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FULL MOON in AQUARIUS, August 10,2014- Fire and Ice Dance for Change

Here we go again. It is another month and more chaos in the world. Things are getting desperate for those in control. Vets aren’t getting the healthcare they need. Iraq is back in the news. The Gaza situation is out of control. Think about it because that could be you being shot at instead of those women and children. Bankers are being killed. There are lots of weather changes. Life is going to get a bit dicey in the next few months. Keep your attention focused. It is totally not what it seems. Wake up already. War is a racket and profits no one except the PTB. I know, why be concerned, it isn’t affecting you. Or is it? There are many of you out there on this Earth who are holding the energy of the Light. You need to continue doing so without letting down. We are at a continuing turning point since the Grand Cardinal Cross energy is still in the background.

Dear ones, it is time to look around you. What do you see? Are there changes in your life which you are allowing or are you still hanging onto the past? Tomorrow you will notice the major SUPER MOON taking place. And it is truly the most important Super Moon of the year. The FULL MOON occurs in Aquarius, Sunday at 2:09pm EDT, 11:09am PDT in 18 degrees. Wherever it falls in your chart is the focus of the next few weeks. Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio signs will be most intensely affected. And you also may be affected if you have any personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) between 13 and 21 degrees of those astrological signs mentioned.

Aquarian Moon loves to have an open mind and think outside the box. And sometimes Leo Sun doesn’t like the unexpected that this Full Moon brings out. Well, I guess it may also mean you don’t like the twist that appears in your life. Go with it for goodness sakes. Changes may take place on this Full Moon in Aquarius. Will you even notice them? Oh, my, did you say you dislike what is happening? Aquarian likes changes even though they can be inflexible (they are a fixed sign you know). Usually Aquarian Moon is full of life and they share much joy. They are universal in their love approach and want everyone to be peaceful and happy. Sound familiar? And don’t forget they are hard-working and very loyal. Aquarian Moon can be very cool and detached unlike the Leo Sun who is fiery.

Since this is a Full Moon it is also a time of releasing old patterns and beliefs. Have you been doing this lately? I know there are some of you who choose to hang onto the past. What is it doing for you? Aquarian Moon is about living a vision. Find it and work with it at the present time since this a great opportunity to move on a creative venture or at least recognize that your creative urges are real. It is also a time of reaching within and finding your sexuality and sharing in a new way with your partner. Creative innovation arrives in all parts of your life.

With the Sun in Leo opposing the Aquarian Moon it helps your intention to be powerful. Just remember to stay out of the ego place because now that can make things difficult. The Leo Sun who allows things to flow will take big leaps. If Leo Sun decides to hold on that is when the problem arises. There is another aspect that is affecting you during the Full Moon.

That old Cosmic Cop, Saturn, is squaring the Full Moon in Aquarius from its place in Scorpio. How limiting it can be! Since it is square to both the Sun and the Moon it is a T-square and will tend to be restrictive. If you have a problem with an authority, watch out. Saturn will try to get your attention in anyway it can. Think of a child who continues to whine and pull on you. Oh well, you eventually pay attention, don’t you? That’s like Saturn in action. It can pull you out of balance as it makes you pay attention. It is trying to shift something; maybe it is your perspective or clearing out the ruts. Stop resisting and you will walk through it. The more resistance and ego that rises up within you then the more difficulties may occur. If you choose challenge, it will be there. Stay detached as the Aquarian Moon. Evaluate what is the best for all.

Your intuition may be even stronger at this time. And if you need to change something about yourself or something in your life then do it now. This is a perfect time to change something in your life which you most likely wouldn’t do before. Aquarian Moon is there to support you. Just watch out that you don’t step outside the boundaries. Remember Saturn is present. Of course, if you want to be wild in your dress or crazy in your behavior and it is all for the good, look before you act upon it. And really get ready to party shortly because the gentle Venus in Cancer is going to enter Leo on August 12. It is time to shine!

For some of you there may be a turning point where you change something in your life or take on more responsibility. Some may find the job changes and others of you may see an unexpected move or travel. In my chart the Saturn T-square Full Moon/Sun is opposing exactly my Sun in Taurus. It is about self-evaluation and how to grow from the experience that presents itself. This has been an ongoing part of my life for the past months. It is almost done. Yay! There are many of you who may have the same thing happening with a similar Saturn aspect. Jupiter will conjunct my Pandora asteroid in the house 3 very close to cusp. We shall see how this manifests in the next couple of days. What surprise will I find through communication? Or will I dig a bit too deep when I am talking to someone?

Keep in mind that a unique quality to your creativity may show up to help you shift your perspective.

