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FULL MOON in GEMINI, December 6, 2014-Talking truth that arises from within

Look around and see what is being manipulated for your attention. Have you noticed the extreme circumstances that are being presented for your viewing pleasure? Do you intend to go into the streets to protest? Is that what your life has become? Too many questions, you say. Oh well. Life is. If I mention these things to those who are stuck in the Matrix, goodness me, I get a tongue-lashing. Those who are rebelling against legal decisions are correct in their minds. All of us have a right to have an opinion. There is a missing student in the Philadelphia area and it has now become a nationwide news item. It has been a week since this young man was seen in a pub in Manayunk. Reward is up to $40,000. No one has come forth with information regarding his disappearance. According to a horary chart for the time of his leaving there is much confusion and possible lies and deception regarding what happened. Neptune was squaring the Sun which is conjunct the asteroid lie at that time. Time will tell. Uranus is opposing the ascendant and squaring Pluto. Something or someone unexpected showed up. Enough said. Full Moon on Saturday may bring something new to the surface or down the road once Saturn is leaving Scorpio.

Let’s move onward to the Full Moon in Gemini at 14 degrees 17’ on Saturday December 6, 2014 at 7:26 am EST, 4:26am PST, and 12:26pm GMT. Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius opposing the Moon. It is a time of things coming to a head from the New Moon in Sagittarius 2 weeks ago. Also it is a time of release for those parts of your life that have had a hold on you and no longer have any meaning. This refers to old patterns, beliefs and wounds. How many of you have actually begun the release process? It is so important to let go of all these negative past patterns that have you conditioned. By doing so,, the future which is in the now will show up in a truly beautiful way. You don’t believe me. That’s ok because one of you will get the information that is being given to you by the Sun in Sagittarius and you will find your truth within it. Speaking of truth Sun in Sagittarius is about digging for the truth and sharing it. I am sure there are some philosophers among you or even teachers of many subjects. With the Full Moon in GEMINI you will choose to speak your truth and share those communications with others.

It is an important crossroads this Full Moon in Gemini. Yes, there have been many turning points in the past couple of years. This one is moving closer to the Galactic Center (not quite there yet) which is the portal/ bridge to higher consciousness. The Sun is conjunct the Great Attractor at 14 degrees and it is opposed by the Moon in Gemini. This aspect gives you the opportunity to understand any hidden things beyond your consciousness. Millions of galaxies are being pulled toward that point. Beyond my comprehension it is. All I know is that it exists and it seems like you are seeing around an object.

Even though there is some irritation with an aspect to Mars which is entering Aquarius there are still a good amount of blessings that will show up in your lives. This lunation seems to indicate that old stuff may be going but the emphasis is on what’s coming into your own life? What truth is showing up to which you will open? Gemini wants to talk about it. Gemini Moon wishes to explore what is presented to you. Are you willing to walk through the old junk and see where this new way is taking you? Feel your heart and open to exploring your own truth. How does it feel to you?

Yes, Gemini loves to think and think and think some more. Is your life where you want it to be at this time? Have you given yourself the opportunity to experience your own deepest truth? It is time for the transcendence within you so that your future in the now comes to you in a magnificent way. Are you ready to leap? Seriously, no one knows you like you know yourself. If you depend on others for their support and approval your life will always be in the comfort zone. IS that your choice? Think with the Full Moon in Gemini how you actually see your life and open the door to what is deep within your heart. Now is the time.

Mercury is in Sagittarius and so is Venus. Jupiter in Leo is trine to Venus and to the Sun and sextile the Full Moon in Gemini. Good times are felt by many of you. New realities are within reach for many. Also, there is another major square (conflict) between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus is about individuality and freedom and Pluto is transformative but could also be the shadow. This square occurs on December 14, 2014. It is the sixth square that has happened with one more to go in March. It is trying to change the structure of where it falls in your chart. Resisting makes things crazed. It wants you to have equality and some collaboration with others.

It is only those who are in constant revolt that discover what is true not the man who conforms, who follows some tradition. It is only when you are constantly inquiring, constantly observing, constantly learning, that you find truth, God, or love. (JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI),
Find yourself searching deeply and allow the truth to rise and surprise you with joyousness. Life is starting to change rapidly and you can choose to be on the fast train to open to higher consciousness or stay in the limited belief thinking.

Those of you who have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) or angles at 9-18 degrees of Sagittarius or Gemini; Virgo or Pisces will be most intensely affected. The Full Moon in Gemini is in my 12th house. Yippee. I just retreat and watch for vivid dreams or spiritual inspirations. Explore your truth. Live it. Be it. Leap out of that comfortable place and take a risk. You can do it.

