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NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in PISCES, MARCH 20, 2015-Letting go leads to rebirth

Are you caught in the madness that surrounds so many of you in the month of March as the teams compete for a NCAA National Championship? I know I am. So many tasks yet I find myself drawn into this energy of competition. As this goes on you may instead be sitting and dreaming in your mind yearning for long lost days of yesteryear. Or do you choose to look through the opening that appears where a new life can begin and a new direction can be taken? The vibration has been rising for months now and if you tune in to the Divine Consciousness your frequency will also rise. It’s time to let It happen and stop the control that you put on yourself and others. Where will you wander as the Solar Eclipse New Moon comes to your life? What goes on as you travel on your journey in the next six months? Reach deep within and your truth will show up if it hasn’t already done so.
As the New Moon Solar Eclipse arrives, your life is changing rapidly. There are some who are still oblivious to this due to past patterns and stuck energy. Since the New Moon is in the last degree it is favorable time for a final release. Take a look at how you allow the old patterns and addictions to take over your life. Which escape route do you travel when things are far from your vision or when an old pattern rears its ugly head? This is a good time to reach into the depths and ask for help from those who can be of service in healing your inner issues unless you choose to do it yourself.
If it has no resonance with your inner truth then let it go. Yes, let it go. Let it go. Let it go.It is like it is your last vision of the past as your leap forward and move through that open door. Oh, I know, it can make you sad. In fact, I am sure many will shed some tears. You are moving into new territory. This is a time of knowing that you and others are all connected in a union of Spirit. The New Moon in Pisces says to you that this is a time to hold others in empathy.
Your faith helps to nourish new growth within so that you can shine on your path. The New Moon Solar Eclipse is in Pisces (Sun and Moon) in 29degrees 27’ at 5:36am EDT, 2:36am PDT, 9:36am GMT today, March 20, 2015. Those who live in the Northern Europe and Arctic regions will be able to view it. Release any old codes and set your new intentions to move forward on your path. And since it is a Solar Eclipse falling less than five days after the Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn l7th square, the energy is quite powerful. Also, Saturn in Sagittarius is trining this New Moon in Pisces which gives you an opportunity to firm up the intention and make a commitment to following through on it. YAY!
Our compassion and lucid dreaming may be emphasized more than usual. Empathy for others is a high point at this time. Reaching deeply for any new artistic avenues can lead to new paths of delight. And those who are looking to heal aspects of the self will choose to do so at this time letting it envelop you in blankets of joy. Pisces is truly swimming both directions to come to a place that is Oneness. And of course, love plays a part in this New Moon Solar Eclipse. Since you and I are intertwined/ deeply connected; this is about the depths of love. You and I are love and love runs through everything. Will you allow that to happen? Otherwise, that is another reason energy becomes stuck. Without love, what is there?
This New Moon takes place about 11+ hours before the Spring Equinox and the Sun goes into Aries. What a grand design! Solar Eclipse New Moons happen in the last degrees infrequently. The next time it is in the last degree of Pisces is in the year 2034. Wow! This is the kind of fact that amazes me.
Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn were in a square for the seventh time on Monday, March 16, 2015. What does it mean? Well, it is definitely a time of freedom versus the big biz/money moguls. Oh, now, know that things haven’t changed yet since Pluto is still winding its way through the business sign of Capricorn. And I think the reason nothing is showing up at this time, aka change, because most of the world are too darn tired to do anything about it. Men aren’t the only drones out there; women have become so entrenched in the work world that life has become Facebook; the Net and other social media, TV and wow, do you even have time to breathe? Most women still hold the lesser jobs not saying that is good or not. Maybe I feel that equal pay would be more amenable and there would be less friction in the male-dominated work world. It matters little to me who does what but why do women have to become like men? It is a major turn-off to the Divine Feminine. Period! Something has to change. Not happening yet but it will do so slowly if those of you wish to have better life situations. Start doing something to change what is going on. That’s my suggestion. And even though I wish ascension would take place, I know it hasn’t done so. Too many stuck in the muck of the past and just keep doing the same thing over and over. LET IT GO!!!!! On a different note: this is also about sacred sex versus porn. Yep!
If you are trying to be heard right now just remember with Jupiter in Leo retrograde there might be too much noise for anyone to really acknowledge what you are trying to communicate. Watch judgements and any blame that may surface in your being. Watch doubts that others may bring up to you. If you need to have an opinion then that’s all it is, an opinion.
The birthdays which are most intensely affected are March 16-March 25; June 16-June 25; September 18-September 26 and December 16-December 25. If you have personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and/or Mars) or your Ascendant (rising sign)/ Descendant are in 26degrees Pisces – 3degrees Aries you will also be affected.
The Vernal Equinox stirs up the courageousness, the risk-taking, the initiative, the sex drive and that warrior within. Use it to your advantage to take a big leap forward. Remember though if the past is still holding you back that is where you will be when the day and night are equal as you march into Aries.
Thank you for reading and please share if you choose. I am most grateful to all of you and I wish you well as you leap into the next part of your life. May you be blessed! Until Again. Jan

NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, January 30, 2014-Magically Manifesting

And the cold weather continues and the sun is finally peeking through. The Olympics at Sochi get ready to begin. I won’t even mention the economy as it stands right now. That will push you right into fear. Oh, by the way, did you ever really look at what they are teaching in our schools—do your children know how to spell, write creatively? I saw someone speak about how third graders have to not argue. What? Do they even know what the Constitution is? Need I say more? The morals and ethical values are being destroyed. One more thing-Pete Seeger died. I bet most of you have no idea who he is. He brought much inspired change to the music venue. And you know what the one thing that irks me these days? Drivers stop when the traffic signal turns green. Have I missed something here?

Can you believe it? You have heard of 2 Full Moons in one month, I am sure. That is called a Blue Moon. This New Moon in Aquarius is the second new moon of the month of January 2014. Do you know that this upcoming February has no new moon? That is quite unusual. If you didn’t take advantage of the New Moon on January 1 then this is a good opportunity for you to step up and do the dance of intention again. The first new moon this month was a bit difficult at times and wasn’t a great time to set intentions as such. It came to me as an additional clearing time which led to the full moon on January 15 which called for more clearing out and releasing. Here’s your second chance to set the leap in motion and magically manifest your desire.

The NEW MOON in AQUARIUS arrives at 4:38pm EST, 1:38pm PST on January 30, 2014 at 10deg55’. It is the rebel with a cause. It is quirky, unconventional and could be on the wild side. Sounds good to me! This Aquarian New Moon can be a bit detached and sometimes a bit difficult to know. The Aquarian Sun can be a technical wizard and quite hard working. It is a visionary to some extent much of the time looking to make it a better place or raising the standard. Are you feeling idealistic? The NEW MOON in Aquarius is sextile (good) to Uranus in Aries which brings unusual or unexpected events to the forefront. If you are looking for originality in any area, this New Moon will support it. Write that unique story/byline or create a different painting then you have done in the past. Compose music with a unique twist. This New Moon sextile Uranus gives you the opening to deeply transform yourself emotionally. Watch for the bright light shining upon your subconscious that brings you more ways to express compassion.

Aquarian moon likes its freedom and may even choose to shock you in order to wake you up. Hey, that can be a good thing! If you personally have an Aquarian moon, oh boy, you sometimes know not how you feel. You look for answers all the time to the point of distraction, and then find yourself doing everything else except paying attention to the main issues. The individuals most affected by this New Moon in Aquarius are Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio 8-14 degrees. If you have personal planets in those signs you will feel it more intensely. There are many of you who ignore the New Moon energy. It opposes my Pluto, uh oh, which tells me to stop obsessing if I begin doing so. New Moon also squares my Mercury in Taurus which says to me that I want to have contact with a partner even if it is a slight argument or I could be quite restless.