Be well and have an outstanding FULL MOON in Aquarius. Go with whatever occurs. Stay in the moment please. Please share with others if you are so inclined. Blessings to all and thank you for reading. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in LEO, July 26, 2014- Finding Courage to Create a New Vision

Well, this is something that never happened before. I began to write my blog and it disappeared and that’s because I was intensely involved in the information that I forgot to save as I went along. SO, this should make it interesting since I have to begin again. I noticed that the Mainstream Media has been avoiding talking too much about the airplanes going down daily. It amazes me how stilted it has become in this great country due to those who have no souls. And I just finished an article regarding Gaza and the daily horror that occurs mainly to women and children. Will this only end when there are no more people in that area?

Let’s pretend everything in life is a bowl of cherries and turn our heads away from those in crisis. Isn’t that what life is all about? Now believe me, you do have to look after you also but balance is necessary. And remember to continue to eat chocolate when the GMOs take over the cocoa beans. That is only going to happen at this time in the good ol’ USA. Wake up already. Do you see what is happening here and there and everywhere? Well? Yes, life in many ways is on the brink of disaster because there is so much resistance to being aware and taking action. Turn off your IPads and IPhones already for one day and look at the sky and the flowers and everything else that has beauty. When was the last time you noticed? And start thinking for yourselves instead of following the next guru that pops up. You are to create your own reality and that is what this New Moon is bringing to you.

And the NEW MOON in LEO arrives Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 6:42pm EDT in 3 degrees. Now is the time for you to have the courage to be who you choose to be. Yes, I am talking about your authentic self. Leo Sun/Moon talks of courage and taking the time to know who you are. Be the real you and forget about those who think otherwise of you. Who cares? You are here to be your joyous self and find that truth within. Some people always look at the dark side of life and there is no light that shows up around them. Leo Moon, the negative side, loves to gossip. Stop it now before you get dragged into it. In fact now is the time to reach deep within and take that courageous energy and build that field within so it shows up out there and they will find you. Know who you are, let the field of love gather and radiate without resistance and those who are meant to be in your life, to enjoy your gifts will show up. Those familiar with the Field of Dreams movie know what I am talking about. Leo Moon is about being present to life as it is.

Sun/Moon in Leo likes to create. And if you have never tried to do something due to fear, why not take off the fear cap and move through that part and paint, dance, sing and any other thing that helps to bring that creativity to the fore. What brings a smile to your face? What action can you take to create that vision? What takes you to places you have never been before? What is your special purpose? Look at your child within. Oh, I know some have the forlorn child and others have a happier one. Look this isn’t going back to those times when everyone spoke about your child within. I am saying actually imagine that child sitting beside you and ask that child what it can tell you. Many will have a child who is angry. This Leo Moon says do this and things change. Call the child into your current realm. My child with the white ribbon in her hair appears next to me in the car when I get too crazed. Oh yes, and the first time asked -what was my problem? Since then I continue to call her in and get some amazing answers from way back when. Be ready for revealing information.

Leo New Moon is about opening your heart. Forget the moroseness and feeling down. This is a magical time being in the love with yourself and the passions of your creativeness. Whatever the plan do keep yourself from rushing into the next step of your vision. Let the Moon/Sun energy connect you to those visions that are appearing. Do give it some thought before you do anything. That is important to remember.

Some of you may still be reeling from the effects of part of the Grand Cross a few months ago. Some old issues may show up again from back then or even from the last Full Moon. This can be a heated New Moon energy with many discussions. That is because Mars is square the New Moon. With Jupiter entering Leo a few days ago it gives us great curiosity and lots of joyful expression. For those born in the baby boom generation, Jupiter is bringing out the power with the Pluto in Leo. For once you may find your way to a creative venture which has been on hold for many years. Those born from 1956-1962 have Uranus in Leo so Jupiter transiting it will find out how to balance your freedom with responsibility. If you have new ideas they will help bring about major change. Go for it.

Uranus turned retrograde in Aries on July 21. This is a time that will help you get out of the box that you have created. Any blocks that you may have felt can be dug up and walked through, once you decide on who you really are. And what helps you to get out of that box is to shine the Uranian light upon it.

Another factor playing out is Neptune in Pisces. If it is aspecting anything in your chart it is trying to make you pay attention to your intuitive abilities. That is only one thing. It can be stressful if you aren’t paying attention. It is trying to dissolve wherever it falls in your chart. The part of your life that is old is wishing to begin again in a different way. It is definitely saying wake up your consciousness. In fact, your unconscious is sending you a message. Listen to what it is saying.
This New Moon in Leo plays out more intensely for those with Sun or Moon or other personal planets in Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio 5 degrees before and after the 3 degrees of the New Moon. Be joyful as you can be and find that new project, new vision and take it to the top.

