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NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, January 30, 2014-Magically Manifesting

And the cold weather continues and the sun is finally peeking through. The Olympics at Sochi get ready to begin. I won’t even mention the economy as it stands right now. That will push you right into fear. Oh, by the way, did you ever really look at what they are teaching in our schools—do your children know how to spell, write creatively? I saw someone speak about how third graders have to not argue. What? Do they even know what the Constitution is? Need I say more? The morals and ethical values are being destroyed. One more thing-Pete Seeger died. I bet most of you have no idea who he is. He brought much inspired change to the music venue. And you know what the one thing that irks me these days? Drivers stop when the traffic signal turns green. Have I missed something here?

Can you believe it? You have heard of 2 Full Moons in one month, I am sure. That is called a Blue Moon. This New Moon in Aquarius is the second new moon of the month of January 2014. Do you know that this upcoming February has no new moon? That is quite unusual. If you didn’t take advantage of the New Moon on January 1 then this is a good opportunity for you to step up and do the dance of intention again. The first new moon this month was a bit difficult at times and wasn’t a great time to set intentions as such. It came to me as an additional clearing time which led to the full moon on January 15 which called for more clearing out and releasing. Here’s your second chance to set the leap in motion and magically manifest your desire.

The NEW MOON in AQUARIUS arrives at 4:38pm EST, 1:38pm PST on January 30, 2014 at 10deg55’. It is the rebel with a cause. It is quirky, unconventional and could be on the wild side. Sounds good to me! This Aquarian New Moon can be a bit detached and sometimes a bit difficult to know. The Aquarian Sun can be a technical wizard and quite hard working. It is a visionary to some extent much of the time looking to make it a better place or raising the standard. Are you feeling idealistic? The NEW MOON in Aquarius is sextile (good) to Uranus in Aries which brings unusual or unexpected events to the forefront. If you are looking for originality in any area, this New Moon will support it. Write that unique story/byline or create a different painting then you have done in the past. Compose music with a unique twist. This New Moon sextile Uranus gives you the opening to deeply transform yourself emotionally. Watch for the bright light shining upon your subconscious that brings you more ways to express compassion.

Aquarian moon likes its freedom and may even choose to shock you in order to wake you up. Hey, that can be a good thing! If you personally have an Aquarian moon, oh boy, you sometimes know not how you feel. You look for answers all the time to the point of distraction, and then find yourself doing everything else except paying attention to the main issues. The individuals most affected by this New Moon in Aquarius are Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio 8-14 degrees. If you have personal planets in those signs you will feel it more intensely. There are many of you who ignore the New Moon energy. It opposes my Pluto, uh oh, which tells me to stop obsessing if I begin doing so. New Moon also squares my Mercury in Taurus which says to me that I want to have contact with a partner even if it is a slight argument or I could be quite restless.

Alongside of this New Moon there is a gamut of planetary aspects which may confuse you and cause some chaos. This applies mainly to the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn 8-13 degrees. Venus which has been retrograde in Capricorn goes direct January 31 and is conjunct Pluto during this New Moon time. Venus and Pluto together is very intense. Obsession, power struggles and possessiveness are the keys here. If you have a planet around this conjunction (9-13 degrees Capricorn or any other Cardinal sign) try being detached a bit like the Aquarian New Moon. And if you have an Aquarian moon the better for you to do this.

If you were less than happy with lovers or partners then either it ended or you are ready to move along together with a new plan. Are you ready for reevaluation? Then move along slowly until the end of the Venus retrograde shadow in March. Of course, remember that the following applies until after that: pull back for the next month if thinking about new financial arrangements and please no major love decisions until after March 4. Have you been annoyed by those stepping over the line? I can see why since Venus is about decorum. What happened to good manners? I hear many who have to swear all the time? Is this the new norm? A negative thought form it is and keeps the manifesting at a minimum. Venus in Capricorn is upset. Going back to the finances—anything you do during Venus retrograde may become a money pit. It can pull you right down where you drown in debt. So keep an eye on that budget really close even when Venus is in the shadow until March. This is real now. If you have had reminders of past love affairs and you are finding yourself in a similar situation, then Venus Retrograde is at play. A warning: watch your tongue in the next few days regarding a relationship you are in. You may do more damage than good if you fail to stop carping. You may think what you are doing is appropriate but according to Venus it is not. So pay attention to your words or you will pay the price down the road. Speaking of shadows are you one of those that are afraid of your own shadow? You may choose to ponder this.

Uranus/Pluto square continues and Venus is with it at the moment. Nothing new here but chaos and some resistance to control factors. Main effect is on the same signs I mentioned earlier. Also remember that Mercury turns retrograde on February 6, 2014. It is a time to regroup and look at things that you may have missed before due to stress or haste. Clear out some old clutter and wait to sign those papers. People always ask me why wait to sign. Do you want to have to do it over again because something was forgotten? And those clothes you buy during Mercury retrograde always seem to hang in the closet.

What new seed will you plant this New Moon in Aquarius? What unexpected insight comes to you as you open to creating? Give in to it and rejuvenate while you prepare to leap. My suggestion is a BUDDHA Board- Have you ever used one? It has truly taught me how to live in the moment and it is so much fun. Draw and play like a child and all the stress goes away. What a treat!!! My son gave me one. Is this that little obsession I was talking about? Just kidding!

