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What a crazy New Moon weekend. Mercury will be going direct  and  the Virgo New Moon is at 5 degrees on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 11:04 pm EDT. Hang onto your umbrellas East Coast USA because the rain and wind of Hurricane Irene are on their way as I write this. It may be a doozy.  The New Moon is a time to awaken yourself and begin anew. What new start will you put into action? Where will your intentions take you in the next month? Write those intentions out soon after the New Moon and see what happens. It is still a time to find your balance and look at what has to be cleared out, cleared up or just plain thrown away. Virgo likes order and perfectionism. If your Sun or Moon is in Virgo you know what I mean about this. Virgo New Moon is about helping and serving others. It is also about healing. That clutter, get rid of it. I am a prime example of stuff that needs to be dumped. Ok, ok, it’s going. Prime time to do it is now. It is about asking yourself are you planning to organize what you intend to do? It is about bringing order to your life so you find that peace within and heal yourself.

 Virgos have had it tough for the last month with Mercury retrograding and being their sign ruler. And I know many of you will say, hey, it’s not just about those Virgos. Yes, it has been a bit confusing and many things having to be done over and over again. What do you mean you forgot to get the most important item at the store? Oh, I am sorry, the paperwork is not ready, you will have to come back. Well, I didn’t want to sign anyway with Mercury retrograde, yet it was still frustrating. And speaking of frustration, Who of you truly want that change to take place; it seems like it just keeps doing nothing and you want it to shift already. How can you resolve it? It is a time to negotiate, talk it over. What do you really want to do? Where do you really intend to be?

 As the New Moon energy is surrounding us you may feel more relaxed or laid back in some ways. Take the time to find that order yet it is also a time to relax and enjoy your life. Of course, some of you may take full advantage and do nothing for the next few weeks and wonder why nothing occurred in your life.  With this New Moon there is a Sun, Moon, Venus trine to Pluto and Jupiter. What exactly am I saying? Well, it is a time of feeling good and feels like a great blessing. That’s why you may fall into super indulgence and blow it all away. If you continue on your path and put some energy into your intentions you may find a big payoff. For some of you, depending where it falls in your charts (ask me if you need to find out) it can bring you a lucky time, money also. Much prosperity comes with this New Moon. There are some other things happening with that trine. It is a time to stand in your own power. If there has been some difficulties going on and you have been overwhelmed or down about it, without hurling any weapons, I think you will find you can make you point and get it through to others. And if you cannot find a big way to open that blockade, then take some baby steps with confidence.

 Then there has been the buildup to the New Moon yesterday which brought us the Mars/Saturn square. Maybe I should have brought the bad news first. Oh well, there is still lots of good things going on that you don’t have to be pulled into this energy. It lingers for a time into the weekend so that is why I am mentioning it. Have you been feeling like all your actions are blocked, efforts kept from going anywhere? It is the free youthful spirit going at it with the authority figure inside all of you. Are you obsessing, feeling guilty, or just rebelling? Stop fighting against the obstacles. Keep the frustration on the outside and do not let it get into your inner self.  Be gentle with yourself as you go through the weekend.

 Oh, no, one other minor thing that may get on some of your nerves. Venus is opposing Chiron. What can that present? Well, those of you who may have something triggered in their charts may have a healing crisis in either financial areas or relationships. Do yourself a favor and stay calm because it is going to move into a much better place. You may have some old wounds reopened. It calls for tolerance, acceptance and compromise as needed. Find new ways to solve those old problems. Walk through it and let it go once and for all. You really choose that happy and peaceful place so let it happen and the good comes from the healing. And speaking of peace and calm, I decided to pull an Animal Power card for the New Moon. And it was the Dove. Perfect.

 Dove represents love. How you perceive the sound of the dove will often reflect which energies are playing out in your life. Since I picked the Dove card for this time, it is asking you to go within and release any and all emotional discord. And that just doesn’t mean today’s stuff. This is both about past and present. Funny thing, it is always about letting go. And when you reflect on the Dove’s song you will find yourself releasing the inner turmoil and tension of thoughts, words and feelings. Peace follows. Of course, if you are unaware that you need this mind, body and spirit healing then nothing happens. Pay attention dear ones and open to look within and see if that healing is needed and Dove’s song will help bring peace to your life. To really heal ourselves you need to forgive all and have understanding.                              

                                                Dove Invocation for Peace (From Animal Powers)

“Dove Spirit, please come to me. Please bring love into my life. Sing compassion into my heart. You teach me kindness and peace. You show me the way to express my gifts through my innocence and through my caring for others.”

 Sending you blessings for a very safe weekend filled with love and peace and much joy. Take a step in your life towards something that you truly intend to happen. Much love. Until again. Jan

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