because the change is too much to handle. Those who slumber may just be sleeping too deeply that they see nothing but what they choose to see. Many of you have truly awakened to the truth. It may be a bit shaky at first when it pops out at you, but it is real and you need to recognize that life is changing especially with relationships.

The FULL MOON in LIBRA Lunar Eclipse arrives on April 15 2014 at 3:42am EDT, 12:42PDT and 8:42 am GMT at 25 deg.16’. The Full Moon is about opposing Sun and Moon and this time since it is in Libra it adds a balance to the energy. Sharing things and reaching out in a caring way with love in your heart may keep you in a stable mode. This Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is leading up to the Grand Cross in the second half of April 2014. It is in the cardinal planets with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Times are definitely changing. Mars has no love for this square at all. Mars is energetic and wishes to get along. This time round he may be pulled into the chaos and will be unhappy. Lunar Eclipse FULL MOON in Libra likes peace and flowing relationships. Don’t count on it unless you allow the universal love planets of Venus in Pisces trine (good) Jupiter in Cancer to carry you as the world shakes around you. Since the Ring of Fire is active (of course they say none of the quakes are related) Mother Earth may be rumbling a bit in the next few weeks.
The Full Moon in Libra is asking you if you are truly being the real you or are you being how others wish you to be. Are you one of those who gives and gives a bit more and you have no boundaries? Can you say NO when need be? Since Libra is about relationships it gives you the opportunity to recognize how you act with others and whether you are walking in balance with your family, friends and romantic relationships.

This Full Moon is a mirror to the one that occurred on October 18, 2013. Have you gotten a new perspective as the months went by? What happened in the last 6 months that is guiding you to look at what you are doing now that may be in need of rearrangement or starting fresh again? How about new intentions regarding situations that may have arisen in your life regarding relationships? When this energy occurs you may choose to reassess what it is that is holding you back when it comes down to true relating. No one can force you to do anything but I imagine many of you have been holding onto a past thread of someone or something and you have an opportunity to let it go or rearrange it. Whatever happens is truly for the better. Change does bring truth to the surface. It is time to do this. Don’t you think so? Watch for some triangles in relationships which may stir up the works.

This influence has been building for the past months and will shift something within you wherever it falls in your chart. This is a time when astrological influences are to the forefront although there are many of you who still think it is hogwash. Ok with me for you to think this way. The rearranging will take place in a sweet kind of way for those of you who are open to it. Venus, ruler of Libra, is in a heavenly place in Pisces and conjunct Neptune. This will help soften any interactions and help with the change which takes place whether you weathered the storm and are now starting anew or you are breaking up. It still is for the best whatever happens. Since Venus is almost near Chiron (the wounded healer) you may find some core wounds surfacing and now you really take charge and clear and heal yourself. The energy is right for this to occur. Of course, that is up to you to acknowledge. There is a destined feeling about this Full Moon in Libra due to the fact that it is near the North Node (new direction) in Libra.

Those who struggle with change will find this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra a trigger to open up the inner world and get yourself on track. Others who have had the awakening through many struggles in the past few months will find a kinder way to travel on your path. The most intense energy will be felt by those who have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) and ascendant/descendant and MH/nadir in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn from 20-28 degrees. In my own chart I have the Sun conjunct my Mars and Moon opposite within a few degrees. I have to watch I am not over the top with my energy and get into a fighting spirit. That hasn’t happened for a long time. For the Grand Cross I have favorable influences from Pluto and Jupiter and Mars and Uranus. Yippee.

Remember that the days between April 20 and 23 are most intense and critical. Pay attention and get your head out of the programming. April 22 is power in the making with the Grand Cross taking place. This is major astrological event. There is a grand trine on April 21 with Jupiter/Saturn and Venus. It will be interesting If you want to keep track and let me know how you weathered the influences. By the way, Pluto is stationary retrograde today and it will help you clean out the corners of your mind and release the outworn patterns and communication patterns for the next months until it goes direct again on September 23 2014.

Thank you all for you and your support. Stay in the moment always. Until again. Love, Jan

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FULL MOON in LIBRA, March 27, 2013- Seeking balance, finding chaos-Now what?

