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Happy Valentine’s Day 2019/ Venus-What’s love got to do with it?

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Happy Valentine’s Day! How deep is the love within your heart? Love comes around to most of you at some time in your life. Do you go with the feeling or do you fear it? Some of you dislike yourselves so much that when you think you love you create dissension between you and your partner because you are fearful of commitment or expressing your truth to another. Many say hate is the opposite of love. Nope, Fear is. And once that fear is conquered the love you hide so deeply within can emerge and light up your life.

As this Valentine’s Day comes in the news continues to spew hatred and discontent. How many of you are caught in this energy that destroys your own ability to love unless you jump off the bandwagon. Do you really think that what you feel is love by hating anything? What throws your fear into high gear when you do not get your way? The hate covers up the fear and therefore how does love even play into your life? If someone else loves you fear it and then the hatred shows up. Oh my, a cycle of craziness. Would it not be a grand thing to look within and see what it is that this hate is about? And on a deeper level you are afraid to love and this is about being free within.

I look out there and see so many stating men are at fault. Well, sweet pea if you don’t have men you would not be here. Oh, I know eventually many of you will support the total in the lab creation of humans so men and women have no contact. Yet you go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day pretending to love someone. I feel in this year of 2019 that many have a dislike to loving at all. Is that you? Why would it even matter to me? Because without love what is there?

Through many years I have witnessed this craziness. You dislike this, you dislike that. Why? How do you feel when you feel no love? Do you even know what it feels like to love? When you have gone within and felt the deep pull of you heart and shared it with others that may be love. Or it may be a deep knowing that you are in balance that the world around sings to you. What caused this lack of self-esteem that you have created? And how does love feel to you? I would like to hear from you in the comments or a private message. Thanks.

Venus has much to do with how you love and what attracts you. That is just a start to the love cycle in your chart and when you compare it to another. When I was in college I came home for the weekend not too long before I would graduate and my mother said I need to understand other people. And I looked at her – huh? She went into a deep explanation about to get along in life one must be able to read others so that one can get along and learn to love each other. Ok, Mom, I know you are psychic and I know you do this. No, Janice, you need to read this basic astrology book and understand. Oi vey! So I did eventually and then after I was married she gave me another one that she underlined and added names. EEK! Yep, and it all started way back when and I just cannot get away from it. She saw something I did not at that time. So, as I got married and had children I read and studied and read and studied and in-between all else I read and studied. And to this day I want to throw it away, yet I still do the same. And love showed up once I began to understand myself and others. You do not need to know astrology to love but in my life that helped me get to the fear within so I could attract the love to me.

Looking around the Net I see many ways to check for compatibility between you and your newly found attraction. How does your Venus and Mars stack up with his or hers? Well, that is ok on some level yet I feel that one has to have more than compatibility. What are the Sun signs involved. Very basic it is. Ok, it is a place to start but do you really think that if you base your love life on just the Sun signs that you will find the love of your life? No. In my case when I first met my late husband I knew he and I had some good aspects but his Sun was incompatible with mine and I guess I could have just walked away. I got to know him and saw that we had many things in common including an independent outlook which was a really strong basis for our partnership. Our commitment to each other was real. At times the intense part of the connection became a heated discussion yet the interconnectedness of the energy kept us going. There was a spark that came out when all else disappeared and kept the light glowing. We had to learn and grow and I loved the challenge and he hid from it. That was the issue. Fear on his part at times. I energized him and he supported my endeavors. Love was the commitment to follow through no matter what went on. And our love of humor held the bond intact.