Have a joyful Chinese New Year which happens near the time of the New Moon in Aquarius. Let the sparkle of your heart reach out to others. Be in your truth and stay in the moment. Thank you all for reading. Until again. Blessings and love, Jan

NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Gemini – MAY 20, 2012- The Ducks Come Off the Pond

Hey, dear ones. I know many of you haven’t been smiling lately. Well, maybe it is time to do so. The NEW MOON in GEMINI at 0 degrees (which is also the Annular Solar Eclipse) and takes place on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 7:47pm EDT. Looks like the 747 is going to take off for new beginnings. It is time to put those intentions out there. Think of your intention, create the plan and get moving on it. This Solar Eclipse lasts between 2-3 hours which means its effects will be around for a few years and fading out in 2015. Life is shifting dramatically. The ducks are coming off the pond, as my dad used to say. I know I have been saying that for awhile now. Have you awakened or are you still stuck in those old habits, patterns and hanging on for dear life to that which is past? Many of you have no interest in moving forward and I see this daily in my interactions. Some of you are amused by the things I say and others just have no interest because burying your head in the sand is easier to do. Are you ready to leap yet? Looking forward to seeing you take the risk and knowing that it was worth it.  

This is a mental New Moon since Gemini is the communicator and messenger. This could very well be about how and what you think and also what comes from this thinking.  The 0 degree is definitely a new start. Basic stuff! Or you can go all the way back to the beginning and start again. This depends on your life and what is going on. Of course, there is another side to this New Moon Solar Eclipse that is a reminder. Your integrity is in question. Walking the path of truth is a theme song here. If you are off-track, I say to you. Find your way back to your truth now or the spiritual 2×4 is going to strike. No fear intended. Some of you are avoiding this truth and do you know what…it comes out. If there is fabrication or deception, I suggest you hide out in the mountains of the Himalayas. Well, not really, it will find you. This is a biggie. If you missed your turn in the road, then I suggest you get back on the road and find it now.

This eclipse takes no prisoners. It is potent and it is truly going to break down the walls you have built around you with old thinking patterns and beliefs. This is a time to STOP and think as to how many of you may be pretending and realize it no longer works. Who of you are just lollygagging through your life right now? That is going to stop too. Now, understand that you may choose to lay back and ponder your life and what the new beginning is. That works. I am speaking about just hanging out and pretending to walk your talk. Again remember it is about integrity. Is your thinking your own or are you just appeasing those around you so you don’t take the leap that is being presented to you? What do you really choose to do? Any hints coming to you? Are you actually paying attention?  Blah, Blah, Blah. I know some of you may think right now that this is a bunch of hogwash. Well, it may be. Some of you know exactly what is coming down. Others are oblivious. You choose your own way to go not someone else’s. Their opinions are a control, right? Do any of you want to leap?  Your Light within is yearning to come out and move through this dark world that you live in. Let it out. Be your truth and stop the pretense.

I bet many of you have found the last few weeks to be a bit shaky. Fuzzy thinking prevailed and so did some intense feelings. Of course, much of what has been going on is dependent on where this eclipse new moon falls in your chart.. Many lies are coming to light. Hidden motivations and distortions are being brought out. Watch how many news items can no longer be covered up anymore. And for goodness sakes stop feeling like a victim. Do something about it already if you feel that way. This is a time to let your ego rest so the truth can be revealed to you. And if you find yourself thinking negative, tell your ego to go to its room for now, and bring yourself back into balance. This is a right thinking time. Ponder. Meditate. Be impeccable with your word.

Venus went retrograde on May 15th. What does that mean for you? It stays in that motion until June 27th. Right now it is at 23 degrees in Gemini. It began in the shadow of the retrograde at 7 degrees Gemini and moves direct at 7 degrees Gemini. I keep mentioning integrity. Well, Venus started with Aldebaron (a fixed star—represents integrity) goes direct near Aldebaron.  So, walk your talk and be in truth now. It is very important to do so. Venus retrograde brings to the table some reevaluation of relationships and how they affect your life. You need to communicate from your heart or it will be a tough ride for awhile. So, dear ones, open your hearts and get out of the dream. The dream is ok if you create a new beginning from it. Mars square the New Moon Eclipse makes for some stress times. That’s why integrity is important. Ok, I sound like a broken record.  Hear what I am saying regarding your need for integrity. Things are shifting and in order to leap, you need to clear out the residue of old hurts and emotional wounds. Relate in a new way to those around you – family, friends, lovers, and in the workplace.

Who is most affected? Those of you who have birthdates or any planets in your chart from 25 degrees Taurus to 5 degrees Gemini will feel it more intensely. All of you need to keep yourself focused and pay attention so you aren’t blindsided by anyone’s action. One more thing-the New Moon Solar Eclipse is seen in places like Japan and Hong Kong, northern California, New Mexico, Colorado and ends in Texas. Will any of these places have big news stories And remember the NATO Summit is in Chicago over the eclipse!

Get ready for a big leap and know that some of you will be quite ready in the next months to begin anew. I send my blessings of joy to you so that wherever this time takes you that it brings you a new perspective. May all of you have an aha moment. Stay safe and until again. Love, Jan

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