I pulled an Animal Powers card. Amazingly the snake came up. “Snake teaches us about we are each a nexus of power and we have the responsibility to ourselves and each other to think and act with awareness based on the evolving truth of our reality.” Snake spirit come to me and take me higher. Empower me for giving birth to new creations and letting go of fear of failure and success. I will stay attuned and listen deeply.

Have a great Full Moon. Truth comes. Thank you for reading. Be ready to leap if you haven’t already done so. Until again. Love, Jan

New Moon in Sagittarius, November 22, 2014 – Speak the Truth to Oneness

The New Mon is soon on the horizon. Where are you on the day it rises? Life has become a circus and you and I are part of it if you stay in the Matrix. If you choose to be in the world and not of this world, then your life is changing in a dramatic fashion. As I write this Sun is in the last degree 29 of Scorpio (an anaretic degree which is Karmic in nature.) That degree is quite sensual. It also indicates that you may be running out for a sweet snack at midnight. Intense interactions show up also. When an anaretic degree is part of your chart then there is a lesson for you to learn this lifetime. Check out your chart to see where it is found. As the sky darkens with the coming new moon you are being asked to let go of the Venus afflictions that may have shown up in your life whether it is about money or love or a disconnect from your path due to excess. Bill Cosby obviously didn’t get that. It blew up in the Scorpionic way. A source informed me that what is happening is true.

As the sun leaves Scorpio during the morning hours the hard work that you have had to endure will now change its tune. Oh, hard work may still be present in your life BUT it is about being more ambitious to get to your land of dreams. Any old wounds that are still hanging on can be released on the energy before the New Moon arrives. Watch for Saturn making you moody. If it seems to be difficult then do some primal therapy. Watch if you go up on the roof to scream. It may be icy. Well, if you are in Buffalo it will be. (Why do you think the weather changed so abruptly? Was it Mother Nature or HAARP? Look at the HAARP charts, you may be surprised.) Oh, and by the way, stay away from the flu myth. The false flu season is in full gear and if anyone has gotten it, I doubt it is the flu. NO vaccines please. Do you have mold in your house or close by? That may be the reason you are feeling lousy. Think about it. Stop letting the PTB keep you in the fold. Lies abound out there in this fantasy world. Wake up!

The NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS at 1 degree shows up at 7:32am EST, 4:32am PST, and 12:32pm GMT on November 22, 2014. Are you ready for adventure? Will you be traveling in the next few weeks? How will you use the New Moon’s enthusiastic energy to your advantage? The New Moon asks you this question? What are you doing here? Do you know where you are going? The veil between worlds tends to be thinner than usual as the New Moon comes in square (conflict) to Neptune. This means there is a more spiritual bent to the energy. Look for your intuition to be heightened and your compassion to be more present. If you have strong beliefs then it is time to look at them an see if they are supporting your Oneness. Do you walk your talk as you share love or do you fail to act true to Spirit? Are you following a path that will fulfill who you are this lifetime?

Sagittarius is about candid speech, sometimes too much so. This moon is impatient. It may look to travel and take big leaps without thinking. It may teach you or you may just teach others. New Moon in Sagittarius is a free spirit and optimistic. Will you allow that energy to come in and help you figure out what you are doing? Oh and this New Moon definitely likes honesty. Lies are verboten because they come out in right time and then what will you do? Many news items will be showing up where the lies are surfacing whether in big business, entertainment or health biz. You name it because truth is another word for this New Moon. What truth will confront you in the next few weeks?

Venus is conjunct this New Moon energy. Are you lacking pleasure in your life? Now is the time to seek it. Watch for faulty judgement since there is a square between Mercury/Saturn and Jupiter. Good time to tone down any blunt words in your interactions. With Jupiter in Leo as the New Moon comes in, it saves us from imbalance since most of the planets are in a locomotive pattern. Jupiter stands away from the grouping. This energy gives you the impetus so you can take another small leap instead of being stuck like some of you have been in the past months. Wherever Jupiter is in your natal chart is where you will have fun, love and maybe some drama. You can even take some risks in this area. Go for it. the New Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct my South Node. What past strength do I have that will bring about my new truth? Time will tell.

This New Moon in Sagittarius will also bring some valuable lessons in the next few weeks which will give you an opportunity to see that change and choice will be a matter of importance. There is within everyone something that is being churned up that will manifest itself as the days go on. It is a new truth that is important to each individual. Walk through the energy and allow it to be present.