Alongside of this New Moon there is a gamut of planetary aspects which may confuse you and cause some chaos. This applies mainly to the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn 8-13 degrees. Venus which has been retrograde in Capricorn goes direct January 31 and is conjunct Pluto during this New Moon time. Venus and Pluto together is very intense. Obsession, power struggles and possessiveness are the keys here. If you have a planet around this conjunction (9-13 degrees Capricorn or any other Cardinal sign) try being detached a bit like the Aquarian New Moon. And if you have an Aquarian moon the better for you to do this.

If you were less than happy with lovers or partners then either it ended or you are ready to move along together with a new plan. Are you ready for reevaluation? Then move along slowly until the end of the Venus retrograde shadow in March. Of course, remember that the following applies until after that: pull back for the next month if thinking about new financial arrangements and please no major love decisions until after March 4. Have you been annoyed by those stepping over the line? I can see why since Venus is about decorum. What happened to good manners? I hear many who have to swear all the time? Is this the new norm? A negative thought form it is and keeps the manifesting at a minimum. Venus in Capricorn is upset. Going back to the finances—anything you do during Venus retrograde may become a money pit. It can pull you right down where you drown in debt. So keep an eye on that budget really close even when Venus is in the shadow until March. This is real now. If you have had reminders of past love affairs and you are finding yourself in a similar situation, then Venus Retrograde is at play. A warning: watch your tongue in the next few days regarding a relationship you are in. You may do more damage than good if you fail to stop carping. You may think what you are doing is appropriate but according to Venus it is not. So pay attention to your words or you will pay the price down the road. Speaking of shadows are you one of those that are afraid of your own shadow? You may choose to ponder this.

Uranus/Pluto square continues and Venus is with it at the moment. Nothing new here but chaos and some resistance to control factors. Main effect is on the same signs I mentioned earlier. Also remember that Mercury turns retrograde on February 6, 2014. It is a time to regroup and look at things that you may have missed before due to stress or haste. Clear out some old clutter and wait to sign those papers. People always ask me why wait to sign. Do you want to have to do it over again because something was forgotten? And those clothes you buy during Mercury retrograde always seem to hang in the closet.

What new seed will you plant this New Moon in Aquarius? What unexpected insight comes to you as you open to creating? Give in to it and rejuvenate while you prepare to leap. My suggestion is a BUDDHA Board- Have you ever used one? It has truly taught me how to live in the moment and it is so much fun. Draw and play like a child and all the stress goes away. What a treat!!! My son gave me one. Is this that little obsession I was talking about? Just kidding!

Have a joyful Chinese New Year which happens near the time of the New Moon in Aquarius. Let the sparkle of your heart reach out to others. Be in your truth and stay in the moment. Thank you all for reading. Until again. Blessings and love, Jan

NEW MOON in LEO, August 6, 2013-Find the Light in your Heart and Let it Shine

Here we go again. Are you so programmed and conditioned that you would rather hear about the threats regarding al Qaeda which are supposedly going to take place in August? Now please understand that this credible threat may be a fear factor to ensure that your joyful month is ruined if you get pulled into it. It makes no sense since according to the “top WH sources” al Qaeda no longer has the capability to do what is being said about it. And then there is the A-Rod circus and impending suspension. Are you being entertained enough? The darkness abounds among us and keeps trying its darndest to regulate, control, restrict and hogtie your ability to see who you really are and how to manifest the best life you can imagine. Did you know that it was Friendship Day on this past Sunday? You can choose the darkness or the joys of life.

How many people around you are confused and out-of-control in their thinking or behavior? Gee whiz, some friendship day it was. And what does this have to do with the NEW MOON in LEO? Well, it certainly shows me some of the more negative traits pertaining to that sign. EGO…EGO…EGO and more EGO. Take a look at your friends and ask yourself how many are true friends. Are they there for you totally, fully, completely? Friends are hard to come by these days. Many in this world have become self-absorbed and see little beyond their own circle of family and associates. So, does your friendship matter? That’s only the tip of the iceberg. A true friend loves you for you not for what you own, think, feel or otherwise. They are there for you no matter what goes on. Be blessed if you have one, maybe two in your lifetime. How would it be without that individual or two in your life? I celebrate you and your true friends.

