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FULL MOON in CAPRICORN, July 12, 2014:The Cardinal Cross is back-will you respond or react?

Where are you today? Are you in a faraway land watching the World Cup or in your backyard watering all of your beautiful plants? Is your summer flowing along or are you finding yourself bogged down due to too many responsibilities? Have you noticed the storms that have been rolling through various parts of the US? How is it in your part of the world? What about the sound that many people are hearing throughout the US? Is it happening anywhere else? Let me know. What do you think it is? Lots of questions and not enough answers! So, who of you is ready to commit and take charge of your life? That’s the important question regarding the FULL MOON in Capricorn.

The FULL MOON in CAPRICORN occurs on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 7:25am EDT, 4:25am PDT and 11:25 GMT in 20 degrees. It is a patriarchal energy which resides in the Capricorn sign and you will see the breakthrough of the Feminine energy which comes from a rebalancing of the Ceres Mother as Ceres is conjunct Vesta asteroid. Vesta heals through sacred sexuality. Ceres is conjunct Mars in Libra along with the North Node leading the way. This Full Moon in Capricorn is opposing Jupiter in Cancer in the last degree of the sign. Jupiter is saying to you that whatever you are holding onto must be released. You know all those things Daddy and Mommy taught you to believe and had nothing to do with you…those things. Are you suppressing anything from your childhood or just a few years past? If so, it is time to let the fear of it all go. Seriously, it will take over your life and continue to grind away at you until you do. Now, that can become quite uncomfortable. Just let it go.And don’t forget old Pluto is still widely conjunct the Full Moon. Are you feeling overwhelmed?

This Capricorn Full Moon is a time to rebuild those things such as your body and skeletal system. Capricorn rules bones. And it rules authority principles. How do you balance this in your life? Isn’t the skeleton about balance? There is a Cardinal Grand Cross again involved with the Full Moon energy. The Libra North Node/Aries South Node is square the Sun in Cancer/ Moon in Capricorn. IF you are looking for intensity, you can really feel it now. Also as mentioned earlier Mars is also square (conflict) the Full Moon along with Vesta and Ceres. Super Moon energy it is. If you aren’t moving forward it feels tough.

This is a highly emotional and combustible FULL MOON since it has only one main aspect with Mars (square). What kind of project or theme is going on in your life that you can use this intense energy? It has to be released in some way or you may find yourself quite angry or disgruntled. I already am feeling it today because it is square my Mars also. There is also an aspect to Persephone (asteroid) nodes which helps you to be more authentic. Lots of family stuff is going on too with this FULL MOON? With which family will you prefer to go forward -your biological or your spiritual family? Many of you are fearful of venturing out of your locality to find your true connections. Maybe it is time to find a way to walk the path of the warrior and forge ahead.

And besides the Full Moon there is a Moon Wobble. This happens when the Full Moon is square (conflict) the North/South Nodes of the moon. Extreme sensitivity and overreaction may occur in some of you until July 22. If you love your career/job or how you earn your money then things will definitely be flowing for you. If not, find a way to change it. No fear about it…just move through it and find that By the way, since this is such an intense FULL MOON watch your decision-making at this time and in the next couple of weeks. I am very serious about this because you can find yourself being confused and rattled and doing or saying something that is way out of kilter and brings on lots of distress. Where will you reclaim your authority, deal with commitments, and face your fears with this Full Moon? Can you balance your career and family? How will you integrate your inner and outer self?

Do you have any idea where it is in your chart? That’s your answer. Go to and you can enter your information or write me in the comments and I will let you know where it is in your chart if you give me the information. In my chart it is in the 8th house where it may trigger shaky emotions, looking at investments, dark night of the soul (not again), and lots of changes within. HELP! Just joking! Been there, done it. Guess there is more to deal with. And since Pluto entered my 8th house it has been an interesting ride. What about you?

Some examples of the Full Moon in the houses are as follows: 7th house-Either a partnership test or a truly special connection, 1st house-can you succeed as a leader? and 5th house- creative project has a deadline or maybe you pour your heart out to someone you love. Those are just some examples of the Full Moon placement in a chart. Those who have birthdays in Cancer from July 7-15; Capricorn from January 7-14; Aries from April 7-15 and Libra from October 7-14 will be most intensely affected.

Jupiter enters Leo on July 16 and what a joy that will be in Leo until next August 11, 2015. With it present in Leo for over a year it will be a time of joy, creativity and optimism. How will you use those things to bring your heart’s desire to you? Whatever resonates within you as truth is what you are to trust in the next months. Trusting your own self is important. That is the mantra of this energy. And please keep your ego in check. Can you do that? Leo is about acting with compassion and courage. Those of you who have planets in Leo along with the Sun or Ascendant will find this time filled with transformation. The last time Jupiter was in Leo was from August 2002-July 2003. So think back how your life was back then. What rewards came from that time? How far did you leap?