I wish you well, dear ones, and thank you for reading. Until again. Love, Jan

FULL MOON in AQUARIUS, August 20, 2913-What Will the Turning Point Transform?

Here we are just past the midway between the Eclipses. The next one comes to us in early November 2013. Where are you heading on your path? Or have you fallen away from that part which is really you? The energy has lulled a bit and it will pick up in a more forceful way shortly. You are still feeling the creative energy and childlike enthusiasm. Some of you are continuing to be mired in the deep mud. Sounds like you aren’t opening to the flow of the Divine within you. Others are trying to separate instead of joining efforts. This past week I had the opportunity to be on BlogSpot radio online. Jean Salch was kind to invite me to share the show with her. She shared a great meditation for opening the Pineal Gland. I updated the astrological trends and then we spoke of how to clear the Pineal and activate it. Thank you again Jean for your support.

Life goes on and the Full Moon is upon us. It is in fact a Blue Moon which means it is the second Full Moon in the astrological sign of Leo. The last Full Moon was on July 22, 2013 in Leo. The FULL MOON takes place on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 9:45 EDT in 29 degrees of Aquarius. The Sun is also in Leo at 29 degrees. 29 degrees is a fated one. Karmic things are ending so that you can bring energy to a new place on the Full Moon.. it is a time to let go and move into a new direction. These are things that have been building for months. It is the closing of the old door and bringing about a new perspective or letting go of the old and starting over. You cannot go back to what it was. It is now refreshing the page that has been stuck for a long time. I know some of you are feeling uncomfortable with the energy that has been creeping in and just won’t go away. New realizations and new directions take time to come to fruition so if it is making you a bit crazed just move through it. I know it can be painful all these changes…there is that resistance again. C’mon you can do it.

Leo is about self and Aquarius is about others. What do you have to give and share with others? This is a prime time to take your creativity to the limits. The Leonine part of you is craving for this. What within you do you choose to share and bring to other’s (Aquarius) attention? How about some compassion and love to go along with it?

Is something holding you back? Uranus in Aries is saying you can break those chains. With Jupiter squaring (90degrees) Uranus for the first time you feel a need to break loose and take that leap. Oh, it is coming! To whatever you are choosing to bind yourself is what Uranus is trying to free you from. Uranus dislikes limitations and you have put many self-limiting ideas into play. This is time for letting go of the resistance and removing from your life what is no longer working, including those worn out ideas. Since the Moon is in Aquarius it can be rebellious. Is that what you are feeling at the moment? Or are you bolting in fear from the lightning strikes that are coming at a faster pace lately?

Leo’s fire is helping to transform your consciousness now. As your consciousness is changing there is a balance needed in your life. Do you feel it? If not, I suggest you bring it back into play because without it nothing happens. Notice when you are in balance how everything flows. Now is the time to take back your own power. You heard me. Take it back because I know many of you have given it away to others. That is not what I am saying to share with others. Allowing those around you to do that is over. You are now sitting in your power and using it to transform your life the way it was meant to be-the Leo way. Take your power back! Everything at this moment with the Moon in Aquarius is about helping humanity by using your own inspiration and creative work.

There is an aspect occurring which may open up something with a partner. Some of you feel one moment you are loving and the next you are hating that partner. This goes back to prior lifetimes which may be karmic in nature. Do you choose to walk through this no matter what or do you wish to jump ship and float away to a new horizon? If you cannot perceive a happy future then is it time to remove yourself? Some of you may just decide you have no interest anymore and give up fully. You have been reliving karmic patterns which are finally going to go away. The grand trine that still hangs on during this Full Moon is helping this. Won’t it be wonderful to relate without that constant struggle you both choose to recreate? Give it up and watch miracles appear. Seriously!

Sudden changes do appear in some of your lives depending where the Full Moon is in your chart. Endings bring transcendence to your lives for those affected. The karmic cycle is over for whatever has been occurring. There is a turning point which comes from the Nessus asteroid (abuse of power) sitting right on the Full Moon. Endings come with some kind of transformative effect.

Just a reminder- the Sun goes into Virgo shortly after the Full Moon. Virgo is about service to others. So it will a time of going out there and giving that service to others in whatever way is best for the whole.
Let the Light shine brilliantly through you. Love is important within and without. Express it in unique ways. Allow that Light to transcend your life so that love is fully present. Love is not about material possessions or money in the bank. Love is. If there is fear there is no love because it is covered over completely with the darkness. This FULL MOON is about sharing ideas but without love being the backer of those ideas…do you really think they will work the magic that will be needed? Keep that in mind dear ones when you choose to close the door or walk a new path. The love in your heart matters. Be One with it. It is the heart that matters and the heartfelt ways you choose to share. Let the free nature of Aquarius Full Moon bring out the deepest creative efforts to help humanity. Got it?