The NEW MOON in LEO occurs Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 5:51pm EDT in 14 degrees 25’. This NEW MOON truly gives you the ability to take a risk and open to an opportunity that may present itself right in the hour that the New Moon takes place. From 5:21pm EDT to 6:21pm EDT is a prime time. So keep your eyes open and if there is something you truly wish upon a star to happen, then go for it, intend it and watch what happens. The timeframe is very short so do pay attention. The NEW MOON in LEO is about childlike play, creative activities and lots of applause. Find your enthusiasm and make it infectious for others to join in whatever you are doing. This dynamic energy will light up your chart in whichever house it occurs. Begin your dream right now at this time. Reach out and connect to whom you need to speak. Allow the love to flow from your heart to that special someone. Do it now at this time. See the difference you make in someone’s life. If you need to change something, now is the time to do so. How will you incorporate the energy from this NEW MOON in LEO? Will you choose to be having fun, being generous, magnanimous, confident, warm and caring or will you let your ego run the show? This is a perfect time to intend and do it right then and see how you can change your life for the better. August 8 into August 9 is a very beneficial time for creating something new.

When the Full Moon takes place in 2 weeks it may be shortly after that you see the results of your intentions. Open your eyes to see what it is showing you. A bit of a bummer though- Chiron inconjuncts (150 deg.) the SUN/MOON in Leo. The Sun may not seem to shine as brightly at this time since Chiron is asking you to adjust something. The rays may be a bit dimmer but things are still moving on. Perhaps you will see the need to adjust something in order to create more flow. No hesitation please. Just make that adjustment and walk through it.

NEW MOON in LEO is perfect for enhancing romantic relationships. Stop hiding behind the door and reach out to your lover, partner. It is such a special time so remember to use this energy wisely. If you are expanding a creative enterprise please know that it can bring you many accolades if you rev it up now. Or if you are just beginning a new creative project, let the magic flow and you will notice that many are interested in your workings. You can shine in whatever you do with this New Moon. Go for it. Be a Leo for the next 24 hours and be the star you were meant to be. Remember that NEW MOON in LEO loves to dance. Tango anyone?

If you are a Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus with planets from 12 degrees to 19 degrees of those signs, you will feel this NEW MOON in LEO more intensely and significantly. Those of you who have planets in those signs will also feel some effect. With Mercury coming into Leo on Thursday, August 8, you will find yourself able to persuade and convince others more at this time. There is a truly great trine from retrograde Uranus to the New Moon. Expecting a declaration of love, dear one, you may get it. What about a big surprise…good possibility. Enjoy your life and go out and party. This New Moon conjuncts my progressed ascendant. Is this a new look or new way to communicate or maybe just getting my message out there? I need to watch for being too sensitive. Really?

This is a time to shine your light like any Leo does. Let the love come forth fully from within your heart so others feel it. This is a time of authenticity. You are the star of your galaxy and show people your heartfelt truth. Uranus trine the New Moon as I said earlier will help to wake up some of you from your slumber. Just a reminder that Uranus still squares Pluto and that will try to drag you into a hassle if you allow it to do so. There is still much calm and flowing going on, so stop the disruption before it gets a grip on your life.

Before I sign off I would like to share a short meditation from the Lakota Sweat Lodge cards. “I release myself into the moment, into the flow of time, events, cycles and emotions and I find grace and fertile ground along the way. Leave the past behind and take only that which will nurture your future creatively.”
May your blessings be many! Have a glorious NEW MOON time. Until again. Love, Jan

NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS, December 13, 2012- A New Direction

Are you leaping yet? What’s holding you back? It is 12/12/12 and there is much shifting going on within us if we allow our mind, body and spirit to open to it. Will you and I do that? The stars are in reach beginning now. Will you reach for them or will you stay in the quicksand of yesterday? You know that the New Moon is tomorrow and before I get there I will say this. In my own life I felt really in a murky place about a week ago and I decided that being in that mood, which has been reflecting many around me, is the pits. I now give it up. No matter what, life is really on my side and it can be on your side too. What the rest of the world does is their choice. I know deep inside of me that if I choose to be in the joy place, I will shift and be present to who I really am and what I am here to do. And that means you too can leap in a big way walking through the junk that is thrown at you and let it go. My turning point came the other day and I have no idea where it is leading me but I am fully, completely and totally onboard. Join me and see how your life can change.