And to top it all off Mercury goes back into Cancer on the day after the Full Moon in Capricorn. This is saying that if you cleared out any clutter and baggage from the family dynamics and let go of other things which no longer serve you on a higher level, then full speed ahead. Communication will go smoother and there will be more flow in life. How exciting!

Many blessings to you all! May the FULL MOON bring you many insights after you clear away the debris of the past few weeks. It is a perfect time to write down anything you need to release and burn the paper in a safe container. Listen tonight to BlogTalkRadio/Unseen-World at 11pm where I will talk about this Full Moon and you can call and ask questions. Thank you. Until again. Love, Jan

FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN, JUNE 23, 2013- Supporting Your Vision with Love

Hello dear ones. The summer solstice has just came over the horizon and the FULL MOON in Capricorn is also ready to come through the mountain pass. What have you been enmeshed in since the last New Moon? Did you find a new way to wend through the brambles that may keep you hooked on the past? Did you open your heart to finding a clear path that feels so right to your higher self? Here we go again and many are still fighting within those deep mired beliefs and habits which strike from all angles at the most unexpected hours.

There have been truly amazing shifts in energy going on and some challenges that may be affecting you. Yes, I know it can feel like a treacherous mountain road with no movement to be had. And this may be ongoing every minute of every day for some of you. The T-Square of Pluto to Uranus continues to affect us as we go through each cycle until it is exact again in the eclipse time in November and then again in the Spring of 2014. It hits again in 2015. It came out to play in my life. Out of nowhere it struck hard and I felt so ready to bolt to the far ends of the galaxy. Really! It was rough for just a day because everything that could come up and push my buttons appeared. EEK!. I was looking at everything through my emotions instead of looking at it with a balanced perspective. My ability to communicate went bonkers and I realized within about less than 90 minutes that I gave in to this energy. Since it was Uranus involved, the unexpected quality of the energy arrived.

It is time, definitely now, to let go dear ones and find the inner peace and truly walk through the deepest wounds (it’s only a dream anyway) and get ready for some magical new beginnings by climbing the steep mountain path to the pinnacle. Whatever needs clearing from your life will take place as you reach within to your heart. So, two things are occurring…starting again in a new direction or letting what is no longer bringing joy to be bid adieu.
The FULL MOON in CAPRICORN is at 2 degrees on June 23, 2013 at 7:32 am EDT. Venus is right with it. This tells us that many of you may be thinking about moving on to new ventures instead of the same old job or career. It will bring some of you the true path which has been elusive. Your self-worth will be enhanced at this FULL MOON. It is not too often that you experience the energy of this kind of SUPER MOON. Cancer Sun is about family and relationships. Capricorn Moon is about structure in your life. The intimacy you share within a close relationship is part of the spotlight. This is a time of sharing within your realm and reaching out to others in love. LOVE is all there is now. Have you been reaching out to those you love? The balance is necessary with this Capricorn Full Moon in partnerships. Full Moons are always about relating. How have you been relating? Or not?

Once the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn exactly a few hour after the FULL MOON, the unexpected may show up and it can be dealt with in a different way other than the previous due to Mars sextile to Uranus (supportive). Since the trine (easygoing) is still active between the Sun in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio, it is truly a time to follow your heart. Not just talking about it but actually walking that talk. This grand trine offers creative ways to solve your issues that are brought up by the T-Square. The Sun in Cancer helps you be sensitive to your own feelings and those of others in bringing about the harmonious conclusion to any problems that may appear. And remember many issues are your own that are being reflected to you by others. No blame here is necessary. Sun in Cancer is about memories and ancestry and the distant past including our childhood. Any patterns that may still hang around from your life back when comes into focus now. This Super Moon happening only a couple days after the Solstice is asking you to look at how secure and strong you feel. It is about inner strength, dear ones.

FULL MOON has many of feeling motivated ready to go out and achieve that dream and take that leap. But there of some who may just choose to rejuvenate and pull back due to the overwhelming feeling of having too many irons in the fire. You balance your inner needs now with your actions. Your self-discipline is at the forefront. Are you avoiding looking at your feelings and trying to escape that part of your climb to the top? Stop doing that, please. Do you know that depression can occur when you don’t heed your feelings and you fail to address what is important to you? This FULL MOON in CAPRICORN is about owning your power and to be flexible. Be the mountain goat and stop letting those mountain rocks get in your way. Those who have any planets around 2 degrees especially Cancer and Capricorn; Aries and Libra will be most affected.

Venus in Cancer helps to soften anything that may occur. Mercury and Venus are now together in the sign Cancer hugging and helping you tune into your inner self. This weekend is a grand time for a party and showing love in your most important relationships. It is sweet and kind. Embrace the energy and you will see how beautiful things shift due to the harmonious effects of this combination. But know that the chaos can always pop in if you are out of focus and forget to be bring awareness to the mix. Of course, there is also Pluto can bring transformation when it is poking and prodding you to change your approach and rid yourself of those tired outworn habits. And also along with other influences Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, is going to go retrograde (backwards) for the next 5 months which will help you recognize any past wounds for what they were and how you walked through them. Then on the other hand will help you heal those that are still pulling at you to notice them. It is perfect.
Remember that Mercury is preparing to go retrograde next week on June 27th. Sign papers before then and buy no electronics during that time of 3 weeks.