Set your intentions after the New Moon arrives. Any release work for those old patterns that you continue to hold onto can be released as the Moon is leaving the sign Scorpio today, November 21. In order for intentions to come about, you need to believe that they already part of your life.

Who will be affected most intensely? Those of you who have planets in signs of 25 degrees-3 degrees of late Leo/early Virgo; late Scorpio/ early Sagittarius; and late Taurus and early Gemini; and late Aquarius and early Pisces. Remember that Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries are still in square mode and this is ongoing so it affects all you dear ones who have your Sun in Cancer or Sun in Capricorn between June 30 and a July 10/December 30-January 10. Life is changing. Major transformation is on the way. Open to the energy. No resistance please. Some unexpected changes may show up too!

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a happy one. To all of you please stay in the moment with love in your hearts. Share that love and see how life changes for the better. Thank you for reading. Please share with others. Life at the moment is not what it seems. Until again. Love, Jan

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NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS, December 2, 2013 – Renewed Creativity Helps the Changes Flow

Hello dear ones. It is a new energy that is now arriving after the last weeks in Scorpio when it was intense and brought out the truth for many of you. Walking to the NEW MOON in Sagittarius on Monday there are many things going on as you arrive at that time. Hey, how many of you were out on doing the material thing on black Friday? remember that buying is all there is. Ok, so I am being a bit sarcastic. What about Comet ISON? It was supposed to melt in the Sun’s energy field. Wrong! And did you see the latest foreigners on our soil? Yes, they are Russians and Chinese helping with those exercises that will save our necks. Yep. And don’t forget to pick up your green card because I just saw they are giving them away easier than ever. Did you even notice? Secrets always come to light eventually and when they do, watch out.

But now the energy is Sagittarius. The Moon is just about ready to meet the Sun in Sagittarius and that will bring something else to the table. And it isn’t the leftover turkey leg. How will you take that truth that is revealed? Or has is it been delayed in coming out due to some manipulation or control on someone’s part? Those who are looking for truth it will be revealed to you. Then you have to transmute the debris of that illusion that still hangs around. Where will you be as the NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS is upon us? It occurs at 7:22pm EST, 4:22pm PST on Monday, December 2, 2013 and after midnight on December 3, 2013 in London. It is in 11 degrees of Sagittarius. Is your life the same as it was a month ago? In my life I feel like I was thrown into an abyss and many things have left and some things wait to be renewed. Major purging took place for me. How about you? Since I am a Taurus the Scorpio energy seems to be a bit more intense than I choose to experience. Oh well, life is changing and if I hadn’t done the work through the last years I probably would have run off in an invisibility cloak.

Something changed from all this intense energy. Have you found yourself more focused? Has there been more projection from others bringing out their fears and negativity? I have seen it and it has truly been more blatant. Lots of deep cellular memories have been brought up and released and now with the NEW MOON, a new direction can take place. Where are you at this time? It brought me more balance after I cried my eyes out for a week. Did you find things falling apart around you? That means certain things may be leaving your life. It is not a bad thing because they do not serve your purpose. Wake up already!

So, now that the NEW MOON in Sagittarius is upon us, a bit of refreshing energy should enter. This is a time to integrate your feminine feeling side with your right brain side. It also is saying to let your imagination be to the forefront so that your creative power can bloom. You need to bring together all parts of your emotional body to heal. This is the time that you have to choose to change yourself and not look for someone else to do it for you. Do you understand that so many of you want to change everyone around you and if they don’t do so, you freak out? Tell me that is false. Presently with this NEW MOON it is a perfect time to heal yourself. And why do that? Then you will be able to help others to heal. How about that?

Sagittarius NEW MOON tells you that you need a vision. How many of you have one? If you have no idea, now is the moment to create it. Now is the moment to imagine, to intend, to create and push it out there once you allow that healing to occur. Goals are important. No matter what you do in life if you have no vision or goals, then you wander aimlessly through life waiting for others to tell you what you can do or not do. Take command of your life and you will notice that your outlook will change immensely. Are you on the same track as your partner, your friend, your children or whoever else you choose to talk about? And if you are on a different path, so what does that mean? Do you need to alienate everyone else because they choose to have a different vision? Do you hold a grudge because they choose differently? Sounds like you are still back in the Scorpio energy. Walk forward and let those who are to be in your life and could help you to reach your goals be there; otherwise, move on.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a bountiful new moon if you allow it. Life can be beneficial for many of you but you have to pay attention. It all depends where it falls in your chart also. Jupiter which is the ruler of Sagittarius is in good aspect to Saturn. That keeps thing pretty even as you go along and Uranus is trining the New Moon which also may bring nice surprises in the next couple of weeks. No guarantees but do trust the energy. Keep the negatives out. This is a perfect energy that will support you making a break from the past. Oh no, that could be scary. You can actually be in the now. That would be outstanding if the old patterns go by the wayside and you now step into your balanced power. I hope that can happen for many of you. Do challenges or conflict disturb you? You do know that changes have to take place and Pluto square Uranus is trying to pull you into your soul direction and some of you just need to fight it. Please change what needs changing or it will change it for you. I am sending a reminder. Flow with the changes. They are for your benefit.

