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FULL MOON IN PISCES, AUGUST 31, 2012- Grounding our Fantasies

“Blue Moon, Blue Moon, Blue Moon da da da da….” The Full Moon in Pisces occurs Friday, August 31, 2012 at 9:58am EDT at 8degrees. The Sun is in Virgo at this time opposition Chiron and the Full Moon as a Blue Moon is conjunct Chiron. A Blue Moon is when two Full Moons occur in the same month. The thirteenth misfit moon is now upon us. Expect the unexpected maybe! Moon in Pisces usually is dreamy, creative, wishing to drift through life at times, needing to escape yet desiring empathetic relationships and creating fantasies. So, this Full Moon tells you some things may be stirred up that you may not choose to happen. You wish to look past the current and just drift past it when it doesn’t fit into your plans. Really? Since Neptune rules Pisces astrologically, some parts of that Pisces Moon may appear deceptively. Now why allow that when you can take the creative bent and thrive. Your choice. “You must be careful what you pretend to be for in the end, you are what you pretend to be.” Think about it. Create in a big way or lie like a champ. What will it be? Pisces is the part of us that tends to be invisible. It is the sublime. It opens you up to different worlds of fantasy and angels. It is the last sign of the zodiac and completes it. This FULL MOON may make it hard for you to discern between fantasy and reality and not know whether it is real or a projection.

It all depends where this falls in your natal chart as to whether that applies to you. The Virgo Sun does help to keep you grounded during this illuminating Full Moon. If it is afflicted in your chart you may find yourself feeling a bit disillusioned. And as you know full moons can be a bit unsettling so you may wish to ground yourself in mundane chores, physical exercise and some healing body awareness techniques.

Now is the time to take a leap for some of you. Or are you too lazy and lack motivation to grab the reins and go full speed ahead? This Full Moon can open your life to bliss that may shift your life totally. That instant moment is enough to make you choose to leap. Ready? Also, there is a competitive edge to this Full Moon in Pisces. You need to pay attention because competitive games can appear and you can provoke a major argument or tense situation with someone or you can just do nothing which can be just as detrimental. Some of you continue to be in denial. And please watch that you aren’t taking everything said personal. Your path is waiting and timing is paramount to moving forward. This is a powerful moon for healing yourself or going to a healer. There are solutions if you look very carefully and do some research. Pisces Moon can inspire you to use dreams or music therapy to help you get back on track.

This Full Moon is also sextile Pluto which gives it a profound basis. Use this energy to open up this creative moment and you will feel the intensity immediately. If you are still holding onto the past and those childhood complexes, now is the time for you to release them. AND YOU CAN DO THIS. If you are feeling pain or some kind of discomfort in your body, it may indicate that you are holding onto old emotions which deeply affect your wellbeing. You must get out whatever is fermenting within. If you don’t, it will turn into toxic waste for your body mind and spirit. Religious poisoning, fears and guilt often produce emotional toxins and must be eliminated. Along with this Pluto sextile Moon there is a Pluto square Uranus which will be around for some time to come. Some of you will have had enough with certain relationship structures. This is a challenge and some will say that this is it, since it beat you down all these months. The Sun opposition Chiron asks you, where are you giving up your power by listening to those who call themselves gurus? Mentors are terrific if you take what they give you and make it into something that is inspiring to you. Gurus are not always who they seem to be. Many of you out there are too lazy to research and dig deeply without some kind of support system. Listen to yourself because it is the first and most important step for change and in getting well, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Learn not to doubt you, learn to listen and trust yourself.

Saint Germain said in Studies in Alchemy that “the concept of an expanding consciousness, simultaneously with an expanding universe must be reckoned with if man will correctly master his affairs.” This is a time to allow the universal energies to be incorporated within your internal experience. This is not just at this FULL MOON but throughout the coming months you should try to open more to what is coming to you. Your intuition always is on track unless you allow your mind to overshadow it. If you stay in harmony with the universe than the outer planets forces will be less controlling. This will help you find new solutions to old problems and conflicts.  Then you will be able to release the negatives. There are many who still are skeptical. Perhaps the young souls among you hesitate to listen to their intuitive nature since they have yet to experience the flow of the universe within. It is a time to look through the veil and see the inner visions you have.

When you have a conflict in your life there is a need to see to what you still refuse to pay attention. In your chart there are some challenging aspects and those are there to wake you up and push you forward. If disharmony appears then it is within you that something is going on or you may be reflecting another.

This Pisces Full Moon at 8 degrees will affect most strongly those of you who have planets about 3 degrees before and after 8 degrees in Gemini and Sagittarius and of course, the Virgo and Pisces planets.

