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NEW MOON in CANCER, July 15/16 2015 – Positive changes occur with compassionate approach

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How many of you are stuck in the illusion and continue to resist change? Well, change is on the brink for most of you out there. And as you get anxious and go back into that old pattern of being fearful, how about instead you look at change as positive? Change in the world today is being accepting of the present. The past has been dead for years yet for some of you it envelops you until you see only the minutiae of life. This is coming to the forefront in relationships, home life, business interactions and in whatever else you are involved. It looks like those Pisces individuals are pretty safe this time around to escape the rough and ready effect.

Before I take a look at what the New Moon is telling us this month let’s scour the news and see where it is going. Pluto probe is ready to land today. DARPA (a government agency) at their conference were now discussing how they are undertaking experiments to control fear and anxiety in soldiers. They are using a kind of technology to do this. Whoa! Then there was a red alert from HAARP regarding areas of the US and Japan and there were two earthquakes off of Honshu area today. Was that a HAARP effect? If you are big on social media then US Senate votes on July 15 re: requiring social media to report any suspicious activity to the Feds. Watch what you say dear ones, it’s getting more controlling. And speaking of which, that control goes full frontal with the New Moon’s energy.

The NEW MOON in CANCER (Sun in Cancer also) arrives on July 15, 2015 at 9:24 pm EDT; 6:24 pm PDT; and 1:24 am GMT (July 16, 2015) at 23 degrees 14’. This is about home life, personal life and also facing the changes that come about due to the energy of this lunation. How will you respond to various unexpected influences that pop up in your realm? It is time to look at all those old past patterns that keep any stagnation in your life in place. Do you really choose to exist in a time and place that no longer serves your Divine purpose? Will you choose to break through those habits and once and for all decide where you choose to be and walk through that door so that your soul can thrive? Where does your soul wish to be rooted?

Uranus is square (conflict) this NEW MOON in Cancer. How will this affect your interactions with others? Do you intend to respond to anyone who unnerves you with anger or irritation? Or can you reach within and go with the flow and just be in the moment and take nothing personal. If something arises that does a number on you emotionally how will you resolve it? Will you do so or will you be resistant to the energy that is saying forgiveness may be needed at this time. As this crazy-making may occur it will take a certain amount of courage and being in the now to break through the barriers which prevent you from walking through it. It is time to do this once and for all, so that when times get more volatile as the months progress, you will at least have that supportive factor to diffuse any unforeseen happenings. The main thing right now to remember is how you will respond to any adversity or emotional outburst will be the only thing you can control in the coming months. Impatience and criticism does not work.

Mars is in Cancer also is a quite wide conjunct to the NEW MOON. It is opposed Pluto in Capricorn at this time also. You men out there may be feeling trapped at some point. And this configuration brings out a time that old wounds, hurts, and power struggles can be brought from the depths and finally resolved and healed. For those who need to do this, it is a wise move to do so at the time of the New Moon energy. Just as weeds grow around plants and you pull them out, these issues will continue to resurface until you dig deep for the root cause and pull it out. Mercury in Cancer is afflicted by Saturn, Mars and Pluto just as Venus was recently. Watch your words now. Manifestation will take place for most of you instantly. Saturn in Scorpio conflicts Venus in 29 degrees Leo on July 18. Patch those relationships that are impaired now. If nothing else, look at the why it is off-track and decide how to resolve the issue even if you cannot address it immediately.

On a more positive note Venus and Jupiter are still together in Leo but Venus goes retrograde on July 26 until September 5.which tells you that you will want to look at anything that prevents you from healing wounds in relationships. Someone you love may resurface and it is time to forgive if the wounds still linger. It will be very favorable if that is done. Since Venus retrograde speaks of having compassion in the situation that has arisen, keep that in mind so that healing can take place. Saturn, Pluto and Neptune are also retrograde. It is truly time to reevaluate and let go. Remove the stuck beliefs that hinder the destiny that is yours. It is your destiny and has nothing to do with anyone else in your life. Life will change shortly.

Here are some tidbits for your sun signs and rising signs. (You should read both.)

Aries- Let go of the stress already. It is time for more harmony in your life. Look for a new start. Stop the tension already.

Taurus- Get rid of old perceptions. Follow your own ideas and tap your inner riches and stop listening to everyone else. You know what you need, they do not.

Gemini- Don’t let a financial situation keep you stuck. You will know what to do. It is time to take a leap. You will know when to do this.

Cancer –Let go of the past baggage and go in that new direction. Stop controlling.

Leo- Past memories surface when an outburst occurs. Clear them out. Stop suppressing your emotions. You have to let go to move forward.

Virgo- Watch for emotional drama at this new moon. It is time to connect with new friends and make new contacts. Act with optimism

Libra- It is time to do what you truly want to do. Be open to new possibilities. What’s keeping you back? It looks like home and family. Break patterns and new path arises.

Scorpio- Reach beyond your comfort zone. Get out of your self-made prison and clear out the past fully. Pay attention to home life and finances.

Sagittarius – Get of your self-made prison and do a cleansing of the past completely. You rise up from the ashes through the new moon energy. Pay attention to finances and relationships.

Capricorn – A time for clear and honest communication. Make decisions with a loving heart. Relationships/finances move forward if you stay in this mode. Fears no longer control you.

Aquarius- Anything can happen. Major change is in order. This needs to happen in work or health. Whatever needs improvement can now be addressed. New possibilities come out.

Pisces –.What keeps you back? You think you lack resources to do what you choose. Success is yours. Be authentic and know that it is time to do what you really love to do. A leap is yours.

Have a blessed New Moon time. Stay in the moment. Clear out old beliefs so new directions can emerge. Share if you choose. Thank you for reading. Until again. Love, Jan

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