So, what does love have to do with it for you or me or anyone else? Astrology has many ways of telling you what can occur in a relationship. Some believe it, some do not. That is ok. I find that at times I just go with my gut about what is going on in a relationship and by doing so when I look at the chart it supports my feelings. It is not just about the planets that I take into consideration regarding a relationship. There are lots of asteroids, fixed stars and the like which have an effect. Would I follow the general compatibility interpretation? Not really. If that was the case I would never have married my husband since there were a few difficult aspects that stood out. And our basic sun signs were supposedly incompatible along with a volatile aspect between Mars and Pluto.  Astrology to me in my heart and mind gives me clues as to what I do have to work on together and how well I interact on many different levels with a partner. Venus, as I said is a main player, and will give you some kind of basis for how you approach love. Look up your Venus and see what it says about how you love and how your interest loves. If you do not know, then ask me in the comments and I will let you know. Venus is currently in Capricorn. Here are just a few fun tidbits about Venus in the signs:

Venus in Aries – They look for trouble in love. They love to be worshipped. Competitive they are. They love to have their faces touched.  They can be aggressive and want to be number 1.

Venus in Taurus – They are collectors. They love the good life. They love to cuddle more than most. Love pleasure and good food. And they probably marry for security. Dynamic music!

Venus in Gemini – They need good talk then they are hooked. Love to kiss. They like refinement. Can be jealous – more often than not. Likes variety. They like changes in relating.

Venus in Cancer – They so love care and feeding. Dislike ridicule. They love to get regular cards and E cards. Terrified of rejection. Love mementos. Way to heart is through the stomach.

Venus in Leo – Get their attention by laughing at their jokes. Praise is important. Love backrubs. Love lively companions and good cuisine. Act like a millionaire or rock star to get them looking.

Venus in Virgo – You know they love you if they pick on you. They like the together look. Men like the models; women like the workaholics. They want to do it all for you. Love serving you.

Venus in Libra – They love to spoil you. Will do just about anything for you. Forget taking out the trash. Love to do everything together. Easy life they want. Do they love you or trendy friends?

Venus in Scorpio- They dislike aloneness. They love depth and craziness. Love mysteries and secrets. Loyalty is important to them. And do not snoop around in their stuff. Detached at times!

Venus in Sagittarius – Love and romance are a game to them. Adventure calls. You never know what they will do. Magical!. Blurting out the truth. Have a strong code of honor. Love changes.

Venus in Capricorn- If you can act like a chambermaid or a polished executive that is good. Can be mercenary. They are a bit frosty. Love lots of kisses but no one else knows that. Likes to be useful.

Venus in Aquarius- Seems to have to try harder than others. Could be a cold fish. Faithful from habit not heart. Some do not like the romance thing. They show their love in funny ways.

Venus in Pisces – Tell them you love them and do not forget. They see God in you. The best place for Venus. They sacrifice for you. Keep to the ideals and they stay forever. Do not-bye.

How appropriate- As I am writing this post a ladybug landed on my upper back. It tells me to live life fully in the now. We must let go of our fears and go back to our roots, to love. Trust in the universe and have faith so that we get over ourselves, our egos, and allow life to take its course going with the flow. Thank you dear ones for reading and sharing. Keep love in your heart. Wizards Within back on air February 20 2019. Blessings, Until again, Love, Jan



NEW MOON in GEMINI, JUNE 8, 2013 -Talk is Cheap without Feelings

Hello everyone. Hope you are celebrating all the good things in your life today. Life has been speeding by and the NEW MOON in BEMINI is upon us. It arrives on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 11:56am EDT at 18 degrees. What ideas do you have that you can turn into reality? This is a time of a sharp and focused mind. Can you make it happen? As we allow the New Moon energy to unfold remember that there are clouds of debris that still are scattered around you and within you from the past and since the eclipse cycle is still prominent from the last 6 weeks, I ask you to let go. Before I continue with the New Moon, I have to tell you that last night I was a guest on “Unseen World” which is found on Blogtalk Radio. It was a grand experience to talk about how the eclipses are affecting all of us. Linda, the host and Jean, the co-host were such a joy and I am so grateful for their love and support.