Another month of a Full Moon is now upon us. Use the days following for releasing the burdens and the old hurts that continue to bog you down. And use some creative visualization to help bring good things into your life. May your blessings be many and thank you for reading this post. Have a beautiful dreamy time with your feet fully on the ground. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Gemini – MAY 20, 2012- The Ducks Come Off the Pond

Hey, dear ones. I know many of you haven’t been smiling lately. Well, maybe it is time to do so. The NEW MOON in GEMINI at 0 degrees (which is also the Annular Solar Eclipse) and takes place on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 7:47pm EDT. Looks like the 747 is going to take off for new beginnings. It is time to put those intentions out there. Think of your intention, create the plan and get moving on it. This Solar Eclipse lasts between 2-3 hours which means its effects will be around for a few years and fading out in 2015. Life is shifting dramatically. The ducks are coming off the pond, as my dad used to say. I know I have been saying that for awhile now. Have you awakened or are you still stuck in those old habits, patterns and hanging on for dear life to that which is past? Many of you have no interest in moving forward and I see this daily in my interactions. Some of you are amused by the things I say and others just have no interest because burying your head in the sand is easier to do. Are you ready to leap yet? Looking forward to seeing you take the risk and knowing that it was worth it.  

This is a mental New Moon since Gemini is the communicator and messenger. This could very well be about how and what you think and also what comes from this thinking.  The 0 degree is definitely a new start. Basic stuff! Or you can go all the way back to the beginning and start again. This depends on your life and what is going on. Of course, there is another side to this New Moon Solar Eclipse that is a reminder. Your integrity is in question. Walking the path of truth is a theme song here. If you are off-track, I say to you. Find your way back to your truth now or the spiritual 2×4 is going to strike. No fear intended. Some of you are avoiding this truth and do you know what…it comes out. If there is fabrication or deception, I suggest you hide out in the mountains of the Himalayas. Well, not really, it will find you. This is a biggie. If you missed your turn in the road, then I suggest you get back on the road and find it now.

This eclipse takes no prisoners. It is potent and it is truly going to break down the walls you have built around you with old thinking patterns and beliefs. This is a time to STOP and think as to how many of you may be pretending and realize it no longer works. Who of you are just lollygagging through your life right now? That is going to stop too. Now, understand that you may choose to lay back and ponder your life and what the new beginning is. That works. I am speaking about just hanging out and pretending to walk your talk. Again remember it is about integrity. Is your thinking your own or are you just appeasing those around you so you don’t take the leap that is being presented to you? What do you really choose to do? Any hints coming to you? Are you actually paying attention?  Blah, Blah, Blah. I know some of you may think right now that this is a bunch of hogwash. Well, it may be. Some of you know exactly what is coming down. Others are oblivious. You choose your own way to go not someone else’s. Their opinions are a control, right? Do any of you want to leap?  Your Light within is yearning to come out and move through this dark world that you live in. Let it out. Be your truth and stop the pretense.

I bet many of you have found the last few weeks to be a bit shaky. Fuzzy thinking prevailed and so did some intense feelings. Of course, much of what has been going on is dependent on where this eclipse new moon falls in your chart.. Many lies are coming to light. Hidden motivations and distortions are being brought out. Watch how many news items can no longer be covered up anymore. And for goodness sakes stop feeling like a victim. Do something about it already if you feel that way. This is a time to let your ego rest so the truth can be revealed to you. And if you find yourself thinking negative, tell your ego to go to its room for now, and bring yourself back into balance. This is a right thinking time. Ponder. Meditate. Be impeccable with your word.

Venus went retrograde on May 15th. What does that mean for you? It stays in that motion until June 27th. Right now it is at 23 degrees in Gemini. It began in the shadow of the retrograde at 7 degrees Gemini and moves direct at 7 degrees Gemini. I keep mentioning integrity. Well, Venus started with Aldebaron (a fixed star—represents integrity) goes direct near Aldebaron.  So, walk your talk and be in truth now. It is very important to do so. Venus retrograde brings to the table some reevaluation of relationships and how they affect your life. You need to communicate from your heart or it will be a tough ride for awhile. So, dear ones, open your hearts and get out of the dream. The dream is ok if you create a new beginning from it. Mars square the New Moon Eclipse makes for some stress times. That’s why integrity is important. Ok, I sound like a broken record.  Hear what I am saying regarding your need for integrity. Things are shifting and in order to leap, you need to clear out the residue of old hurts and emotional wounds. Relate in a new way to those around you – family, friends, lovers, and in the workplace.

Who is most affected? Those of you who have birthdates or any planets in your chart from 25 degrees Taurus to 5 degrees Gemini will feel it more intensely. All of you need to keep yourself focused and pay attention so you aren’t blindsided by anyone’s action. One more thing-the New Moon Solar Eclipse is seen in places like Japan and Hong Kong, northern California, New Mexico, Colorado and ends in Texas. Will any of these places have big news stories And remember the NATO Summit is in Chicago over the eclipse!

Get ready for a big leap and know that some of you will be quite ready in the next months to begin anew. I send my blessings of joy to you so that wherever this time takes you that it brings you a new perspective. May all of you have an aha moment. Stay safe and until again. Love, Jan

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