Be brave dear ones. Up the confidence within and you will find the next leap invigorating and so inspiring. May you be blessed as you walk your path the next weeks. Until again, Love, Jan.

FULL MOON in AQUARIUS, July 22, 2013 – Let it Go and the Eagle will Fly

The FULL MOON in Aquarius is just about upon us. It shows up at 2:17pm EDT on Monday, July 22, 2013. The Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius are at 0 degrees. To me it says that something has concluded yet brings a new start to you. It may be an ending but I think not. I feel it has to do with your ego and your ability to transmute it for the good of humanity. Let’s look at a couple other things first.

As this Full Moon goes into action, Mercury has just come out of retrograde on Friday. July 19. It went direct at 14 degrees Cancer. What did it feel like the last few weeks? Were you soothed and nurtured by your family, loved ones, partner and boss like you were floating on the water, just being? Or did you have a turbulent turn of events (like I did) and felt like the ocean was crashing on you? Are you getting the recognition you deserve or are you projecting your fears and darkness on those around you? It is up to you to love yourself without exclaiming it to the world. Have you been standing up for your own needs or just ignoring yourself? Have you felt rejected? Your heart wisdom is important at this time for you to meet the challenges that are in front of you. This is a time when it is quite necessary to take care of what it is you need to do for your own well-being. Things are changing dramatically and it is important to stay healthy.

This FULL MOON in Aquarius on July 22 is the first of two Full Moons in Aquarius and the second one is a Blue Moon because it is the second Full Moon in the astrological month. The Sun in Leo is about creative urges, personal power, individuals within a group, playful encounters and maybe just playing as you did when you were a child. Your self-confidence can be higher than usual. Many think that the Sun means ego. Ego is transcended so you are now working for the group with your own individuality intact. You now present your uniqueness to share with others to help with your own transformation. It is a time when hidden things come to light and you become illuminated. How many of you work with those who are like-minded and are working toward a common goal? If you work in the corporate world it is difficult to see that there may be a common goal since it most likely is a hierarchal system. Those who are fortunate enough at this time to be within a group that has a vision beyond the corporate world are truly in the element to fly like an eagle. This gives you the opportunity at this FULL MOON to find like-minded individuals to move forward with your new creations and still be your true self. There is strength in unity.

Saturn in Scorpio is square to this FULL MOON in Aquarius and wants us to look within and make some changes. You may find yourself extremely emotional this coming week. Do you really need the drama? Watch for outbursts and notice what is making you feel so angry? You are not an island in the ocean; you are part of the community that exists around you and beyond your own little world. You are connected to the Divine ALL That IS aka GOD. So stop fussing and get your ego in balance. You are not the only one who is frustrated or has issues. Open your heart and see life change around you and within you by reaching out to others who can help you. Are you averse to others with whom you communicate or work with or who are in your daily life? Maybe you need to step up to the plate and find a way to relate to them in a positive manner instead of hiding behind the work. There are changes to be made and it has to begin with you and then taken out there to the collective. Get it? I hope so.

You have to know your real needs at this time in order for you to manifest what you truly desire in your life. It is easy to do if you know what your intention is. There are many of you who still resist the process and Saturn likes you to have structure but will make you accountable for any major or minor messes in your life. Keep standing strong with your hopes and dreams but stop the BS and resolve the junk that you have created. It is almost like a demand of Saturn. Hopefully there isn’t too much of clamp on you right now. Shape up…that’s what it is telling you. Was that too daunting or just taunting? Your dreams can help you with the Full Moon and Saturn squaring it. Take your problem and let the dream state bring you a new perspective or solutions. By the way, Saturn wants you to leap out of the old and into the new. It wants you to change your habits.

It gets a bit dicey between now and the end of the month with the Mars in Cancer square to Pluto/Uranus. Ouch. What are you going to let go? Are you going to allow yourself to walk out of the past and move on? This is a time of something breaking open whether you choose it to or not. It happens and if there is resistance to it, the energy will only bring you down. So, please allow the flow to take place. Something is changing and you are part of it. Jupiter conjunct Mars will expand whatever is present. It may bring some confusion as to what is next. And I cannot forget Venus entering Virgo at the Full Moon. Later in the week Venus opposes Neptune which may be murky waters but good ol’ boy Saturn helps it shift and who knows what happens. Time will tell.

There is a Star of David forming in the chart which takes place starting July 29-31. It is a truly magnificent. Where the early Taurus Moon is in your chart will give you an idea where a new form may enter your life. You will also see some action where Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo are located in your chart.

Gotta leap on forward. May your blessings be many. Let things go, allow it to flow, and you will know, what is your show. Until again. Love, Jan

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