One more item-Mars enters Libra on December 7, 2013 and you will feel quite upbeat and enthusiastic, hopefully in balance or you may feel filled with anger and stubbornness. Pleasing others has no place right now or it will backfire on you. Take time to work on your relationships since Mars will be Libra for 8 months.

No one said you couldn’t be free in your own reality even when you are in a relationship. So please know that life can be quite good if you go with the flow of all the aspects going on with the NEW MOON and down the road. Creativity will keep your vision aligned with your soul. Go for it.
I send you a big thank you for reading and your support and also blessings for a prosperous and happy New Moon. Until again. Love, Jan
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FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse, November 28, 2012-Jumping over the Shadow

Are you ready for the truth or do you intend to stay in the many games of the mind? I hope that you had a bountiful Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate. And the others of you who do not I also hope you had a pleasant weekend. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is upon us. It arrives on November 28, 2012 at 9:46am EST; 6:46am PST. The FULL MOON is in 6’47 degrees of Gemini. Sun is in Sagittarius at that time. What can we expect from this FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse? Lunar Eclipses tend to bring to the surface things that are working or not and you may be totally unaware of them until the eclipse hits a point. They show up the weaknesses as well as strengths in various areas of your life. It all depends where it falls in your chart as to what area of life it will affect. Some who have planets at 6+ degrees Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel it more intensely. I have it in my 12th house which indicates it is time for me and finding time to rejuvenate and rest because there will be heightened activity down the road and lots of people wanting to communicate with me. Oi vey! It also is inconjunct (150degrees) my Chiron (the wounded healer) which means to me that some old emotional wounds can be finally released and healed but it will take some adjusting in the process. More work to be done. Eek!

This Full Moon is about communication and thinking and expanding the positives and really making a decision to move on and let go all the things that no longer work in your life. There is a Yod involved. A Yod is formed by 2 planets in sextile (60degrees) aspect (harmonious) to each other and both of those planets are also quincunx (adjustment needed) or inconjunct (150 degrees)another planet which is not related in element or gender. This is either very strong flow of energy or a deeply felt block.

The Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini make this Full Moon with the Lunar Eclipse a time for truth. Honesty reigns supreme at this juncture. There are messages that will be revealed that can shift your entire life around. Lots of sexual energy and much conversation about soulmate type relationships and also triangular ones.  This is all due to Yod which includes Lilith (asteroid) who tends to bring  a third party into the picture.

At the time of the Full Moon Venus conjuncts Saturn so you have to stop hiding and running from old issues and take a leap at communicating and fix the karma from past actions. It also says the commitments are real. Also there is a Venus aspect to Uranus, not so hot, but definitely healing. So and so said something you didn’t like…oh well, guess the Universe thought you needed to hear it and that way it is up for you to heal. Tune into it and you will know that it has been lurking in your mind for the past months, maybe even years. Now is the time to truly look at anything that may be hindering your forward motion and growth. Goodness me, take a look already and clear out the cobwebs so the healing can take place. Do it now and it will fade away and you can feel clearer. Understand? With Venus also in good aspect to Pluto, if you haven’t made it right in a relationship, now is the time to do it. Go for it. You will be happy you did. And boy it can get hotter than hot if you choose that path. It can be explosive passionately in a very positive way as long as you deal with your shadow side. You do know that many are still being controlled by that from deep within. Do you? If you are having a tough time in a relationship, now is the time that thorn is pulled out and you actually feel that love. Yes, go for it because it will be significant. Although this can be great there is still a possible dividing point that keeps you projecting your own fears and inhibitions regarding the external world and people in it. You need to realize that not everyone is the enemy,. So, it’s up to you as to whether you stick with the commitment or go after real connecting link which some may say is forbidden. The great divide still lingers. Will you allow it to continue and give Lilith the upper hand or will you stick to your true direction no matter what others think or feel? Decisions, confusion and you thought it was going to be easy. Oh my. Just do it.

