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FULL MOON in TAURUS, November 6, 2014- What really matters to you?

This is a time for shadow dancing. And it brings about the flow between holding on and letting go. It is so dark already at 5:30 pm in the Eastern US that I want to just curl up and read or do absolutely nothing. Reminds me of the bears in the north woods except I don’t think they read. Laugh. I have to put on every light in the house to actually see how dusty it is. I am going back to my book. Nothing has changed in the world in the past two weeks except the elections and I do believe there are some of those in power who may be hanging on the edge. Well, is this actually something new? Doubt it! Radiation is killing the small whales in the Pacific. According to the Washington Post article there will soon be apps for your Smartphone that can tell you someone is lying. Oh joy! Invasion of the emotion-snatchers are on their way. And now the Full Moon is almost upon us.

The Full Moon may be visible as you gaze into the sky tomorrow, November 6, 2014 around 5:22pm EST, 2:22PST and 10:22 GMT (In the Eastern PA region it calls for rainy weather). The FULL MOON is in TAURUS at 14 degrees 29’ with the Sun being in Scorpio. As I mentioned in the opening words there is holding on (Taurus) and letting go (Scorpio) in aspect here. Which do you choose as the energy comes upon you? The Taurus Full Moon energy is a grounded into the Earth and stable whereas the Scorpio Sun is opposite and will destroy that which is no longer working. As the New Moon Eclipse (from 2 weeks ago) energy lessens, it asks you to continue cutting away the debris and the energy drains which have been present in your life. The New Moon energy that will be around for a few more months says it has been time to reveal what has to die to be renewed. So, has it touched your comfort zone? Have you felt like running away from your internal workings, thoughts, feelings? If you have already let go then most likely there is just some residue which has to be burned out and transformed. The tone of that New Moon continues forward.

As the Full Moon appears in the sky it will ask you to reach deep within and see what you really value? What matters to you at this time and as you walk forward? Will you allow the shadows pull you deep down into the abyss? This may be a good thing to let happen since this is a time to find your power within and transmuting those fears that are present. What needs to be let go so you can finally take a big leap forward. Notice what no longer works for you. The Sun and Venus are together in Scorpio so the FULL MOON is saying relationships may be affected. Look at what needs to be addressed so that new beginnings can take place in an appropriate timeframe.

Have you been looking at what you truly desire in your life? Do you feel stable enough to examine that which has no meaning anymore; that which has outworn its presence in your life? Dig deep within to unearth the shadow that holds on and holds you back. As you do this you find yourself honoring you as you truly are and your self-worth expands and comes forth with a surge. You are true to you. You value yourself totally. As you value yourself the energy creates a magnetic energy which brings those to you who are helpful and joyful and your ability to manifest may appear. If you refuse to open to the self-worth then you become stuck in the mud instead of flying with the help of the Scorpio eagle. The swan glides along peacefully as it lets the energy mesh with its own. That is what it asks you to do. Burn away the sludge, the muck of the shadow at this time and you will see relationships change for the better and those no longer to be, dissolve. Also any issues with others will come to the surface so you can transform your thoughts and feelings about them. Once you do this you value yourself and are able to transform yourself on your path for the next leap.

Along with the Full Moon energy a few days later on November 10, 2014 Mars and Pluto in Capricorn are together (conjunct) and it trines the Full Moon in Taurus. If you don’t have a partner at the moment I suggest you use all that very intense energy to open up your urges to be creative in art or music. Otherwise you will find yourself lashing out at someone and it will not be too pretty. Do take advantage of this momentary madness. Another Dali or Beethoven may emerge. The Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn with planets between 7 degrees and 15 degrees will be affected. Also Mercury which has been in direct motion leaves the shadow on November 10. This means that it no longer has contact with the planets it touched in retrograde motion. Communication becomes clearer. Watch on November 12 for Mars square Uranus. Can be a bit electric charged energy hanging about. Venus is conjunct Saturn on the 12th so kiss and make-up if there has been any tension. It can be a truly healing moment with Mars sextile Chiron in Pisces also involved.

Are you ready to transmute the shadow and value yourself and all those things that matter to you so that the big leap can lead you in a new direction in a relationship or on your life path? Sometimes it takes a wound so deep to give you an opportunity to open up to your gifts and talents. Keep that in mind as you meander the path in the brightness of the FULL MOON in Taurus.