The NEW MOON in Gemini is about connections and in the astrological chart represents the 3rd house. It is how you communicate and connect with others. It is about learning and Gemini is about siblings. TALK and more TALK is what is going on here.

New Moon in Gemini conjunct Jupiter brings to you lots of ideas and ways to move them up a level to become a reality It is time to focus on the prime purpose of the idea in order to do so. On the other hand some of you may be experiencing some belligerence because Mercury (ruler of Gemini) which is in Cancer right now is in a T-square (90 degrees) with Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn). This T-square has a deep effect on those whose birthdays are December 28-January 7; March 27-April 7; and June 30-July 8. But helping out this ongoing T-square is the trine (this is where you help each other) between Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Let’s keep the Light shining upon that trine energy instead of being pulled into the T-square. And if a tug of war of words finds a way into your life, refuse to enter into battle. It is trying to change something and it will if you watch it and allow it to make changes. Otherwise it can create chaos and change comes in ways that are unpredictable.

And life is unpredictable enough lately with tornados sweeping through the Midwest and earthquakes occurring on a regular basis in many places around the world. Do you feel good about the drones flying through your neighborhood, if not, they will be soon enough, or the GMOs in your food in the USA or the upcoming healthcare craziness? Is your life on TILT??? I believe the world is about to be! And the economy…that would be a discussion for a long time. Just pay attention because there is a big illusion out there and some are still walking in that deceptive world. The Pluto square Uranus will continue to have an effect upon many things into next year.

Communication is big at this NEW MOON in Gemini and it is the mirror in your life. Gemini represents the male/female aspects of yourself and how you are thinking at this time. You have the facts but how do you go beyond this in your thought processes? Feelings must be brought to the thinking within. That is what the eclipse was trying to tell you. Can you do that? Once the feeling comes and you go beyond the thought you can then understand. Right? NEW MOON is trine the asteroid Juno who rules committed relationships. There should be a flow of good communication between your partners and lovers. Many energies have come into play at this New Moon which bring about new ways of thinking about your relationships. Have you noticed how some of you have transcended the hive mind and aren’t pulled into the illusion anymore? And then there are those who choose to ignore the truth.

Mars in Gemini is usually energetic but he seems to be squashed in by the inconjunct to Saturn in Scorpio. Mars is scattering energy left and right and just is not himself. What a drag it is! This is right on my North Node telling me to pull it together already. Yeah right…how could I when I think I have something done, another thing comes along and keeps piling up. Oh my. Mars is unhappy. I want to go full speed on my path and old Saturn is saying adjust these things first. UGH!

The next couple days are quite romantic for those who have the opportunity to cuddle! Venus in Cancer is bringing you an idealistic and realistic flavor to relationships. Some of you feel a need to put down roots with the magical effect taking place now. You are seeing the best in people but you need to watch for impulsive moves. And some of you may ask how to keep the flame burning when there is vague or little communication.

The New Moon in Gemini also is in difficult aspect to Chiron. Oh no, those words can wound. Be careful now with how you express yourself because you will be writing notes of apology down the road. And with Uranus a sharp retort can land you into a messy argument. Stay cool.

The eclipse energy is still in effect. Know that the past no longer serves you. What you choose now in your life will be the deciding factor that will fill your future. Letting go is the bottomline. Those of you who resist the flow are only creating negatives in your lives. You are here to live your purpose and anything that is not connected to your depths will be gone along with the illusions. You will feel calmness this summer and you will tend to roll with the rapids. The big testing ground will appear in the Fall of this year. Group consciousness is growing. You will begin to see how your subconscious has created your life by following the behavior of the culture. There are new ways to relate now. Feelings do matter. Bring them to all actions. Please PAY ATTENTION and keep your eye on the ball otherwise you may get hit.

Remember that song from “Flash Dance” about taking your passion and making it happen. Just might want to take the passion and bring it to all those actions this time around. Have a great New Moon in Gemini and thank you for your support. May you be blessed. Until again. Love, Jan

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