May your blessings be many. Use some love to manifest your vision. Thank you for reading and have a joyous time this FULL MOON. Until again. Love, Jan


Where oh where has the cool summer breeze gone in this neck of the woods? Tomorrow is July 4th. Summer is half over. Drat. It seems like I just wrote the last FULL MOON post. So, have any of you begun to feel the shifting energy? There was a noticeable change over this past weekend which I felt immensely. What about you? When I woke up yesterday I felt that something definitely shifted and there was more lightness within me. It was almost like a door opened and some positive air flow came rushing in.  Worldwide, Fukushima is emitting more radiation than thought before; the storm results from last week are still affecting those in the East (Mid-Atlantic, Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio); and the US unemployment is around 38% (if you look closely). I said something many months ago about being prepared for any unexpected happenings. Please take note and at least have a couple cases of extra water stored and some food supplies (3 days is good but 3 weeks would be better). It also would be helpful to have some cash on hand (of course if the dollar crashes…it won’t matter.) Start being who you really are and stop listening to those who have no idea what life is about. The veil is getting thinner and thinner. Enough said.

The Full Moon in Capricorn takes place today, Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 2:53pm EDT in 12 degrees 14 min. Capricorn. The Sun is now in Cancer. It is a time of releasing things which no longer work in your life. This Full Moon is most powerful and intense. It is conjunct Pluto where it just went through the Pluto energy and square Uranus in Aries. Oh boy, what a wallop that brings. Capricorn is about structures in our life and the boundaries you have. Capricorn is the high achiever. Cancer, on the other hand, is the nurturer. It is a time of finding how to integrate those parts so that you can nourish and build upon it.  Capricorn Moon likes to get it done and Cancer Sun likes to use the emotions of it. Are you finding a struggle between work and home life?  This Full Moon brings that to the surface.. And as you are thinking about this polarity, how about looking at what Uranus is doing. It feels like you want to rebel and actually it is a good thing because it takes you out of that rigid old thinking and into a new perspective. So, it is an awesome time to allow the higher awareness to develop within. Change your thinking dear ones and wow, what a thought, it may change your life. This is being facilitated by the Mercury in good aspect to Uranus.

What’s hiding in your closet? Well, dear ones, if you have guilt, shame and any other negative factors that hang out behind the walls of your mind, know that they are going to go down, be disintegrated and released whether you choose it or not. The trigger is present. And those who fail to be authentic will be shown that it is the only way you can be to move up the steps to a more awakened, peaceful life. THIS IS ALL ABOUT BEING IN THE MOMENT. Stop right there. Did you read that correctly? YES, this actual moment, not the past moment. The past has died. It may linger in your life for a bit, but it is over. NOW it is about NOW. Think about it. If you resonate and feel good with yourself, then life is a charm. If you fight and resist, then how do you feel? Stop the resisting. What pains you so much that you resist the truth?  This Full Moon in Capricorn brings it all out if not immediately then give it a few days or even a week or two…watch what happens if you are off-track. Uranus in Aries squaring this Full Moon in Capricorn makes a statement. Stop worrying about everyone else; stop beating yourself up; and start being who you came to be. This is a one-way transformation. There is no turning back here. Remember this because it may take time to recognize. Try the warm approach instead of the stern old-time father approach. Do you have a father complex? So many do! Unexpected change is here, like it or not. The I Am Presence within you is ALL THERE IS. Venus helps here because it wants you to move from the past into the NOW and have those interactions which you are dreaming about and will bring about the letting go that is to your benefit so new starts may take place.

Also this Full Moon is part of a yod. A yod has 3 planets and is shaped like a long witch hat. Wherever that point falls in your chart will tell you what really has to go. GONE it is. For instance, in the 11th house, any friends who fail to support your soul growth…gone. There is also some underlying feminine energy rage sitting around from the last moon. What will you do with it? Use it wisely.

The Full Moon will affect more intensely those who have the Sun, Moon, any planets or Ascendant, Midheaven near 12 degrees Capricorn. It can be fall between 7 degrees and 16 degrees. Cancer and Capricorn are affected most and then Aries and Libra.

One more thing is needed- a time out. Yes, that means YOU. Capricorn is an earth sign and because it has ambitious plans it needs a time to regroup. Uranus and Pluto square will heat it up to intense proportions that you need to pause. Emotions can explode with this aspect. So, it is a perfect time to take a leisurely hike, to walk in the woods, to refresh yourself so when you go back to work or whatever else you do, you will see more clearly. And with Mercury in Retrograde coming up on the 14th of July, you will need to be alert and aware.  Mars goes into Libra and I will talk more about that next time. It will help get your relationships on a better level.

Have a wonderful July 4th and beautiful, inspiring week. Thank you all for your support. Write to me with your thoughts. It will make my day. Until again. Love, Jan 

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