Those of you who are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius with personal planets or angles between 9 and 18 degrees of those signs will be most intensely affected. I have the Full Moon in the 12th house trine my moon in Capricorn and conjunct my Sun in Taurus. Dreams may be filled with messages that reveal inherent talents that can help others. Some interesting unexpected new beginnings may show up.
Are you ready to leap? It may happen unexpectedly. Pay attention. Stay authentic. Be open and ready to receive. May you all be blessed! Thank you for your support. Until again. Love, Jan

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NEW MOON IN TAURUS-April 21, 2012 – Sensitivity and Heating Up the Senses

Well dear ones, I am all taxed out. This is a very exciting season now that Spring has finally arrived here in the Eastern US. The Sun went into Taurus today, April 19 at 12:12pm EDT. What a difference in the energy in the first hour. The Moon joins the Taurus Sun at 1deg 35min. on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 3:18am EDT. So, get yourself ready for this important and powerful NEW MOON at that time. It is so beautiful and great for taking walks in nature and truly getting in touch with your senses and physical being and all your own resources upon which to draw. Are you feeling worthy? If not, this is a great period to work on self-worth. And since Taurus can bring out your stubbornness, maybe a bit more flexibility would help in those areas that may feel burdensome and stuck. This is a very beneficent trend. Do take advantage of these good aspects in the next few weeks. The NEW MOON is trine to Mars in Virgo and widely trine to Pluto in Capricorn. The energy flows with these aspects. And even though it flows it still speaks of taking your time. Forget the impulsiveness. Taurus likes to plod along. Take the hint and do so. Soon the fence gate will open widely and whoosh there you go riding that race horse, ever so fast. DEEP BREATH!

This energy from the NEW MOON is about the senses, the good things in life. Since it is in Taurus how about thinking of the senses in relation to your daily living and how much you are worthy. Set the table with delicious, tasty food and as you look out you see nature at its most beautiful. Then tune into some deep musical sounds which bring out the feeling of fine laces or linens and smell the fragrances of your life. That is part of what the Taurean influence is about. And of course, in that moment, there may be some conversation but it is so sporadic and light. Just be. This is a moment to stay out of the drama of others. Did you hear that????And you know they want to pull you right in. Yes, they do. Are you going to allow it? Puhleese! And for goodness sakes, all those ideas you have, stop sharing them with everyone you come in contact with. Wait until they are fully developed and then do it. And remember to include your partner in the sharing. There can be very pleasurable moments if you allow them to happen since this is a VERY sexy New Moon. The energy gives out sensitive feelings yet has much heat. There is a Moon /Ceres underlying aspect- watch that temper.

What resources (this is more than money I speak of) can you offer to others that are yours alone to give? Is there something that is picking up in momentum in your life now? Are you truly on your path doing your life’s work? (Ok, some of you may be stuck…and only you know the answer as to why) And those of you who have found your niche, your calling, your purpose, commit to it and move fully into it.

This New Moon is about riches. Do you realize (real eyes) that if you think and know deep inside that you are rich, you will manifest it? This is a powerful, RICH NEW MOON. Allow the golden opportunity to manifest in your life. Riches are more than about finances. Riches include all things that create abundance and prosperity in your life. This is about your own ability to create the riches that you may choose to share with others through a variety of avenues. Are you worthy of the riches that are flowing to you? Will you allow them to come into your life? What magnificence! Are you ready to leap?

Along with the New Moon in Taurus the planet Venus is in Gemini and this is a flirtatious and light aspect. No heaviness in conversation. It will dampen the mood. Fun times abound for those who choose them. This is no time to address any serious issues in relationships. And those who have Venus in Gemini in their charts like to deflect the serious issues constantly.

BUT the energy is getting better for reevaluation of relationships in your life. Any fears that linger at this time can be addressed and you can go deep to really clear them out. Are you courageous enough to take that leap into doing this so your true self can emerge?

There is much going on in the background right now. The Earth is crying out, whether you can believe that or not. And since Taurus is an Earth sign, who knows what comes in the next few weeks. Earthquakes are becoming more frequent in certain areas and the volcano in Mexico is spewing out much steam the last week. Fukushima is in a dangerous condition. Had enough fear. I thought so. Now do you understand what I am saying? Fear does nothing except makes you feel old and drains your energy. Stop the fear. Work on YOU. GO within and find out what YOU have to offer and then do it. The media is continuing to create havoc with race issues and political race issues and I guess I can be funny and say races are coming soon at the Derby. Ok, so I was being funny dear ones. Laugh already. One laugh will touch someone who will laugh and it will continue to grow. Wouldn’t that be an interesting phenomenon if everyone laughed instead of shouting out angrily? It might even begin to change the energetic so the vibrations elevate. Look within dear ones. You are being distracted by superficiality of those around you who wish to stay in a state of entropy. Lots of fear is still around. No one can change anything unless you choose to change yourself. And please keep the negatives out of your communication with others. Mars trine the New Moon will help any situation resolve itself for the hest since Mars just went direct. Are you intending to leap?

Set your intentions with writing a check to yourself for an unlimited amount signed by the Highest Being or make a collage of things that you choose to manifest this NEW MOON. What are you waiting for? Sending many blessings, peace and joy. Until again. Thank you for your support. Love, Jan

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