Since there are so many switches with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse point, there is no telling what direction you may take. Due to the Lilith effect and Jupiter being in the mix, I do know that some of you will feel like you are in the wrong place all of a sudden and by the time December 21st comes along you will need to fly free and find somewhere else to be since where you are no longer feels good. And resistance has little value at that time. It is now or now. Oh yes, many of you will be pondering this and will figure out just what it is saying by the time the next New Moon comes along. There is much complexity to this Full Moon and the thinking that has been avoided will need to take place so that going into the new year is more rewarding. Some of you will be bringing to fruition a dream which has been on the table for a very long time. Keep the water flowing and if tears arrive release them so you can purify yourself as you leap forward into a brand new beginning.

Do pay attention to unexpected new opportunities that arise like the phoenix from the fires. This is so important  to remember at this Full Moon. How will you handle the explosive Mars/Pluto aspect or the Venus/Saturn return to what was. Lots going on and it feels too complex when you let your mind swirl around it. It is about thinking and recognizing what is the true direction you are going and how to get back on track if you have chosen otherwise. Sweep the indecisiveness away and you will see how exciting it can become. Take that idea, get support and run in that new direction. Feel the goodness within. Amazing! How did you miss it before?

Have a rejuvenating week and be blessed. PAY ATTENTION PLEASE because what comes may be startling that what you intended may actually happen more quickly than you thought possible. Thank you again for all you do. Until again. Love, Jan

A DAY of THANKFULNESS – Does it change your thinking?

It is Thanksgiving Day in the US of A. It is a day to think about thankfulness. It is just one day that represents every day because each day is a day of being thankful and grateful. For those who do not celebrate this American tradition, it is still important to think about having gratitude and thankfulness. Do you? “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” (M. Eckhart)

Did you wake up today being grateful for your life? There are many of you who are in pain and suffering due to circumstances beyond your control. Can you still be thankful for something in your life? Many times people have wondered how I can be thankful for all the challenges that have appeared in my life whether in childhood or teenage years or through the rest of the years. It took me years to recognize how thankful I was for me and who I was and how grateful I felt for the experiences which made me into the strong and loving woman I am today. Yes, there are obstacles and yes, there are setbacks, yet life is here for living not for complaining and moaning and being bitter about what happened 10 minutes ago, 10 days ago, 10 years ago or even 100 years ago.  And why am I saying this now? This is the first step in releasing all the gunk in your thinking patterns, all the old worn out beliefs and all the buried anger and resentment. By being grateful for your experiences and thankful that you are here to change those things will bring you to a higher vibration and more peace and joy in your life. And add in “love”. There is no peace without LOVE. So those of you who have a notion that you can have peace without showing real love, it may become more difficult in the coming days. Try the thankfulness road and you may find your thought process will change and your life will be more on track and you begin take leaps.

Just a reminder that the Sun has just entered Sagittarius and Venus has entered Scorpio. The Sun in Sagittarius is about expanding your horizons, reading books and having a joyful time while staying in an optimistic frame of mind. Oh sure, you say. Seriously, if you choose to get out of your rut, take a trip or just be in the company of good friends who have great things to say and will support your optimism. Watch for recklessness in your words though since you may choose to blurt out things that can be said in a more diplomatic way. Some people do take things personally so any harsh words. Things were pretty mysterious with the Sun in Scorpio so now is your chance to get to the truth if that’s what you are looking for.

With Venus in Scorpio you can get to the root issues in your relationships and move from the balance and peacefulness of it leaving Libra and pumping up the action in Scorpio. It can get pretty hot. Venus in Scorpio wants the truth in everything including your relationship, Can you handle the heat? It may bring suppressed negatives to the surface. How will you handle that? Then again with all the intensity rising and letting the issues come up to be released, the physical and emotional intimacy will come into a better place. Stop running from it and face the issues and then the truth can be present and the heat will support your walk forward.

Mercury is still retrograde and will go direct on November 26 at 18 degrees Scorpio. I need to keep my words to myself since it is opposite my Sun. Someone may misinterpret what I say. Oh drat as if this is something new!!!! The direct motion comes 2 days before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 28. Stay tuned.

Blessings to you as thankfulness and gratitude are to the forefront. Remember it in your daily lives and you will begin to see the changes that will amaze you. Thank you for your support and all you do. Until again. Love, Jan


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