Have you gotten enveloped in the madness? For many in this month of March there is a coming together of many who cheer on their teams to victorious moments and anguish over their losses. There is a Cinderella story going on in the NCAA basketball world. In fact there may be 2 stories of Cinderella. By the end of the weekend it will be known who amongst those Cinderella teams advance. I usually do not bring up mainstream TV but this is a must for anyone to watch and be inspired fully, totally and completely. If you get an opportunity and you can find it in your listings, please watch 30/30- Survive and Advance, a film by ESPN regarding the 1983 NCAA National Championship game with the North Carolina State team winning it all and their coach Jim Valvano inspiring them beyond the beyond. The joy was incredible. If all of you could be so in the moment and intending your dreams…you can achieve anything if you truly believe it. Now here comes the Full Moon in Libra. You can be inspired, but you probably will find a reason not to be unless you take a leap of faith.

The Spring Equinox took place on Wednesday, March 20, 2013. What primaveral longings did you have? It is a time to set your yearly intentions. It is still time enough to do it. What do you choose to create and have it happen next year at this time? Think about it and send it out there into the higher realms and do act upon your intention so that it may manifest a year from now. Look for signs in your life that will help you make that leap to a new start. Life is about action which has nothing and now is the time to begin the action. Let go of the passivity unless you find yourself in a rejuvenation stage. As you regroup, for those who are, please know the intention can still be put out there.

This Full Moon in Libra is on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 6 deg 52’ Libra at 5:28 EDT. This is in alignment with the T-square of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries which is conjunct the Sun. Libra is a sign of cooperation on harmony and balance. Aries likes the freedom and independence mode along with being self-assertive. It is time for higher awareness. But you must allow it. To backtrack a moment – Were your dreams flowing through brightly since the New Moon? Have your illusions begun to disappear? I bet many of you have been lazing along, haven’t you? If you took it a step up then you may have experienced a higher kind of love and togetherness. Anyone out there do that? How many of you are still creating separation? Did you allow the boundaries to expand instead of closing the door on something real? These are things to think about before this Full Moon comes blasting through your door. And believe me for some of you it will create a storm with lightning bolts.

Changes are evident with this Full Moon in Libra. This is an atypical Libra Moon because there are so many planets in Aries which are far from harmonious at times and like to stir things to action. What is going to blow up in your life to make you pay attention to the reality around you? This will come from the T-square mentioned above. Cancer individuals with planets in 2 degrees-10 degrees will be affected most intensely. This comes right at you since any Cancer planets are opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus and the Moon. Other signs most affected are Capricorn, Aries and Libra. This Full Moon is about taking a stand without picking a fight. Who among you can do this? Are you ready to free yourself from the imbalances and limitations? It is now time to take that big leap for some of you. Others may make plans and watch for the newly created signs which will help them move forward. Most of all, you need to pay attention. I know I say this frequently but it is so important. There may be some vivid dreams around this time. What are they telling you?

The Aries Sun which is opposite the Libra Moon starts the blaze which came from the lightning bolt. Balance is so important as this whole scenario opens up. If the risk is needed, take it. And for those who are feeling alone, others are on the path too! Look around and you will see them. There is a cooperative influence although it may feel otherwise. The Yod that still hangs around, seemingly for months, makes everything a bit more complex than you normally like yet the road is open if you choose to see this. Make your way through the maze of images that may perplex your thinking.
There is nurturing to be had but you have to give as well as receive. Sometimes it returns to you in ways that are less obvious. Push no one at this time. Many say this Full Moon in Libra is lovely and sweet and flowing. It may flow right into a fiery whirlwind. This is a very volatile time and the ducks are being blasted off the pond. There is no gentleness with this Full Moon even though Libra would like that.

These next couple of weeks will be far from mundane and boring. Hold onto your hats because whatever comes to you may knock that hat right off your head. It may be really chaotic. Craziness reigns because so many things are happening. Stay in the moment. Take a look at your life and get rid of things that no longer matter or at least are no longer working. This may help balance it all out. And who of you needs to take legal action? It may be worth it in the long run. After the next 2 weeks things should settle down again.

For those who celebrate Easter and Passover may you find peace and joy within your hearts. To everyone have a blessed new beginning as the Light shines brightly upon you. Even though there is madness and chaos in the air remember what Rob Brezsny said in a Pronoia post—“Pressure makes you fresher”. Be still. Until again. Love, Jan

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