The NEW MOON in Sagittarius is at 21degrees 45’ on December 13, 2012 at 3:43 am EST. After the last two eclipses this is a regular lunation. Since Sagittarius is a Fire sign the quick to do it is at hand. Rushing into things and flying away into a new venture is likely part of this New Moon. Sagittarius is fun-loving and adventurous but can be a bit sensitive at times. Optimism and highspirtedness are the keynotes.  So this New Moon is taking us on a ride to new possibilities and a different direction.  Sagittarians can talk anyone into anything most of the time because they tend to inspire and excite but those Earth and Water signs will tend to hold back if pressured too much. If your birthday falls on December 13 plus or minus 5 days then you will find changes that will give you big opportunities in the new year, Just remember Sagittarians that December 14 will help you be at your creative best due to the Mercury /Uranus aspect. Take advantage of the highest thinking because Mercury is pulling out of the retrograde shadow also.

The New Moon is about looking for new ways to take leaps but much patience is in the mix. Oh, I know, that word is like a bad one to some of you. Sometimes, it just reeks. Yet, that is what is needed at this time. This is also about asking yourself just what are you willing to sacrifice for those big dreams that are on hold.  Now is the time to get excited about any new plans you may have recently thought about and share them with others and get them on board also. Lilith asteroid is conjunct Jupiter in Gemini which says to me that women are militant with its trine to Eris but it can also mean there is an insatiable desire for a sexual interaction.  Jupiter also is at the apex of the Yod with Saturn sextile Pluto. Jupiter still has those big dreams and Saturn can help reach them. If you are feeling in your shadow energy, then make it conscious and look at what is really riling you up. Can you do that? Wouldn’t that be a breakthrough of some sorts if you can actually admit that so and so makes you really upset. Wherever the Yod is pointing in your chart is where the shadow is in this Yod. Mine is in my 12th house and has Saturn and Pluto sextile from the 5th to the 7th house. Something in a relationship is bringing out a past shadow. On the other hand I already feel the Saturn support has brought me to a new inspired awakening.  It can also indicate for you that a counselor type will help you figure out about the shadow and how to walk through it.

Watch out then early in the day for some unexpected event or otherwise. Uranus goes direct in Aries at 4 degrees 36’ and trines Mercury.  Wherever it falls in your chart will be the area that there may be a surprise or could be exciting news.  New Moon is also trine Eris asteroid which brings to the table a kind of eccentric behavior in someone or yourself yet the mystical aura is present and others are pulled to you without knowing why. This can also bring to the forefront mediumship. Don’t forget that Uranus is still square Pluto and continues to bring about the tearing down of old to allow the new to surface in unexpected ways.

Venus goes into Sagittarius later Saturday and then squares Neptune. Watch illusions around a relationship because it may seem dreamy but the disappointments can show up sooner than later. Watch that movie instead.  Be cautious of jumping into a new interaction presently because it may be something that will pull you into the seedy side of life. 

So where will you let this New Moon take you. What new direction will appear in your life? Has it already shown up? Anyone of you who has a planet on or within 5 degrees of the New Moon energy will be affected more intensely. The signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Soon the light returns and the days begin to get longer. Winter solstice is near and so is the tipping point for possible changes on 12/21/12. We all await to see the direction it takes us. Thank you for your support. If you wish to be reminded when a new post is published, do click on follow on the main page and you will be notified. Many blessings and warm wishes for those who celebrate Hanukkah. Until again. Love, Jan.

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