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NEW MOON in CANCER, June 27, 2014-Flowing with the dream and creating opportunities!

SCORE!!! The World Cup is taking place and as a soccer aficionado I am enmeshed in it. Many upsets and some strange occurrences have taken place. I am sure there are many Messi and Ronaldo fans out there cheering them on. It is a time that the world comes together for 4 weeks. Even if you are not a big soccer follower, it is an exciting time. One Nation. One Team. GO USA.
And to go off the topic for a moment it is amazing what I found on my car the other morning- chemtrail gunk. Yuk! I have seen it sometimes on the sidewalk near the street but this was a first. They just go on and on.

The energy out there sure is amping up. The fact that Mercury is still retrograde until July 1 has made it a very interesting but crazy few weeks. Has your technology failed you or has there been communication snafus in your life? What have you noticed around you lately? Are the people you know acting out of sorts or just downright unpredictable? The Grand Cross energy has faded a bit but some of you will continue to notice the effects as you progress through the year. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are most affected by the Grand Cross. If your thinking is set in the past and is out of the moment you will find yourself being challenged. The more you resist the more difficult it appears. Many of you fear leaping because you become insecure. Take a chance since it is time to be who you came to be and know that walking another’s path will keep you floating on the sea of confusion and entropy. No forward motion will ever show up. That’s the 4D grind for you. Can the New Moon help you out?

The NEW MOON in CANCER takes place on June 27, 2014 at 4:08am EDT, 1:08am PDT, 10pm Hawaiian Time (June 26) and 9:08am GMT. It is at 5deg37’. New Moon in Cancer is about family matters, nurturing, removing relationships which are toxic, and resolving communication issues. Those of you who have any personal planets and angles ( i.e. Ascendant, Descendant) in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel the effects of the New Moon most intensely. Sun/Moon Cancer loves the familiarity of people, things and places. Comfort zone is a prime place for this Moon. The only thing is that many of those who have cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) Sun and Moon signs are being affected by the Mars/Uranus opposition square Pluto on Thursday, June 26. This has no link to the New Moon. It does indicate watch your words because anything you say may come out wrong with dear old Mercury retrograde in Gemini Believe me that can be it for your relationship or friendship. No pushing anyone in any way, shape or form or they will be gone. Seriously, this is really important. Disruptive energy is the word of the day for June 26. Lots of sensitive souls are around at this New Moon in Cancer.

The New Moon in Cancer also has a positive trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This is quite dreamy and flowing and makes for those who feel in the world of fantasy. It brings out the mood of the moment. Artistic ventures and creative approaches will work well at this time. Poetry anyone? Shall we dance the light fantastic? This New Moon in Cancer is asking you whether you completed something and you now are ready to begin again or take a new direction. As mentioned previously you can state who you are now and stand your ground. Do so in a more flowing way filled with sensitivity. Your soul group will come back into your realm if you allow it. Many of you are with those who have no connecting link anymore to your path in life. You may find yourself feeling isolated again. If so, this New Moon will help create the energy to allow those who are out of your world to come back in with only peace and love. It is your natural soul group. Intend it and open your hearts to who belongs in your realm and release those who no longer resonate. See the changes that take place due to your letting go.

If you have set intentions through the last months and they aren’t working then investigate what is keeping them from manifesting? I remember in the 90s when I was involved in major healing work and I constantly wrote down my intentions. That’s what we did in those days. Manifestation occurred much of the time. It was sometimes a bit different then what was written yet it still occurred. I hear so many of you who would like to manifest your intentions yet are stuck in some kind of cage unable to fully realize your dreams. I suggest you do something I used to do and I am starting to do again…write and burn. You write your New Moon intentions down and put them away until the next Full Moon. On the Full Moon you put the paper in a small metal bowl and burn the paper. When you burn them it like spreading the intentions to the wind to take them where they are to go and bring you back your wishes.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is trine the North Node which gives you the opportunity to get other people to accept your ideas. It all depends where it falls in your chart as to what part of your life it may affect. Speaking of ideas this is a great New Moon to set sail in an artsy way. Promote your ideas because someone may be listening and support your efforts. Innovative thinking gets you going in a new way. This New Moon in Cancer is in my first house of self. What shall I do- change my hairstyle or my approach to others or just nurture myself? This can be fun to watch how it all comes about.

Stay in the moment and flow with the energy of this NEW MOON in Cancer. It can be an exciting time if you keep that disruptive Mars opposition Uranus at bay. Keep away from those cranky folks. Thank you for reading Cosmic Leaping. Until again. Love, Jan

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